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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 12, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaI stat. 12. 1h7 prep Lookout mite Spencer football has always been a game of its. You we Only had t fumbled or if Only the quarterback had kept the Ball and gone around right instead of handing off to that Jerky it s an old Story. Nary a game goes by but the losing coach has a few to offer in explanation. Well Here s a novel one that came out of san Gabriel High this week and has been backed up by films. If the line judge had t got his directions nixed up the matadors would be tied for the Sierra league Lead instead of resting in third place. Seems the if was lacking one official for the san Gabriel Arroyo contest two weeks ago. The Call went1 out and was answered by a stranger to the Valley who immediately proceeded to the Matador Plant. It was raining the streets were flooded and san Gabriel High school looked about As deserted As the streets of the recent world series no one in his right he rightly observed would play football in this irises. The game s been cancelled and rightly he decided. And he went Home. Only trouble was the game was being held a few Miles away at Moor Field minus a line judge whose presence is usually considered some what necessary. Anyway in the last play of the first half with the scoreboard absolutely Blank fullback John Ca rothers tried a spinner up the Middle and appeared to go Over to put san Gabriel ahead. The head Linesman rushed Over scratched his head pondered for a few seconds and decreed Carothers Hac been scuttled about three inches from pay dirt. There was no argument the matadors plodded Back through the mud formed what resembled a huddle and the gun sounded. Comes the Dawn sometime in the second half Arroyo skidded across the goal for six Points set up by a san Gabriel Fumble and the game was Over. It was a Tough break for the matadors be cause they had out gained out passed and seemingly out played their Tough opponents. After the game coach Howie Hunt was lamenting the loss and was told that it was the Breaks that s the Way the Ball bounces Etc. He agreed probably because it was too wet to argue and went Home. Yesterday however came the dawning. Howie was set tied comfortably watching the films of the game. When certain play was executed he stopped the camera and exam ined the screen. There was ctr others sprawled across the goal line with an opponent on his Back and the Ball resting in his mud spattered hands safely in the end zone. He had been tackled right on the line and both players had toppled Over into the end tone. Now Howie s a Good natured Chap anyway and what can you do in a situation like this nothing but says that s the whether you feel you be been robbed or not exactly what Howie said. It was t unfair officiating they weren t negligent or anything. They just did t have the he said just the of course on the other hand he could t help thinking of what would have happened it the line judge had been there though. Would have played an Tati Refe different tand of in second he said and not taken the kind of chances we did that eventually caused the Fumble and Cost us the game. It would ibo Nave been he added wistfully if we had won Well it did t happen that Way. Arroyo won and has since clinched the Sierra Loop Crown. But if anybody mentions san Gabriel s win loss record to the head football coach they re in for a Little session with a roving picture. Kcf Fiuren s Handicap by Mike Mckibben first Post tiny Woollen Luther Tassi 1soo. Tttt-2 4-1 8 Barlettt Tass Baron Undeberg miss Bobbie Burner Cronk Good Frost key Terry Tass Carroll Cindy direct Williams Heuft b. Baker Gushwa Baron Taw Undeberg tint Woollen Over matched in n list. Starlette tabs could ate Bare. Baron tabs broke at the fan Clui 0. S1soo. Start. Mibs Bobbie bunter raced evenly. Trot. Class c. Lumber miss coi Ley 7-2 reims Hanover Chappell .4-1 pay Wayne me Murray 5-1 Nancy her Stover .5-1 Brave Regent Akoury duplicate Bailey Mcarthur Hanover Baker Linda Truax Boardman lumber Selss As Good As any. Reims Hanover break ruined Banee Fay Wayne had Early i pet. Nancy key was not disgraced. Gate race results fur. 3 yrs. It up. Cig. Bitter Byfield if 30 f 00 5.60 Pat Sawyer Faulkner 5.10 3.80 stars return Powell time also ran maid. Darling Ruth a Walt tiny Smoky Rene Pat s Hope Fusser s boy rough dude. Pel s mistake. I. 3 or. Olds. J2000 a Orvllle King Glen 68.20 32. 