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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 14, 1957, Pasadena, California. Satellite to be launched tomorrow reporter claims by Egbert s. Allen t. Ike Washington. The first is. Satellite is to be launched tomorrow that is it will be launched if All goes Well with preparations being furiously rushed to completion by the scientists and officials directing the Navy s operation Van guard. Ii the Friday target Date is not realized the Vanguard satellite will be shot into outer space As soon thereafter As possible. In any event this greatly accelerated launching will take place before thanksgiving Day. Navy authorities have Laid this Down As a the Vanguard satellite will be 6.4 inches weighing four pounds. It will be orbited around 300 Miles above the Earth by a three stage missile. The army s Jupiter a intermediate Range ballistic mis Sile which defense Secretary Mcelroy ordered to supplement the Vanguard project has reached Heights in excess of 620 Miles covered More than Miles and speeds upwards of . Some Pentagon missile experts Are privately of the opinion the army will orbit a satellite with the Jupiter a ahead of a Vanguard sphere. However there is a big difference Between the two satellites. The Vanguard satellite is designed especially for Earth girdling purposes. The 6.4-Inch sphere will contain two radios one for tracking arid the other for transmit Ting atmospheric data. Instruments in the Jupiter a satellite will be of a More limited Type. Following Are publishable highlights from a Navy research Laboratory memorandum describing what will take place in the impending satellite launching the three stage vehicle takes off vertically under first stage Power. It ascends in a smooth curve Tilting gradually from the Vertille in the direction to the South East of the intended orbit at first stage burnout the vehicle is about 36 Miles above the Earth and is travelling at an Angle of roughly 45 degrees to the Vertille. Then the first stage separates from the other two stages and coasts to an Impact about 230 Miles from the launching Point the second stage ignites immediately upon separa Tion from the first stage and proceeds under its own Power on a progressively inclined trajectory to an Altitude of about 140 Miles. At burnout it has a Vertille velocity sufficient for ascent to about 300 Miles Altitude and a horizon Tal velocity that is about half the required Orbital velocity of feet per second or approximately Miles per r. Or. The nose Cone is jettisoned Midway in second stage powered flight no separation occurs at second stage Burn out. The second third stage combination coasts Forward a distance of about 700 Miles in ascending to the 300-mile third stage projection Altitude. During this coasting period several important functions Are performed. The two stage vehicle is brought to the Correct orientation roughly tangential to the Earth s surface for projection of the third stage. Then the third stage is imparted the rotation necessary for stable flight at this Point the vehicle is so to speak fully committed no further control can be exceeds de. Separation of the payload will occur after third stage burnout. At burning s end the third stage will have a velocity vector of some direction and magnitude. Owing to the accumulation of errors in second stage orientation in Sens ing second stage Zenith and in third stage stability during firing the final velocity vector can hardly be truly Tangen tial to the Circle. However the vehicle is designed to have a final velocity in excess of that required for a circular orbit this excess represents an essential margin for error. The period of the satellite in its orbit will be about 90 weather variable cloudiness but sunny at times today and to Morrow. Little temperature change. High today near 70. Yesterday 64-48. More weather on Page 2. The 5 cents 52 pages classified by other y 6-4671 Pasadena cal., thursday nov. Runaways found in Monrovia two runaway South Pasa Dena teen age sweethearts were found in Monrovia last night where they had been staying since nov. 4. The pair Leslie Laskey 14, of 404 Al Centro St and Rol lie Rayborn 14, of 1122 Meridi an ave., were released to the custody of their parents after police apprehended them on information received in an Anonymous Telephone Call. Leslie and Rollie said they had been staying in a hotel and a private residence in Monrovia for the last 10 Day while police put out an All Points bulletin for the pair. Police said at first the teen agers denied their identity but that a cast on Leslie s Arm and cards in his Wallet clinched the Case. Their parents earlier this week received Calls from the pair purporting to be from Arizona in which they said they were working on a ranch in that state. Stevenson confers on Paris meet . Hiram Tribune news service Washington. Adlai e Stevenson and Secretary of state John Foster Dulles Wil Confer at the state department next monday on the drafting of american proposals for the Summit meeting of the nato Powers in Paris. The bipartisan consultation will be the first of several planned Between the Secretary and the titular Leader of the democratic party who has agreed to review and discuss the recommendations thai president Eisenhower and or. Dulles Are now drafting to take abroad next month it is the Hope of High administration officials that these discussions will create a Cli mate favourable for the presi Dent and Dulles to invite Stev Enson to accompany them to Paris in mid december. Bus Bike crash injures boy in Arcadia an 8-year-old Arcadia boy was seriously injured last night when he Rode his bicycle directly into a bus at the Bald win Avenue Las Tunas drive intersection. Taken to Temple City Emer gency Hospital for first Aid treatment and later transferred to Arcadia methodist Hospital was Steven John Lohr of 2520 s. Baldwin ave. Officers said the Accident of cured when the boy attempted to Cross Las Tunas drive and hit a bus driven by Thomas Jefferson Huyler 50, of 8816 e. Mission st., Rosemead. Police said the bus had stopped for a red signal and had started to right turn when the bicycle struck it. Both boy and bicycle were hurled be