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Independent, The (Newspaper) - March 27, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaOpinion Page Independent March 27, 1951, a al internal Revenue must hire poets not even the cartoon gags and television jokes on the subject have succeeded in rousing any sense of fun among the people currently struggling Over income tax forms. The humor has been worked to death. Rather it is a combination of jokes have rigor mortis and the taxpayers Are being worked to death to support monstrous county state and fed eral governments. Only the British have been Able to create comedy successfully out of crime and this of course occurs Only As Art forms. Some merriment still obtains however Call it nervous hilarity if you like in the efforts of the internal Revenue service to explain things to us. Representative Arthur v. Watkins of Utah has made a particular Case of a 212-word sentence contained in the latest income tax instructions. He offers a prize for the person who translates it most successfully. We like our readers so much that we would like All of you to at least have the Opportunity to win prize. Professional tax experts and employees of the internal Revenue service Are in eligible he says. Entries must be typewritten be 300 words or less in length and be submitted by april 16. Here is the sentence titled additional charge for underpayment of estimated the charge with respect to any underpayment of any instalment is mandatory and will be made unless the total amount of All payments of Esti mated tax made on or before the last Date pre scribed for the payment of such instalment equals or exceeds whichever of the following is the "1. The tax shown on your return for the pre Vious year if your return for such year showed a liability for tax and covered a taxable year of 12 or "2. A tax computed by using the previous year s income with the current year s rates and exemptions or "3. Seventy per cent 66 per cent in the Case of Farmers of a tax computed by projecting to the end of the year the income received from the be ginning of the year up to the beginning of the month of the instalment payment or "4. An amount equal to 90 per cent of the tax computed at the rates applicable to the taxable year on the basis of the actual taxable income for the months in the taxable year ending before the month in which the instalment is required to be gel your entries in friends. Rep. Watkins will Send the Winner a copy of the Book simplified English to be autographed and forwarded to internal Revenue commissioner Russell c. Harring ton and another Book to keep an All time Best seller known for the simplicity and lucidity of its in the meantime let us Pray for those who really have to decipher instructions on additional charge for underpayment of estimated inside Washington explorer i better than expected 5. Allen the army s explorer i is exceeding expectations in producing valuable scientific data. Example in its first four Days of Globe girdling this Pioneer . Satellite supplied More information about outer space than had been previously obtained in 10 years of High Altitude soundings with rockets. This new data is playing a key role in the air Force s preparations for the first manned flight into space tentatively set for october. That historic test will by made in an experimental x-15 rocket plane. Manned with a this tiny aircraft will attempt to reach Heights of from 100 to 250 Miles above the Earth. That is now deemed entirely feasible on the basis of scientific data provided by explorer i. The outstanding significance of this information is discussed in detail in a special report compiled for two new congressional committees. One is the space committee which the House recently established under the chairmanship of majority floor Leader John Meco Maek mass the other is the joint atomic space subcommittee headed by senator Clinton Anderson both groups Are getting ready for extensive hearings on this vital subject. The House committee is being importantly counselled by former atomic commissioner Thomas Murray. This is the second major committee the new York Engineer is now advising last summer the joint atomic committee appointed him chief consultant after Murray was not Given a second term on the dec. That was attributed to commis Sion chairman Lewis Strauss who had feuded with Murray Over policy issues and failing to keep the com missioners informed of what was transpiring what s out there factors of prime moment to space flights Are stressed in the special report to the Mccormack and Anderson committees in explorer i is indicating that meteors Are not a serious obstacle to such flights