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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 4, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaThi Ipoh mini 4, Michigan and Iowa coaches thankful for tie red Smith trouble in the East Istanbul. Within the space of a week smash est team we be met All already had two passes six Yards on the ground so i take a i a land Lari he was that to in nah Birnn Nwa when Fri Ann Arbor Mich. Asked Iowa football coach Forest Jim yesterday Iowa is one of the hot in the nation. I Dent financial transactions had been handled in Ven in Tokyo in Hong Kong dollars in Thailand tical for rupees and Annas in Karachi in lebanese piastres and Affif of now at the Istanbul Airport it seemed Only sporting to1 or try for some Hirashi and Kuras. The two turks sitting on the currency Exchange stared for a moment in speech less astonishment at a pair of americans asking for of turkish Money each. Then they exploded into action. One sprang to the counter and the other leapt an Iron Safe began twirling the dial furiously. The first fingered the greenbacks suspiciously held them up to the Light made a snoot and turned to show one to his companion who put on an expression of deep loathing and Shook his head. This double Sambuck had a tiny bite torn out of 9ne Corner. The americans looked at land declared he was perfectly intercepted that led to touch their defenders Downs and with us Down on Back deep. Why his Hawke your 20, it was a Little i knew they were set wolverines 21 to 21, Wasj when they Hladij believe however that Stop any passing attack and described As a truly a fast Man like Jim Pace football machine by could t coach Bennie Oosterbaan. End they were pushing us All 1m not unhappy at All about Over the Field in Cloung the Oosterbaan said and i feel we were could drop Iowa who fought Back from a 21 to 7 halftime deficit of tie added Lucky to get a lie out of 3 major 77 s Shu unbeaten each other laughed aloud and substituted an unborn banknote. While one Man counted out Bills the other scribbled interminably on documents in Triplicate copied names numbers and other trivia out of pass ports festooned the innumerable papers with Rev Enue Stamps which he made the buyers sign banged rubber Stamps Over everything. The two of them scurried and scampered in a kind of panic of ineffectually taking Money from a Small tin Box putting Money Back in the Box getting More from the Safe. William Zeckendorf has bought and sold half of Manhattan with less excitement and less paper work but at Long last the Deal was completed. The americans made their dazed Way out unaware that they had probably shaken the whole Economy of Turkey by buy ing Money at the Legal rate of Exchange. The Yankee Dollar at the hotel a towering Turk wearing mussed Khaki coveralls and a week s growth of Black Beard carried their Luggage upstairs. He lingered in the room shuffling his feet and at length made a that if the guests wished to Cash in any american dollars he could get them a Good Price. They started to quiz him but he glanced apprehensively toward the half open door where two chamber maids were arriving Black he said much in the bar downstairs there was no scotch which was a Shock to a traveler brought up to believe that the Sun never sets on the British Empire. Paying for a couple of martinis a guest fished for his turkish lira and Acci Dently brought out an american banknote among them. Swift As a striking cobra the bartender reached for the Greenback with a Sticky forefinger and thumb missed accepted currency of the local realm instead with a shrug of resignation seeing the customer counting his change and trying to translate it into dollars and cents the bar keep brought out pad and Pencil. Official he said in a Low voice and wrote the Kurus or 5 and one Quarter lira to a Dollar Black he said lower still and wrote 12 lira to the Dollar. His customers nodded solemnly and sipped their mar Tinis. When they ordered two More a trifle drier this time another bartender had come on duty. through the same bit with pad and Pencil but his offer was Only 11 lira to the Buck. Possibly he reasoned tha two slugs turkish Gin and vermouth must soften the toughest sales resistance. With your meals yet now it was Luric time. Beautiful said the waiter. It would be a Beautiful a guest said gazing through picture windows across the Lead Grey bos porous far below if it weren t such dirty the waiter tried again. Fish he said. Nice flounder you have american the waiter said. I get Good Price 10 he knew about turkish Gin too. One Man said he d like a Jolt of Orange juice. Grape the waiter said. Orange juice is finish of Well just two coffees the waiter laughed out loud. It was to develop thai Turkey Home of the turkish Coffee House has t had and Coffee in years. It used to come from. South America by apparently the Only stuff imported today is the stuff from the Philadelphia mint. New York. Topi Only three major colleges Texas and Auburn ranked one two and four re survived a week end of College football upsets that left Only 34 teams in the nation with perfect records. The sooner squeezed past Kansas state to run their record to six straight wins Andl their winning Streak to 46 j Texas also hard pressed in gaining a narrow 7-6 win Mali i Raton title bout highlights weeks slate new York. In Frenchman Alphonse Halimi of Algeria and Raul Raton Macias of very explosive Little Settle their dispute Over the bantamweight championship wednesday night at los Angeles. More than Are 2fl. And co to pay about to wit Hen had won the vacant me Morrall was hot. Steeles Shade Baltimore 19-13 Baltimore my. Opi Earl Over Arkansas have won two touchdown even starts while Auburn to Ray mat news pc Star. Perfect record d As tie Pittsburgh Steeles Ames. Third ranked Iowa and