Neath the bus. Blast new taxation More than East san Gabriel Valley homeowners met in West Covina last night to protest increased tax assess ments and do something about meeting at the West Covina High school auditorium the group formed a committee to study increased tax assess ments and recommend a plan of action. President of the committee is Sidney Pink healer owner of 805 s. Coral tree or. Seven other officers were also named. Gop losing ground poll shows rep. Engle could win Senate seat by Melvin d. Field director. The Olu Oral. Poll the possibility of the California democratic party capturing its first . Senate seat in 14 years seems very Good at this year away from the 1958 general election. Neither governor Goodwin Knight nor san Francisco mayor George Christopher has an Edge Over congressman Clair Engle who has been mentioned most prominently As a democratic candidate. Because the senatorial race is still in a highly unsettled state voting appears to be As much influenced by party preference As by personalities and issues at this time. Poll taken immediately following Knight s dramatic withdrawal from the gubernatorial race and his announcement that he would run instead for senator California poll Opin Ion reporters interviewed a Cross Section of voters in All parts of the state. Results indicate that if an election were held today in the senatorial race Between governor Knight and the leading democratic contender at this time congressman Clair Engle of red Bluff voters would pre Fer Engle by a close margin. Here is the vote if i were voting today i would vote for Democrat Engle .45 Republican Knight.42 undecided .13 the question1 if Goodwin Knight Republican were running again is Clair Engle Democrat which one do you think you would vote for if you were voting today if Well if you had to make in your mind today a we Rich one would probably vote activities on the controversial Hirn wide publicity. He has Ehan. Pinned the cause of. Federal development of water re problems Promise to be a prominent Issue in the election next year. While Engle is popular in his own right there is no doubt that much of is strength shown in his report is due to his democratic party affiliation change of political intentions had pop Hested for several weeks before his actual entry i hip race. J after first announcing that he would seek re election As governor he encountered stiff opposition from senator William Knowland who also had his sights set on that office. Surveys published by the California poll in february and in september of this year showed that Knowland had somewhat greater strength among republicans than Knight did. After reportedly heeding the urging of Republican party leaders to withdraw from the gubernatorial race and Avert a Republican schism Knight made known his intention to run for senator instead. This brought Strong protest from san Francisco s mayor George Christopher another Republican contender for the senatorial Nomina Tion who claimed Knight had vowed he would not run for Christopher s Rise at this Early stage Christopher is not As Strong a candidate against Engle Knight is although he has not yet begun campaigning on the scale that the governor has. The vote lineup Between Christopher and Engle when the two Are opposed in a trial heat is As follows if i were voting today i would vote for Democrat Engle.50 Republican Christopher .35 undecided.15 the question if George Christopher Republican were running against Clair Engle Democrat which one do you think you would vote for if you were voting today if if you had to make up your mind which one would you probably vote mayor Christophers political Star has risen rapidly. His1 main support today comes from Northern California where he is Best known. Whether his stature will grow or diminish on a statewide scale As he debates political issues with his opponents remains to be seen. Political assets governor Knight has proven himself to be a potent vote getter in California. One of his chief political assets in previous elections has been his Strong following among voters whose Basic party affiliation is democratic. This is a prime requisite for any successful California Republican candidate since a majority of registrants Are demo cratic. However to be successful a Republican candidate also has to have nearly unanimous Republican voter backing. While governor Knight could win the Republican nomination for senator if it were held today he does so with Only a Bare majority of the votes. When Republican voters in the poll s Sample of California were asked which of these three men would be your first Choice if you were voting today for they divided this Way Knight Christopher Engle and undecided this question resembles the primary ballot choices that republicans would be faced with if Engle a Democrat Cross files inside today s Independent to fill up the Gas tank and sped away without paying. Salinas police put the License number on a teletype. Detectives at the Redondo Beach said it was identical with that of the stolen car. Police disclosed the youth spotted in Salinas closely resembled Miller. R i Perls Mother yesterday legged Herson to up to mrs. Lela Muler 40, humid her written Appeal Over to sheriffs deputies for Publica Ion late yesterday she wrote dear Larry please _ in any More. Please turn yourself Over to the police come Home. Dad and i Are always ready to help. Please give us a Chance to do so. Love and . Warns tunisian controversy or America May Send Tunisia arms As 30. R v Page Page Adams .19 .9 Shafer .21 business.26 leadabrand.19 sports .21 lassified.29 Nash .19 theater .16 of macs .35 obituaries .29 to radio .27 Connolly Vii opinion .19 women.8 considine.19 reporter s diary 10 your. Stars .35 features .35 Ruork .19 fief by killer hunted in Salinas the sheriff s office Dis closed last night that 15 year old John Lawrence for the Mur Der of a rolling Hills estates baby be somewhere in the Salinas Valley. Police said a 1957 two door Chevrolet Sedan stolen in Redondo Beach two hours after Irtle Laura Helen wet Zel was spotted by a Salinas Gas station attendant the attendant reported the License number of the car after the youth ordered him Palm prints tha