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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 4, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaRenters find rentals through the Independent and Star news classified ads Ufir. , ii Sii St. Day incs outrigger run. And unfurl. 4 private Salloh Vernm. s Audi its 890 so. Rosemead jut North or Jilin Linclon now move up to tub i is height of Comfort convenience Huntington Heights Proval. Pallor. Laret Al sox551 Aci Loga 100 Tappan Alec. Ranucci. The twit of Jor nil living including Clutsom Carpell t bedrooms uss-117c. 1724 Meridian South Pasadena hot Viveen Oak a House Sal Sun. Nov. 4 Dijon company Hosl ii will serve refreshments to introduce you Toi the Glen Crisp Cool new Bon Alre Large 1 Bermi. Htu Frt Torpil. Air . Rapu. B Jill in a oven. -2 Buki to build Iii. Uruu a Lalitte. 150. 231 s. Catalina a 6-Noo Homics duplexes specialize n rentals sails lease option property mgl 1-2-3-4-5 . Houses apis. 1 duplexes furnished or unfurl. To for Friendly courteous service see Hawkins Ralty. In past Jana h37 e. Green by 3-Ani so 3-Uos it e. Live Oak san Gabriel 1 Block South of Tunas 1, 2 3 bedroom 2 Bath luxury apartments be Pahati award years new per 5 by. L ilk carpet. Built Ini. Ult up in hell Ahful Cartalla. Wilt Leaie or s500 in. You May Tike aver a own oils Lovely Home your in 1. Remember int Ernst 18 tax Jint Etc Tipti Are owner by the Best costs no Morel Orange Manor in inv truly readout Mccror on floor la Vlnar in luxurious Comfort the Newell a Noil in . Bachelor 1-apts. Luxuriously Hirn. from up air Coll cloned healed tool 707 e. Orange Grove 1 blk. W. Of Jike by 8-7300 new deluxe sales. I 1 . S up free utile. No leases had. Pool Lush tropical Patio furn. By custom decorators 1030 w. Huntington or. My 8-9119 stat. A famed Well inc. Nice front a Back i try. All at Azusa Monrovia 2 3 by Lam. Boft the of or Gai-1sky. A 0-3iis Capri apts 810 Fairview ave. West Arcadia cooler Wall . 1125. Least i . Cottage Cloee to Chon Nanc and by ?-31h five newly Deco Faith 1 by. . Us. Pm. Floren Lucr Dinette. Lee. T Kitchen. Disc. Larf a cared Cro Jundt. Extra ice. Or porn it Nash 1n rear. Garfen House. See s. 2r.d ave. . Conv. Den 1 Baths Home. Or Hollis ton 4 Mendocino. Sioui " Champlin rally. By apr Rimels april Mentor area eau Laiful quiet new 1-2 ., 2 Baths carpets drapes unusual private Polios All electric Oaks san Gabriel s luxury apts. 2 ., 2 ba., fireplace. Pebble entry. My Lunn All elect Etc kitchens. Corp i 4 . Private oat Loi. Root. 9hu.feebo.iiu 1-Br. Iol e. Link Oak san Gabriel 2 b a it West of san Gabriel blvd. 1 Block Gouth of mar arms Stock Pullman. A Lilly c or print of . Arnulta Only Jisoo Al 721 r. Sierra Al slip. Rue a litle so real from tie left hark of Paris with antique ass Milsht. To pred Trees. Eta Luti All tic Charm of the 2-bedroom met Range ref tag. Air cond. Carpeting. Drapes. S150. Best location in Klec. Billit los. Euphro arts pull Man Halh. Very or modern. 1 or. Old. Quiet private. To. 212-a to. 2nd ave. Kves. 111 6-7-h17 . Duplex or. Schools Bui Market. Vic. Hill i hit it. s v Bungalow close in. X rooms Furnace heat Al replace Waier Ivd. Adults. Charm Lomance. Coli Neil with tomorrow features. 2 in. 2 Btl if. . Veranda. A town by oppt. Ing. Apt. 1 1163 Hunting us or. To. Tessa. By tt-6315 by a by. To Jie. Fri la. New modern Kitchen. Bali a Snowry. Arroyo Atco school area. California Terrace. Lease s113. By .1-1 aft. I see this 8. Stop looking new 1 bedroom reasonable rent Pool Patio i i air conditioned 550 n. Catalina 2-Bath anti open daily 535-545 s. Los Robles Rte it hand t. A tins canals. 