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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 14, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaImo Otnott. Thursday Noff Mur 14, hot sputnik i to remain in flight to Jon. 7 Tion of sputnik Given since Moscow. The soviet became the first to predicted yesterday that artificial Moon into first Earth satellite will remain the atmosphere and burning up was expected to remain aloft at the same time it said its ror about months from second satellite the launch neg Date. To was. Shaped projectile with a half oct 4 my a flight ton of instruments and the would u nex now dead body of Laika aboard Jan 4 will continue to revolve the let of the huge rocket which launched sput myth Pirint Nik 1 remained in orbit pravda said. Since it is these predictions were made revolving around the Earth in a two Page illustrated article at a lower Altitude the in the communist braking action of the at around the Earth for an appreciably longer Lime. Party newspaper. It was by far the most detailed de scrip Way tops in Quality beware look f or Thi Pitt ii 000 Moshere will it to fall sooner. In another development it was stated in print Here for the first time that Laika the Small dog which became his tory s first space traveller by being placed aboard sputnik ii had been expected to die in the satellite and had died. Return not intended this was disclosed by a noted physiologist prof. Vladimir Chern Govsky a member of the Academy of medical sciences who participated in the training of animals for satellite flights. Writing in the English language newspaper Moscow he stated under the conditions of the Experiment the animal had to perish As the sputnik i air vice chief of staff brought is not to return to j the heavy plane Down he had Low in mice for better the better paste fear Home loss Jet bomber refuelled in air on non Stop flight hugs b-66 shows air to air refuelling technique Over Hawaii during dash to Manila. Tell photo. Three jets Flash . Air Power rcom mind from Paft one told to the russian people. Moscow news is a minor newspaper with an extremely limited circulation mostly among foreigners. Show diagram the pravda article did not try to depict precisely How Long sputnik ii would remain in space. It said however that because its orbit is higher than that of the original sputnik it should stay up considerably More than three months. The second satellite was rocketed aloft nov. 3. A diagram printed by the newspaper showed that sput Nik ii As had been reported was the last stage or nose of the inter Continental ballistic missile Type vehicle used for the launching. Chrysler Plant walkout ends los Angeles. Chrysler corporation employees who staged a Wildcat walkout tues Day voted yesterday to return to their jobs pending the out come of balloting on a formal strike proposal. I reporters at the Pentagon that its performance proved . Bombers can be Relue led in flight and any place you with a piercing whine never before heard at Washington s commercial air Field Lemay dropped the giant Kc-135 on to the runway in a perfect Landing. It was the biggest Jet plane Ever to National air port. In the past big jets have been required to land at nearby Andrews air Force base in Maryland because of their noise. The air Force vice chief of staff and former head of the strategic a command said there was no doubt that . Bombers can Pene trate russian defences and deliver their weapons today. He undertook the new flight less than 24 hours after hang ing up a new world distance hours and 3vi min non refuelling non Stop Jet flight. That trip was from Westover mass., to Buenos Aires. Evil defense unwraps family a shelter Washington. Ins the for shelters. Civil defense administration yesterday took the wraps off its family a bomb shelter and a top official called for a program to encourage widespread construction. The shelter tested at the Nevada proving grounds Dur ing nuclear tests features thick Concrete Walls sturdy doors and an escape Hatch air ventilation and supplies for a family of six for two weeks. It is designed for safety against nuclear blasts Thermo radiation fallout and chemical and biological warfare. It must be placed in the ground. It. Gen. Clarence j. Hue Ner president of the nation association of civil defend directors predicted that i out shelters 95 per cent of to . Population will die in nuclear War. If i m still in civil i sense i la help Bury them o help bring them to the has Huebner told Intel National news service by they la get no sympathy fron the general director of t new York state civil defend program replied of course when asked whether Offida actually want families to Spei the association of state and territorial civil defense directors is meeting in washing ton to discuss planning for future activities. The new family garage costs about just to protect your he said families spend Money for guest rooms or recreation rooms which could into shelter programs. 1720 e. Colorado St. 9 . To 9 . 