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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 11, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaExperts say Eisenhower overrated United states missile might in Tom Lambert . Holt till nil Kew Washington. There to unanimous approval Here of president Eisenhower s Drake of or. James r. Killian As his special assistant for science and technology. But there already is criticism of the president s new missile and satellite development program and his first report on american military might As sen. Henry m. Jackson wash., a member of the armed services and joint atomic Energy committees has been the most outspoken critic to Date of the president s appraisal of american military strength. Than Frank in a statement issued after Eisenhower had talked to the nation about this country s military Potency Jackson said the president had been less than other congressional and military sources have expressed similar views some More caustically than Jackson. One congressional source complained bitterly that president Eisenhower had misled the Public when he said the russians Fead this country in some missile and special those torn too Iange a Ovetie Tho said. "aa4 by them the pres ident misled the Pentagon and congressional experts questioned also some of the president s air Power missile and Navy appraisals. Standard b52t the president said the eight Jet engine Long Range b52 bomber is Standard in the strategic. Air command that that Force now is equipped with Jet tankers. An air Force spokesman declared however that sacs 11 heavy bomber wings Are about half and half b52s and obsolete b36s. He said he doubted if Sac has More than one Squadron of Jet tankers Eisenhower also stated the new supersonic Ess bomber yet in operational slated to replace the b52. Almost everyone in the Pentagon has been assuming the b58 would replace the fast aging b47 medium bomber which actually is Sac s Backbone. The president in his speech said the Navy has in both oceans submarines which can fire guided missiles carrying nuclear warheads. Only two a Navy spokesman said the Navy has two such sub marines the Tunny and Barbero. Other guided missile submarines including one which is nuclear powered Are being built or readied for service the spokesman pointed out missile experts were disappointed about the pres ident s reference to the snark and the implication it is a Superior weapon. The snark they say is a pilotless a plane that at subsonic Speed in the i these experts say an accomplished Pilot to wiper sonic Jet fighter could shoot Down or deflect a snark without great trouble. And they Point out that its relatively slow Speed and Low Altitude makes it a Likely aircraft missile target. The fit Tutt reported All Cental nary my us Mimi let i of to to 23 launched Navy spokesman said -23 combat vessels have been launched since destroyers eight destroyer escorts one each of guided missile radar picket and conventional submarines and two nuclear powered submarines. He said he knew that two of those ships were to carry guided missiles. In the same period incidentally the Navy Moth axed 34 combat and 52 other ships. Weather considerable no Uhline to Day and tomorrow but night and Early morning coastal Clouds. High today about 70. Bain possibility about 80 per cent store weather on Page Independent Home los Angeles topple league leading 49ers before record breaking crowd of w2.s68 after fans Are turned away. Sports Page s. 5 cents 20 pages classified by other 6-4671 Pasadena cal., monday nov. To be quiet in Valley veterans Day will be observed quietly throughout the san Gabriel Valley today Al though parades have been scheduled in other Southland areas. Schools and Public offices in the Valley will be closed but Banks will remain open Dur ing this 39th anniversary of the world War i armistice that has grown into a Day for honouring those who served in All the nation s wars. Three parades veterans groups will stage parades this morning in Long Beach Burbank and Bell and ceremonies honouring the War dead will be held at 11 . At Hollywood memorial Park cemetery under auspices of the greater los Angeles Community Obser Vanees Council. Guy c. Lewis commander of the american legion s Pasa Dena Post 1% said he regretted patriotic Parade will be held Here it s hard to turn a town out for this sort of he with a three Day nearly everyone with car goes of of Rome. Ins the official italian comm Mist party news paper Unita reported last night that the sputnik possible to return her Lane. It could either mean hey had not arrived at the so or could not find it the last word heard from the missing pan american Cruiser with 44 aboard was a . Post last Friday when the plane s Captain Gor Don h. Brown of Palo Alto made a routine position report Miles East of Honolulu . Called stubborn in Okinawa rom Moscow that a soviet oficial disclosed the dog was dead sunday nigh the party Iran declared up to the last moment it was hoped Liana might be Able o return to Earth. But at this Ime it was not possible to realize this further Success. This it added everyone in Moscow is a lit tie sad because of it but the essential was to gather All the necessary scientific data to establish How a living creature reacts in space and Accuu ate the necessary information and knowledge so Man too May one Day move about in he