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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 1, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaNov. 1, i _ Battle against a fire about ten Days ago we cautiously at noon on monday was delayed when the fire alarm was mistaken for the in Madre As expressed Relief that so much of an extremely dangerous fire season had been happened there was no such confusion passed without a major outbreak of want to work at once flames along our baked mountainsides. Now it has come in the form of the fire you ought. To use cubans a Model that scarred acres above Sierra Madre and Pasadena Glen. But by a the gratitude of the Public and particularly of the families and others whose Homes were threatened is also combination of Good Fortune and valor to those who speedily set up evacuation centers in the Wilson Effort on the part Junior. Mph school in Pasadena and firefighters the damage has been almost confined to Brush and other ground . Is loss enough for the vegetation that May seem worthless to the casual onlooker is what contains Mois Ture and prevents floods and landslides in rainstorms. The value represented watershed has been placed million. The total loss from the fii-6 would also have to include the Cost of fighting it. With the Brush dry to the Point of explosiveness and Strong erratic winds whipping the flames in every direction conditions for fighting the fire were about As unfavourable As they could be. More credit to the 800 men of s. Forest service the los an the Sierra Madre congregational Church. Fortunately it was possible to close them and Send the refugees Back to their Homes tuesday morning. As of this writing snowfall in the mountains several Miles above the fire and predictions of possible rain in the Valley areas offer Hope that nature May help the efforts to contain it. Pasadena is and others who watched the fire monday afternoon from Van Tage Points several Miles away were Able to observe the frightening Speed with which the flames billowed through hollows and Over crests and How the borate bombers dived again and again into the smoke in attempts at control. Officers of the los Angeles county Geles county fire department and sheriff s department who provided editor s diary 7. City fire departments who saw to it that not a single inhabited Structure burned though 800 Homes were threat ene d and some were scorched. Firefighters were assisted by Meji and equipment dispatched from in this emergency. Communications service and traffic control the California Highway patrol nearby police departments and Mem Bers of the Sierra Madre and Altadena search and Rescue squads also Are de serving of appreciation for their roles Ralph de Tolidano at missile Gap surrounding and neighbouring communities including Pasadena Monrovia Arcadia Al Monte Glendale Sierra Madre and los Angeles. During the presidential Campaign it was an article of Feitli among the All in All the containment of the Kennedy faithful that the soviet Union had fire was the result of careful preparation intelligent assessment of the hundreds of intercontinental ballistic mis Kilos whereas the United slates had very few. The phrase missile Gap was on every i 1 1i1l danger that has existed for weeks and Tongue and americans were told that their first reports said that immediate a competent organization of the firefight Tion against the fire which broke out ers and auxiliary forces. Marquis child s politics of defense in the Roar and Rush of a presidential Campaign a great Many things Are said that in the sober Light of Dawn have an Odd sound. It was just a year ago that the Kennedy Mixon Campaign was moving to its Climax in that night of torturing hair breadth decision. Candidate Kennedy had been saying Over and Over again that tinder the Eisenhower administration the United states had fallen behind in military Power. The missile Gap had Lour months been the theme of demo cratic speeches in Congress and on the Hust Ings with the charge thai this country was entering a period of grave danger Jar in arrears on the All important missile Side of the Ledger. In Philadelphia a year ago candidate Kennedy was recalling that candidate Nixon whih he was running for vice president in 1952, said that the nation had lost its Mili tary superiority and the support of most people in the world. To a wave of cheers and applause the democratic candidate for pres ident said he would never make a statement As reckless and irresponsible As last week the Able and courageous Secretary of defense Robert Mcnamara announced that he would not spend on big bombers and the Des elopement of new super planes an additional million that con Gress had appropriated. The reason was that the country would have a nuclear capability several times that of the soviet this was with the buildup of our bomber and missile forces which was recommended by the president and approved by the but obviously no such confident state ment could have been made in the basis of a buildup ordered Only it few months be fore. Under Mcnamara s direction the Pentagon has carried but a new evaluation of soviet strength greatly downgrading Ilia increasing the defense buildup including a Large scale shelter program. The governor of new York was answered on the meet the press television program by Clenn Seaborg chairman of the atomic Energy commission who said that the