0 10.10 French orphan Maese technique Lewisj 4.50 also Ruby Dort special away. Royal Treast ample Klip Al free demand. Green pact Cullu c. 11500. Brose tout Lily chief Madill 7-_ Deboy Dee Dew 7-2 Viiolet rom Herren .10-1 Idle time Melvani Lynford Woollen Jungquist Primrose Pointer Short Nina Dale Bell brisk tout Well supported in last. Lily chief better Chance Here. Deb by Dee Dew a beaten favorite. Vio let Rose Little to recommend. Widow True Butternut abbe Lane priest Acott Pete Downs .9-5 Adios Marian Bank .5-2 widow Jay Watts Morgan Bertsle Ross Maxey priest Acott pets heat would win. Adios Marian raced wide. Widow True failed As favorite Butternut abbe some Early Speed. Pace. Claiming Tim 7-2 4-1 5-1 Billy manners Undeberg Dwight Tass Taal Delia Tass Lane Vel vet Carroll Al Monte miss Prim Patch Hansen Shower Bolt Dom rce Primrose Jacobs Illy manners showed improve ment. Dwight Tass fits Here. Del la Tass must be considered. Vel vet had some excuse. Pace class b. Coop. Crar Volo Cal Morgan .5-2 scottish Princess Wheeler .7-2 Hal Frost Gernler 9-2 hey there Alan be Lysinger Iva Blackstone Cartnal Czar Volo woke up in last. Cal All recent Eood. Scottish Princess a beaten favorite. Hal Frost Good ride would help. 5.00 Trot class b. J2000. Excello Miller Castle song i Norland Houslet 3-1 3-1 3-1 5-1 daily double pail m84.80____i senator a str Tel a o or Riff Jiffy Tai California Lart Tolsner Luis. 2 or. Olds. Cig. s1m Treg Monte a Moguez s4.60 23.20 7.401 Excella just missed. I Fairholm 5.30 Ait but erratic. Norland 3.30 Coull win another. David Carey draws a Post. Mation. Miss Banjo Sun Jewell. Shark tooth Olds. Tel. N. A a. J.1.wo Cerritos Compton pcs vie tonight Compton a Junior Rose bowl participant for the past two yen it and Cerritos the upstart eleven which Hopes to reach the classic in its lint year of Competition clash to Leht at Compton s Ramsaur stadium in the most important encounter of the Junior College Grid season. Kickoff is at 8 pin. Coach Earl Klapstein s Cerritos Crew hopeful for As Frick resumes Parley with minor leagues new Fork. In officials of the Pacific coast league and two other minor leagues meet again with Tord Friek today in an Effort to Settle the realignment prob Ems stemming from the invasion of California by the dodgers and giants. Unlike last thursday s meeting the site of whiff Frick would not Dis Caddy Texas style those texans have everything. Curvaceous Caddie Jean Guerrerro is one of 12 san Antonio College co eds helping sell the Alamo City s Charm and climate to the nation. Close beforehand today s ses Sion will not be Frick announced that the meeting will be held at the commo single Wing Praise merely psychology san Francisco. Up the leading Oregon Webfoot last two single Wing teams of the saturday. Pacific coast conference Ore gon state and Urcla Drew abundant Praise yesterday but that there were implications of football coaching psychology. Said Chuck Taylor of Stan Ford at the regular session of the Northern California foot Ball writers Assn i think that Oregon state right now is in the position of being the top team in the Pacific coast coach Jack Myers of College of the Pacific declared i think Urcla probably is the Best team on the if you Haven t already gathered Stanford plays Oregon state at corps ills on saturday afternoon and cop hosts the Bruins of Urcla on saturday night in Stock ton. Taylor said he feared the running of the Oregon state Crew of Joe Francis ear Hel Durden and nub Beamer. And the club has a tremendous de pensive reaction and Fie added. About his team s convincing 35-7 Victory Over Southern California