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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 1, 1961, Pasadena, California44-______ used soiled Sample Rug clearance Best buys greatest selection room size rugs a a be a few of the Manvi flux it i Jie Arllan Ca. Is hts. . pick my he. A 32slo.3 All Kwh i top lies. 11 Salk prick 12xlri.2 Llvy All .1, in i scr. prick ius a an ii. Of w. 5o h he it Al hrs pm lick 1imxi0.7 pattern Wool will her. 8ai.f. Prick Kalra hey Wool pile Hep. 1331.00 Salk prick 12x1 to i Lle Collon i of. To Salk prick i Nylon u h to. 6ai.k prick j All Wool Willion lib chs o so 13x11.2 Nylon i Ile la item. I Kiok Llev s 13.3x17 All Wool Fai 1st 3aij Pitick med a Salki i us k 12x32.1 All Wool wll Imi to Simtick 1 Pelt tacit re. S a la Price 4 12x10.1 ai1 Wool frieze Rij 1 Lite. Trio. Salk prick s Plush pile Ompton her. Balk prick i Arllin n s13.95 Salb pick Nylon is i is 1107.1u Salk Petcu piano Sale now Kiir out Onolfi we or Rerra air lava Coppola. In taif country. In order to you Jhai Price. For 1803 liar Ken at my nut Tim a Kkt to you Al you to to i Lleve. Alt flu lilies it did in Hort of All new i lanus lit cum to i firm fkr mum. A Karl. Til 9 i a. Gould music co. .a.-1 aug sus Organ buyers Karl tally. Cd Nihon enjoy the Ron re of wit Ilon i hopping. Corgi 10 Miil Iii Zirri. Try. Toini arc nil Inaki Rock. Mirt it St Lur your for .3 a mown. Hammond of Pasadena 2499 e. Colo. By 5-4263 ill i Karl a n i ski i i m t. I. Pm. Slip Laen. Of h-3w.i the Best costs no More Orange Grove Manor Bachelor 1-bedroom apts. Luxuriously furnished unfurnished from up air conditioned Large heated Pool 707 e. Orange Grove 1 blk. W. Of Akk ave. Ill i by it. O i. Cleat in. In. By 5-13m Barker bros., Pasadena Lake at Del mar by -qi3j rent a new 3 to min. At to. Drayage clime from act now. Civil Dhun Crow in so Fasti Onen . To 0 m. Other Day to Stiie i 11 r. Home i used player piano Kcal Nice 5425 used Mason Hamilin cons piano Kok a musician Berry Grassmueck help help we re overstocked on 1 nos. All Back Nailer. A revert our misfortune Caln. At color a he 15kmvkiiy Oiin . Till Jokey music is Yohy any w. Man Ruthi top Cash Voil your Imago Gould music co. To i i rooms of i Brookmole hotel . Rylei. Tryr Mill. A a Lilc. Are Vic. I if or. Crown cafeteria room. Vailles i rival Bali. . J10 week. So 6-31m______________s_j housekeeping . Hin. Prev. Car. Christian genl. So Kim i Oveis in Lille amyl Laily. 1 lab country lev. Or Fol. Hll. T Tlell room hot Market i. Attract. Rodmar Louir sir ent. 5n . Kempl. K Man. Rel fam k Prev. 2iml Moor s Merj or Ivecek Ejury i in site room a Lichen sit00. S to sets Trade in allowance a to Mikhai. Trade ins or. To Nile rat Lii n Luke so 7-Lftoi from 515 t tin to in sales. Ski Wick a he tals j Wing co. Room floor covering 1155 e. Pasadena by 6-71 87 open monday a Friday f.vf1s i Cron Isif Kitchen Lilker fat of a Irenc t i Fly of a e a ii. Ftp. A. Magnificent outrigger priced 1 a 2 he dam. Apts. 1iitn. And l Kuhn. I private patios i ilk Ltd Al. I outdoor bbl wet Hlatki i Ooi tai1itias Parana b Cari Kaki Ithai i l Weijo Awuou kitchens adults 890 so. Rosemead Siut Noil of or step up to finer living Host fur. 2-Bokm. Apt3 air cond. Pool Patio Dale. Wall soundproofing parking for 2nd car includes Ulilis. Pine Terrace 1631 