United states was ahead of the soviets. Furthermore on the basis of this conviction he said he would approve a treaty which with inspection and control As provided in the position taken by Brilain and the United Stales at Geneva would end All nuclear testing. The puzzled citizen must inevitably ask who is right Seaborg a renowned scientist a Nobel laureate surely has ail Hie information that any could have. But Rockefeller country was in terrible jeopardy. General denials by the Eisenhower administration were brushed aside is alibis. It was my Contention at he time that this was strictly car mongering. A top Pentagon official had Given me the break Down on what the soviet had and had stated without giving away any defense secrets that the United states held a Lead. Some accepted what i wrote others thought i was Overly sanguine. The missile Gap became news again in the Early Days of the Kennedy administration. Defense Secretary Robert Mcnamara told a group of reporters on a Nona Tribu Tion basis that no such Gap existed. When they wrote their stones presidential piss Secretary Pierre Salinger flatly denied that a High administration official had furnished this vital information. The reporters struck Back and it was finally admitted that they had not distorted or. Mics Amara s words. That should have been the end of he matter. But the High brass have been hurling recently. Whether rightly or wrongly they believe that a fear psychology is being created to prepare this country for through his own extensive resources include concessions the soviets Over Berh n. Ing the Battery of experts engaged by he Rockefeller Brothers fund to produce the Rockefeller reports must have Broad knowledge. This is one of the deeply disquieting aspects of the politics of defense. It has led observers Here to consider whether some Way cannot be found to take he Issue out of partisan politics and to avoid the kind of we re Strong and no we re weak and need a thousand More bombers and 500 More missiles that gets into the emotional heat of a Campaign. There is increasing concern Over the Way in which the More than billion of defense spending is enmeshed in the political and economic life of the nation. Congressmen fight Over defense plants and unions go to Carsins Tho under the Salinger doctrine administered by assistant defense Secretary Arthur Sylvester the military can no longer speak out publicly on cold War issues. They have even been muzzled on military matters. But any Man who has worked in Washington realizes that no gag has yet been in vented which can prevent an official from getting his message out. The military s method is inc leak to trusted correspondents. It was no Surprise therefore when the Pentagon began whispering about the re sults of an intensive new intelligence study of soviet missile strength and potentialities. After careful evaluation . Military leaders were convinced that As of now a soviet missile attack on the american continent is impossible. This went far beyond Bat for defense payrolls. A warning signal came from general Eisenhower in his fare Well address As president when he spoke about the need to guard against the unwarranted influence of the military Industrial Complex. How to take defense out of politics is like asking How to take the old pork barrel o soviet s missile capacity. In the framework Rivers and harbours out of the political grab on blow. The study disclosed that he soviet have at most 30 operational icbms. It should he noted that any intelligence study always seeks to err by Overly limiting the enemy fifty nuclear missiles can kill Many Many people hut they arc useless in any attempt to Knock out the United slates at 1 strike at an enemy who could immediately obliterate him and Comrade Nikita Krush Chev is hard headed and shrewd. He wants to Bury us not himself but this is Only part of inc missile Gap controversy. Clearly candidate Kennedy had no solid information on which to base his Campaign oratory. On the other hand the Eisenhower administration should not have allowed the National Security to become a political football. The Kennedy administration deserves Praise Lor having made the new study. It should have been begun several years ago and the results passed on to the chairmen of the appropriate Senate and House commit tees. If earlier studies gave the soviets mis Sile Equality they were poorly done. If they d in to the Pentagon and the White House were remiss in their duty. Bui the present administration can not be held blameless. For having made the intelligence study it should have let the people know that the . Was not in danger of imminent nuclear attack. This might have Bren politically embarrassing. It certainly would have led the Congress to give closer thought to the tremendous increase in military spending proposed by or. Kennedy in the first stages of the Berlin crisis. Tho new expenditures were rushed through House and Senate with almost no opposition. More than half the Federal government s income is spent on the armed forces and on military procurement. The Economy is under a sufficient Strain already. It is estimated that the Kennedy program will add s3 Bil lion to 511 billion to the deficit. Plain speak ing it would seem is a far better guide for action than playing the numbers game. King features Syndicate your lawmakers u. S. Senators Thorn is in. Kii Ontl in Cilien tie lib. Add