youth an Escapee from a Whittier Reform school was identified through his Palm prints which were found in the room where Little Laura Wetzel 22 months was beaten and strangled to death. Police and sheriff s deputies yesterday swarmed Over her Mosa Beach on a report that a Outh answering Larry s description had been sleeping in an unlocked car on a used car of on Pacific coast Highway. Sputnik to spiral spending Ike says politicians critical of speech Washington. Ins con Gressmen of both parties re acted cooly last night to presi Dent Eisenhower s disclosure that the Federal budget will have to be increased to pay for the stepped up missile pro Gram. Rep. Lawrence h. Smith r declared flatly i Don t buy that Bill of Smith said there is ample Money available to the defense department to carry out the missile program. He added it in t a question of Money. It s a question of intelligent John la Eccl Elloff a Arlt Saloff Eisenhower a great Deal to be spelled out before Congress accepts any increase in the budget Mcclellan also said the Don t president has failed to give the people the reassurance they or hoped for in the face of rus Sia s rapid advances in missiles and satellites. He said if this address and Mother his speech of last week Are All that he has to offer there is still something sen. William Langer r . Termed Eisenhower s dress a Good speech delivered under most difficult Circum when asked whether he would go along with a budget increase he said that would depend on whether finance committee chair Man sen. Harry f. Byrd d a and his colleagues thought it was necessary. Byrd was unavailable for comment. Do Yule buying Early store executives urge with retailers predicting Al Ime records in Christmas Golf buying this year Pasadena area store executives Are urging shoppers to Start their hoi Day buying now to avoid the december Rush and to get tin most Complete selection o merchandise. Retailers throughout the a Ion Are forecasting sales in creases up to with the a the Early Bird says. It member you 5 less shopping Iofi year Between and Chris thai do your gift shopping ear1y and enjoy better rage gain expected set at some stores in the Pasadena area report that Christmas buying volume in this area Al ready is ahead of last year. Because thanksgiving Falls on nov. 28 this year there will be 5 less shopping Days be tween thanksgiving and Christmas than last year. This Means that the Early Bird one who starts before thanksgiving not Only will get the Best selection1 but also will find shopping less tiring. Tenet photo Gen. Curtis Lemay right received distinguished flying Cross in. Washington offer smashing flight . Three . Jet bombers fool Foi zip i Manila. To a flight of three twin engined Jet b-66 bombers flew Miles non Stop from California to Manila yesterday in a show of . Global strength la states air Force was following up by sending 40 fighters on a trans Pacific flight in opera Tion Mobile an opera Tion to show How the United states could help Friendly nations involved in Bushfire three bombers arrived Over Manila at pin. In route and economic achievements to Clark air Force base out and challenges Eisenhower Side the Philippines capital for Lemoy j record route. Chessman Jurist los Angeles. Superior judge Walter Evans of Mono county was selected yesterday to preside Over the court Tran script review of Caryl chess Man celebrated artful dodger of san Quentin s Gas chamber. Weeks training exer planes attracted wide three cases. The attention As they swept Over Manila at feet and crowds swarmed into the streets to watch them. Meanwhile Gen. Curtis e. Lemaur landed his four Jet Tanker plane . At National Airport yester Day after a record setting non Stop flight from Buenos Aires. The Mammoth Craft built to refuel . A bombers completed the trip of about Miles in 11 hours and 8 min utes. He and his Crew of 18 tax cuts j ouf hints president Oklahoma City. Part Fol Dent Eisenhower told the Ion last night America s tense spending must go Upsy a very considerable figure " n the Wake of Russia s sput Nik. Without spelling it out Eisenhower implied a tax Cut next year is but of the ques Tion tax increases May be possible and balancing the budget now becomes a second Ary consideration. He promised to get some of the extra defense Bliia Tough program Oil cutting other government and expenditures. V Mobe spending but he whatever Sav songs fail to equal additional Cost ref Security is tit total expenditures will go up our peo ple will rightly demand it. They will not sacrifice Security worshipping a balanced Bud the president declared that Russia s recent dramatic proof of excellence to the missile Field coupled with the inhuman qualities of that country communist leadership require an immediate critical re examination of America s entire defense he made it Clear the new vastly stepped up defense program he has in. Mind would give a High priority to satellite and outer space activities. In the prepared text of his speech the second of a series to bolster the nation s Confidence in its scientific defense also stated 1. The Federal government must help state local and Pri vate institutions to train scientists. 2. Both the government and private Industry must greatly increase programs of Basic re search. Expressed Cheek Eisenhowe s nationally Tele Vised from Oklahoma City s municipal auditorium included numer Ous expressions of cheer about the free world s present de sense position and particularly America s current Over All superiority in the air. He declared that this coun had taken off from the Argen military defences Are Tine capital at efficient and less than an hour before the but aggressive new develop ments Are needed to keep it jets turn to Page 30 Superior. Eleven tons of solid the Navy s regulus ii using a rocket Booster for the first time was successfully fired at California s Edwards air Force base yesterday. Capable of speeds of More than Miles an hour and with a Range of telephoto. Missile destruction Miles the 11 ton 57-foot guided missile is Able to carry nuclear warheads. The missile has made previous Jet take offs but this was the first test with Booster rockets

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