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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 13, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaTo monday monday us this Day report and Newi of the air classroom c Longway Kangaroo John Chancellor word cartoons service film Sivillo Pacific service film lifting Runge Africa prof. Eugene Dvorn Tel copier pole review c la Lanne married Joan Story telling service film education love Lucy c room Clooney. For health Village is right c court service film package acl venture miss Brooks for you the cat Harry Reasoner of life or consequences drama texan. Arts Palmer Coates for tomorrow could be you c Europe that Bob Del Moore Light monday 2, cartoons and costello Gordon sales Bill Hickok Malone almanac Latham c the Clown de Fleming Arrow sports c re port John Willis Fishman big news show e weather sports funnies express time 13-waterfront Latham c George Putnam the Odds Angeles draw Mcgraw adventure Edwards Tell the truth court of Groucho search for adventure and Gladys velvet 5-medic tomorrow on main Street Ray Sherer and Allen Murray show c John service film the world tuna Young. Show the Continental face of nations Tel copier in court dramas 5-movie party these roots Little Margie education please Thaxton show is yours Hollywood. Keys i ill Tel copier Day when Gardiner show for a Day the cat cartoons storm of night your Hunch e Frank cartoons do you Trust school Institute special n Andy bandstand news stooges the cat cartoons of Riley Chris evening1 is right random Kupcinet Thomas precinct service 6 music from Chicago Griffith weather sports Casey weather sports Baxter Ward Flash Ryan got a secret Coates Morgan o clock report r weather sports patrol 4-Jack Paar c report . West 2, Vrap us this Day to movies today 0 after tonight Gilbert Roland b the Baroness did the Butler William Powell 5 Craig s wife John Boles ii easy to wed Van Johnson 9 , William Bend i x -1 rage of urls Douglas Fairbanks or. 2 Monkey business Marx Brothers 9 Victor mature 9 at sword s Point Cornel Wilde 9 Mildred Pierce Joan Crawford i Mummy s Tomb Lon Chancy or. Western Union Randolph Scott 9 body snatcher Boris Karloff 7 just before Dawn Warner Baxter 9 All through the night Humphrey Bogart betrayal Philip Felt nth 9 On Channel Pittsburg Gli sym phony s. William Steinberg in a pro and . Masters Adye nature show pm Channel 13 s and of High he presents a film new How a Sev nah missionary Arr Ped Only with Medicine and the Elbl ble of trails into areas Barnard took f Lima Gay the Jungle people. Also1 on Channel 13, or. Klein s adventure tomorrow con on he Navy operated Pacific mis Sile Flange there Are some of and the lets see now adventure films Are Good viewing by Ray Mcconne 11 television editor for viewers who tire of the stereotyped network tonight is fairly Good evening to tire of ome of the non network shows offered locally Are worth1 . Omm onday a Lents there is the Chicago symphony q no _ _ j blames himself Dorithe escape Tannhauser. Highly unusual failures of mis sales drone aircraft and target rockets. Tonight s to highlights ., 7 the towns people of be Leigh dipl be Sher if Cheyenne Bodle when he insists on pursuing Bank ban dits. P. M., window on main Street novelist Cameron Brooks. Robert learns about the prob lems of Friend s teen age of a boyhood or spends the next few Days in a frantic search for the Escapee. 9 sukfs1de cd. 7 Jonathan Wembley is miss Sandy win fled Troy Donahue solves the Kidnap ngot a ventriloquist Dummy. 0 Great music cd. 11 William Steinberg regular conductor of the Pittsburgh symphony conducts the Chi Cago symphony in overture to the impresario a one act com Edy in music by Mozart Mendelssohn s italian symphony no. 4, and the overture to daughter. , ch.