n. Allen a Sacma. Ai1ka 2 Bills. N. Or on Bui. Near Ahny Plair ail Ilab Ili on Phum uses sv.t-72s9 a your Best value Manor Lovely . Furnished apis 1ikated Pool Takoj Cal Patio 260 n. Oak ave. N of foot Mil blurt. Blk. Of Vellela by 5-8304 posed enc s Nowes fines 1 bedroom apts. Open usually aty Lej Imp. All solid Birch Salem Maple finish table a 6 chairs the Boston Maple shop 1a49 a Washington Pasadena my 1-4720 ital till l new 1-nc. Lev info room with tx.1 apr Safe sets jts.53 tip re conf. . I1kisv. Tv_______7s5 b. rooms. Or. Inn. Sioss we. Nice Riisom Lor Unn Snall feeling. He attn Pool air de . Music Kaay Park Rall film. Lorstein in univ town a pm Jusi Block Ruu Ochs. 267-275 s. Oak Knoll thick from up child Welcome or i Atto my Buckeye at i. Molina Al to. Bin to cimaok.1" Saml 1 l sir. Birls Tyr i hone so 7-1651. 8 51-aome Pillow talk ladies in reliremenl1 Young men 437 so. 3.03 a Xvi oof. vast a Titi annl for Cirl old. Slut lentil Ilith will in work. tin ref. Office 2100 Nile Mitose. I Irlena 31 Llie null he Arllier Ali Earle. Ids Olvil. Pay Dena. Flipping of Sale. 1 by. Heated Pool a attn. 3krvicfi tie 31ar-nfw.i Tivo tech Els at lion office for in. Keni plan. Alti Alti Al u-0 United Ai , 6fl5 kit Coli a blvd. . T ranges re Frig a for rent urn Monk oven . Taylor sekv1ck Croft t cml 5 to Rykr. Sis jlp.9j5, my wanted rest Homes on Pool Hrand now open nor if. Lisp Oil a Neu. At to Ril fib s05 you h nov at r Anam. At l. 1 Br., up cond. I i rack . cats. Bann. Disc. A teas 85 n. Mar Vista Unur. A i of sur. Here s what you re missing a 5 2 bedroom Apt. Furnished and unfurnished with a sweeping View of the san Gabriel Vauney sound proof air elevators Ruuti Ikid finished Gles. 1 s up free utile. No leases . Pool Lush tropical Patio tin. By custom 1030 w. Huntington or. Ill Arcadia coi p. Al or inulin and 320 s. Sierra Madre blvd. Just completed Best rental value 3eauf. 1 . Apis Tesort decor. poo i i the Zodiac apts. Up. 390 a Garfield to Ken Walnut a Villa 2 blk. N of a Jav la sch Mir new medallion Garden apts. Ilk Cohath vans i . Available Klec Lilc Kllc i in private nation k so. To Sauna k condition kit Caill Etc thai is Block from shopping Center from is 35 990 Valley View Pasadena 1 Block North of Sierra Madre blvd. Just West of a Phillinda by 7-5013 Al 6-1945 open House sat., . 4 5 Edison company hostess will serve refreshments to introduce you to the Glen Oaks 400 e. Live san Gabriel 1 hot k East Tunas 1, 2 3 bedroom 2 Bath luxury apartments Hlatki of j Ooi award kitchens now renting in Comfort convenience Heights a targe 20x15 bilious 4qi Topjian . Lust or everything for Lul Rij cartels drapes. I 1724 Meridian South Pasadena Fuk tween it Pine Munfor. Huntur. And Pilj of . Star new a ircltim.1 by he in. Iri Athit k Kenne la. Rent reduced Beautiful 1 bedroom Apt. Air conditioned Patio or. Ecu Coune. Avy Monterey Road South Pasadena apts. Rufil lies con in. Automatic laundry Pool Patio r k1ioppino Arka Wjk. Parking 82c 0. Rosemead blvd. A. Of he Nti Noton drive see this Stop looking new 1 bedroom reasonable rent Pool Patio i i air conditioned 550 n. Catalina Posa. Bachelors men g girls Impi. Coi plus link 1iehk Short walk Lenrol Chy or. Free Oliy i our Ler Aills like to . Xvi skiers. I rfcs. I rhe. F in Park Lynn apts annex.5" see weekly monthly