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Independent, The (Newspaper) - March 28, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaCal tech rocket trip to Moon in August hinted pm Tiff partly indy. Toby about Ynte Day m no Eye in Riutta. More weather of pipe u. 10 cents 30 pages the i Independent classified by 6-0311-Alt other 5-6811-Ry 1-8188-Ze 2330-hi 6-4671 Home near panic was created yesterday by an erroneous report that an unsafe of radioactive rain had fallen. Story on Page Pasadena Cal., Friday March at voted run part Mir Khrushchev bows head. Bulgarin upper Righi towed out. Or. K s audacity astonishes West . Fears Russ shift peace peril by hire services seizure of the Premier ship of soviet Russia by Nikita Kuhni Sychev caught Western diplomats by sur prise yesterday and brought out wondering comments at the Man s audacity. In London Western leaders recalled Khrushchev s scathing denunciation of the personal Ity cult As he ousted defense minister Georgi Zhukov his advocacy of collective his action they said exploded the theory of collective leadership in the soviet1 Union. I danger seen . Officials said the move could spell danger for the Western Powers if the new Premier followed the path of Stalin who instituted such for educator harassed prank ambulance Calls cause near accidents or. Russell v. Delong president of Pasadena Naza Rene College was the startled victim of pranksters last night. At his Home at 1923 Jefferson dr., Aliadina. Delong was besieged by fire department Crews three ambulances Ami a liquor delivery truck. All were prank Calls. Delong said. Two of the ambulances narrowly missed colliding in route to Delong s House Altadena sheriff s deputies reported. Of transports hit in midair. 18 die Ike fears jobless hike it Trade Bill crippled Washington. In president Eisenhower warned con Ress last night against endangering the jobs of by blindly crippling his embattled reciprocal Lin blockade and the korean War to rally Public support Western Surprise was sex by foreign Diplo Trade program. Denouncing economic the president said that the Trade program is Good for America because it amplified Mats in the galleries of the helped create jobs strength supreme soviet who gasped ened the nation s Economy and when aging president Klemen a promoted peace throughout to Vor Shilov announced that the world. Khrushchev was to succeed show of strength i Nikolai Bulgarin As Premier. His speech climaxed a Day the deputies on the Long show of strength con a other hand burst into a storm Ferere attended by some of applause. Of the nation s leaders to Nikita modest marshal support for the Adl Khrushchev took it modest ministration s Trade request to by. Contrary to the Normal Congress. It was similar to the practice for a soviet Leader he recent bipartisan rally for thei did not join in the for president s foreign Aid himself but stood by bowed head until it subsided. Preceding the chief exec then he clenched his hand Silve to 1he speaker s Rostrum above his head in a Salute to were Democrat Adlai e. The deputies. A Stevenson. president Khrushchev told the Parlia m Nixon Secretary ment i will do everything to state John Foster dulles., justify your Confidence and a Eul Ganir s resignation had Stevenson aids been expected. As the joint Stevenson Hatt liner for the session opened he m. The he had held since to pm tend would or Mickey s mouse sex mobster Mickey Cohen shows damage from encounter with Howard w. Moon trip to Start in Southland by Bob Dave Post a Cal tech space vehicle Vith a Booster that would tick it to the Moon May in launched by next a ust from California an authoritative source in Pasa Ena hinted last night. This followed the announce ment yesterday that the army avy and air Force had been Iven official orders from president Eisenhower and de Ense Secretary Neil Mcelroy o undertake lunar probe missions. The army ballistic missile gency was Given authority or one and possibly two Unar Cal tech s Jet repulsion Laboratory in Pasa Ena is the prime satellite contractor for the army. Outh Lajud launching Cal tech s lunar vehicle May e launched from the Point argue to Cooke air Force base ear san Luis Obispo it was earned. The army was also told to Aunch two and possibly three More explorer satellites by dec. 31 in addition to the lunar ensure. Has been ready to reach for the Moon and has proposed its kick in the apogee plan As possible with hardware and techniques Al ready at hand. Official sources in Washington How Ever would not speculate on when the first Moon shoot would be made. Shortly after the White House action Mcelroy announced that the air Force would fire three of the Moon inspecting missiles. The de Rense