Taylor said the loss of us halfback Rex John soon and guard Frank Fioren Tino for the game Hurt us. California coach Pete Elliott whose team trailed Osc 21-0, after 20 minutes but surged Back in the second half to lose 21-19, said we want to Start Well and this California hosts the Surpris no University of Washington club that upended the . Washington publicist John Thompson lauded the huskies fullback Jimmy Jones and Elliott seconded him. He might be the finest fullback in the the Cal coach declared. Elliott praised his own full Back John Stewart and also Ron Wheatcroft he said the latter played his Best game of the year. Cop s coach Myers who at tended Urcla told the writers we feel very honoured that ported a team of the Caliper of Urcla feed would venture into Stockton. There is no question their end threatened Dick Rafleh is an a America leaders Urcla publicist Vic Kelley had pointed out that Walleri has caught 17 passes for 215 Yards this season. San Jose state coach Bob a Titchenal whose team plays at Fresno state this week end said his club should be in Good shape for the game. Sex statistician for pc Dies san Francisco. Up Wil Liam a. Mcgee 88, who was statistician for the Pacific coast baseball league for More than 20 years died yesterday. He is survived by a son James on the sports staff of the san Francisco Call bul Letin. How Park rest los sixteenth pay of 29-pay meet Trot. Class c. Horse Driver up Fin Roaquin Short 6 i l Aat Lee Boardman 7 j. Scot Eastman .4 dutch treat Hansen .8 glory Crawford .5 5u Arraj i b. Page .3 led tip Undeberg 2 7trucker Landu Colv 1 s 14.70. .1.10, 2.90 3.10, 1.00. J-.07 Odds 6.35 1.30 3.25 12.20 18.65 28.35 7.2 14.81 2.40 Armor Lowen a i m Brewer eel win Oke -----2 7 46 65 4.20, 5.90 3.40, j.40 3.80. Mite face c. 11500. Toby Barry Bailey 7 Black counsel Undeberg 2 Golden Gate race entries to esd at nov. 12. 19s7 Clear and fast. Pott . Est by United press furlongs 3 year Olds a up. Ming. Is tact c. Reno Ackerman .4 111 350 miss Cash key 21 175 Peggy Gray Mcclimans .6 31 7 70 Lal if. Mcl mrray 7 Santa Primrose Eastman 1 5 2.00 21 1.1 Loyal 4 24llo Ida Jean Gushwa .3 51 23.30 Rowdy the great Cronk 8 25.30 Gay can Cofield Crawford 8 52.80 by Tom .4 8 30.60 j.50 2.70, 2.20 Pace class c. S1600. Or. Blackbird ocl Larry 4 Clinton Tass Ginger Woollen Cronk .7 Meadow dazzle Irving .2 Lona Brady Gushwa ___5 imprudent Lane Bart s tick direct Eddie roup 114 Mike s Pigeon 114 Cracker Jack red Len 1 i 7.80 2" 3i 3.2 4 1 11.25 51 22.70 Al 5 5 6.65 a. A Success vegas doll Bay Row other loot Pinole smart Apple Castle 111 Muir Fly ill j 111 Najj jzlfcjll1. 112 7.90, 4.30 3.601 2.60 1141.1.011. Ill 114 better do 120 fillies claiming. Tony s Bell ill noisy 112 Spring Melody Lofils Tab Olzer Bels Singert .7 1 Mckinley Mahone key Riu iss mighty Peter Bailey ___4 31 57.05 Tough Luck Redden .5 4 8.05 Ken abbe Gwenlen .6 a 17.15 114 direct current 114 furlongs. 2 year Olds. Bird Clarl a polished dress 114 Nevada Bond 114, Aiken Hanover Irvine Chatawa Brewer Hansen 3 7 Bell Grattan acl Hansen i Kermont 4.10, Matador fryholm 6.60 4.40 3.10 Haft Hus sic Ycaza 5. So 3.9f destroy Grissom 3.80 time also ran cover fifty. Kukan Wise Birta Cash. Our Hanover Katy 3-1 Bob Lybrook Irving a 5-3 Moray Parkinson t Victor Morris denof5 i Aura Lynn fiefs sober col birth Graham major Hoot can repeat. Butch Hanover draws a Post. Famous Hanover wide. Bob Lybrook Chance if he trots. 6 fur. 2 or. Olds. Alec. J22qo Silky Sullivan Ycaza 6.80 4.00 2.50 special Talent Fairholm 2.50 Ramloc York 2.40 i 09 also Pace cams c. 1 my. 3 Yos up. Search warrant Maese 7.00 4.30 3.20 last Row Ycaza 7.80 4.60 Llano i Fairholm time 1 Alio run Patru Llero 2nd. Wonder boy. Six direct Dennis 3- first time whee Eri 3-i Jolce Rose Croft Chappell 4-1 Beulah counsel will Lima Holly Berry Mcclimans rocket express key Adios Princess Miller Cuck mor Lewied Well. . Direct my reads. First time tired on the Pace. Joice r08ecroft drop in class. 