-7i Knight Lucas old Trail comrades prepare to Square off in chivalrous combat on Fht Mccain ranch 9 .87th cd. 4 the detective Meyer Meyer Norman fell highlights netball is. Hic ago. Kab ., Bas Cleve land. Kaila ., stereo award showcase multiplex presents the Enoch Light orchestra on the album the sound of world s most precious violins. Fac ., Sunset serenade concerto in d minor for cello and or Costra 3rd movement by Lalo with soloist Pierre four Nier. Jean Marta non conducts Lamoureux concert orchestra. ., interlude in stereo concerto symphony que for piano and orchestra 1st move ment by. Bloch with soloist mar Jorli Mitchell. Vladimir Golschmann conducts the Vienna state opera orchestra. Krum Johnny Green s world of my kb1q Julie London on the Ever Julie pc by ., con Certo from Coldwater Canyon featuring works of Brahms Mendelssohn Ravel Orff Anc Gluck. Radio monday no works Abc Zaic lbs Khz my Kif Lac 511 Khz Kif m a feb Kmic 710 Kobs big Knox Abc lit khat Kiev Iii Erkd 111 a Fife Monger a pc Kajj 1020 , 1260 Wiz Fox 12u pol Kwiw Day 13m 1ui 10 1544 11m fac 1330 know . Tinn hour us am operation Jay break farm report weather summary 640 . Overture music with a lilt weather time 1020 world Newt James Bailer sports 790 spirituals Christian Chapel Jarmans Bab Crane 1230 1070 Bill Bai Tance news. 710 spirituals 1230 daytime1 Jarrou news 1 James Nichols Bennett Ducam news weather. Bradley . Ladles Day emphasis . In Hollywood Carl Nightingale Wink Martt dalt Illance news. Dick Haynes 570 a Civ . Hit the Road news i fish and Ganie report Calalina pro Bill 570 a. Jackson Mac s record Back 1230 Cumo Tun. Newi matinee selected James Howe news Buttram in 790 1070 . News Ira Cook 0 serenade pleasant music Lisle news news take u easy i emphasis news. Roger Carroll 710 m0j Pamela Mason 1 i 31 Man in a David Schoenbrun 1070 790 1020 urn 1070 790 i pit Buttram. 1070 John Edwarda homemaker s news Catalina band stand 740 News swing n yrs bandstand Host Bob Gagel 740 Anderson Shadel . Hemingway Whilton chill 710 10-15 am s news so Newi breakfast emphasis . 790 breakfast club . Jay Sims j. C. Swayze. News Wendell Noble News 75? Sable hour world news 1230 1070 club news. Spit music 870 Violet Starr. Lam . Hank Weaver news 790 Haynes 570 music 1330 1ti5 local news 790 Crane Goss 1070 . New or. Curtis or. Rich la is am Ardson 1230 Tello test news Anderson 11-30 am news Lek letter House parly 1d70 Hank Weaver news 790 640 women s washing Hansch Man 07i 1nin 1070 Philip Norman news 1070 70j Job opportunities Catalina band stand News 641 emphasis 1070 . Crane show . Clatt Eriole Jim Healy sports Catalina band stand 74g world parents report 1230 news sports living should be fun c. Garry Moore . Crosby Clooney show Bob Crane Flynn uus. News he5sler snort news Cliff Entze. Jay Sims. Paul Harvey 1070 Elliott held Sio Carroll Nowr 1bo Ralph James c. Swayze. Newi news Lem. Touch Hickox music emphasis news. Johnny Grant 790 1070 1070 noon . Paul Harvey James Rolfson. Anderson 730 9j8 Story line flair Stewart new Personal Story 1070 790 Channel weather o Leary Daiev Allen Harvey Ander son baiter 790 . News Ray by crr. Ill Rel Channel weather 740 102c Bob sports Spe Cia Crane . Internal Revenue or. Richardson Richfield reporter news Ewi. Weather. Stout Haynes Winter . At inv Rucic Wendell Noble Wall Street soundtrack i music Hefti 1020 1070 from movies. News. Mcninch pal Bull ram 1230 Frank Edwards than Fly Bob Gaje to news Story line 107 a. Van Horn news John b old. Portr. Flair 7so news music sports g40, thriller cd 4 letter to a a jealous husband Murray Matheson suspects his wife Ann Todd of infidelity and murder. 10 ., Ben Casey cd. 7 a few Brief lines for or. Casey. Vincent Edwards is angered when he suspects a woman love is malingering in an Iron lung. ., Phi .11 Mike Wallace profile of. Singer Mel Torrone Terrence o Flaherty through films recreates the san Francisco earthquakes of 1906. Go cowardice statement denied by Mitchum Paris actor Robert Roll chum yesterday denied that in said u. S. Soldiers were if Ald to Board Landing Craft because of rough seas during he filming of a Day Landing scenes in Normandy for his new movie. His statement was Dis Tribu led by Fred heft director of of a feb announced an agree pm radio monday fac 92.3 news Sperti news opera world music masters Sunset serenade stereo evening concert music Crossroads music out of the night Catalina band 1070 weather. Barkley Stand o Leary 740 570 news. Cook 710 To started 640 Hart to 190-tnrormation Central Roger 570 f. Carroll news