mall ?rrv1ee. Realm Tianlu. Pri Luxl Rafi irks no. New a Urnise Oakland hotel apts. N by exp. 1 2 . Fireside Manor -f.lfraul. New ads. It nil. Of Usu private . Carpets ills pea .00 Merri Oaks san Gabriel s luxury apts. 2 ., 2 ba., fireplace. Pebble entry. Grand opening Madison Cambridge apts 1-p.ki1hoom Roomy furnished single of Ileal Riff la. Chris a. Ali in Atno a Norri Puli a nah. Col flail in wednesday november to 1961-c Avail ahm now Homes t Dahlmi and up medallion award Lux. Now Geraod. Homes nov. Dec. Open daily Don t miss these Lux. I 2 . Gold medallion apts. The farmhouse 301 pleasant St. Bik. N. Of w. Priv. Swimming clu8 yacht trip Cream o the crop Nen 3-b, ii. 2 in built in Kiwhan. Itak Pool. View. Hon Paai Ubl school. With Pool Cadi for Rew 2-n.h. Welcome a Iloo to. Or an or i1r. Birch Lichen. Fenced Yard. 10 on Leaie. 3v 5 3111 South Pasadena Pleho still l Meridian. Y__g-.3ih Kves. By . Rinne. Of h Cov. Tirck my Hutch air i r Becj Northeast a Rutn. I to. By ff-3001. After it Dir. Sat. For Sun j to a . K do nuns fenced annl. 1115, 3-s152, Longdon ran Gar kill. 2 to Lam. Ten. 2 by. Complexly n. Tile huh school so 5-h77 aft. 6 . Raymond. Rental r Rood it unit s. Orange Grove something Nice 444 n. Euclid if heated Pool if 1-. Apt. S97.50 t . Kups. A unil i a. Icon Kaleil. Carpe Leil. Iva i Kojl c Riis to n a Ilo. Bdrm. House her i carpet. Sos -3 bus. Redic. cd. Clil Mrtin pet. Kins atty. By 3-3171 so. E a. Isoo stale 31 up. Completely Ted new linoleum. Lurnel us s.av0- sve Moppe l Lor e. In.lrj-. A Aid in More Money for your used furniture appliances and brie a Brae for an by 2-1134 Lyon Van storage co. 51 s. Marengo Pasadena far More Cash Tor rum., a Brac. Nuj facts. Oriental nifty. Prompt. c ga3 Range . So 6.hb2 Hott Vikt hic talc a conf. Si5. Arier i . So Boji iterators . Only 21 in. Of free placements guest rest Homes and sanitarium All areas of conic . Mk3. S 6 7i to Casada Las Flores by a Qaji Fijux 111. Ria . Cost single for lady by 702 Maple St. Uvone room. Bedroom. Rath. Kill Rutn. Per Fri. Tile Alk. Unit . Siltan. Arbulu 2-rm. Apts. Sierra . Pm. Re pm -hv.r. Group o rustic re oui. Small but Man. Re Hief. Gaa re Union. Jul Fol to even be. Mtg turn ittx.icllve1y Utilio not. On hit Arcesi in super Market. local in area 575. So -.e? s of i i is Pae. Elec. Special prick or career woman 3i i n. Garfield 1 108 e. Villa St. A by. Rathel rent 1-Bffjrm. Also Bic Pitlor. Fee mar. 1712 n. bowl to saw a rim. Adults. n. Are. J7.s -shi., Pool heated Sim up. A urn. 1 2-Btc. 285 n. Los Robles ji16.50 Only 49 shopping Days til Christmas sewing hikes form sea single ladies r by h. Piir Kline. Latin Rory n. Much liar maps. 560 e. Californi la Krhen a Bath a Leer pm. N. Pool if Cui Zirul my. . It All ii Llla. 276 Sierra Mailer blvd. Between Colo Rado 1 Anttn Oaks Ali. D Pool. Col Oraton a Anita double ado it Cloradel-1670 f san or. In Colo i 7-sh1 Cirr t drapes nor Rondillo Ninf i Pool. I a. Sue 0l k. Live san gad1ull 2 blocks West of sail 0-Ibriel blvd 1 Block South of Ixia . Or. Bullock a up. 1 to. Free on 1 year lease 267 so. Madison Brand new deluxe 1 a 2-Br. Apis. Baill in nine t oven. All Coloret with tile Kitchen. Encl Josl Marble Vullman. Jilly if draped. Of . Adults Only. Too Sll j-7l-0 s. Vulsia. Al pm rare Opportunity l to ice Kualii. T