Revi office Blummie. Wash mum d. U. Congressmen 20m California Dimact pay Siena. To. Allan Smith adj Caa office build scr. Washington. D. A 2 1st California la i strict Altadena. La can arts Ster Madre. East Pasadena god Mon rep. K. V. my address Houma bul mine Wash Lytton do 2ilh California Sruth Pasadena Atli Julind Park and Eakle get Nard Lupi bomb irk address House Hullow. Ivari Lertor. D c. 23th California District South and it Denat. Rep. John ii. Roufie lot adj ii of u Ashl Nelon d c state senator pioneering with the human touch since Pasadena s continuation High school opened in its new Pasadena boys clubhouse quarters been trying to get myself briefed on How this reinvigorated and pioneering attack on the problem of the school dropouts is progressing. When Bob Jenkins first proposed to the by. Of de. Part time leasing of the Villa Street clubhouse he was acting on the conviction that better ways could be found to help the youngster who for any number of reasons quit school or wanted to quit school for work if he could gel it before getting even a High school diploma. Moving the school to the boys club was the Ideal first step. Andre Slong As principal was about Ideal Loo. In the Many years Andre was director of the bulldog band he saw the first purpose of a band As a Way to building boys the music they produced being important but incidental. Band boys were crazy about him. Magnetism of this teacher Pupil Type is Basic particularly in a school dedicated to guiding youngsters who find school something to be sweated out. So Many unfortunately feel just that Way. In talking with Audre i Learned the challenging scope of what s afoot creating a Universal school where any youngster can capitalize on his individual talents often not easy to pinpoint. Currently enrolled Are 100 youngsters. Assigned to the High school under Audre Are two dedicated and full credentialed teacher Counselor Lillian Hagan arid Donald Procter three part time teachers and two leaders to Correct and Grade papers. A third teacher May be added. Services of the schools nurses and at Tendance officer also Are available. The clubhouse physically can accommodate in enrolment of 200. Richard in curds Raj. Assemblymen of tills evaluation he rated United states capacity two or three times greater than that of the other nuclear giant. Bag. Certainly the judgment cannot be left Tlle Ligure cited by the report moreover to the military services since and perhaps would seem to indicate that estimates made inevitably they Are conditioned to get Al Uvo years ago giving the soviets ten mis they can for their own Itow by any Means Silas were probably accurate. At the time. Available. But it War in inc classic phrase was known that the . Had at least 50 19lh District fact Sola to Houton flour nor Fri Fremont. 50lh Dusl rect. La Kuenle. Al ight f Rod alld h mid Ditl rect Rio Ltd Tail of a. Too n. First is. Alhambra. Youngsters assigned to continuation High Ore those struggling with unusual private responsibilities problems or situations. They have been unable quite to keep Pace in the Normal school program and environment. On this separate Campus unique objectives Are to so guide students that later 1 they can rejoin regular classes 2 that they can continue their Educa Tion employed full time or 3 that they May become qualified for immediate employment or family responsibility. This school is for guidance. Full credit is Given for All work completed. Wholesome prestige is the goal. And what a kid studies is what generally speaking most interests him and at which he does Best. This new school is pioneering in a Field National in scope. In an address by or. William c. Kvaraceus professor of education at Boston University i found the most moving documentation of How great this need is. Nationwide Between 52 and 557" of the fifth Grade students never finish High school. Why i think we Are said or. Kvaraceus with the Many youngsters who Are diverging from the Normal academic path. This is that big High Way to Cal tech or to the University of Cali fornia there Are very few spurs off this Highway. If you get on it it s pretty fast and pretty narrow 1 think we Are concerned with these youngsters who Are almost derailed who for one reason or another not always their fault can t maintain the Pace and for them the Road Narrows badly i am implying that the current trend toward higher academic stand Ards for All youngsters leads us away from the answer to this problem and that it has intensified this prob Lem. There is plenty of evidence to show that Many schools to preserve their own academic reputation will sell the slow learner Down the if Pasadena s new continuation High school s one objective is to help these kids get going up the River again. No wonder Audre s heart is in this Job. Whose would t be the Mcnamara order follows the is Loo important to entrust to the generals missiles. Precedent set by former president Eisen i Olivcr when he refused to spend an additional s500 million voted by Congress for mor e bombers. And in the policies of de sense which plays i Croly on the themes of National Security and military supremacy he was denounced for this action. Already the Way in which the jul tics of defense will be projected into the next elec Tion and the election after that is evident. Gov. Nelson Rockefeller in n Speed i last week called for testing nuclear weapons in the