10 la 7 Quantity rights reserved plenty of free parking in Star of store specials for thursday Friday saturday sunday november 14, 15, 16, 17 Newton pippin repeat special c extra fancy Washington state Jonathan apples 7 c in. By popular demand Beefsteak slicing tomatoes 9 in . No. 1 russet gift potatoes 10 39 Pueblo or Fuerte 4% 4 4% avocados Hillsdale no. Can pineapple Campbell s of. Can Tomato soup half slices 25 10 Nestle s evaporated 23" 13 smart final Coffee la. Can 69 Hen House fresh Large eggs Grade a Cut rite 125 it. Roll Wax paper Franco american Spaghetti Tomato sauce with cheese Huff posts oz.10x vegetable juic6 grape nuts 55 c ooh. V-8 Large 46-oz. Can liners no. Can pumpkin Del Monte 17-oz. Can f i Cream Corn 2 25 get Bacon Morton s 26-oz. Box table Salt in limit one la. Per customer . Choice Boneless rolled beef pork Ocean Spray la. Can Cranberry sauce 19c with Chickino jellied or whole berries. Meyer s famous Barb a beef ribs. Lamb ribs. Delicious theat Tiki Cut Chick Fzli. M kleenex 400 i 2-ply tissue lb-1 facial tissue . Choice i Gerber s strained a of f leg o Lamb i baby food 3 cfa0nrs 25c Meyer s famous pure met pork sausage 55 w a l n u t s 39ib 9 _ _ skinless of around no 1 new crop California it wow 85ci d a t e s us 1 Pope bids summer site Adieu n. V. Herald Tribune Castel Gandolfo Italy. Pope Pius Xii held his annual Farewell audience yesterday for the residents of this Hill top Village South of Rome after one of the busiest sum Mer and Early fall visits the 82-year-old pontiff has made Here. Because of the Large number of persons from All parts of the world who came Here to Greet the Pope in audiences this year work will Start soon on a new reception Hall for use in audiences beginning next year. Street work action taken resolutions authorizing the condemnation of land Neces sary to open Cordova Street from Arroyo Parkway to Hill Avenue and to Widen Marengo Avenue from Del mar to Glen streets were passed this Ful Pat group receives 32 reports a record number of reports of them were heard when the Pasadena Council of parents and teachers convened this week at Jefferson recreation Center. Twenty five unit presidents were on hand to describe their various school projects. Guest speakers were Stella Lehner who discussed the Owca big sister program and mrs. Catherine Devine who explained the work of the Junior red Cross. Other reports were from financial and secretarial offi cers and three Council chair men. Mrs. Gifford Eastwood was named chairman of the coun cil s honorary life member ship committee. Serving with her will be Mes. Wilson mines Donald w. Johnson Ole Lilleland and Russell lath Rop. Ingrid masks real feelings London. Ins Ingrid Bergman skilfully masking what she called her real feel endured a three hour news conference grilling in Lori Don last night with poise and surface ease. The Only time Ingrid fal ered was when a newsman asked she was she replied one must try to hide one s feelings. One does not always show one s real feelings. But i must say i have never had such wonder consideration As has been week by Pasadena City i shown me since i arrived in rectors. obituary notices l. Bobrick of the Hollywood Knicker Bocker hotel passed away nov. He was the son of the late or. And mrs. G. Alexander Bobrick and is survived by his sister mrs. Alfred Wright Pasadena and two nieces mrs. John l. Bradley of san fran Cisco and mrs. J. Trapier Jer vey or. Of Darien it and one Nephew Alfred Wrightjr. Of Darien it. Requiem mass Fri Day 10 . At St. Andrews Church Raymond and Chest nut St. Interment private at Calvary mausoleum. Please omit Flowers. Wendell p. Cabot sons directors. Jako Selli Selli of 17 Ethel m. West Pine St., Altadena passed away nov. 11, l957, at a local Hospital. A native of Michigan she had been a resident of Altadena the past 34 years. She is survived y one s ister Jane Metzger of of Minneapolis Minn., a Resi Dent of Pasadena eight years. She is survived by her Sisters miss Loretta e. Japs and mrs. Anna staus of Pasadena mrs. Elizabeth Buss of Kalamazoo Mich., and miss Amelia japs of Minneapolis Minn. Serv ices 2 . Friday in memory Chapel Ives Warren co., 100 n. Hill ave. 13-s 14-1 s Murphy of 1502 Fremont ave., South Pasadena passed away nov. 12, 1957. She is survived by her children mrs. Lorraine David son mrs. Rita Kramer elea Caro nor Bernadette Lawrence Maurice John Charles and William Murphy and two Sis ters Minnie and Loretta Kiley. Recitation of the Rosary thursday . And re Quiem mass Friday at 9 . Both at holy family Church Peterson. Services 1 . Sat urday in the Little country Chapel 10621 Victory blvd., n. Hollywood. Pierce bros., Val Halla directors. W in p uni Wendell p. Cabot sons Chapel 27 Chestnut St. Inter ment tort Rosccrans Ceme cry Sun Diego. 14-1 Marie Hasty of 2436 Oswego St., passed away nov. 12, 1057. A . Weller mrs. Edith May Weller passed away nov. 12, 1957 at her Home 2847 Blanche St., East Pasadena. A native of Yonkers new York she had been a resident of East Pasa Dena 5 years. She is survived by one daughter mrs. Rollin Enfield of Bishop California and three sons Norman Wei of Pasadena or. Gerald m. Weller of Manhattan Beach and or. Douglas Weller of Glendale. Services will be held 10 . In St. John Chapel stump mortuary 60 n. Daisy ave. East Pasadena. Or. Claude a. Smith official. 