ills . A War Are Deal Ablel Kal for women . See 262 s Mentor. Api. Or Frick by .v751.1 Vista Sierra apts. Gold medallion or 2 children Welcome ids w. A f Jini Llwin up i pm a Nii. Jfe . Uni j ha., patios it kltrh., a it. Wci.1 Carp. A j fwd now. Bitner s Pang Al 5-0201 nil in. Al Cora Alhambra s finest 1 2 a 3-bedroom aps. The Glen Monterey 623 n. Monterey 1 s. Or the ii to mile in uv-1nc. kitchens. Pallor. Debit Pool air Elshwa Slier and new modern gab. Disc s1jd1ng Glass or. .ic3irwil.i. To mind. for Art particular. 2 bus for of mimics pm. Stuhn ant 2 1171. R it. Down n o Bove you ill. Mrs area Patio. 1-Br, so. Murcury Park ants. Carlel 1gr.f 136 Junipero at 7-631? moving . Arcadia gom med a i on de upts. 2 he arms. Dlr Pool. Carpels drapes bit. Ins. Pro. Rat Loi. S120 up. Vol. K. Of . Elk. S. Or Fol View. 11 6-os16 k close quiet or Alt Marlu a Calm and. J Het. A Rosainz room stove refile. Venetian i Cru nor i late con. For 1 or 2 101 s. New 2-bedroom a tall. Deniss room. Hood. Oven. , Nufi in. Alft con. Cali rat ing. . 4150. Bust location in mar. S21 Apt. Medallion Garden apts. 4-f by s st11.l air r Pels it in rapes Prev nip in los a Onen or Lasp Cilori islet Fremont ave. So. so 1 2 . Apts. Built in rank carpets. Drapes at conditioned 1117-1119 w. Duarte cd. Ill it 6-20w fair Iview. Arcadia reasonable rates of run rooms. Ajr Gondi cloned. Ton. Or tool. Bus. See the anal. Nov. I5ih. Or. Davis. Haves Baker cosy Del mar arms 1-h.h 5110. A Iii condition was cajun it. It Kaukl Root. St Nyk or. N Yak Kwan it a uksts. 275 so. Marengo 1 so ski mull. Apt. Up heated Pool Kurr laced in turn deluxe 1 2-Lwilrm Barcli k Lichen Lite tits raft Tali. Sao so. Jin pm r my. No. Of Hun Lintott. So by .1-Lfim. 2 8r., 709 a Locust Trier to timid. Cut. Kit flt Rik. Avail. Krtil. 1 of Walnut. 2 . Of . Re .v624? . Except Kinsley the. Living pm. Corner fireplace. Uva finest location. Lower front. Panoramic View. A r cond. . A let. Adults. 8 Una a. . Kont View re. Ill near Lake Colorado run Clown 1 by. Col. Exira closets. Incl Tor than acc. Focus. Sound p Asadena or. Mikuli school about 1000 m. It. Kllc Tien. In Etc Ornt clean. Gam re. Lincoln a Orange Grove Coln Reil a referred. Modern a Bis. Or 1 it 2 lost j. Stove to ref rec. . A. Grove 3y 3-5129 1 2 by. Penthouse parts Jonts a features air to nil Gilrai a. Pool Casy 9-0720 1 or dr., so. Soum proof 2 Knuths award All Ketch. 5195 5250 1300 w. Hunan Ron or. I 2 i Lorn. Or lists acts in ill Aryl new. All Max Ern extra incl Ltd. A cell after g . ?.r03 n. To Lemead at Sierra Madre Gold medallion 2 . At All elec. A tropes furn Alied. R. Laurel View apts. Al aft. Roll ident or person to Bacht Lar is kilo in area. Partly dim Kmush on n a . -70 Hohl Croft or. I Apt. 2. After 6. Call by 4-w5t or so Fairview 2-Br, 1 Bash deluxe apartments. Carpel air Yontl. Pool. Crone to schools i shopping to j17s. 615 far View Are. I fireplace. I ill Fri refer Kentor Pool. No l a a a it Mentor 1001 Hutn Finelon dr., a Cartt i 296 n. Oakland a til run. Air Coil. Sloop refile. And jjij1ry.Gar p a 2 by. If Modem. Air cond. Stove . Praneis. Adulla. 