the. Communist paper pub shed the report under a Large i ont Page photograph sound no the dog s death Knell in. A caption Laika died so Man would the. Unita correspondent said that it seems established that was a Success and furnished much precious Hoard 93, Dies Wiliam Henry Hoard 93, was found dead of an apparent Rose Vila St Ter Day. Cops get right number in phone Booth robberies Wasco. Cd police of this san Joacquin Valley town arrested five san franciscans yesterday who the authorities Faid hooked logging chains to pay Telephone Booths dragged them with a car to secluded spots and robbed them. The men and a woman were accused of breaking open and robbing pay telephones All the Way from Santa Cruz to paso Robles. Police said they re covered about in. Coins when they arrested the five to hold them for san fran Cisco authorities. Row wow held by red Bosses Moscow. Ins Sovie communist party Boss Likiu Khrushchev spent yesterday talking with fellow red Leac ers visiting in Moscow. Khrushchev saw Poland heart attack by his son George Wladyslaw Gomulka Deputy g. Hoard at his Home at 1637 Premier of Yugoslavia and North korean Premier Kim d Sung. Parliament member attacked american own Awan policy As stubborn and ill advised Anc said there is a danger tha communism May grow rape by on the-. Island fortress. Fusataro Fuchigami a Mem her of the majority conserva Tive Liberal democratic part the diet parliament voiced the criticism As he pre pared to leave for the United states to plead for a Chang in . Okinawan policies. Leave Friday socialist die member Kiyoshi Shima Wil leave Japan Friday. In a guest column in the English language Japan times Fuchigami said we hit upon a plan to vis the . As free individuals an urge Congress leaders reappraise the us. Policy to wards the Liberal Democrat Sai japanese diplomatic attempts to gain concessions on the mile Long far East Gibraltar have met with stubborn r Usah anti american the majority of the Island Fuchigami said Are no opposed to the existence military bases theme Elve As the . Goven ment takes a tactless approach to the question of land requisitioning the inhabitants Are unnecessarily agitated and a being led toward anti Amer paralysed Veteran 60, Dies in flaming Home use fairy tales to Aid science educators told a j. Allen Hynek head of the . Satellite optical tracking program said yesterday that this country must change its Way of thinking Clear Back to the kindergarten. I suggest scientific fairy tales to go along with such old standards As Goldi lock she said. Charming Little stories such As How we got the num Ber Zero would instill a badly needed feeling for science in Young he said. Hynek said that to Many children algebra is a Hor Rible word. Increase in jobless predicted Washington. A mild business slowdown forseen for Early 1958 could boost unemployment temporarily by As much As one million above the 1957 rate government analysts said yesterday. This would bring jobless Ness to More than 5% of the civilian labor Force for the first time since March 1955, when business was recover ing from the 19534 recession. The estimate is not a fore cast officials emphasized in private interviews but an As sumption based on the Best guess now available As to the possible decline in total National output next Spring. The forecast accepted by Secretary of Commerce sin Clair weeks and some other High administration advisers is that the production rate will drop in first Hall 1958 by 4 to 5 billion dollars from the pres ent rate which exceeds 440 billion dollars a year. Since about 66 million per sons now Are employed a 1% decline in the output of goods and services could mean the elimination of More than 000 existing jobs. Cheek up bound Ike greets Hospital commander. Back at his desk today he Warks on debt Jimh increase request to Congress. For missiles satellites Ike said to be readying request for bigger debt Washington. Up president Eisenhower apparently is getting ready to ask Congress to lift the 275 billion Dollar debt ceiling of a series of moves to Speed the production of missiles and satellites Secretary of the Treasury Robert b. Anderson already has put out feelers to key members of Congress suggest ing he would like to talk to them individual by before Lead ers of both parties come to Washington dec. 3 for a bipartisan White House conference. Key Flen significantly members of the House ways and Means and the Senate finance committees who have the prime responsibility for debt limitation legislation were invited to the conference. Anderson who promised last summer to get along under the present ceiling is understood to be finding it increasingly difficult to meet the government s Finan Cial obligations to defense contractors. Threat sen. Stuart Symington mo., a member of the Senate armed services committee and former Secretary of the air Force has written democratic colleagues con tending that the financial Pinch has caused a military cutback that is seriously threatening the nation s Security. Dog s we proves too much Lor Raccoon Jakes to the Hills but fastest by Brent Howell twelve year old Stephen Westbrook of South Pasa Dena is looking for a Raccoon not just any a Raccoon that refuses to be impressed by the dog Collar and License around her neck. Martha the Raccoon be came a dog in the City s eyes last month when she was vaccinated and licensed under South Pasadena s dog ordinance. Recently however she inside today s Independent civil defense i and ii have brought civil de sense to the Public s attention again. Tips for survival. 