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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 1, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaTo Tomii if. Ritat. Norm it 1. Iff East is still East amazing Falcons Favoro cancer cer Offos Heads week end slate amazing Cerritos. The South Pasadena City College s win land s Only unbeaten untied Wejs lancers its sixth straight Mckibben Handicap by Mike Mckibben i. C. Hong Kong. There s no trouble understanding seeks to make.viotim9 Tomor Rev the Orient if you boil things Down to essentials. In Japan the girls Wear Kimonos. In this spectacularly Lovely mess of mountains rising out of the China sea they Wear pyjamas. It s As simple As that or would be except that some Wear skirts split up to the thigh. Your pan american Clipper slides through a Moun Tain Gorge to the Airport its Wing combing the whiskers of lion s head which is the name of a tall and Rocky Bunker trapping the Landing strip. Happily the plane misses head and it also avoids other aptly named hazards Unicorn Ridge the Hunch Banks Sleeper s Knoll one Rise More and Gin Drinker s Bay. The Bright Young Bandit driving you to your hotel talks to pretty Good English Means to ship out to san lady has Cisco next year and go to work in his Uncle s in Chinatown there. He talks about the movie stars he in the flesh while love is a Many Splendore a suits Fawe. Hone. Driver _ _ tilth Tofu kid Cox 1 i Adam leu min 2 widow thu Boring g wish again Hausen s Attoa if Ariaa Shank .3 Ruth Hal is. Ill Larry 7 6" 7 Depp Fin. Odda Buckeye Demon in Tum o by Orth Daphn Sylb a. By Tom Luther i Kim. Night great Utu 1 weekend j Little Valles key 5 Sonk 3 Webb Choice Over Vaughn new Middle weight a dangerous Boxer puncher is legion Choice Alfredo Escobar and Vince Delgado two of the Best ring prospects to come along locally in recent years Coll let in a featherweight natural to highlight action. Ray Adermann top scorer with 59 Points and Gary Losette one of quickest backs in the Honor Champ Cartnal 2 lady s Utle Ralph Kinney 3 double air Hooker Willie Vaughn tonight stadium. At Madison Square Garden. Favored at 3-1 to beat left Morrow at Hollywood legion the non televised 10-Rounder Jj-fs1 win to the this and broadcast nationally heated Escobar rated As a Gan by Abc at 6 . Slight 6-5 favorite by fight Webb who lost but two of time. Joaquna Short Lucy b. Page thud Wesson or. Portasik wet dam i lady Orenzer 112 Linda 129 Jijita Axworthy Luther Ann Macduff Redden Lucy led Chance. Or. In watch thing was being filmed in Hong Kong. When that Jennifer Jones put on a Slit he says appreciatively Ai Iiene you know then that this is a sporting town. It takes a Little longer to discover that the favorite sport is skeet shooting in the Middle of a population of you walk into the National City Bank and notice a Man in the doorway with a double barrelled Shotgun in his listless paws. On a Balcony in the rear you see another sentry with a pump gun across his Knees. It s required by says an official of the Bank and it s a delightful arrangement. There s that Guy at the door and there s the one upstairs and if anything should happen All of us Here in the Bank would be caught in the the Man says we Haven t had any accidents lately a while ago in another Bank the guard fell asleep sagged Forward with his Finger on the trigger and blew his face off. A Little earlier the Indian guard for another Bank was ambling Down the Street with his Shotgun at Trail arms. Along came Small boy with a tick hit the trigger and shot a lady through the first thing the new arrival notices on a Rainy Day is a sturdy member of her majesty s Navy striding along in Crew White shorts holding a parasol