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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 15, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaPasadena is unruffled Over taxes la. Citizens up in Aims weather. Partly Cloudy but Motily Sonny today and tomorrow. Windy at Tim coast nazi Cool today about 68. Bali pub Tumy Mora weather face 2. 5 cents 40 pages the Independent classified by other 6-4671 Home edition sea water be cheaper to convert for Baa coast Reedom the Feather Rojee Pasadena cal., Friday. Nov. 17 Ocean crash victims found new taxes satisfy Pasadena is though protests against sky rocketing county taxes mounted to a new Crescendo in other parts of the Southland yesterday Pasadena is were apparently satisfied with their tax Bills City Hall sources re ported. We Haven t received any protests at said pistol at his Side As the Peti ions were unloaded. Asked the reason for the bristling display of armed might a Gray haired woman on hand to Greet the truck piped up shrilly these kids will kill juvenile gang series to Start on sunday i took my Butcher knife cers whose Only assignment and jabbed it into him. I stuck was keeping an Eye on the it into him real Good until i gangs. Felt the Bones. When i pulled his graphic detailed and Dis the knife out of his Chest i turning report will be must turned to our Leader and i told him thanks for letting san Gabriel Valley area. It " that s a 14-year-old boy speaking. Does he represent news something new in our Solety is he a part of a revolution these Are the kind of questions that Independent Star news reporter Ray Duncan set out to find the answers for in a special assignment juvenile gangs. A policeman answers this watch for it starting sunday in the Independent Star is new. This is senseless smashing. These kids will the entire subject of youth gangs who they Are what they Are and Why they get that Way will be explored signal patient with a just claim starting sunday in a series of articles Duncan carefully pre pared after interviews with policemen social workers and gang members. Duncan studied Case histor ies of kids who had gotten into bad trouble. He looked at their Homes hoods their their neighbor drove in police cars with offi Reading in every Home in the Fry said. There Are people who would give a lot to see that these petitions never reach the City clerk s there was sigh of High jackets however and the unloading proceeded peaceably with some 15 women vying for the right to carry a bundle of petitions past the television some two hours the television cameras had de observer corps Here cuts out 24-hour status Pasadena s ground observer corps filter Center 171 s. Grand ave., will be put on a ready Reserve basis Jan 1, the air Force informed local civil defense directors yesterday. Joe Fry commander of the filter Center Here said new radar warning systems will eliminate the need of 24-hour operational status. We have found we can Alert civilian volunteers in 30 min training meetings for Volun Teers will continue and exercises will be scheduled periodically he said. Accidents claim two in county two More fatalities were added to the traffic death toll police and Highway patrolmen re ported. Dead Are Samuel Wexler 26, of 14914 Badalona dr., la Mir and Dennis Dermody 3, of 6128 Cord Wexler was dead on arrival at Carowil Hospital after his automobile hit a truck and trailer in Norwalk. The Dermody boy died yes to Page 21 Ter Day in White memorial hos Pital East los injuries suffered when he ran from behind a parked car and was struck by an Auto driven by Shirley Ann Goode 25, of 461 Postrero Grande dr., Mon Terey Park. She was not held. Raul r. Martinez 35, of 14138 be Ckner ave., la Puente was injured yesterday when struck by an automobile on Arroyo Parkway Glenarm st., Pasadena. He suffered leg injuries. Haupt released n. Y. Herald Tribune Newi service York. Hans Max Haupt convicted of treason for helping his nazi son on War time sabotage Mission against the United states was freed from prison yesterday and de ported to Germany by special order of president Eisenhower. He had served 13 years of a life sentence. Shoes off victims of air crash Honolulu. Seventeen bodies All shoeless and most with life jackets from the lost Airliner Romance of the skies were picked up yester Day from an 11 by 3 mile debris scattered area of the Pacific 955 Miles Northeast of Here the aircraft Carrier philippine sea reported. The Carrier reported it had a flotilla of Small boats recovering and delivering bodies and bits of debris to its decks. Tried to ditch the fact that most of the bodies were shoeless and wore life jackets led to conjecture Here that the big pan Ameri can us Alo Cruiser had tried to land in the sea after its last message late last Friday after noon and that its 36 Passen Gers and eight Crew members started Standard ditching procedure. The philippine sea reported the bodies and debris apparently had been scattered by Drift and that helicopters were assisting the boats in locating the grim targets of the search. All the bodies had external injuries and multiple fractures the report jsaid., it spid the cause of death was considered to be from extensive injuries and fractures. Early yesterday nine of the 17 bodies were located floating on the surface one reportedly still in a seat vanished Friday the pan american strata Cruiser with 44 persons aboard vanished silently last Friday afternoon on a routine flight from san Francisco to Hono Lulu. The greatest search in the peacetime history of the Pacific followed but Only yester Day did it Bear its unhappy fruit. The tragic discovery was made by a search plane from the aircraft Carrier Philip Pine sea. The Carrier and escorting vessels sped to the scene and put Over boats began fishing for the wreckage and bodies. The philippine sea reaching the the destroyer Epperson and coast guard Cutter Bering Strait immediately put Over motor launches while its helicopters directed the recovery operations. Recover evidence the Carrier made this signal to the launches helicopter with flashing Light stationary will