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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 1, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaFor ones theme try chm Mew about on the porch or in the to cleaning in i my Boom gee i la miss my daddy. Do you mind if Jackie uses this part of your room will-y1m Jbv to Efird i m not afraid of Bra theft of Voulff whole i guess t told him i Tell me Whyl 8am Mill. Zmek smarting my my to Tux my Why at the m Riutor. La Jihnu foe Whyl i Boom will in warm for tto totter elected. In Tom of dept Cato qty Tom the of fill will select Winner. It Lyts by George Sixta too late should have before to tvs Puzzle of the Day by mrs. A. H. Tadge what do butterflies eat some people have the idea that butterflies never eat. Strange As it May seem these people Are partly right there Are actually some kinds of butterflies that never take in any food. But most of them spend a great Deal of their time eating heartily. The fact is that there Are at least different species of butterflies and Moths and they Are found All Over the world wherever they Are Are flowering plants. There Are even 40 species that can be found of uttering about within the Arctic or cup. Fhe United states has aft ouf species of butterflies so if you collect them you have plenty to look for butterflies and Moths to Gether Forth one insect order but there Are Many differences Between them. Butterflies generally ire during trip daytime and Moths come out at dusk or at night Putter files their wings together above their bodies when Al rest while Moths either fold or spread their wings. The feelers of butterflies usually hips while those of Moths Are generally thread like and feathery. A Butterfly wha eats Jias a tube instead of most insects tube in t used it s coiled up like a watch Spring. When a Butterfly approaches a Flower it unc oils this tube Anc plunges it deep into the Hearl of the Flower. Then it sucks up the nectar of the Flower which is its food. In some Moths this tube can be As Long As 12 inches to help it reach tubular Flowers. The greek name for butter flies is Lepido Petra which Means scale wings. When we look at the dust from a butter Fly s Wing we see that it is really composed of tiny Scales. It is a curious fact that when a great number of these Scales Are brushed off the Butterfly seens unable to do More than flutter about weakly. It is the formation of these Scales that make a Butterfly s wings shimmer and that is partly responsible for their Brilliant colors. And Here s an interesting fact while there Are Many Blue butterflies there is no Blue pigment in their wings. The blueness we see is due to the Way in which Light is reflected from the Scales fun time 1. A is going to give a Tea party. What Waters would not arrive on time 2. What stands for four 3. What makes people Bald headed 4. Where did Noah strike the first Nail in the Ark 5. Why do ducks and geese Fly North in the Sasin time answers across 1 allot 7 15 Clasil. A Arttina shout the thir Jhn 4 was. Honra id Aurora ii Levy 30 ancient 21 hum it 23 Gall Nacron met 51 Orr m turn 28 irl z7 Fli firmly 8 no Oik i at 2a Paulac 30 my want pout 31 slut 3.1 attention 34 greek i la 35 three two 3d in Omar 41 a Tref 43 Insik Arnnal Itri nun 44 Illel Lenl High a Refl 45 lamp 48 Ait Lar of it urls by i Neft Fht if Hir 81 3 Kot Ullh Rhor 14 m Dell a Lolita la u to Yuul ii Catt tit it on the Nhare Init. 59 cry of Triumph flit sanskrit 61 in River 62 in Lynx Rhar Arter 63 Cluj la r to 15 5 Wei. 67 c of Ponsot pirt9 68 Kurt Oil by Barrier i from i shrink 3 common to a system 4 99 a Salute r Meddar 7 hone lat. 8 Sayi i chief of a Elan 10 Kolni 11 time Lyhle Abner Lallon Solamon to 1.1 stat air ii 16 liner 22 Falb 23 Gorti am 26 warmth 27 a boat lift ass Sims 34 1052 37 manner .11 hint 39 motor Lear 40 Artel the of a peer 41 Mother 42 liquid in the Naddle 47 naked in a qum Carport 50 Printer Weamire 51 a held in the Row t weft. 54 image 5.1 a Loop i head 5r Ait ointment gladly 49 Joan of arc. E. R. Ill cry if m nil us Deen Ratlan tit Eim m 01 Obj ool air mag -5 Iarj bin us to Spirig x Auiona a to a x m a n-1 picture secret add and subtract the letters n the names of the things Hown. Clue it s a Good place o put a Flag. Send your tricks and Deli. Or Nuz Les to Tell me Why your name. And address. A set of two Beautiful picture Booso diction Ary