Over his Flat White hat. It makes a pretty grizzled old British seadog in drawers carrying a lady s bumber shoot. The Airport is on the Mainland so you catch a ferry to Hong Kong Island crossing a Patch of water that must be the most heavily populated in the world. Hong Kong has More than water people who live on samoans and Junks which creep like arthritic water bugs wherever you turn Here comes a cozy Little family close by the ferry. It is a typical Sampan maybe 18 feet Long with a sort of quintet hut amidships which is borne Sweet Home. Laundry hanging on a clothesline aft of the near the. Stern there s a Coop caging a pair of chickens. Mom s about to Cook supper and there s a Small fire burning near the Chicken Coop. Standing in the Stern pop is Skilling mightily against the changing tide. Up Forward is Little Susie who can t be More than three or four. She s wielding a sweep oar on the port Side and putting her Back into it. Forward on the Star Board Side is mom also toiling mightily at a sweep. She has an infant lashed to her Back and with every stroke of the oar this poor Little bundle of soil bobs and weaves and sways and ducks. The Little bum s got to wind up seasick and probably punchy to Boot. This is the Yale Crew going for another olympic championship but this time the yales have Vassar up in the Bow. In the crowded. Streets Skinny Little versions of Paul Anderson the olympic weightlifter go jostling along with a Bamboo pole across the shoulders supporting burdens ranging in size up to concert grand pianos. Ragged Rickshaw boys Patter up the Hills on the dead run. They can travel faster and longer than Vladimir Kuts. The Road twists and climbs around Victoria Peak making for gorgeous repulse Bay giving onto the sea. Far sees Happy Vau Eyt a handsome race track where ponies imported from Australia run of weekends. In a land populated mostly by chinese laundry men jockey club shirts Are remarkably a starched. Not an Eyebrow was lifted when one shipment of ponies arrived including four Colts of the same age with papers identifying them All As offspring of the same sire and dam. In the bathroom Here at the hotel a Bare Light bulb hangs from the ceiling. There s a round Hole in the Bottom of the Glass. You snap on the Wall switch and the Light turns on Pale and winking. A thin Stream of water emerges from the bulb and drips onto the floor so help me. Short .1-2 Jose Dale real Scott a Mcilmurray 9-2 33 Bella Tass i Lane senator Prim Shank 20 Logtown Guinea Leata Morgan Shafter Hanover but score Here. Clinton Tass was close to Good one. Or. Tom Roo move in ast. Jose Dale heal Scott l beat Sta. Is like i v Colleen Woollen Good Cham part. Crackerjack hot up ailed. Bettsie Ross maxes Dun Rural 39 Stabilizer Bels tinier .1-1 Colleen Woollen 7-2 13 Crackerjack Redden 4-1 i d Bertsle Ross malty e-1 Hal Joy Baker 134 Toby Barry Bailey George Primrose Jacohs .ab1l1zer looks like a Winner. Re Jan Good Chance Loi nun Adios babe Miller 134 Black Weaver 137 miss Prim Patch Hansen 2 31 heated last week takes aim on another unbeaten eleven tonight. Invading stadium in Santa Ana for an Eastern conference contest with Santa Ana. The tilt touches off a week i acct Eddie 1 it Lars per e. I 6 21 Lemute tip 4 express Vusky 7 4" Woollen croat s 5m 10.55 Princess Pownall 2 3.m or. Blackbird my Lumry 3 21.55 Black counsel Undberg f "10 . 4.m. It. San Antonio College which blasted Orange coast Trot from the ranks of the unde i in United nations Handicap of his 26 starts is the solid favor a however Delgado has been because of his punch skill Lin with much tougher opposition than Escobar. Richest running richest running of lord Marlon c. Ice Tell 31 Sari Dean Stover o 4 or. Paul Finney 5 Fombelle Ilene 7 6 Alonzo Hanover lie eur 1 7 1.05 3.80. 