atmosphere. He implied that the Stales had fallen behind As a result of the nearly three years when without inspection Anil control this country observed a ban on nuclear test ing. He opposed any further moratorium even under a treaty providing inspection and control. Rockefeller is a principal contender for the Republican nomination for presi Idiu in 1964. He has consistently advocated defense is too vast to leave to the of politics. Xea Turs e storms it is Truc Flat Lac soviets now have lower than 50 missiles americans can sleep far More easily. Only a madman would rules 42. County supervisors first District Mudre Arcadia. Alhambra areas East and Frank g. Bozelll. S35 of administration. Las 12. Frith District up Sartena. Canada swim Highland irk. San Damn Dorn. Is Hall of administration. To. Arnelet 12 science at work Walter t. Ridder president Kennedy and his critics critics makes it Clear that some republicans planning he has t done very much o help v Cal action that Wano Mically depressed area and Are 1, him of Hving up to his Cam the Surprise finding that older women require More Vitamin by than younger women was reported by or. Helen c. Old Liam of the human nutrition research division of the . Department of agriculture. Or. Old Liam told the new York Academy of sciences that the conclusion was reached after conducting an Experiment involving women aged 52 to 72 and a group aged 19 to 21. Although both groups consumed the same quantities of the Vitamin the older women absorbed More than the younger. Kennedy will take to the hustings to explain his program to the american people. Hell be seen in the Southwest and on the West coast in his first wednes Dtta dents generally win re election if they so de any Voni i ii Uley so it is it is probably a Good idea for the presi Dent to state his Case for the voices of opposition Are becoming louder and More Strid ent. Leading the Parade of critics has been sex president Dwight d. Eisenhower who did not seem to like politics when he was presi Bernard j. Ridder publisher a. Nordin general manager r. We Lalami y 1 j Minard editor Ray w. Johnston William n Uirt Cloi tits inv. Esio or talc paddock him Protection Uana cinc Bdl or Dent but who appears to be enjoying them for 64 certainty in a game so inexact As american politics. Anyone who has recently travelled a hit around the i Back to Washington with the distinct impression that the Youthful president is no shoo in hugely since he left the White House. There Are an awful lot of problems with is loosed a couple of 50 megaton political which he is now grappling Over which he blasts in new York City the other night and can stumble and stumble badly. Tie has revealed in the thunderous applause of Tho already stumbled badly once in the Case of listening republicans. The gop chairman congressman William e. Miller is chasing up and Down the country levelling All kinds Cuba. He has heart rending and fearful prob lems in the Case of Berlin and no Mailer Presa. A lat Fonal advertising Lex annies flan . New dal rofl. . Is. Amoral. Of charges against the White House occupant How he ultimately handles that awesome and both Republican presidential pos Sibili problem you can be sure he won t please ties. Gov. Nelson a. Rockefeller and sen. Everybody. Conservative democrats Are Eye Harry Goldwater Are Busy Chipping away at ing with intense dislike the current billion the president. They will no doubt soon be Federal deficit. Liberals Are accusing Ken joined by Richard m. Nixon As he pursues nerdy of not moving fast enough nor hard his bid for the governorship of California. Enough in a number of Fields the increasing loudness j of Kennedy s the people West Virginia arc com up Palgon promises. He has another agonizing decision to make in the Case of Vietnam. He can help that country by sending american troops and it he does there will be some who will accuse him of wantonly sacrificing them. He can decide not to Send the troops and some will cry loudly that he giving Vietnam away to the communists. It is another Case where politically he can t win. It is far too Early to make any judgment As to Kennedy s competence As chief exec live or How the country at Large will regard him. There is ample evidence however that ing restive. While the polls still show him holding a remarkably popularity the feeling Here is that the support is not nearly As solid As once it was. The Acula poll local antennae possessed by Kennedy and his Bleul Eanls Are probably telling him inc same thing. Which is Why he is embarking on his political today s almanac today is Hie 305th Day of the year with 60 to follow. This is National authors Day. The Moon is approaching its now phase. The morning stars Are Mercury and Venus. The evening Siars Are Jupiter and Sali in. On this Day in history in 1765, the stamp act levied by the British Croxon to raise Revenue in the colonies went into effect. In 1918, the hapsburg monarchy of Austria Hungary was dissolved As Budapest became the capital of the Hun in polite pollsters agreed that gov. Thomas Dewcy would president Truman by a landslide in the National elections. In 1960, Kennedy then a senator denied that he was downgrading America in his Campaign speeches. A thought Fop today former president Truman said the responsibility of the great states is to serve and not to dominate the

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