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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 6, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaIrate property owners Burn cow thousands of irate property owners yesterday flooded county switchboards with Calls protesting the highest tax Bills in los Angeles county history. Some of the highest rates were in the san Gabriel Valley bedroom communities where one Covina code area recorded a record per county assessor John r. Quinn and tax collector h. L. Byram said their phones have been ringing steadily Ever since tax Bills were mailed Over the weekend. The Bills add up to a record Levy for City county schools and other governmental costs a full More than last year. On the average homeowners and businessmen throughout the county will pay 16 to 20 per cent higher taxes than they did in 1956. But in some fast growing areas citizens complained that Bills on modestly priced Homes had gone up As much As one elderly woman who is living on a pension said that taxes on her Little House went up by said a tired Secretary. She did t like it and i guess i would t despite the jangling phones officials reported that protests were slightly below the 1956 record when persons called on the first Day to complain. Tax experts pointed out that two factors Are behind the increased Bills 1 a 17 per cent hike in assessed valuations throughout the county and 2 generally higher tax rates especially in Many school districts. The total assessed valuation of los Angeles county including Public utilities now stands at this is almost above the re corded in 1956. Quinn explained quite a bit of increase came from an across the Board boost of from 10 to 20 per cent on improvements including builders and Homes. The combined tax rate varies from Point to Point la the county with the different rates for schools cities and special districts. In tax code area covering most of the City of los Angeles the combined rate totals almost per. Assessed boost of nearly 25 Over year. This includes the general rate of the City rate of City schools metropolitan water District j8 and flood control 21. Weather. Variable Clouds with scattered showers today. High near 65. Tomorrow mostly sunny and slightly warmer. Yesterday More weather on Page 7. The Home edition plane carrying top romanians to soviet Celebration crashed at Moscow kill ing four of party. Page 28. 5 cents 54 pages classified by other 6-4671 Pasadena cal., wednesday nov. 6.1957 for a second term. Eisenhower supported Christenberry. With Over three fourths of the vote counted Wagner led by votes. In Pennsylvania Pitts Burgh and Scranton voters reelected their democratic t. Lawrence and John t. Hanlon fourth terms. In new Haven conn., demo democrats he said. Ratip May Wrichard c. Leeq thing fb0m won a smashing third term will not oppose Knowland for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in next june s Pri Mary election but run for the Senate instead. State and National party leaders him a Battle would split the gop and possibly lose Victory piling approximately vote majority Over Republican Edith Valet Cook. Buffalo mayor at Buffalo ., Democrat Frank a. Sedita a former City judge was elected mayor of new York s second largest City in a four Way race. Democrat was elected Bruce Hoblitzell of since 1933. Mrs. Grace Gertrude Francis of 234 s. Marengo ave. Mrs Emily r. Thomas who lives with mrs. Francis said she heard an explosion in the Kitchen and found the victim lying on the floor. Chee Kier kills self Alhambra a 44-year-old last night by shooting himself with a 23 Caliper Rifle. Police identified the victim As Pau Steven Wagner 44, of 200 e Commonwealth ave. His wife said Wagner was despondent Over the recent loss of a Job mechanical brain goofs some get Bonus checks while others get none a mechanical brain goofed again some Pasadena area folks opened their social secur Ity envelopes yesterday cheered when they found two checks instead of one. But others missed theirs entirely. The culprit according to p. W. Amborn assistant manager of the Pasadena office was the mailing machine in san Francisco which tripped up in stuffing the envelopes. Amborn urged those receiving Bonus checks to re turn them to the san Francisco or Pasadena office. Those not receiving their checks were asked to be patient democrats sweeping elections by associated press democratic gov. Robert b. Meyner last night Defeated re publican Malcolm s. Forbes and won reelection in normally Republican new Jersey. Democrats also retained the governorship of Virginia and the new York mayoralty in one sided contests decided shortly after 9 pin. These and the new Jersey governorship were the top prizes in tues Day s scattered state and local elections. On his record Meyner running on his rec Ord at Trenton and putting on the line his chances for a place on the democratic presidential ticket in 1960, led his Eisen Hower backed opponent by More than in new York City demo cratic mayor Robert f. Wag Ner swamped Republican Rob Ert k. Christenberry in his bid week s report that he tired nervous Knight confirms Senate race by William Broom Independent Wuh Latton Bureau Washington. Goodwin j. Knight a Man ensnared by own words yesterday junked his re election aspirations Jcj run for . Senate Job now held by William f. Know Janu. Who wants to replace him As governor of California tired and nervous the governor huddled with president Eisenhower and vice president Richard Nixon before confirm Lwft Hlll Lumc eyes top state posts rep. Pat Hillings of Arcadia whose future plans Are being the governor s mansion Tor the watched by political observers said yesterday