cosmic rays on the other hand Are a cause of concern and much More in formation is needed regarding them. Following Are publishable highlights from this important study explorer i has already proved its great useful Ness in providing data on cosmic rays temperature radio propagation the shape of the Earth exact location of places meteor activity As Well As demonstrating the practical application of theoretical principles particularly this satellite has greatly increased the amount of knowledge and experience available regarding Span flight and is being of exceptional help in planning the flights of the new x-15. Meteors Are not expected to be an insurmountable Hazard. Those Large enough to wreck a space ship Are Likely to be very rare. Those common enough to hit a ship Are Apt to be so Small they will probably vaporize on hit Ting the meteor bumper shield. Even if an occasional puncture does occur sealing the Hole should be possible before the ship is seriously threatened. The thin Cloud of Gas which May be common in parts of space is expected to be a problem Only at speeds close to that of Light. Cosmic rays do give cause for concern. But while such radiation is harmful Only on very Long flights would exposure be serious enough to be debilitating in an obvious manner if then. This is an area where much More research is necessary before Dennite answers Are for this specific purpose a cosmic Ray transmitter was added to explorer it s equipment. This specially designed instrument operates Only on it is activated by Remote control at tracking stations instead of transmitting constantly As other instruments do. Full 60 shopping with you i want to get a Lawn y t War toss applies they carry i itch those now supp Market diary if you must fib Don t use recorded history Bill John , the Tard of skid Row. Has on music musical instruments it was de Iverd noted that there were accordions in them its a Mew Agodto store search on a sentence of Truman s. He has taken to their designation As musical instr entered into correspondence on the matter meats. Evidently most of the accor keep los the mails Busy from Here to Chicago dons the states Are located within last come up with the an reach of this newspaper. Let me Tell you this. If you say anything this kind of stuff i was told among in Public make certain you can prove it or other things is what discourages kids from Ujco a4eed some Light bulbs i think we can get them at the then Well the says you1 careful Bill columnist Bill Sumner is kidding himself thursday March 27 when he figures hell be playing a Harp on a and make a Monkey of thought in mind. Anyway kids can t be Dos the Truman research it might be added Coura cd easily. If they Are told to stay away was accomplished even with the Burden of from pin Ball machines they Advance upon forced moving. Moore with the help of this nem in massed formations eager to thrust Wiltra Stoaks books milk Money lev to As Well As bundles of correspondence with away from accordions manufacturers store such people As George Bernard Shaw and a rooms Are emptied Long list of other famous men. J have taken Strong stands in the past Truman s name incidentally May join against the accordion the Telephone Elvis the roster of Moore correspondents for in Presley Lawrence Welk Guy one of his letters on the subject of the tru singers and other afflictions and All have Man speech in question in which Truman is prospered without my help called a liar Moore had noted on the Bottom we Don t have to worry about the a copy h. S. Cordion. Moppets will be hauling and tugging at any rate though moving piles of on them when i am seated on a Cloud play manuscripts boxes and bundles of letters and ing a Harp books Moore stuck to the task at hand and can now report Victory. Truman in his speech had noted that Cigar people Are after us with the Chicago Tribune was always wrong in its a Survey seeking to make this Bureau a part judgment of presidents. The paper As you of a composite As they put it. They May remember came out with an Early ban or example How old were you when tier in 1948 announcing Dewey s Victory. The smoked your first newspaper according to Truman did t even i was 10 Ancl since also want quote Lincoln s Gettysburg address while to know How 1 Felt. I Felt terrible. Mostly we giving the full text of another speech made smoked Coffee in one of my father s pipes on the site that Day. The Cigar was stolen. Moore asked the Tribune to dig into its which reminded me. A Good Many years files. It did and reported that although the one Standard silly season types of Tribune of nov. Had Only four pages feature Story carried by the newspapers used it published the full