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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 11, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaAsadena i pendent saturday nov. 11, Kelso solid Choice in big International Small Way for youth football which is set for the 1961 season. Jim Ritchko former South Pasa Dena Star now at University of Oregon centers Ball to Dennis Tollefson member of South Pasadena team. Youth football real without the pressure to Lark set As threat Over Zaleg l l l Kelso. The american Champion who is rated an Odds on favorite to win today s s100.000 washing ton . International jailed to shake the Confidence of the opposition with several rival Camps flatly predicting an up set. We will win with declared Yov Geni head of tie russian delegation which escorted two horses Here from Russia. Russia wit i entries in Milc and one half global classic1 for the fourth year in a Row also will Start Iri sch in the Lurf race. I the United Stales will have second representative in Preston Ila Don s . Lark while will be represented by pro nuptial. France by Misli. Ireland by sail Che Oil and Denmark by . Kelso Rev err Lar Holli tier Itshak in Ali Hurlit Totne i it Korfi l Newi Ori adm Ril Cani Froni .1 i a j eur Illint up eurus i a Watrac a so ------1 i hot aim Quai a Natl pc no 3.1 so Lvi ii mlle. . 11-1, Kail or Arlenis a Hui Rev n l h Lati Iive i1 Olar slip Corii Imler i i ll-1 i Kim her. Am pick c Marsh i hip it Fetn big Ckuj Bay Isar Jim Tel Kirk sort Rolf i Willlams if Riff moment Host a lot 1 no to a a Vijh in. Do to Lam. 0-1 May Lilii tick Lily. Tocoi. H 3. 3-Voi Kovi i in a Tirol or Ltd h or Al j. ,1-vn he Orare m it zen i Roud Kanorr illan Avny "1 i Wever Ulo j . . Or. Mall Luv i Oai Fri. 1 Llanover Ihan inv i a s. Iii my s 1 if Lifari i t s twp ii Imie Aln. 1.11 up w1n to Frost Tir Urf . U not in or n inv Mai Airow Irarra. A liar mini my. 3ia1t to. a no i f i b-3. 3-ro9.-im. Harness Ilace Clits Aba Roundup i r it s pc Wco. Midget and ban -10 by so Yards and Tarn football he it s big foot balls Are used. For the Ball almost. Divisions tie regular pop Warner football school is used. Brancs its first anniversary in 10-Yard first Down re some Valley quarters this sea i i it cats Irr employed but son and a 32nd Overall. Antl fhe games Are Shoi trued nil the boys in the Pori am ranging from 32 to id convard to a Post season bowl minutes. J game league championships and All the trimmings of foot Ball for Hig Hoys. Among tie i7o teams in 11 . In t a in i Bol Trala so Alt i if Mietla Kamon tip Valera ii Minnini prob in Len Thott royals sparked by Oscar s 40 royals to a 122-117 his 2slh straight Victory Point i their first meeting Wilh in his first Madison packers in a National Square Garden main event a .0.1 Orav Robertson scored 40 inst Niolu to Lead the i ex-champ9 s protege on to tonight York Una Len Tony Alongi the belting Boan i oni Hollywood in at taut Ora ii i it Mia. Nov. 10. Imi ii a Iasi counties in Southern califor Nia Are a number of Valley tin sonic Hiigli in Prole Chiun for he Nitlich i of a Sill jets top Chicago by 121-106 Riu Nav in Ani v.1 Tinl. I Prev Fri Vanorr in Vic a Tash Hau Over Alec or Trover 1 new Oil i Hanover .16.10 Ssu a or ins Lanci Fui penal lip. Com Pasadena. Al Monte san c a or other adults interfere or Brick. Baldwin Park Arcadia become Over enthusiastic. Alhambra. Some of these tors Are employed to communities have re Presenti adults away from lives in several divisions practice s cannot Boj Only in one. At night and their length South Pasadena s or Quad limited. Typical. Tile tigers who close Lluc learns in the Valley arc out heir season this will i 0 Southern when Uliey meet South Gate and National team 3 p a. At the High programs. 1 he a Fie Kii. The South was found program embraces lid in Philadelphia in i a but who Wear Complete recently has become Lielmezs and shoes Are fully widespread in the Southland insured and must to above Liow embraces Many avd Ajoc Scholastic ally leaders and foot in ouch he program bears no bal enthusiasts. Richter other relation to the schools alkyl Al 1 Hunter. For instance Are among the officials behind the South Pasadena team coached by Jim Simmons u Liviu Ritj. 3 6u Kansas City Iti theft la Kansas City Sleurs and the los i Angeles split Bot i american basketball league i Arnic l so and the Loop s High jew i n record last night in a in tie municipal Imi Irnen the steers the hawaiian chiefs 121-101. In the second basketball association game. 10-Roimder a Obertson also had 1c George Logan of Boise i and 15 rebounds. Walt Rainy was High Man for Garden surveyors say 197-1 Cago with 37 Points. Jack i Pound Alongi s t re t c h e s to