Dartmouth fell from the ranks both being victims of tie games. Iowa was tied by Michigan 21-21, and Yale held Dartmouth to a 14-14 standstill. Hillsdale by win Ning its seventh ran the Sec Ond longest winning Streak to 32 straight. Eight victories up pm itts burs Kan 3 astern n. Mexico .205 -77 seven victories of Ansas Wesleyan .2so est Chester a .261 ills Dale .243 t. Herbert s wis .2ci3 Iddle tennessee.164 Aylor ind .148 Ostra Fojt .132 seas a am .126 isl Sippi sou.109 Defeated the fading Baltimore to b t of his 32 -1 n 1 9 six victories of urls vile .229 Amherst .224 Empe Ariz St.213 Daho state .197 test monster Utah Iso Loon Iso Hampden Sydney .163 Lincoln to .162 Oklahoma .161 Elsh .146 Brake .138 Ock Haven a .135 Fairmont w. A .126 Auburn .117 five victories up atonal Lastings neb .129 Amostown . .302 California poly san Lull of Leno .102 four victories up Florida asm Sunlata a .157 Hobart by .114 Eton . Ness the 15-Rounder at Wrigley Field. It will be televised nationally by Abc with a South Ern California blackout. Each fighter is guaranteed Halimi 25, is recognized As world 118-Pound Cham Pion by most boxing organizations however Macias 23, is called King by the National boxing association. Macias of Mexico City is favored at 2-1 Over Halimi be cause he is believed to pack More dynamite. Raton who Colts 19-13, but Jack Butler Vas scarcely less a Thorn in tie loser s Side. Moi tall passed the Colts dizzy for the Best passing performance of the year in the National football league. He Jle ked up 270 Yards in completions out of 30 tempts. The previous Best this year was by a . Tittle of he san Francisco forty ii liners who completed 16 of 26 for 268 Yards against the Cago bears. Score by periods Baltimore 607 Pittsburgh 077 Baltimore 3erry 13. Pass from Shaw conversion Rechichar. L Pittsburgh touchdowns a i hews 2 -18. Pass run from Al Orrall 1 22. Pass from conversions i Click 2. Field goal Olick safety my peal tackled Unitas in end statistics balt Are. Plots Buti. First Downs. 17 yardage los passing Yard am 87 passes basses intercepted 1 registered 19 knockouts. Hal Imi who likewise lost but one of his 21 starts belted out 12. Each is a Kayo puncher. Halimi won widespread recognition by out pointing Mario d Agata of Italy on april 1. D Agata had wrested the title claims from Frenchman Rob Cohen sixth round of out pointing Hamren song kit rat of Thailand sept. 19, 1954. But Cohen won it with the agreement that he would defend against Macias. He never kept the agreement acid when Macias knocked out song Itrat March 9, 1955, the Aba recognized him As Champion. York St. Nick i Randy Sandy is. Gene Armstrong Providence Wright is. Leroy Coleman san Antonio. Gutierrez is. Mickey Brown Honolulu Miceli is. Ramon Fuentes. Far Dello is. Allfie Greaves in Moore is. Eddie Cotton non title san Jose. Calif. Willie Morton is. Mon Richmond Calif. Dick Hank Casey. Is. Jose Hernandez Miami Peters is. Kid of Chinue new Rodriquez is. Ray Terrazes. Wednesday los Angeles a Leley Raton Macias is. Alphonse Halim world Bantam mass. _ Oral is. Bobby Gomez Fresno. Jorge Macias is. Ton. Cisco Andrare Mono Durelle is. Freddy Capitol Arena Moore is. Jose Cotero Berlin. Germany Gustav Scholz is. Jinn Martinez. Belma is. Joey Dorando Mexico Tommy Tibbs is. Fila for the return of Cheeks lost saturday night nov. 2 Good foods Market 1864 East Washington fumbles lost Yards penalized the new shag casuals at. The line Backer with Shock absorbing crept you la see lots of these new shag casuals this fall. They be got the new invisible stitching and new slim Mer lines. So Why not see the first pair on your own feet 476 East Colorado Only 11.95 368 5. Lake ave. Pasadena Rahrle View but build refinance m Aimini pm Chi Zimik Home Loans ii. Tern the William Wilson co loan for the Northwestern Mutual life insurance co. Of Milwaukee revolutionary 49 k Muriel a ave. In Mill by i Uii "70 run m Phr Fri two Handy locations fir your convenience save by november 11 to set 2 months earnings on savings november and december and be eligible for dividend on december 31. Pasadena Federal pays postage both ways. It either of our two a Isidoni offices Green at los Robles and East end of foothill Rosemead shopping Center Cir Cal annual dividend rate work Imster v8 featured in spartan series 90 and 100 heavy duty Power Chevrolet s 58 engine lineup packs new Hustle across the Board. There Are higher powered v8 s and Sixes with new stamina. Power Leader of them All is a v8 so Radical in design that it even looks different on the outside Chevrolet trucks introduce a new Brand of Hustle for 58. Biggest news in the Power Taeup is the revolutionary All new 230-. 348 Cubi Inch Workmaster v8 the Workmaster Breaks away from conventional v8 design with a new wedge head combustion chamber that helps to develop tremendous Power. Combustion Chambers Are wedge shaped precision machined and located in the Cylinder Block rather than in the Cylinder head. This Means maximum Power for each drop of fuel used equalized work loads on each Piston for smooth performance less Wear than Ever. No matter what your Job let your Chevrolet dealer show you the latest in v8 and 6 engines comport Power in Siper to Moster v8 Mort durability Mort Soonim ii Job Mostior 6 Mora More savings in 6 High efficiency 175 . And Here s a rugged 150-. New 145 ., 8.25 to t com Short stroke design give you valve in head Power Plant that pression ratio in Chevy s Power plus Economy. Stand keeps maintenance expenses famous Light duty truck in Ard in heavy duty series 70 Down Standard in series 60 Gine. Here s More Economy and so models. Medium duty models. More stamina. New Hustle new muscle new style Chevrolet Only Chc Frokt dealers display tins famous see your local authorized Chevrolet dealer

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