or Atli will rewarded for Iha letters Itele Etarl Tich week. Why we say named Fob a girl cocktails May not be entirely women s drinks today but they were invented and named after a woman. The daughter of Kins Antol Viii of Mexico first made this liquor mix Ture. Her name wan co Tel and drink we named for her. The Wyatts miss peach t9 what Cook s j that everyman should have a Mission in so far Thev Doneven items take the what your mic010n in Tiff his Mission in uf6 from a very in a the vow mus who Follower by Warren Tufts Peter Hoffman Jeff Cobitt we Pon t have enough to hold you on Lyman so y if did t Khoh about l who turned is in. Who tipped r a. I la Settle with her i sure Copper sure that5-ww they re Swainsr amanda.ru9s Lyman 6 the Ain t it caretaker 6ak thelvman00yis the honest Mabel of course i m sure he s Sui Ltd you doubt my word 3 by j. Window Mortimer David Crane i la Stop my lit fou give myself curly Kaye its no use Tom. I just can t Mon Mike a got get her out of t set some life into h my mind yer punches puffy Burton s no l f Den we take ftps d1s r Suess you re All wore cd it such a schedule do you kids do nurse.i5y. School Mutt and Jeff itty Al Smith Tennis matches Tennis matches Tennis matches Tennis matches rout stars Bra Friday for everyone Mote having to with sociability. Trips effect Clear of impute involved projects or Mcm. Sex Flat ingenuity Idem Toff and realism. 21 to at Jilji. More Friendly Ings by being considerate sym pathetic. Complete solve problems. 20 to May 30 with lit. Order to overtake look ahead to foretell results of actions. 21 to june 30 in touch with those in it position to be of Aid to in business and monetary mat ters. Promote ambitions. 21 to july 22 plans future or Dis Tant projects. Take trip Progress. Recheck decisions to make sure of 23" to aug. Teamwork brings Mutual attainment. Seek to get books in order get debts i cleared up. 23 to sept. Get the advice of associates those nearby. Add to your., Circle of acquaintances. 23 to oct. Be on the Alert for in the employment service of business scene. Strengthen it j lation ships. 23 to nov. 21 the most of your time either with heart s desires pastimes of an artistic 22 to dec. Can Worth while revisions alterations. Look ahead to determine aest Way to Progress. 22 to jail 19 seek the approval of others. Cement understand Ings with them. Write pay Calls. 20 to feb. 18 transactions " should to your Benefit. Possessions could stand some attention. 19 to March 20 your interests fore and receive the Aid at others. Revise your if necessary. Planning for entertaining sociability Etc nov. 4, words off Wisdom by Wiliam momus Tain t funny question i recently heard following sentence from a person i thought was Well Don t worry about him he Ain t going what do you think of it j. C. I Oakland Cal. Answer unless your Well educated Friend was pulling Yosyf leg he d better get Back to school in a hurry. His sen tence contains four serious errors. Is a comma sentence two sentences Sepa rated by a comma. This should be changed by substitutions a semicolon for the comma or by changing the comma to a period and starting a new sen tence with me though often heard is vulgar Slang. Twain to and nowhere constitute a double frowned on by grammarians. One negative is enough Here. Is incorrect the proper form is summing up your Friend should have said Don t worry about him. He in t going question i am always getting mixed up Over whon., to use who and whom m sentences like the girl who gave the Shower for please straighten me out. M. U Flint Mich. Answer in this particular sentence you should use "whonv1 since the relative pro noun is object of the Reposi try rearranging the i sentence so that the Prepost Ilion comes immediately before the pronoun and the logic of becomes Clear. The girl for whom i gave the Shower is now note this use of whom is mandatory in formal speech or writing. In informal conver-1. Station the problem is not Likely to arise. Mosc of As would Sim ply say the girl i gave the Shower for is now Sage advice Noble okla. Harold Mauldin a member of town Board Here gave a visitor a tour of Noble and explained the town docs not have a police officer. What happens when you see a Driver coming Down the Highway Here 80 Miles an Mauldin replied you run i like Heck to get out of the

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