he in return for his Retreat from previous statements that he would not withdraw Knight won the gratitude of the White House and an enthusiastic and unqualified endorsement of his candidacy from the vice pres ident. He won nothing from know land. The senator directly avoided backing his erstwhile and pointedly announced he will support the party nominee when deter Ville ky., Tajnai Tairi in Power the democratic organization which has controlled City Hall mined by the Republican Vot ers of in fact Knowland appeared to be inviting mayor George Christopher of san Francisco state controller Robert Kirk Wood of Saratoga and attorney Warren Atherton of Stock ton to stay in the race against Knight when he said it appears that republicans will have a Large number of Candi dates from which to select a nominee for . Senator. Knight s Frank announce woman burned by stove blast an 82-year-old Pasadena woman was burned about the face and suffered a possible shoulder dislocation we Kitchen stove exploded her to the floor yester Day. Taken to county general Hospital after first Aid at Huntington memorial Hospital was ment explaining his decision it _ a Tala lir Chiron that Aroll clearly showed that the argue tired turn to Page 2 might state wide office As a result of gov. Goodwin j. Knights re arranged goal. have always said my primary interest was in the Senate i am also exploring the attorney Gen eral said Hillings. The governor is an Able campaigner but i would like to wait and test reaction to his announcement before i determine my own Hillings a political associate of vice president Nixon Sale he is definitely interested in a statewide office. Democratic atty. Gen. Edmund Brown has announced he will seek the democratic gubernatorial nomination. Hillings said he plans to make speeches statewide the coming weeks and Wil talk nov. 16 before the Call fornia Republican which endorses candidates in primary elections. Russ housewives Cookin with Sun London. Tab radio Moscow yesterday reported the pro czech airline gets St Jet transport Vienna. To czechoslovak airlines has received its firs tu104aaa passenger plane for its International service ii was disclosed yesterday. Unemployed grocery checker auction of solar heat cookers committed suicide at his Home for soviet housewives. The broadcast heard Here said the next step will be the construction of solar Kitch ens and special apparatus for drying fruit vegetables and to Bacco. School Board censures complaint in lawsuit an official blast at the complaint in a lawsuit that May bring Pasadena s teacher electioneering controversy into Superior court was levelled last night by the Pasa Dena school Board in a letter to county counsel Harold Kennedy whose office will defend the Board in the action. In a three Page letter accompanying All Board min utes since july 7, the Board s majority objected to allegations by the plaintiff Pasadena atty. Caryl Sheldon that the new Board failed to investigate illegal political activities to determine what discipline teachers should be Given. All members except Edgar Barratt agreed that the Board has taken sufficient Steps to Correct the situation. Inside today s Independent radios get weird new him beep n. X. Ream to Laww nun new York. A strange new signal has been picked up by radio receivers around the world since the launching of sputnik ii government and commercial radio stations re a ported yesterday. Indications were that it was not coming from the second Earth satellite however. Heard intermittently powerfully on 14.2 Mega cycles the signal apparently emanates from a moving source the radio corp. Of America said its listening Post in washing ton recorded the signal a hum followed by two Short beeps. Buzz the naval research Labora tory in Washington said it received a steady the Federal communications com Mission after listening to the signal for two Days admitted we just Don t know what it is ? Ria said the mysterious signal s source had not yet been located although it was moving., this fact would count the of sounds National Alert on mysterious fireballs signal to the satellite trigger ing some reaction in the dog it carries. Abc news which Broad cast a recording of the Sig Nal said that although hams operate often on that fre Quency the movement of the everybody see Page 3 la Canada approves tax voters in elementary the la school Canada District yesterday approved a proposal tax ceiling for an indefinite period of time. The final count showed 1710 yes votes to 470 no for the tax rate for the elementary school District based on of assessed property valuation. The present ceiling would have expired in june 1958 if the Issue proved. Had not been a la. County sees Many Odd lights the air Force alerted its nationwide radar network yes erday to watch for a Brilliant mystery object that has been reported flying in a crazy Pat Ern Over Texas new Mexico the Gulf of Mexico and los Angeles county. Police complaint boards through out los Angeles county last night lit up with Calls rom puzzled citizens who re sorted seeing a variety of mystery lights and unidentified flying objects. A rocket about 25 persons said they saw a red and White Light that hovered overhead and then shot off like . At least 13 persons at Long Beach municipal Airport most of them military personnel re ported seeing six unidentified flying objects at pan. Air Force officials said the latest sightings have been Frank toe Ekner Survey broken window after lightning struck Home. Bomb like Roar lightning rips Pasadena Home by Chuck Sweet Yard were ripped off mud was the Blanke Tearrie was i a Freak Bolt of us Honing Tii rown on. The garage struck a. Pasadena