Art Laboe lore snorts key in lab 870 Coll nor Wood Story line 1070 Or l. House Call sports Jim Brown . From i a Rwy. Sri Xvi in Vafi Owell Thomas 1070 Paul Harvey Newi swazi Ealther Bill skin sports 190 bandstand 749 610 790 730 1070 640 Scully. Sports 25 Ralph James news Irtira Al service Bob Ferris. Kaleidoscope 790 ask Mavor orly candid session Michaels 123u 1070 Cila Una bandstand 740 Carroll. New 710 c financial review we. In Or Clr harm news Winter Casell sports news Geo. Cd Urchin news 10-pin to plus bandstand Richfield reporter music. Sports. Newi Sam baiter Phil re Zuzulo. Sport 1070 Pat Michaeli reports atoll Point of Law Harmon. Sports Goss. News headline Newi Bill Stout special report cavalcade news Sam Bailer. In Winter. News I Robert Clark Newi 790 i co Mownn new 4vi top ffss1 Lus Vilh owl Frank hell Nijay Edward p. 790 news emphasis Hunter Hancock 1230, music news. C. Alcott 1070 pro basketball Jeu 750 news news music sin 1070 to record caravan 1230 Arnes. News night line Browning 790 jews Jerry Dexter 710 i Opinion please 1079 inn ise Cren 790 news i Iii Ards 930 Sio 1070 pm. 790 Carol. Burnett Rich 570 to _ leu Church Raloh news news emphasis 1-.m. Night line 7m World news music 640 Church. Newi Rieti Analy Alx fun port of can Kin 1070 Starlight Salute thine called life bandstand 710 Keller i sports pm. Ita Val Aenard Newi 710 700 Newt news. Sports news. James nor Milne I merry go round 930 . Till Dawn 190 Mirin tar i C40 Earl n i old night music i Hank Pollack other Side oddly Ron Mccoy 790 1070 1071 m Rhone show Evans show from Dixie news David rfcs the world in Hill music Claypool is Steve Allen. Matter drama Etc. Programs 1961, x. 24 Houri on air Irwin morning magic John Hart morning magic rhapsody Lew Irwin Cloud nine commuters Carousel Lew Irwin music a la carte concert Lewis or. Voices in the night comedy theater string shift show 5 hours of fabulous music sketches living and Subtle with a beat sentimental Rea sons for dining a la Mode patterns in i i interlude sound sacred music Staylon or. Prophecy voice rest have. Or. Theo. Epp for living wed music news Dale Smith time Beach weather report. Look m. Hein. Serenade songs Wietzel christians life line w. Poucher i dinner music. Pipe Organ l. Whitney Songe by choirs. Desk Rev. R Schoch. Reflections inspirational music. Rhapsody air Tommy Dee with music and news and music throughout Day and evening a pc 88.9 pm Claremont classical for dreaming music jazz local news current event discus Sions and drama. Is Cleveland preempts candid news and follow the lame 7so Earl Mcdanlel 8 til Klub Frank Rutherford 12 n Brunch Bob Lee Bob Wellman entree Dave George presents a Musica variety Bill Scott James show 12 jazz s for today Hall meditations concert concert caravan local news Mast Norks in the Ante Meridies news to the Bible Biola hour Fellowship of the Orient Fri time music for living news hour music Kofla 105.1 . Til 7 Mayfield Kmax 107.1 Bird show music and news Ellen show women time news club variety news afternoon show variety and news request for dining hour for relaxation concert classical in the night k my hour . Hour Mon. And italian hour tues. And hungarian hour wed. And Ameche of Broadway today concert Jim Ameche Aldi of music away places weather time for dreaming concert concert of music to remember of music from Coldwater Canyon appreciation to elementary schools notes in concert moods Potpourri news. Potpourri jazz news. Summary and credits 5th Grade on Somlay wednesday and Friday. 6th Grade Span ish time on tues Days and thursdays. Music hour Mon ., Liberal arts Fri Sunnyside Bright strings and standards Blanche easy listening sound of music on music feature albums. And Crys Tal soft relaxing music world of music strings and standards Pomona College s pm Sta Tion broadcasts To Midnight monday through saturday and from 10 .to Midnight on sunday . Monday Hoy. Publicity for the producers of the film the longest a Darryl f. Zanuck production. A Dpi Story published Satur Day quoted Mitchim As Mak no the statement during a also present at the lunch were mrs. Mitchum and miss mar Garet Mitchum press agent. Ltd correspondent