1 my. 3 Yos up. J2400 Oliver can Urtel 5.10 Moreno i. 80 3 50 Weer Voltzke Start Fly or. Venture Ort Vino Tabucon horse Ciar Volo in 6th. Bount Forkl 4.80 2.40 2.10 poop deck Fairholm 2.60 2.30 travelling Man Leonard 3.00 time j 05 also a frands . A red Fichter a solid Fleet ilm pyrene frosty endorse. Ii a Orlf Stahle Kerr Fita Hleb entry her. C. R. Weott Den Llu Sti tbsp Miry. Jwj j my. S or. Up . 32000 3.ho 270 kxlutcnttmlut8kuflei 3.40 a Julit bulk lit 4.60 nt.-. In of play priest Acott in 4 it. In 1st, Brave Regent in 2nd, Violet Rose in 3rd, but tide floss Maxey in 4th, George Primrose in 3th. Liny there Alan in 6tji, California us in colbird Lelh in Ieulah counsel in 9th. 5-2 varied 106 Dale be degree wherever . 1h Button by Royal Tryxie 106 Jante Mcgee 111 Mike. 2 year Olds Maidens. Allowances. Ute Creek rising fast 105 hindu Eky 113 Peter Potter Smoky son 1 13 hair roman paper picker 118 8 furlongs 4 claiming. Can t pass me 112 Roma fast sails 120 Skippy to boo be pop Dan Maniza real Olds 109 115 Mph Tarr class b. S1too. Bothy la Rue Dennis .6 ral Tallon refs Singer __1 Joan s commander mrp o Boomerang t Ackerman .2 3 Little raft Finney Donaido Cartnal .7 Hal Bales Williams spen Vic Graham .3 Mutahr 58.70. 19.09, t 4.50 2.60. Time la 2s.35 2 1 kit 1.8c 1 7.7 s i 29.05 a a 112 red and Grey in Toro san knighted Way 121 Rangoon Comet 112 fifth rip the Bourdon mile Faff a. Doc . Cronk Obilt Mckloy Jacobs Pale lady ,611 .5 2" . 3 2.75 1 4.80 .4 .11 4.35 r sign thou 3.m6 1qm, 50e 4.20 2.70. Start of the Campaign now is the Only unbeaten untied pc team in the Southland. Despite this Brilliant record of seven straight wins the Falcons will started the season ranked num for the opposition in beating Bobby Lee Thompson possess nationally. Season on sept. 28 but that tilt and one reset for a month later were postponed when flu Pierce 64-0, Weber of Utah even More Speed than the first foursome. Sartore is the club s top scorer with 42 Points. Cerritos which cannot Cope with Compton in depth nor sex coach Tay Brown s club boasts a Well balanced attack attacks felled first by service returnee Ron and then Compton. Webb who Quarter backed at Prience relies mainly on a Compton therefore has Compton in 1952. He joins the ground attack led by fullback played Only Lour games a James Adermann and halfback 1 Gary Lossette. Adermann top Jaysee scorer with 85 Points test with Lack also and Nate none of whom been postponed. The tartars Are related in the opening Many As three wins at rudely jolted from their Backfield. Ends Art Valdez and top ranking in their second Outing against the Cameron aggie of Oklahoma when a Streak of 34 straight regular season wins was snapped 33-6. Enter the fray As a slight in j excluding that game Compton Rod Thomas provide top tar gets for Webb s Rifle like tosses. Job vets Carey and Larry Baird spark the line. The second Compton Back Field unit of Shawhan Joe added 13 to his total in Satur Day s 32-7 win Over Pierce. Klapstein twice has sent dubs against Brown coached teams. While at Stockton Klapstein s lads beat Compton 27-18 in 1953 and tied 14-14 the de dog to the tartars who has rolled up 202 Points to 6 Saratore Carey Rife and following year. Baseball dragged into the courts. After a week end. Meeting in Chicago Doherty announced Dore hotel starting at that there will be no changes . Est. In the 1958 membership of. The the principals in last thurs american association. That Day s meeting which broke up apparently killed the pc s after More than four hours Hopes of obtaining Denver to with no Concrete developments again will be on hand. Leslie o Connor will rep resent the Pacific coast league Over which he pre sides. Presidents de Doherty of the american association and Dick Butler of the Texas league will be present. President Horace Stoneham replace one of the franchises lost to the National league Idaho state goes unbeaten Alamosa Colo. To Idaho state College thumped Adams and vice president thud i be Ney of the giants vice presi Dent Buzz. Bavasi of the Dod Gers George Traut irian presi Dent of. The minor leagues Dewey Soriano general Mana Ger of the Seattle club and