California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Nov 3 1961, Page 31

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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 3, 1961, Pasadena, California. By Johnny Hart St. Barnaby Crocker Johnson speeding i your if and y. Pop did l doing Bellor while fit s miss Hach Pasadena Independent. Hiday nov. 3, by Stu Arthur 5tawn6 at those Pill bottles is not what we ca1u j Well v or 5 not what you p Call the Wyatts of All its goodnews mixed emotion a Fyt Pulham under a real psychological train no 1 Don t have an older sister w1u-Yum by Dave Gerard when it Gomes to mechanics a Good pitch j now Watt just a rag gone seam ii on Bridge by Michael Seamon use master Only one in 26 declares made this contract by Michael Seamon North 0 q 10 7 6 3 o j 7 42 0 j 9 7 2 West a p 8 6 3 10 9 842 a 106 South 0 j9 8 52 o a 10 0 ak5 8 5 East k4 k 9 5 q j 7 6 3 k 4 3 the bidding East pass pass South 1 s pass pass pass North 43 perhaps you arc thinking that North s four Spade response is a trifle bold. Don t let that Cross your had the hand for the bid. How Ever South s values in Dia monds were a Complete waste and it appeared that Declarer would have to Jose two clubs sized that it did not matter it he were set an extra trick is Long As he had a legitimate play for the game. So at trick two a Small heart was played from Dummy and Declarer finessed the ten which held tic trick. The King of diamonds was led and again Declarer trumped in Dummy and played a second heart finessing the Queen. When that held Declarer Laid Down the Ace of hearts and picked up All the remaining cards in that suit. The Ace diamonds was trumped in Dummy this Guy is quite spectacular and Declarer played the thirteenth heart from Dummy. East us fed with his Small Spade and Declarer discarded a club East returned a club. West won the Queen of clubs and Laid Down the club Ace. Declarer trumped that card and played a Small Spade. Sure enough the Ace and King collided and four Spades was made. How Many declares do you think would have made this contract one of two or three you say. Well i have sad news. Exactly one of 2g made it. And two Trump prices. This was 4 the Case and South made Fourl in dec Spades without any help Tomor his opponents. Row s enclose a self addressed in the play Here is Well thought veloce with your request to out and was rewarded. The Michael sea non in care of this opening Diamond Lead was rut newspaper fed in Dummy and South real by col Allty and in his rundown cond Vij on m boy anything can happen schizophrenia might set in t must do something at once wore gciw3 to that wig but i Sotl t care Jeff Cobb o.k., i pass. Because in Vot could Knower i was set to plug w both you woe a wove 1 leave the Berrys by Carl Grubar by Peter Hoffman famous painting stolen assisting Jones amp me to cover that Charity Ball was a 5troke of Luck Chi Luck had nothing to 1x3 with it David Crane by Creig Flessel my is. Wilson to this wife be s on the i we just the some time and he s to Adait v be wiuin3 to looking for a 1o8cmtohis children. A vim it just Imp pens to tip bust to fill the s things n the truck orphan Annie save was just a wild kid Vajo d was comic to visit his Pook old Mother visit his Mother was it then he Shoulov gone to the h5 elder these ten years Fogo by Harold Gray and Jeff yeah his old Bucks Tri weit widowed she had it by but in that was known he must have Ond a Jess who i got him turned i Loose i j s Vount Chap named but Pew that s your he he got a real Stern reprimand and was turned Loose he Lens by Al Smith do vol animals make it Lull look alive Freddy shot this cow mistake and want to put do you want to borrow my Girdle Marmaduke by Brad Anderson look Mommy Duke hath a car of Hillh own to play if by rope Ernest in our show you re rivets bugs am Worms a stuff your birthday by Stella Friday nov. Born to using it and your might Day yours is a rather keep disappear. Nature and nol too Many will completely understand you at Amon born on lulls first meeting. You have a live Alp arc James Ramvick by imagination and Are some limbs so involved in daydreams architect designer of. St. Pat Rick s Cathedral Charlos c. That you hardly know when to Burleigh reformer Albert come to ground some limbs 1-0011 Gurr arc scholar and an you Are living so far in Henry Lane Wilson lip future that you Are paying too Omat. Little attention to what is Hap pening in the present i of Are. Therefore inclined to worry. The most important lesson you should learn will be never to Cross Bridges until you come to them. By George Sinfo to find what the stars have in store for you tomorrow select your birthday Star and read the corresponding Para graph. Let your birthday Star be your daily guide. Affectionate and Loving you will be most Content in life if you wed at a fairly Early age so that you May have i own family growing up you. The stars have Given Sporl exceptional talents and As grow and develop it will Hest for you to have your own family group growing with sat Britny. 4 Srur plan oct. 22 t pos porn v winnings annl he to re inning our off Atli. You

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