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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 1, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaReported running for . Senate u weather Tonty today with Dato Mornac mattered How Seariac Tua afternoon. Hell maty Aro Aad w. To ferday mom weather on face c. Independent Home _ i Oil on to add f or a pm to a Mot .-Japa ame Ulit Loai. Page 3. Vol. Xxv-r-no_218 40 pages classified by a-0311 Pasadena by 5-6811 los Angeles by 1-8188 Valley i 6-4671 Zenith 2330 Pasadena. Cal. Friday nov. 1, one person was killed and two persons were injured in this 3-car crash at Lake ave. And new York or. Shortly before 11 o clock last night. The dead Man. Driver of one of the cars was tentatively identified As Glenn a. Sherriff 346 n. Fair Oaks ave. Belly la. Airliner lands carrying 16 the Pilot of a United air lines dc-7 four engined plane with 16 persons aboard circled los Angeles International air port for 2vi hours yesterday with a jammed Landing gear to Burn up gasoline then told his passengers sit Back and enjoy it and made a perfect belly Landing on a foam doused runway. It went according to the said Capac Charles Dent 40, of Allentown Paas he stepped from the huge plane after it had skidded without spinning for nearly 1000 feet before stopping. Fire preventing foam was 2 to 3" inches deep Al length of the run 510 Pho m Airport Monrovia is Pray los Angeles. International Airport received 510 Telephone inquiries yester. Day about a crippled dc-7 Airliner Between and 10 and after its Safe Landing. Two roman Catholic churches in nearby Ingle Wood a methodist Church in the Atea a Catholic Par Ochial school in Monrovia and two men telephoned that they were praying Lor a smooth Landing. Way after the plane reported failure of one wheel of the Landing gear to come Down on the approach to the Airport butt belly Landing the plane came in Low under a Grey overcast at with full flaps Down Dent 90 Miles per hour. The other wheel had been pulled up. It was a full belly Landing. The plane hit the Macadam runway about zoo feet Short of the foam layer. A Shower of Sparks trailed out from beneath the Pine s Metal belly. Dent kept the wings level. There was a screeching and rumbling sound. Then it hit the foam skidded almost silently and finally came to a half. Firemen swarmed in with foam spraying hoses dousing the plane As High As the win Dows and completely covering one engine smoking. That had begun China supports Zhukov ouster Moscow. To communist China last night became the first foreign communist nation to support Russia s Dis Missal of marshal Georgi Zhukov As defense minister and gave further indication that party supremacy Over the army was at the Root of the ouster. The official soviet news Agency Tass quoted a dispatch from the piping daily Voic ing backing of Nikita Khrushchev s belief that the army should be under the to Utica leadership of the communist party. Flu absence of teachers in still on Rise teacher absences due to the governor pushed out Brown by wire service Republican gov. Goodwin Knight has decided to run for the Senate rather than seek re elect in reliable washing ton sources said last night. Such a development would leave sen. William f. Know land a Clear Field for the gop gubernatorial nomination year. Knight has changed his mind about battling Knowland for the governorship and in Stead will in for the Striate seat Knowland. Has announced hell give up. In order to run for governor it was reported the reports mid Knight reached his decision after lunch yesterday and that the White House and vice presi Dent Rich Mart m. Miron City bus Drivers prepare to Pasadena City lines bus Drivers last night were preparing to go on strike at 4 . Today As. Representatives of the Railroad trainmen were in an All night last ditch arbitration session with bus company executives. Donald sheets general chairman of the trainmen s local said late last night that the talks would probably continue on into the Early morning hours. The Morton rend about their crash Landing. No panic on plane Crew kept us Calm says Pasadena Man there was just a Little when tie plane landed. I be experienced wheel landings that were rougher than those were the pms of William a Morton of Pasa Dena one of n passengers aboard the United airlines plane that made a Safe belly sanding yesterday after circa the first the passengers knew of the trouble was after the Nixon s wife Pat and their Mlot had circled the Field Sev smooth As silk Morton said the Captain explained the difficulty and announced he