Twyman scored 27 for the b-5 and is the tallest heavy sleight to appear in the punch Emporium since former Chal Lenger buddy Baer n 10 Alongi 1g knockouts is a u protege of sex Champion Rocky .55 Marciano and is favored j-5, royals and Dob Leonard contributed 25 i r t n 11 10 i in i it the packers lit lie league May expand Eller l i n n no 1 a a7cusa Little May to playing Ball where Quarter midst goal Castor i or sch Foin Ali Mvi ii mlle soon i l Logan s nodding acquaintance cd once Raceil Lluc cil a i with Fame resulted from his Learned this week. File pc losing fights last year Cecil Romero against challenger Tom me ulc Little after los Angeles had Ilie Chicago majors. In the curtain Raiser. Its pistons top kicks 124-118 bout and has a 21-rl record. R t a lactic in trips Tan for an j i do 5 3 Iroil pistons survived a last re Quarter rally to defeat Iii n i i York Tup. By of. Up. 32050. In a tin f a J.J Lional Rask Cabal i v fia1 nip it a Nice Day stretched his a or ii yesterday Falci n. When he led tin pack i Cross country dual Ian Mirino. Lie hosts the n Duarte. Day not bantams Ca Tui cd i tapers tipped by kens 111-88 Jug Norfolk. A. The Sollit Pitts Bergli runs spa Ripul to a to. 110 Point first Stuart or read scored it will to wat tie tapers. 11188. In their Neutral court Macri 7 i i Little league Ball. Tie Council withheld Ion a proposal to convert Ihen former track into a neighbor Hood Park pending receipt of Little i to league s plans. M 1 3- t i 1 n n Louic 11.11-Orsy-b n 1 hid can basketball last Uig lit. League game Walcer s Cain Vicoli a a i i 111. Al Tler Pone. It i Fuir 11-Lu reman 1 nil. 4-w-u it 1 1 i i Admiral wins Well a Rvark in Iilah i. I run Irr Kuci. Or. Pipers Over saints bantams 11215. . For the two lower classifications l lie Field is reduced to the 1.7-mile course but he set riot Kins of Hie old Mark was san Marino annexed tie .1. V. Meet pc Star Day Pasac Lonn City mor soloists to licit f i r 5 t i victors in league 1 . As l h o y ocl cd sunni or san Francisco i i Pierce 17-14 in the the Cleveland pipers paced Pool. The last place i by Rosjer Taylor s 19 Points team lost to pow Iii Aux Chr san a Raneiro or fill Cerrilo. 24-2, sax Bruno i f i jockey saints their Iii d straight re next Friday will be Trio last Ralph a rvs. Liefl n triple feat last night overpower meet of the season when 112 11 Tony my Culf of m. Agua Sauk note l l l a Roll running wintry almiral Vest Day i acct to a three length Victory Al Calico to race course in the featured Tal a Madge purse to score an upset i going Hunting see Harry ill Yin incl Dimi Fulton . Lilli dlr. East of Sadena firearms 2fi30 r. Colorado so j-r.51 or. I 112 wins four xat10.vai, National p i Ivymay. Can Back with four ing Ilum. 07-ss. In an a Fri Detia Ciu cd Iuchs los winners yrs Cray it tanforan can Keaup . Cily Colleto. Re Yankee win sports Page i orly american i i.-.ti.1in no in lanes seeks a lop at Victory Over tie Las Angeles . In win league baseball action tomorrow Al Nia til Park. Jim Lyons is tabbed to hurl contest. Isla Foo i Dama a by a the Yankees Weie a is vie Lim of Nomen la Les Ilic time the teams met. The _ " Dent club is Cun Antly i the Winter league Scasso hopman wins big suit Iio Max aus Ira 1101 Kahn Khz. Owner of the coach at s5.000 a month t i. -J.J-. 8i-inj ii Unith a snal 107 11? full color Luj i. Urup. . In in. T tin s or tin selections for supreme court a Virv m his Suil Cliris for refusing to Deal staged at Jakarta Sydney minor n news with his Western division team a i x o j. 1 had for libel. Hopman the r ice Iso Chaij standings ill sax Francisco Ray Norton. Olympic s the eight other Aba for the asian James to clubs for refusing to earn defamation through Art i-1 we Are. And always have been celtics was fined s2co by Rumor most Active club in the president Maurice Podoloff pounds for trading Market but Row we the Era yesterday and to be in need of help Lent his run in with a s while retaining have Talent available to Erce will result in a three Trade not one of them . Even contacted kerr.er1 Lext s proxy Ca. On. Nib Lishev in received 3.000 coaching South african Jers in Nettir status. L i c r. I v it a n irs is see this do it yourself factory demonstration of Are you a week end Handyman see How Piaf Sci univ i Western league Holhi Lilloll Sufall ill la i Mil it us f _ owl Committer Fame was known As a Kight Confer Tery Man the tack s the rooms in the into Iko s. Day. Kept 10 himself. It turned out hair lie was studying ways and Pittsburgh Van c. Kussrow said yes of investing Bis Money. E c r regret Avo w ii owl my 1 Lemr Francc schedule in soit Herx Piv Iskin w i. T up. .10 2 0 m

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