department s advanced research projects Agency has set aside for a Start on the program. Jiant tests presidential press Secretary James c. Hagerty said the far reaching program could in clude both hitting the Moon with a space vehicle and put Ting an artificial satellite into orbit around it. Both the White House and or. Herbert f. York chief Arpa scientist cautioned that Many test rocket launching probably would be required in fore snot Ess was achieved. All officials warned against too great optimism at the outset. The White House said the program called for efforts to determine our capability of exploring space in the Vicinity of the Moon and to obtain useful data concerning the the rockets would be one Way missiles with no attempt made to return them to Earth. Scan dark Side but they will be equipped with a to like mechanical ground scanning system to Send Back information about the Moon s surface. A defense department spokesman said press rescuers Mcvey wreckage where 18 died in mid air plane collision near Bridgeport Tex. A twists cheat death rain slides plague Southland press tiny car saved lives of two men in landslide. Searchers recover All bodies Bridgeport Tex. In air Force investigators to Day probed the ruins of two once mighty trans port planes that collided in flight yesterday and plumme t de screaming to the ground killing is men. All 18 bodies were found by Midnight last night. Fifteen of the dead were aboard a s-124 Globe master from Hill air Force base Utah and three were on a c-119 flying Boxcar from Carswell fab fort Worth. There were no survivors. The two planes collided Over Bridgeport late in the Day. Weather bureaus at fort Worth. 40 Miles to the South and Wichita Falls to the North reported visibility As Low As five Miles due to fog. This however was not enough to warrant instrument flying which experts said would probably have avoided any such collision. The c-119 appeared to Hesi Tate momentarily at the Impact. Then it plunged straight Down and crashed 100 Yards from w. J. Mann who was blowing in a Field. Mann leaped from his tractor and fled when lie saw the flaming Spring delivered another plane coming at him. Hard punch at Southern Cali a the crash was Felt All Over forma yesterday As heavy Bridgeport a town of about rams brought tons of Earth 2000 persons in North Central thundering Down on the a Texas. The c-119 fell just on civic coast Highway. Hail was reported in several sections of the san Gabriel Valley during the Peak of the storm which brought .81 of an the outskirts of the town. Most of the bodies were not badly burned. The passengers in the Globe master appeared Inch of rain to Pasadena. Have been blown out the now 24.61 to 11.95 plane by the Impact of the explosion which started a fire that consumed the wreckage. Five of those aboard the c-119 were not Crew members. The hitch hikers included two sailors two army men and an air Force Man. The Pilot of the c-124 tried desperately to pull up and and keep going but his plane also crashed on the lip of a Ravine where it blew up and burned. Rain turn to Page 2j the c-119 was in route rainfall Tarif Sheppard air Force last year base at Wichita Falls. Tex. 10 St. Seas to Date Carswell fab near fort Alhambra .87 24.62 10.36, Worth. .74 21.48 11.92 season s total is inches compared inches last year. Seek victims Highway employees and Volunteer Rescue workers were digging through 40 feet of Rock and Earth in a search for possible victims of Ava Lanche on the Pacific coast Highway near Santa Monica. Two occupants of a. Small foreign car were injured in Duarte Al Monte Lendora a Canada Asadena .74 1.05 .97 .84 1.03 .81 .81 armed thugs assault Rob East Pasadena a 21-year-old Man was Torres suffered lacerations san Gabriel 81 o. Pasadena .86 21.48 28.05 24.92 22.91 27.32 25.16 24.61 22.63 24.64 12.53, 10.18 12.43 12.16 11.95 9.75 11.79 Blaze damages garage autos Senate passes Job creating Highway Bill Washington Fin the j Senate yesterday passed an emergency anti recession High Way Bill designed to create thousands of new jobs by i pumping s5.500.000.00n into i Road construction Over the the department intended to tacked beaten and robbed of on his right Check but was not a and two Automo i the Call vote was so to february 1955, when Georgi Malenkos lost it. Bulgarin approves weaken Western alliances. On suspicion of assault and Hurt . World leadership and push the world s Chappell Federal narcotics a take a at the and a s90 wrist watch last injured. Never seen while walking near his1 the two att Man. East Pasadena Home. The Navy was told to go officer. Arraigned yesterday Ackers one Biles in Temple City yester

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