was going to try a few Steep left turns in an Effort to unlock the Landing gear. When this failed the had Cut the Landing Speed to 2% hours when the Landing ing International Airport for Pilot announced he was going gear jammed. Wife unafraid there were no Panicky to he said. The Captain and stewardess did a Good Job in keeping the 11 of us Calm. There were no doubts in any of our minds that he would bring the plane in Morton 25, was returning from Germany where he was married last month to her rag Tielsch of Karlsruhe. Was she frightened gosh Morton the Pasadena who is presently staying with ends or. And mrs. W. J. Mor ton 821 Berkshire ave., said to belly land the plane. Coats and suitcases re moved to the Back of the plane notified that the decision was Knight s press Secretary Tom Bright contacted executive Secretary Newton Stearns at Knight s vacation hideaway yesterday with and quoted the governor As i saying he had no comment on the Story. Bright said Knight does t or affirm the Story. Flu continued to Pasa 105 out of 75 at the same time Pupil a continued High in the Junior High schools and Centary schools. Error immediately. Or. Edward Rowlins superin not talking pendent for personnel said the teacher situation was i Proy the steady Rise from 94 on monday seemed reached its Peak. Sixteen teachers to he but Mosher said the Goven Tod ton perhaps in a week to pressed Tor Knowland thus presumably would face no serous opposition in his bid for the gop virus Beds Nixon family Washington. Ins vice president Richard Nixon was confined to his Home thursday with what was diag nosed As a virus infection which already had stricken other members of his family Nixon s office said he went Home about 4 . Wednesday with a temperature. The virus it was stated hit daughter Patricia earlier this week after having affected daughter Julie a week ago. Dewey likes Dick Herau Tribune Kwi service Washington. Thomas e. Candidate said at the White House yesterday that vice voters deprived president As Lone As we re talking there s Hope of averting the sheets reported from the meeting in the office of the Federal Media Tion service in downtown los Angeles. The trainmen whose Union contract with pc ends today Are asking for a 5-Day work week instead of the current 6-Day week at the same rate of salary. Sheets said this would mean an hourly wage increase of 38 Centy from an hour pc executive drover l. Markham. Went into last night s arbitration session with an offer of a 14-cent increase spread Over 20 months but no offer of a 5-Day week sheets said. Failed to report . Opening pole Aid talks Washington. The United states yesterday opened talks on new Aid arrange Knight was not available f or ments with communist to added he was not of any further state ment to come from the gov comment land. Influenza nomination for governor. At the. Polls next november he would face atty. Gen. Edmund Brown the Only Democrat thus fare to announce his candidacy. Brown who Only wednesday announced his own candidacy Lor the democratic nomination Tor governor called the re Deal engineered by a grasping reactionary with eyes fixed on the White Knight said Brown is More to be pitted than blamed it was his misfortune to stand in the path of a Power n Glove with Republican King makers to strip him of his right to reflection. My plans Dewey sex gop presidential remain completely in the poles Are seeking to extend the existing agriculture commodity Aid program into the Field of . Heavy Machin Jujj United states. Already has agreements with Poland signed last june 7 and aug. Youths hold up store get Temple City. Three teen u ase Hoys their Heads covered ported development a cynical with stockings and a sweater. Leld up a liquor store late last night taking one of the j outs aged 15, was apprehended shortly after by Temple City sheriff s deputies. The victim James s. Grider said the boys armed with Ful and ruthlessly ambitious a revolver entered the store Young Man who worked hand at 8720 e. Las Tunas blvd. And forced him to empty the Cash Register. Defense Cost soars Washington. To the Cost of the air Force plane and Little Rock to arrest City s a act chiefs Little Rock Ark up the Little Rock City Council. Last night ordered the arrest of All officers of the National Assn. For the advancement of coloured people in the City. The Council acted under provisions of a new ordinance which requires certain organizations to make Public on demand their confidential records. Yesterday was the deadline for the a act to file us report with the City cleric but it failed to do