4. Jabs Union Knowland claims that compulsory unionism is violation of american civil Page 14. Adams .7 features .7 sports.9 allen.7 leadabrand.7 theater .6 comics .19 wash.7 to radio .12 Connolly .6 obituaries .14 women.5 considlne.7 Doug your stars.19 escaped from the Westbrook 2056 Fletcher aye., possibly on a venture to prove her Raccoon Ity. Her owners have been impressed since she came into the household several months ago with her dogged determination to break out of her a wire mesh pen 5 feet High 5 feet Long arid 2 feet wide. At the tender age of 4 months she Learned How to Usnap the screen door Hook on her House. This Hook was replaced by a Spring Type Hook designed to confine children under 2 years old. She mastered it at 5 months. That was a month ago. The Westbrooks decided to let Martha find her own and she settled Down successively in three places a woodpile the attic of the garage and the House attic. Well she did t exactly Settle Down not at night anyhow Stephen s Mother said that Martha operated on a swing shift schedule sleeping through most of the Daylight hours and waking up at everybody else s bedtime. Her nocturnal activities in the attic made the West Brooks feel like they were dwelling in the basement of a Bowling Alley. But that Only lasted a week. We think she May have headed for the after All even a Raccoon has a time of mrs. Westbrook said. She s a Little Young but she May be looking for a and she might be she added not sounding very Happy about the thought Stephen definitely wants his pet Back. He saved Money for Ivi years to raise the to buy the animal. When the Westbrooks be Gan having trouble keeping Martha penned up mrs. Westbrook had her immunized against rabies and then bought a City dog License for her. South Pasadena has no Raccoon licenses. Officials at City Hall were dubious about the propriety or legality of issuing a dog License to a non dog but mrs. Westbrook talked them into it the vaccination was to immunize Martha against rabies and the License tag was bought to immunize Martha against people people who might think she is wild and possibly Rabid. Just How much of a dog s life has Martha been Lead ing not much actually. She was t required to Chase cats Roll Over bite postmen or eat Dogwood. I Don t even feed Daisy our dog mrs. Westbrook said. Martha ate hamburgers and apples and drank Daisy the Westbrook dog a Cocker poodle water Span Iel never quite adjusted her self to Martha the Raccoon. But two family cats Casper the Friendly ghost and his Mother Blue Bell quickly Learned that the Best Way to Jet along with Martha was to stay out of sight in fact Young Stephen is the Only one around the Westbrook household very anxious to Sec Martha again. He has invested in her and besides South Pasa Dena stands to lose that dog License renewal fee. Azizi Sifi found in basement a 60 year old paralysed world War i Veteran was burned to death last night after being trapped in the bed room of his flaming Azusa lome. jr., 5440 n. Azusa ave was found in the rubble of the gutted 50-year old House after anxious neigh airs and friends began look Irig for him when the broke out shortly before 9 . County fire Crews battled smoke and flames for More than an hour before Able to enter the Home and find Krebs body in the cellar where it apparently fell after the burned bedroom caved in. Boobs locked _ deter cause of the Blaze is under Way. A crowd of so persons watched anxiously As firemen searched the ruined Home for the Azusa citizen county firemen from engine co. 85, Glendora 44, Duarte and 97, Azusa and Rescue unit no. 27 from Bald win Park were led by Bat Talion chief Parker Haradyn. The Azusa City fire depart ment fought the Blaze. Krebs had a phobia for locked doors friends said. Firemen found a the doors in the Home locked they said. Krebs is the son of the late Wiliam Krebs a barrel maker for Lucky Baldwin and a san Gabriel Valley Pioneer. He came to Azusa in 1906. The Veteran had been Par alyzed1 on his left Side after an automobile Accident several years ago. Legion officer Krebs had served for years As chaplain of Howard to. Douglas Post 207, american legion in Covina. Hal Diamond Post com Mander and Victor p. Gauer former Post veterans service committee chairman had urged Krebs repeatedly to enter the Sawtelle veterans rest Home but without permanent Success. He did so for a time but decided to return to his old Home. Krebs who was unmarried is survived by two Brothers Albert v. Of los Angeles and Richard of Costa Mesa. Phones on freeway supervisor Kenneth Hahn insisted yesterday that the state Highway dept. Should install Mergener telephones on free ways in los Angeles county so that the motoring Public can communicate immediately with the proper authorities when help is needed. Confessed spy tells secrets of red network a confessed russian spy and now serving a seven year Federal prison term Jack Soble is revealing for the first time the innermost secrets of a russian espionage network in the . Of which he was a Leader for 15 years. Turn to Page 2 for the Sec Ond of Soble s 12 dramatic articles. The first article appeared in sunday s Independent Star news

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