text of Lincoln s Gettys concern 5-year-old boys who smoked cigars Burg address. Not Only that it also noted there would he a picture of a Small boy editorially the the dedicatory remarks of smoking a Cigar and a Story saying he had president Lincoln will live among the annals smoked them since he was 3. What has Hap of the pwned to the stories of Small boys smoking Moore writes All Caps cigars something exciting has gone from if there is anything that de newspapers Aren 1 Whsle used f is i cow w0nder what to ing lies which Cam tent Fri v i Rev the no smoked cigars where be shown they they 3re we Nave one in office Juke Bird our Moore suggests that if we Are to lie feature editor. He smoked every Cigar he y it us select areas could get his hands on when he was 4. Now. It s time for the annual pc easter week geology Trio verifiable he Waits until someone has a baby and passes them out at which time he remarks tid if i do. What was nothing that s just the Way things Are. Everybody getting into Tver body Ilu s business As i see it. Geologists Field Day Russ the trek started in years past by the late Edwin Van the Arron my a Post r _ a nge will take in the desert country of Joshua tree March in a Fth Pink Cloud while moppets nati0nal Monum it the Salton sea area this year. A Heatlie Here ust the other Day play the accordion Down Dena tomorrow night for sup is a problem of decreasing Down Here. People who say Nasty things about accordions Don t go Pasadena news note Reader s recess spawning Salmon. J. C. Per and can fire at the in Dian Cove Campground at the gun digest co., Joshua tree. Following on the heels of their on saturday the group will successful publication of the p Gas up at Twenty nine Palms is currently pub and then visit Twenty nine backed Palms Oasis split digest. Here s an idea for Dames Queen Valley Cap Rock a edited by Tom Mcnally Money Saver re. Tua us. Origins Pho head and arms the Standard White tank Arch Rock Choi to graphs on practically every i Barracks bag is just the la Cactus gardens Pinto subject of interest to Fisher right shape with just the Basin and Camp at men. Right drape. If longer models Are preferred get a i mat Tress cover. Is to be issued in a completely new edition annually. The Price is s2.95. Solomon warned of juvenile evils Lyle w. Nash random of state John Foster i Dulles says that 90 to 92 per cent of foreign Aid Money is spent in the . And that if we America Stop this project we will have More unemployment. This is a startling v ment. I m not sure i understood its full implications0 state and Here s the you Don t have to pay the Price for a Paris Odd Ball de sign g. D. Pasadena vote yes thoughts incidentally there is Fine article on Joshua tree National Monument in the new Issue of Sunset Maga Zine and a Beautiful color photograph of the hidden Valley Rock pile. A Man who cannot Corn on sunday the geology trek Mand his temper should not will head Over Cottonwood think of being a Man of Busi pass to us 60. A visit to the Ness Chesterfield. Kaiser steel co. Plant explore action in painted Canyon borrow trouble for your last year and in 1956 feeble minded Home is a Congress saw fit to reduce shocking commentary on our foreign Aid requests by at Way of life. It is As sad a least a couple of billion Dol piece As i be read in life in he personally. In t to Lars does the Secretary Sug a Long while Walter win Geet that our 6 million Unzem Chell May be Back on the a played is the result of such Dio shortly last night s action would the u. S. Suf Academy a w a r d brought Fer economic collapse if i Back fond memories to Mil Gantic giveaways of Money Lions of americans. But can and material were abandoned you recall the name of the once and for All time has first Man to win the Oscar american production soared in Case you 1938 donate our surplus to the Don Caye reports that he March 27-that education w0rld face a depression is on a Bingo Binge Bays that the Corn or blame for French policy in Back our file to the extent must be to wait for your win slightly bewildered by about Worth of equip startling statistic those pc geology alums ship to come in unless you the action in View of ment and a car but Little Cash in 1950 the average american it is no use issues to prevent higher taxes and Nome now is downright foolish. The services must and will be pro have the fact that no less than 31 Tor venture. During the Driver in t t should Contact h. Stanton proverb. Teachers have been 8 years he s paid gallon of gasoline. Since then so with inadequate and me Hill or Robert g Gardner at hired he Board during to the government in income car horsepower has soared like Lacell Lucs costs pc immediately. The he