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California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Nov 1 1957, Page 3

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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 1, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaMary the age of Oil and honking my a Friend who is a Railroad hobbyist tells me that the railroads have decided to Stop Pussy footing about on the subject of locomotive whistles. I am told that the United states. They Are desperate that As much research is being devoted to an Effort to make diesel locomotives sound up its Case at the next to last like real locomotives As is going into our guided session of Girard s mans laugh missile program. Ter trial demanded that the 22-year-old . Soldier be sentenced to five years at hard labor for the firing Range slaying of a japanese w6man last Jan. 30. Kakuichi Sugimoto Deputy for one thing the professional Railroad men must be embarrassed beyond belief at the insults attached to their sick Bull diesel horns. If they Are not they should be. In any Case the diesels Are Here to stay. To look at a real locomotive one must go to a Public Park or chief prosecutor for Mac Tokyo prods for sentence for Gerard zoning Kennum irrigation District the application filed has requested zoning for a the regional planning com pumping Plant and Reservoir Mission said that the Concrete at the Northwest Corner of Clair or. Maebashi Japan. Ins a lighter prison sentence for Prem court before it was set i William s. Girard was re Quested yesterday by prosecutors under the prodding of Tokyo higher concerned All the Way to the . Us led in Japan s favor. It also triggered a congressional inquiry into America s status of forces agreements with Over possible damage to the foreign lands where us. Sen relations Between Japan and iceman Are stationed. The prosecution summing it is believed Tokyo fears american sentiment for Over hauling the pact. A museum. To hear one a person must buy a i i Bashi District later told inter record. This is True in any Case in the part of the National news service the de world we live in. Incision to soften a plan to ask now i am told the sick Bull Horn has become seven to i year term was safety problem creating dead heats at Crossings. Motorists Cross the tracks in Blissful innocence that the Horn they Are hearing is that of a big freight truck. And wham to make diesels sound like real locomotives have been laughable. They can mount a. Real steam whistle All right but if they blow it they higher court wind up with no brakes. Whistler s trumpet the railroads have compromised by developing what has been described As a soothing a major 7th chord. It does t a sound like the Mccoy. It sounds like the Type of air Horn Eles Are known to be deeply made by the procurator s of 3ce after conferring with higher authorities. He identified the Superior authorities As representatives of Japan s supreme court and prosecutors from the Tokyo which was popular among College students in the late 1930s but As i say efforts Are being made and it is believed that Success is near. We will be waiting and listening. The steam whistle was invented As a safety measure As interested in the political Over tones of the celebrated Girard trial. The ease exploded last sum Mer into a fiery International we decided we should think of. Future cases and How this sentence would affect Sugimoto said. Japanese government air no.1 specialist in packing a matter of fact. in 1833, an English Farmer by the name of Claude Garfin jurisdictional fight that went was pushing a cart to Market and pushed it in front of a train instead. He said he was unable to hear the warning Wail of the tin Horn that was then Standard equipment. The cart 860 eggs and 50 pounds of butter were destroyed. Garfin suffered a Nasty Bruise on his knee. And to reduce the possibility of Garfin s pushing another cart in front of a train George Stephenson the builder of the Loco motive invented a new device. He attached a pipe to the boiler through which steam could be expelled with a shrill note. This soon became Standard equipment. Garfin later walked into the path of the same train. It was Learned then that Garfin had been Stone deaf since birth. Anyway Stephenson s instrument was called a steam trumpet until it was imported to America in 1836. George Washington Whistler fatties of the Painter and an Engineer on the Long Island Railroad installed a similar device on a new locomotive that men began calling it Whistler s finally just hence the name now Only the Moose from Here in any Case was evolved the melodious whistle associated with Casey Jones and the rest of the heroes of railroading. It was a wonderful sound. It was Many things in one. It was loneliness it was majesty it was imperious command. At Light while the Black flickering monster charged along the smooth steel pulling its creaking groaning train it offered reassurance to the Young passenger awakened by the flapping of the Long Green curtain or by the sudden and Quick fading dinging of a deserted country crossing. But i Wax poetic. Soon i will find myself in an unwashed condition Lank of limb and Long of mane bawling verse for drinks in Low saloons. The Point is that the railroads had it and lost it. They had Romance. There was t a lad of any real fiber who at one time in his life did t want to become an Engineer on a fast pms Ger train. Now the Only thing the locomotive diesel and its cheap Horn is the Bull Moose. To sounds like the mating Call of a lady Moose. It is a Case of unrequited love. The joyous Bull leaps from the Wood in search of a lady and finds instead steel monster. He i inclined to charge As we All. Brot. 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