11-Lon Lennox Carp line . Hulk in a Tosh Una hers s n n Ina Lindl Romp Littly. Mabuni fince or Flo sets Clearm n re Alan Ului my Lorn com Nillon s22. . 2 by. House Beautiful ratio a req. N Weil Arbadji. Jho. 7.11 Lemon. I 7-9 in Pasadena 4 term. Horne Iti a. Nice area. Conv. Teide 5175. . My 2-.12s1. In. . Or 2 Rath fire place carpets drapes. Fenced cd. View. 4ho Canyon Crest Road by 2 bus for families 5-hm. Sli Lilin Al. Tins 2 has up. To rms. Floun. No above you. Kit., Tatry. Area Pailo 1-rp. Mercury Park apis. Smi Gabriel no Junta kilo 1200 n. Altadena or. The Lux 1-kt srm. Api. J few. Dry. . In Imrei Llali . New 1 2 by. Tent Itous apartments a modern features . Private , carpels firn Nei Pool. Mister Renean evil pc St. S. J in. By fl-0720 or 400 or. So. Pasa. By House Carpel. Patio double a tape. Water Rasli . . Teenagers of. It Lac n. . Temp a Tiv. At i lilo Dun talk Cotta to i enl for or couple. Knotty Pine Interior. F6.ri inc. Utilities. Inquire Iii 6-2055 w. Fair View. Arcadia reasonable Yard. Newly Chuh of. Or. Fears. 120 Woonwah cd Nice 2-Lllt. House newly mod. Car. Gardner. Adults. 77s by. ., fireplace i a late ratio. Jarir Jon seclusion. Pearl St. Six 5sd 2-bp. Stars r l 1 laths. Grounds cared for near inquire 160 n. Al Molino. Of 2 . . . Rij tool. La Larul. David Bakk Favri so close in aural live ant. 1 bed a Crim. Rossini pm. Full hot Chen re Folk. A Nellan double Gar. Lawn. Water us. J105. 12 e. Al Milena or. Alln Tenn. By 7 Pas. 1724 state is. 2 by cats 3 Ftp. Col age i s51 to stove t Jie Frig. Water paid 1551 x. Mar Vita so 7-v662 a Cahla. 2 Br., 709 e. Locust Thermo come. Cut Ali of free. Svall. I Lily 1 Illk. Of. At Walnut. 2 due. Of so so 3-6050 after 5 639 Orange or. South Pasadena 1 blk. So. Pasa. Frewa. No Colv furn. And . No West Arcadia 2--. Very rest Fern. Or furn. Spac k 11 Chen loads Bine h. Cms., drops. Cond. Hid. Pool. Quid area. Or. Al Ranc o new Dix 1 Brux air sound Jit carpet Drar. Pvt patios. Bale. Pm. Corner pm Rel loan Tooji. Front. Panoramic air cond. Heir Alful Pitlo. Anict. Adults. 8 in Lar. 07 2 by. Baby of so. J Asa Ert. Stove. Filc drapes. View by Gaj. Water pm so. Pasa. Pool Patio j 2 by Elln. ., air Tond. Bik closets or. Fry 1716 gravel a. Of a 0-22.vj f Bumm. Clean near new. Ali meal air cond. Close to Brand new lots of parking space 2 by. Sci sided f.brf1eld s. Above a varas 2-a. Up Tai. Pasadena of room. Or. Ill re schoo a Khz it. Close in if l . Stove. Rear or. Rel spa. Garakop. Afi uts s72 Paf Adena. A by Rea House with refer or it stove. By Rezec. 1 . Rear How. Waier Gar. Free Saahir. . Sri tar one. 535 Tor 5. Ai Lulli Only. 55 so. Pc by 3-7231 Arcadia Madre 2-or schools. Water Paluf 5125. I Wal Maple. By 4r5 e. Glen Arr. Lease Jijoo to shown by appt. Up. Sgls., dbl. Secure. Comfortable us inc inc. Uthi. Or. 805 s. It Molluro by preferred. Modern arts a Ankles or 1 it 2 Sil to 579. Stove a ref rec. Cut Lonny s3s Orang Grove by by Garden 2-Br, deluxe apart Wnenta. Carpels. Cloe t o Surpe tink. S125. At 7-0329 Brand new 1 i -2 . It nos Meila Luon a Trout be or Acerie air . -417 n at 1 8r. Modern House. Fenced Vanl. Datlo. 165 by 7-1112 Monrovia 2 Harden Apt. Or. New furn Lai. By. Car. Soar null Ubal Coisy. To Tot Leal pm Ostune area s. Marengo by fire own 142 . Al replace Bleuen Ranice. Carpet Nir. Pool. Adults. No pets. Capri Ai a tents 1001 w. Or. Bdrm. Slove. Frog. Draws disc. Till on bus 210 b. Alien. By rear. Lake Villa Dos Traci ss5. Water pm. Child of. By Berkshire realty by 0-9 s3 1 refing. Air cond nicely furn Sheil a a term. Olean attractive n. 2 by. If if Odem. Air cond. Stove. Heft drawn. Adud. 2-. Studio Al. 1s09 Olive at Huntington or. Up. 8y 5-5101 by Alto so loot. J203 . 3y 1-1-211 Davidson by in excuse i Clit urea. Will Wlllie Upton to d rolex. 