Robert a feb strike ended Hollywood Settle ment of a 122-Day strike against radio station a feb was announced yesterday. The american federation of television and radio artists struck the station in july to enforce demands for higher wages. Aft a and her broadcasting co., owners ment providing for a base pay for announcers of a week. It previously was the Union had originally Aik de s200. The Union agreed to Dos unch interview with a staff miss complaints against a feb member of the Paris Bureau which it had submitted to the Federal communications com Mission and the station says it will drop charges of unfair labor practices it filed against aft a with the National Ahier took notes during the labor relations Board. Interview. Later he read parts of the Story to the Public relations official who raised objections. Mitchum s statement said in part the statements attributed to me in my interview with the United press Are false and a Complete distortion of what i did say. To the up reporters. I have the highest respect Wirt. Admiration for the sol Diers who participated with Niti Landing scenes on the lie lie re. To quote me As saying that they were afraid to Board the Landing Craft Borders on the old ice the station and aft a said in promoting the return of news casters and disc jockeys who left the station during the strike. A few of the disc jockeys stayed on the Job. Kick Knapp off to station kor friends and listening fans of announcer Rick Knapp will miss on the air Over Sierra Madre s Kmax. He will now be heard Over station kor in Butte Mon Tana an affiliate of Abc serv icing 12 counties and listeners. A native Pasadena Rick is ions. These men became my friends during the Days we a graduate of pc and has spent working on the As announcer for Sta and this Story is insulting oltion a pc for a period of four me and to them years. Gop women Pyramid while Money mounts up Washington up a woman in Hawaii held a White elephant Sale and gave the proceeds to the Republican party. Another woman in. Minne Sota fed breakfast to archaeologists who camped in front of her House and sent the prof its to the gop. What s going on the Republican National committee sends a Dollar of a gop woman worker. Then she can use it anyway she likes to Pyramid it into contributions for the 1962 congressional Campaign fund. A but two states Are Par said mrs. O. Blake Willcox executive director of the project. And about one Dollar Bills now Are out the parly is offering prizes of trips for two to Alaska Hawaii or the Virgin islands for the Best fund raisers. The White elephant Sale was conducted by Mary m. Costa of Honolulu. "1 charged 50 cents per person Lor morning Coffee with danish pastry. Had White elephant Sale and held auction on one electric Coffee pot one bottle Gin two Cornish game hens. Don t Tell my mrs. Costa wrote to the committee. She sent the committee s45. Mrs. Clemens Nelson of Welch minn., had the Niche olo Glss from St. Paul Sci ence museum camped in front of her House. She said they Here studying Indian Mounds and she fed breakfast for eight Days. Also spent one Day judging x fourth of july of nor. Here Are the proceeds she said. Some efforts at pyramiding vere not so successful. Mrs. Alvan g. Hinkley port Edwards wis., wrote went o an auction and bought the Only thing Selling for under a Ollar four White rabbits banned to sell and resell them it could t face the future Lere is 55." for t professional television service look for this Seal Call Parker s television Central 430 Eagle. Rock by vol by 6-9693 advertisement Don t Cut corns calluses warts use new magic rub off at Tut Tut found in in Iziner new life Hay to Fermore Corni cilium common warn without Din Trout , or uie of Tvrz five thai Warec ii a won def Vor Kiac formulation Derma soft rim incan try relieves pain ind in Etline it Wiy those Hird to remove in Trixi Irain Erst Midi cried Cecire loft Toi dead tissue to Mihacic Mai Ivin suffit Mother minute Ger Derma soft a drug Tirui today 19 Kar Nonell your lift wi1k life. For infer Molien All spiritual move Manl . Option. Dunklin 4-4745. 1.00 Donellen

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