3.m 4.80, 3.80 3.80. Tunt----31 real Day Gernler -----4 Hal Bales 3 2 lumber Gal s sex end of action which Fri also finds Orange coast s pirates trying to get going again while hosting san Ber Nardino and Riverside moving against rugged Chaffey. It. Sac which has lost Only to College of Sequoias Over came a 14-13 halftime deficit to dump Orange coast. 20-14. At Atlantic City in 1955 mrs. H. L. Nathenson s choir tamed . Mer a Orey. Press chief 5 4 tiny Woollen Luther Betit b. Baker a Unhwa Good Frost Vallea key Ian Seattle Diablo Morgan Kati Wayne bel.-, Adios babe had an excuse. Black Rico no telling How Good. Miss Prim Patch could set part. Tiny Wool Len won a qualifying race. Clayal o. 140 o Brien Hanover Miller .8 142 Chester Black Stover 3-1 chief win Gay Williams 4- Mck Llev Mahone key 5-1 Lily chief Madill 140 Holly Berry Mcc Lumani 139 140 136 my Chile 121 Beulah counsel Hansen Brien Hanover won 1ster Black can up win Gay raced evenly. Mckin Ley mahome Phy let in then Laai c. 135 first time Wheeler 114 Amber Wayne Seattle 5-2 138 lady Mayfield Morgan 7-2 136 clue kor Petty 4-1 Vera Spencer mall Maurray hats off butt imprudent Russell Jubilee Hal Beli Lnger first time chased better. Amber Wayne May be Good one., lady Mayfield a beaten favorite. Click mor was not disgraced. Pact Al. A. Liao. Sea Eakle flt Patrick 108-Doc 3.w. Schue .3-1 12t in time Ozark Gal Denali .4-1 127 Bailey 108 Carolwyn Ioratti Madill Royal t Frisco Cartnal 127 Czar Volo Williams sea Eagle can win if ready. Doc . Best puts close. In to Eady. Las c loved Well. Ozark Gal just be considered. Ten Elmi Moo. Adios exp Reif o Brien scotch Lite Fitzpatrick 123 honest Jerry butt .4-1 Noble Adalim Wheeler Hawkins Hobs 127 Chuck Iniard scotch Lite threat if ready. Hoi est jerrys showed at my. Noble Adios Best would win. Pact. Eras b. Farse flak 135 m1u.o .3-1 135 Cleo counsel Schue 3-1 Indian sign Dennis 3-1 t 7-2 118 Eddie Towne Belsinger Lone snafu Mcclimans 143 worthy mite Bailey 118 Boomerang Ackerman 143 spen Vic Grahamjr Adios Helen better port today. Cleo counsel collate m 1 27-0 Princeton at 13-0 Colombia at 19-13 Dartmouth at 13-0 Harvard at 20-7 Alabama at 7-6 Florida at 13-0 in Kif at geor la tech 7-0 Loo Lilaha sum at 13-7 Tulaf at so los. Slate stale Tau 20-0 at North 13-12 at atm 11-0 Christian at 20-19 Trout at to. Texas 19-13 a Tomat a loaves no ties Al feud tin of tout Corfi. Savi Many Sass new tires 45% to 55% off famous cant mention a met tires phone or come in for Price on your Slie a tire co. To b. Washington St. Comer Mentor. I Cronk 7 drying 1 miss Bell 6 Julty Watts 3.40. 3.00 4.70. 3.w 5.40. Trot. Tiogo. Lad 7 Jamb part Nitro rot Lucy fairy Boardman 2 fi1 do Toma sue 8.10. St i i open All Day saturday mad in 100% cwt Neo Tui purrs to 1100 now Jinhu Nonal Butiu Iii Coli Star of the Forward look announcing the car that s ahead for keeps Here is newness. Unchallenged by any other car in the Low Price Field. Simple comparison proves that no car measures up to the one car that began with a three year Lead the triumphant new Plymouth the dramatic debut of this greatest of Low Price cars takes place at your Plymouth dealer s today. One look one ride will convince you. This is your car. The car that s ahead for keeps Latinett Ridi Siler dirt styling Oomen Comminie Dira Timil Stib Ilizar fill Piik la Tom Tetil in int Brinn Loiry Lini i Hrisi True big Cir Riding Comfort Long Low sweep of Beauty in font assure safer Highway travel smoothest easiest driving yet sure Safe non fade Beauty blended fabrics optional at Low extra Cost there s no catching

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