so. Eight of the City s 10 aldermen meeting in special session and acting As a committee of the whole ordered the arrests of mrs. I. C Bates president and the Rev. J. C. Crenchaw president of the Little Rock chapter. Porn charges us. Should do More in la. Smog fight smog scientists county ant Day officials demanded that the Federal government assume a bigger share of responsibility for air 14, for credits and sales of pollution control research wheat Cotton and other com at a Day Long hearing before modifies amounting to a congressional subcommittee at world Market pric on intergovernmental relations speakers asked that los Angeles be. Given a fairer share of the recent y appropriated by Congress. Chairman l. H. Fountain and reps. Florence Jersey and Lenard Lipsco Nib arid Chet Holifield of los Angeles plan o tour local smog research facilities today. Dorn s charges county supervisor Warren Dorn of Pasadena told the sub committee 1. The . Public health service has failed to take the Ead in inducing the Automo Haust fund Iii sex 2. Federal am off research should be moved hers from Cincinnati where it is at ached to a water pollution program. 3. There s something wrong with four million Dol ars available for this Ofiu he Federal program is spend no Only on salaries of to researchers in los Angeles county. Corn s statement was sup. Sorted by supervisor Kenneth Lahn. County counsel Harold v. Kennedy and Robert Chase Bounty air pollution control District engineering director. Emphasizing the importance of the exhaust prob Lem Dorn said the Auto motive made commitments it has not kept cheap turkeys predicted for 57 holidays Sacramento. In thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys May Cost less this year. Prices paid to producers Are about five cents a Pound lower now than in 1956, the state department of Agri culture said yesterday. The department said hens Are bringing to 22 cents a Pound compared with 26 in 1956, and Toms Are 1s% cents compared to 23 to 23w cents last year. Inside today s Independent Brown said the voters once have been deprived by would be a Superb presiden trick and device of the oppor tial candidate for the Republic keep falling objects from Unity to choose can party in 1960. Submitted his budget to con Luttig passengers. However it is too Early to in primary Between fress in january it was Dis we put on our safety belts the one Republican candidate for closed yesterday. The Cost now from the California youth a As Hority ended abruptly Yesier crashing window halts Young burglary suspect a one Man crime wave by Alday when his Skull was file 16-year-old Pasadena Escapee tured by a plate Glass window Adams .15 features .39 shafer.17 allen.15 leadabrand.15 sports.17 business .21 Nash .15 theater.10 classified .31 obituaries .31 to radio .22 comics .39 opinion.15 women.12 connolly.10 reporter s diary 3 your stars.39 Here they pc coeds quest for the 1958 tournament of roses Queen and six princesses began yesterday when 143 Pasadena City College coeds made their first a Tearance before the tournament s Queen selection committee at civic auditorium. They were selected from 1750 eligible girls at pc by a panel of faculty student and Pat representatives. A series vying for Rose Queen court honors of eliminations will be help to choose the fairest on the basis of poise personality posture and speaking ability in addition to Beauty of face and form. The princesses will be announced nov. 26, from the court of seven Girts the Rosa Queen will be selected and her identity revealed dec. 4. He was attempting to pry open. The youth was reported in Good condition last night at the prison Ward of los Ange Les general Hospital is being held pending return to the cya institution at paso Robles. Pasadena police said the boy allegedly was committing his fourth burglary attempt of the night and was using his third car stolen in six hours when the window of a store at fair Oaks Avenue and Colorado Street fell on him. A passing unidentified Motorist found the boy on the Street in front of 47 n. Fair Oaks ave. In the Early Dawn. Made in .a. Label Flung on asian flu Hong Kong. W a num Ber of Hong Kong residents Are suffering from what they Call american flu. That is the asian flu which travelled around the world to the United states and came Back. A Hong Kong newspaper the Tiger Standard observed that those afflicted have the same let Down feeling As if they ordered a shirt from Montgomery Ward cat Alog and found when it arrived that it was made in Hong Kong

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