Clyde Perkins vice president saturday in their closest game of Portland also will be there. The meeting was called to Settle indemnities and the re organization of the top minor leagues following the drafting of the san Francisco territory by the giants and los Angeles by the dodgers. Pc owners Are not satisfied with the re indemnity of them by the major league teams arid some have suit. Major league do not wish to have motorcyclist killed in race Riverside Calif. In Carl _. Kiesow 23, of san fran Cisco was killed sunday when he was thrown from his motorcycle during a race at de Ariza Park. Police said Kiesow s Cycle was hit from behind and he was thrown to the ground where his own vehicle then crashed into him. Kiesow was competing in the. Riverside motorcycle steeplechase Spon bored by the Junior chamber of Commerce. Archer cops split new York. Rob welter weight Jimmy Archer of new York won another split 10 round decision Over Tony de cola of Brooklyn last night in their return bout at St. Mich Olas Arena because of his harder punching. State College 42-12, yesterday to finish the 1957 football sea son undefeated. The game was Idaho state s second in three Days. The Ben gals from Pocatello whippet Colorado state College 7-6, on of the season. Floyd s ducking Machen title bait Flaherty says san Francisco. It Eddie Machen s manager charged yesterday that heavyweight boxing Champion Floyd Patterson s Pilot has tried every Way in the world to sidestep a title fight and probably will keep Sid Flaherty said he doubted that even a convincing Victory by Machen Over Tommy Hurricane Jackson in their nationally televised 12-Rpund bout Here tomorrow night would change the situation. Machen the undefeated 25-year-old from Redding has won 23 fights 15 by knockouts. He s ranked As the no. 1 contender by both the National boxing Assn. And ring Magazine. Jackson has t entered the ring since last july 29 when Patterson stopped him in the tenth round. Tackles dominate tackles have been Captain of Michigan state football teams on 15 occasions. Half backs have captained the spar tans 13 times. In new. 1 i got it debt Deal from Ernie Porter Thuc 154o favorite of All the world try it and see Why. Giblets Gin is the one Gin distilled in 11 countries _ and served round the world Gilbey s distilled London dry 90 proof. 100% Grain Neutral spirits. a. ltd., Cincinnati Ohio. Distributed by National distillers products 120 cup front Sweet tiding 114 Silver storm is oat phone Walker .1 Salmi 107 Node Reml Eliher Dan Rose daring a tron special permit snack Abbey mile. 3-year-Oldi. C 112 Shine through. 117 con con 109 Flash 112 115 Jim Leway Jean Laird Cobb i darn Safe Fmiller .t7 120 do Luchter boy Corley .4 Ellen. 3-y-o-up. Clog. Aiken dim or Brooka tinn Hoith precocious 114 approved 106 111 the Driller 1m Atchle s Irist 111 celebrated in Altha 117 Foster Rimer 114 or. Bill 73-72 5.75 103.75 3.85 8.65 . 4.30 fim Wheeler it i bold Rodney Parkinson 9 Demon rum trader Horn it heat for fifth. To wifi . Lmh fur if. 3-y-o-up. Com. 114 114 Nichle front boar Donni. ,2 it Little Quien 1 7.7ft Ibe Hinter .1 31 20 Carolwyn or Nolan Mdllel 4 5.10 Folksy Froyen Noble Choice Sharp Roy Dinah sea Jos fancy 111 Cherlee Fleto 114 Mah answer 112 Kern Ollir 111 Jel 109 unit he me Ackerman .7 11.70 West ahoy Barnaby a 6" 6.70 lady Pwnell s 7 i Ady Klu Irish Nallon 6 k 3.1s 10.00, 4.m. 2101 they re catching on but they cant catch that s How lots of feel about the new 1953" cars that Are trying to match the Dodge swept Wing look. These other cars have been lowered some but still seem High and boxy by comparison. A few Are catching on to fins but they re years from catching and the air suspension offered by cars at Well Over extra can t compare with Sway free dip free ride of Dodge torsion Aire Standard equipment on All so on your Way Home from someone else s new car showing Stop in and compare it with swept Wing 68 by Dodge. You la see what we mean. Dodge it Wegge motors 1021 e. Colorado Pasadena

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