indicate helicopter is hovering Over body. Helicopter stationary without flashing Light will indicate hovering Over debris. Recover bodies and All de Bris without exception and Transfer in exact condition found to philippine. Sea. Essential to preserve evidence in i us. Arm to Tunisia irk France Paris. Ins Western big three Unity and the Harmony of the North Atlantic pact in a crucial per Cpd were imperilled yesterday by France s bitter re action to the Anglo american f j decision to spend Token arms Aid to Tunisia. Even As the United states and British Small arms Weie in route to Tunis sen. Jacob Crow indicates where is troth boffo found contrary car Auto that started should t have bothered mrs. Edith Marie Huffman s car would t Start yesterday for awhile but when if did there was big trouble. The 47-year-old housewife and a were trying to Start her car. She pressed on the Gas the engine Sud Denly took hold and sent the vehicle rocketing into a garage at j642 n. Gilwood St la then it ricocheted into a House at 648 n. Gilwood. Damage to the buildings was and to the car mrs. Huffman who lives at Gilwood st., was unhurt. San Francisco Center of baby Slayer search san Francisco. Ins san Francisco yesterday be came the Center of a concentrated manhunt after police found a car believed the flight of a 15-year-old boy wanted for the slaying of a Southern California baby. The Lawrence Larry Miller alleged by police to have brutally killed 22-month-old Laura Helen wet Zel was described As armed and dangerous. A car stolen from Redondo Beach shortly after the Mon Day killing in nearby foil ing Hills was found parked carelessly at an Angle in a red zone of a san Francisco Street Early yesterday. Police said the car which iad. Been traced to Salinas wednesday bore signs of a collision. Young Miller an inmate of the Whittier school for de Slippery thief a Slippery thief who Slid Down a Greasy stove vent to enter a cafe at 9612 lower Azusa rd., Temple City took 35 from various Coin machines at the location Temple City sheriff s deputies said a inquests believed with out Money but armed with a gun and knife. Los Angeles county authorities sold he has been positively identified As the boy who smothered the Little girl. His description also tallied with that of the youth who ordered a of gasoline at 4 pin. Wednesday in Salinas and sped off without paying Long vacation at school gets fast Sierra Madre children got excited this week when the Pat bulletin arrived at their Home with news that they would get three weeks Vaca Tion at Christmas and two weeks at faster. Their Delight was Short lived however when. It be came known that printers of the bulletin had made a Typo graphical error. Instead of Christmas vacation extending from dec. 19 to Jan. La it should have been dec. 19 to Jan. 1. Easter vacation is March 31 to april 4 instead of april 14. Doctors move to stifle false malpractice suits by Mike Bird ical and bar associations said the medical Crank who sinks yesterday As he described a a Well meaning lawyer s knife in the unsuspecting doctor is on his Way out in this area at the same time the Way is being cleared for the Occa code of action to wipe out Over -90% of present professional liability emotionally ill describing the medical Crank who is a big part of that to collect from a Bun Lingne said Many Are sick a notionally the lawyer have a Long record of Liti with gation. Their personal unrest and general dissatisfaction doctor. What s More himself is co operating the doctor to get rid of vicious malpractice suits. That in effect is what or. Homer c. Pheasant of Pasa Dena chairman of the com hangouts. He bind litigation committee of the los Angeles county med inside today s Independent espionage spy a Rock Soble describes these crets of a . Espionage ring. Page s. A new Buss Considine defines the new russian concept of a Summit conference. Page 5. Adams .19 features .37 reporter s diary 8 allen.19 Kay .14 shafer.21 malpractice business.28 leadabrand.19 sports.21 Breaks and operations and not classified.29 Nash 1.19 theater.25all of them involving medical comics .37 obituaries .29 to radio .12 which the doctor is Connolly .28 opinion .19 women .14 he said such a suit could be the end of him As a prac timing one insurance Carrier alone with life incite revenge by seeking damages for trivial or fancied injuries. These people must be As much a problem to lawyers As they Are to or. Pheasant who sat this week with the Pasadena bar assn., informed the group that a Strong inter professional code which was two years in the making will soon be Puu listed. Hurts doctors to illustrated a variety of victimized. Or. Photo int lift and ally. John r. Atwill or it was pointed out receives More than 100 claims a year of malpractice in los Angeles county. And the High of cases settled out of court seems to be proof that the average doctor can t risk open litigation. In the Northern part of this or. Pheasant said an Effort is being made to assess the psychological and tonal factors in patients which enter into professional liability suits. Experts panel Here in los Angeles county the bar has. Available for its constant use a panel physicians to justly advise plaintiff attorneys in professional liability cases. These he emphasized Are chosen because of their general experience or specific knowledge. They Are capable and unprejudiced with no desire to gloss Over the mistakes of other regional panels he added May eventually be set up. Thus properly advised Law yers can abandon the bulk of ill conceived lawsuits and go ahead Only with cases of number Merit. But the combined litigation committee has t overlooked the possibility of a panel being misused. Shopping abound or. Pheasant still speaking Emo for the joint committee said such misuse occurs when a lawyer shops for a medical opinion until he finally obtains a physician s report that he feels is sufficiently favourable to the Side he represents to of allow him to proceed with his Case. We would like to feel that each panel doctor s opinion in

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