1n. My a Mberwa. Dr., s. Pas 2 3 by. Home like Apps Lent Apt. D my stove St Luke s Hospital 3-room newly or decorated. A ref rut. . Upper. By 3-2s7a- after t . Fax Brand new Dix 1 a1r Corv nerf carpet pvt 1 , 410 s i completed 1-Bk Aota. S. Pisa up i. It vat d is us. Or. Del mar Upper come. Sep kit. A . Walk in clue ii stove a ref rep. Gar. By 2-sts7 lower or. Pc. Chuh of. Tat Tel. m -2-b i. It Den House Ahnin. Valer pail. 5y 570 2 by. Upper Oplt. Run Slon. Or. Mats it Tram. Water Naiff. Ritj 1-5031 area. Close to stores f. Mad1so.v by very j a Clous 2 Hirr it Caroe Leil. Frol. Cond. . Only my n. Mere Dith new 2 by. Is Ilir civic new 1-Rll Anu. Poot. Xai. Kit. 112 219 ?7ft. Spac. 1-Hfmain air. Tiled Al Oakland Al try k Bull. Or. 3y in. to _ Sierra Madre 2-air end so. Pasa. Pool Patio Brasil. Tler. . It f or Veti a. By 9 2 to 1-. Clenn. new. Tool. Air end. To Kree one. For 2. So. Her Kelly. Only 2-. Studio 1so9 by. To. In 2.___3 y_5 -51d1 bin. Used organs discounts up to 30% in Hammond gui.bran5kn Hancock music co. Am blvd. Etca Wlllie cd Ooi. Custom a service ten tar 101 by ses Ofifi wringer Type Washer. Stove . By Lier a me and by. Util. Paid 32 3_ attract. 1 or. Or. Pc. Jar rat Viilet. I sch. Rirl of for 2 ral n r t for.3. Mrm. pm. Imle son. Area a child of. No Jijita. 15 v1sia. By or Lar Llin. Me. Open cd -55st Vic. Kolf -walr.m. 1 i warm. Siove a a Fri. 2si no. 2 it. Children of. Jim. A __12 i.-. Co. I "-73a1 mod Duplx. To. By Raja. Leazie. A for. Liu plex area. in quiet Vrh is. Anul 5v 7-177.1. E. Green St. Or. 1 exclusive a .t of extras. . Rar. Tie. 1 Kkt. Up of . . Atone. Loc. Shulli rkalty_______h.ij5--.1m 2 hit a Hen. So. Orange Grove h Lowe to appreciate. Rear v. In rpt. Lap. Of. In Reno. by Rio Siti 2" blah is fire lire. Patio so p.iarte n on n f r. M u 1 mkt. On new deluxe private Patio Bach. Try m e r. On hey i Mode l 15 for on of Wimmond spinet. My 1-0167____________ Sycamore 6-0311 Zenith 2330 warehouse Sale used office furniture Filks. A elks. Chairs. Bookcase. To Ftp Stanos. J. A. Freeman co. 35 s. Los roblessy5-5123 duilrl.1 re 340 n. Los Robles or 5ion. So poo air _w11 a up. S. Or. H Jyh. Ill 7-8057 pm. Bed Ltd. Apt kill Chen. Stall How to. St 3-7si2 a Apt. To. No. Far. Laundry 150 m co Ora to. Arc by i . In utile. Copy 2 pm. Apt. My x. Kimono. Pasa. Cd 9-ms7 n. Euclid. Mod. 1 by f. 3y 7-2 Stoerk mrs very so. Posa. Mod. 1-by so Nola Apia. Cells paid. Hentell pod. 2-soi7 in Start of l Tolj. Value Bosch a. Gar7 1m1 n. 1______sy rom re Frig. Air nicely 1 a term. , x. W. A i Els. Tiers Nice 1-2 by. S85-s95 can. Finale court . Adults no 42 n. Ird. Arc. Ill e a Trike a it Mart Fly. Comr.1. Fum. Bunga Jov it. 1 or j adult. By 2-42.10 att Attick a per Earni Ter ndum.4, Corner m by i . 1 . Utne for Mwlvin. T _., Al Al r i 16j Jan. Reir Kar. In no a Catt by ,s-fi732 Rutt Karhl n. Or 4io. My Nln rear cottage pm. Lev up. Hit., i Elf Sposet. My. View. Water. . J12s. 2 for plea. J2w. By 6-s61? 2 Gar. of. Fenced cd. 2iu. A. Fair Alu Iena w phone by 6-0311 or Zenith 2330 Reu Larrion h3r 7.ioii. O to o 2. By 4-coi 2 by. 1062 Summit s inel. Str. Cnrpnrl.svos.s2i of filly apart mints 545 3 pm. Apt. O i or. Lake , -4 this you must see if to is. F for Way. By so. Pasa. 1 by a let. Lew. A lilt. ".iovp. Ref lir. Seated 5i5fl .1 . Nkw.Al 8-.1777 tiny at Stock crate. Exc. Enn4. Also is conc enu p. To a Horow. J miss Baker will help you Wilfo your result packed rental or employment. And classified ads

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