neighbor Hood a with a bomb like Roar yesterday afternoon shatter ing windows in three houses knocking hubcaps off cars and burning out electrical wiring. Lightning hit a steel clothes line in the Yard of Frank d. Kloeckner of 51 n. Chester ave., and was carried along the wire to the House where it ripped off a , turned pair of socks hanging on1 the clothes line was set on flyer Kloeckner 72, a retired City Field Engineer said the Light Ning hit with the Roar of a bomb at . T thought it was going to tear ther House lightning and fuses were blown to pieces. It seemed to rumble for two he said. To continue the present p.68 out electrical conduits and then travelled Back and struck a tree. Windows broken More than 15 windows in the Home were shattered and Kloeckner s wife Blanche 72, was treated for Shock by a City ambulance Crew after the sudden explosion frightened her. Hurt twelve Homes neigh boyhood were blacked but after the lightning Bolt a to -. Coast guard head liar Man for the Pasadena depart ment of Light and Power said that a transformer in the Sec Tion was burned ouf by Thi next door at 55% n. Ches in 3 or. 4 transformers in other parts of the City. Electric service was restored Ter ave., Edward Allen 21, in the Chester Avenue Colorado said he was lying of a Couch Street neighbourhood in 45 min when the Bolt struck. All i could see was broken Glass coming in. I was stunned. I first thought it was a Jet plane. Then i ran outside and saw smoke. It was a pair of socks Burn ing on the Allen said a Friend George Hearne 22, was sleeping be Neath a Blanket when the fender skirts and hubcaps lightning struck sending a from a car parked in the rear Shower of window Glass onto softer state liquor says enforcement is exceptionally harsh and will be softened toward minor 18. I America Alert to danger prime minister Macmillan of Britain told commons that president Eisenhower was Alert to soviet satellite Page 18. Pago Pago Allen .11 Considine .11 obituaries.19 classified .19 Kay .8 sports .13-19 comics.25 Leadabrand .11 theater .6 Connolly .6 nash.11 tv-radio.10 photo. Rose Queen court selection Narrows to 7 lovelies seventy five Pasadena City College coeds smiled Radi Antly for the photographer Veit Arday As they entered the second round of in their bid to become Queen of the 1958 tournament of roses Walter Hoaf flin jr., chairman of the a committee said the. Number will be reduced to 25 candidates who will appear before the committee nov. 11. The seven Prince Sej will be chosen nov. 21, and from these the Row Queen herself will be selected. Utes but not in Kloeckner s House where the wiring was melted by the lightning Bolt. .17 Inch Bain the rainstorm that accompanied the electrical Dis play dumped another .17 of an Inch of precipitation on Pasadena bringing the rain fall total to 2.66, consider ably above the .63 recorded at this time last year. Elsewhere in the san gab Riel Valley the storm was Les severe. Rain fell on most communities bringing season rain totals Well above the aver age. The Weatherman predict that the rain will continue forecasting variable Cloud with scattered showers today rainfall probability Early to Day is 75 per cent and of tomorrow 25 per cent. Segregation slate wins in Little Rock Little Rock Ark. Ins segregationist candidates Wen leading last night in five of the seven contests for the Little Rock Ark., Board of directors the Lead was established with two thirds of the ballots counted. Though they caution per cent of such r natural explanations and none has Ever involved National Security. .1 a statement issued in Washington by the air Force said the air defense conv Mand radar network is keep ing watch trained personnel re ports on the i the Alert coincided with the release of an official dispatch ters reporting that. The Cutter Sebago had contacted the strange object several times by radar Over the Middle of the Gulf of Mexico. Cmdr. Clarence h. Waring skipper of the Sebago said the object looked like a Brilliant his radar contacts indicated that the object was moving at from 240 to 900 m.p.h., frequently changing its direction but at one Point appeared to be completely stationary in the sky. Some of the reports being investigated described the object As egg shaped about 250 feet Long and 75 feet wide. One Story the air Force said would be checked Wasp that the huge object stalled 10 automobiles when it Highway dipped Low Over a near White Sands weird turn to Page 18 deputies seeking child molester Duarte. Temple City Sher Iff s deputies yesterday were checking the Vicinity of Royal Oaks grammar school for a Man who tried to entice two 9-year-old students into his car. Charles Crecelius principal of the school at 2499 Royal Oaks dr., said the students re ported that a Man wearing a Black jacket and Black Trou Sers offered them a ride to school and followed them for a distance after they refused. President will report on National Security Herald Tribune service Washington. President Eisenhower decided Sud Denly and dramatically last night to make a major radio television address tomorrow night on urgent questions of National Security flowing from soviet rocket successes. The president s wholly unexpected decision to go before the nation was said by the White House to have been made no sooner than a few minutes before it was announced. It will come perhaps by design on the Joth anniversary of the bolshevik revolution in Russia the same Day on which the West is anticipating possibly new and sensational soviet technological firsts. The address will be carried Over lbs to and radio live from 8 to . Est 5 to . Post

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