1 by. Nurse cd. Tota of. Edwd tile. 1 blk. Huy. Owner Al. .3-1153 for Sale in Nice 1 by. Twin ads. Glisn. Small court or. Race Rirl Range. Adults no Puii. P ent 71 b. Bust for 1 . All elec Cut. Air Wii Frt. Zar. Quiet 1dc5j Loc. Ss.1 at up if heated Pool fun lived in firn ctr luxe t and Ulrch ill cown tile or disc. Tunis a s50 so. . No. Of . By .s-159s 3y . Lower modern baby of. Carpets. Dts Osai state. So. Pasa. By 9-s03-Home or office age 1 by Apt. J1go. Rear wet x by Al.a., 3-Br, 2-Tnp Catlon. By Nice loin eve i to 3 by. 3 j tort Focsko Tel ourt Ixo Robles or Init. Cry third. . Stova re Irett. 28 no. Oakland. By Ike . Close to very Ihlen. My 2-2993 St Luke s Hospital Uit hit Palil. . Pro. Kit. It Fialli. Walk in completed 1-bit. 43. I s. Kimolin fast. Viol. Private Natl. Air h to in lilt Cut. Decor ate re. Private balconies. Smalok 5sr. And 105. . By 6-rtll4________evta. By 10-0 s Ora 3v ,s80, front 2 by. Triplex Pirp. Gar or. A Mode r to r a r y free 1 month rent just completed. Beset. 1 a 2 re l Prim. I7ft, clean at l r.1 5 ism. A e. S500 Down 595 Summit maybe re appt on i a 4-rr i in Reir . 5v .ri-2m a House of Verloo Klinc the Roie _ Pathh r is. S a truls1 r ,.ilv s19.t50. Otto Reinsma by office of to to Ardi Bath builders attention 3-. Ullh tra Tot Grady to Buhrl. Well o cat cd or. Chapmn j2ot so 4-1622___________ pkg. Sex. Loc. Prev. 5-rm. Tear l. Color Arlo by c-7jv23 cd. Part Ullis. Pan Mil for t furn. Off ctr Al i incl am. 3s20 e. Coton . Air fill Pike _ Hajn r. Home Nek Ana Atrev. 3i office util to no Oakland at. N comp Letsy remodeler. To 510.wo s so i on Roosevelt by private Pallo 1 .3 by j i a to f. 3v 3-45 v Mai ire extra Nice . Gar. Apt.lsraircx1_____ 2 . Apt. Froot. Do sol. Indra. Avult. Off. 1. A Fuji. Of 7-7s75.______ loft to. 3 . Kitchen. My ins Carneu. Mh3 Arcadia a Freauf. 2 it Iliff full car 108-a Park 31. Anharn Flash Oxbry. Uver Rar. Tat Catao Fri. By67il at 7-8 ays Lio a Ralty. New 2 by pm. 2 sold run by. Lukl pm. 475 or. . E. Or. T 1 by. In Coli family Jefferson Marshall pcs. End of. Of Choli Dos .r.ct. 2 i pcs Wilson Hale i j Tir if just listed i. E reply 2-Slory Home. Full Ilia. In err. Koch to. Good e. area. S17.000. Hale. pcs schools. We. S. Johnson y 8-378s 1st offering pcs. So n-16 so 4-Tlsfl so. Oak Knoll excellent value must be sold 10 Yea i Torf. 2-3. R., Den. 2 hats. Carpets drape i. Bhide Trees. Excellent . Irene Coad sue Coady 7-7037_______ by 7-s8m Down maybe less Lee cons. 3 Bali homa. Like 1239 la pin Teresca 3y a. Hurt ii no Down . Oak Knoll District 4-bh. 3-Bftth luxury to m built on Cert lot. Total Price my by kor. Compact convenient to ass Mellon. Hale the j . A Den. 3 Baths. 20x50 . Yang. Owner Undler _ _ _ English stucco b arms. Ten. I1 Baths newly 1. Enod area. Call Tor y v in Moss by 5-0031 by owner lower hosting. Pm. Pron duh 5-77s2 to. Jew. Patio. By fi-rf05 Ift Hli Ronli Uidl on Folio win phone by 6-0311 or Zenith 2330 2-Sruc a modern Birch Kerien Bain. Ji6.000. Gocel 1 open Ilat Eucly. Ohio St. Courtesy to Broi Ceri by owner 2 by. S years old. See to a Clale. 315 e. Mcnana. 5y .s.fci. S 7-07jv Iiah in e. 6 Dar Tor Large Laa Illy 3000 8.6. Den. Bdrm. 4 Den. Win ph3. 1130. Water Jid. .3y Ujj Yia Iilo a. . Jlean Tejar. Cpl Craff. Illen. All. 8v i.5. After 8 . Shower. Mil for racing Nemos Kice furn. 3 by s nun Wane Iraclis. By for Large a Small precision w reply to Fol. Rej. Me Tulare. S12.004 for. Nemo Poffi j Salni. Divorce Corfu Sale. . If Houie ror done i. Irth m. St 2-8m7. Irir. Toed Fine. . _. 3wner___sy s-1m? to Selb Jtb tsp. By 5-sm7 in. Horn Al. Miss Clark will write your result pocked real estate for Sale classified ads

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