13-s 14-1 s county City tax a fans Baldwin Park owners by Lyle Nash Baldwin Park. This Community of More than residents has been stunned by the 1957-58 combined City county tax Bills that were distributed this week. For the past week tax talk has been the Only subject of conversation both private and Public. Increases in both assessed valuations and rates have been noted in virtually every instance. The City s rate of 15 cents per of assessed valuation remained the same for the new fiscal period. A City spokesman pointed out that despite the same rate As for 1956-57 the City has in creased police Protection and improved Street maintenance during the past year. The official said that the sales tax Auto and Gas tax and other miscellaneous fund income was sufficient to cover All needs and establish needed reserves. Second lowest Many people this year May Well lose their property due to the excessive taxes. We in Baldwin Park Are nearing the limit of Taxa that s the comment of City manager Elmer Cook. It is too bad Cook continued because Baldwin Park has the second lowest City tax rate in All of los Angeles county. La Puente has no tax at mrs. Norah Hatch of the chamber of Commerce said never in my Many years with the chamber have i heard from so Many irate Home owners. We have reached the limit in Taxa mrs. Hatch displayed a list of taxpayer complaints she had compiled. She said that she d reported her findings to the county supervisor for the District. Our tax Bill increased a fat it went from to a big that s what mrs. Carl Brown of 4924 n. Stewart Baldwin Park told the in dependent Star news. Modest affair our Home built in 1948, is a modest two bedroom affair with Only a slab floor. We used our double garage for our have around 900 on the average and. The assessor might have considered that another dwelling. I tried to see the assessor when she came but missed her. We be made no improvements since 1954." mrs. Brown explained that any profit from the Chicken raising Industry was for their future and that if the lax increase continued there would be no future. We just won t be Able to afford this she continued. In 1950 our taxes were under our salary is not Large enough to afford this place. We May have to sell or give our Home and business away. It seems fun too that our taxes should be so Only paid for our place during the Lauren l. Macomber of 3 2d Kenmore St. Is a Carpen Ter. To s married and Lias four children. He has lived in Liis modest Baldwin Park Home since january 1954. Hard problem the tax increase of 38% to on the three bedroom homa will be a hard financial prob Lem to solve he says. We live from paycheck to mrs. Macom Ber said. We Haven t made any improvements on our Home. We have no fences and one Lone tree. Our furniture is the same As when we moved in. I take in some extra Iron ing when i can and also care for a county welfare baby. This extra income comes in Handy when the building trades take a slump. My eldest son has a paper route and is fortunate enough to buy All his own clothes. That helps our budget a lot. Where this tax thing will end i Don t know. I think a lot of people will be going around in rags. Sometimes i think that the people responsible for determining the tax Levy have no idea How some of the people struggle to Calino Street with its 11 Homes was particularly hard hit. Mrs. L. M. Mccormick whose husband is a motor patrol operator explained that their tax Bill had jumped their Home is a Small one with two bed rooms. A neighbor had her taxes jump from to brisk 300% hike. Simpson a Flower shop Flowers say it Skott the char8e invited 3425 e. Colorado St., Padma by 4-8131 St 5-1063 the better Way is to Pun for future need this will be a definite advantage to you and most helpful to those nearest you. Please phone or write for free plan Ning folder looking in for your free 1958 household Calendar Warren to n. Hill Ait. Pastena it Cimore 6-4375 Rvan 1-7369 National selected morticians association of funeral directors dedicated to Lush est ideals ethical practices and business integrity Detroit Mich. Mrs. Caroselli j 1501 Fremont ave., South Pas was very Active in Church work Adena. Interment resurrection at the Westminster Presby-1 cemetery. Wendell p. Cabot Terian Church. She was past sons directors. 14-1 in president of the Altadena Cir a j Cle she was one of the e t e e s o x _ Rudolph v. Of the daily Bible Peterson beloved husband of school and a member of lorfies Marj pct Tson brother of of Camelot and her ate Luis Walt and Siena and Rubens Caroselli was a member of Pasadena knights a the round table. Services vill be held Friday nov. 15, at 11 9.m. At Lamb funeral Home 415 e. Orange Grove ave. Conducted by or. Max m. Lorrison. Interment private. 15-1 h a s e e o r e w. Chausse of 2078 s. California St., Duarte passed away nov. .0, 1957. He is survived by. Two sons Keith g., Kenneth j. Chausse and daughter Carol first m every respect. Every arrangement As you prefer in your Church in any of our chapels Turner Stevens co. Nitti Omicron Pasadena -95 no. Marengo by 3-4156 South Pasadena Alhambra Aquia Lamb funeral Home Here t Fine service it a Nutter of custom not of Cost 415 East Orange Grove Pasadena by 3-3159

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