current school year and taxes. It seems a shame to a satellite. In 1957 the average than necessary and the exact duties of a father in View of the further More than fact think that this Money which Mies per gallon was 1 7 makes a higher Rise in taxes the. Board recently had he could use to Aid our local Auto is now almost cars ago on the big Cost the a fish Fork fire we met Paul reserves to the extent of to Tito Poland perhaps Solomon mandatory now instead of pro rating i Tual users. A few Pasadena Stathem then with the re . Vional office of the Forest service in san Francisco. More recently he s been eggheads go Home s in t it about time to Call Forest. W most As years ago on the big separate As the sea. To dip into its unappropriated Economy has been donated most y to maintain As the food re fire we met Paul Marcelene Cox. Reserves to the extent of to Tito Poland socialist perhaps Solomon knaves starve not in the 1948 land of fools March 27-police Charles Churchill jailed two youths who said hat eth hic they stole a suitcase Ful of Souaid have endorsed half knowledge is worse groceries from a Market at aia England and communist in lad in mind the avoidance of tested France. I wonder if juvenile delinquency in prov. George Washington Thomas us. Jefferson or Theodore Roost he that Pareth the Rod it a Day for that Covey of this week we noticed that would be eggheads who chit his 13-year-old son. Bobby Short shorts a y n a clerk Whitney Tomlin be mass citizens a Small Sci than ignorance. Ter up says you with a mess has been named the first win Genius May conceive but came suspicious of a suitcase ment no doubt i think min of s2 words on uninteresting Ner of the annual Junior patient labor must consume Gryce j Kraft 18 and Wil Strel shows Are abstract subjects of no import sportsman award from the male. Mann. Iam j Resil a 20 were the current Issue of life to most of your readers Shasta cascades wonderland carrying ran after them As Magazine has two articles they talk out of a Book and Assn. Just Laws Are no restraint they walked out of the mar Well Worth your Reading probably Don t understand Bobby won his award for upon the Freedom of the Ket and collared them. The time. One about american their big talk any More than observations he made regard Good for the Good Man desires youths said they had t eat and russian school systems the readers do. Ing screening of a canal in nothing which a just Law will in anything for five Days sex is Long overdue. The other let them come Down to the Redding area where there interfere with. Cent Coffee. About a wasted life in a Earth and promote projects that will improve our distinctive Community a Brand new better health _ 300-room. Air conditioned com Mercial hotel a modern bus terminal staggered yellow bus schedules downtown modern lighting of Dingy close in Cross streets beautification of Park ing lots. Eggheads go Home. Pasadena him High blood pressure not always abnormal c. A. Lawrence one of the most puzzling in others however this outcome of a person with this there is damage to the heart j3 nhe new air Afton m. We Are All More or is slaves to the old. We shy the new. And yet a one time was the new the most marvelous and interest sure Reading above the aver Ferent symptoms including where no damage results. With publisher Edl Toi ass a bad. Wire services National be photos. 113, Luiu Lilg the a Ltd age. Just because a person strokes and eventually death High blood pressures in Young it is very important to know same things Day after Day has a blood pressure of 180, it is this uncertainty that pre people did not usually result which condition exists in seek Pach Day to look at which is rather High does it sents such a problem. Why is in a a hypertension every Case of High blood pics viewpoints. Nona nov s i i a group of doctors from there was no associated dam pressure can be much Bright Otos. Anu dated press. A Many without any a England did a study recently dec the heart and blood or now. Parent damaging effect from on a Large group of patients vessels. In writ ran lie observed for n level. Your personal or owl and business Ria Masini effect from on a Large group of patients vessels. In writing Rwjr. Dean Send of 1 live bidder Johns inc. Las Ani if in fact Many live to a Ripe with High blood pressure. The it is apparent then that two self addressed stamped in Willi nime i0ml upon the Frigo finally dyin8 of some no Post was to lie Lermine if types of elevated blood pres Clope. All letters will be Ness with we h Paul other illness. It is possible to predict the sure exist hypertension where personally answered. New tilings. You Lake to

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