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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 30, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaRenters find rentals through the Independent and Star news classified ads january 30i 1962 Fez Olf my 1 Fin Sketl. Ant Titi run ii Pat Tami i i Ullery to a ill a Antral fms. By kuan1turc on Frt Cllon of 1 Orl Fantl Pulci. 0 map 7-pc, Amer Alvinr room. 9x12 tend Ruff ill Tiu pm. Kim on. Rtiiclen.1. Open All s to 6 a in. Open f of Waif Al . To o . Arkle x at room of buyers you looking Tor it Kotori buy Model lieu cd. I it. Hammond Telnet. Vral. I univ or Iier Kitiuk 1., Jim Hok. Or Cherry. Thomas net Fluk Pricr. To to Nulud just reduced. option to dozen of trs Vuil Ore an in Ami a lifetime of Iscil re figure. Fair it rms. Free every Ammond Organ studios of Pasadyn a. 99. E. Colo. By your 2 bes Manor Lovely 1 by. Apts b furnished unfurnished from Joy cr.vc10u3 1ndoor-Outd com Koi it at tub Jiobu bi8t1.n Pika Ted i vol Thorl Cai. I Atio luxury extras 260 n. Oak ave. Or foothill by d. Elk. W. Or be Lilli Bureau by values c Ora Kige Manor achors. A brats. Furnished unfurnished from pm Vino in lt1ve Apt.8, in Pasadena Alk conc Tionko heated i ool Toni cab Patio luxury extras p 07 e. Orange Grove gardens 811 w. Bonita City of Claremont Llull in of tin pc Radits. disposal. Incr Mostal Leat a air end. A arc Robi carpeting it drapes dry facilities a Carport. Be. Rec reason Ullh a sealed Pool. Adults Only pc ease Rek manager Apt. A or phone j 2-s003 de Glen Oaks 400 e. Live san 1 Bouth or Lai Tunu at 7-0607 also Glen Monterey b26 n. Monterey St. Aiji Ambra 2 Bath luxury Sporl meals hold limed Pool. Dec. award Filtch ens. Bull los. Carpels Wjk Rapti. Air . L at 2-7285 specialize in rentals sales lease option properly mgt. -2-3-4-5 Bdrm. Houses apis. Duplexes Urnis Hhd or in Florn. To for Friendly courteous service see k "jx3s3 of Juno Concu nut pendent Hii Ujj neti to sets it Fox for a. It. Davis. 5m Dorotti blvd., san Gabriel at United Arlen is theater. B06 kill color Mlo blvd. A Derva. Urine of Ltd i Telephone i housewives you con Tarn up to j a week in your spare time Jour j from . Shipment 500 doors. Ail kinds louvre flush panel to Lncoln Aye. Libr. Mill co. V 7-11m by Lincoln ave. Pav a Wem Roo include a electric Vetrix Jih Sta 11 Kurn if in t. It inc room set lamps. And pail. 2 exc room is. Etc. Dan inc room vacuum . Radio. Iron., 0 n. Raymond Pasadena. Ilac shopping for a Iano. Or Organ be hire org tit Leke Tion in Hla area. Use or Jana "f.1 i Lect your own hours. ? the f full Lime positions also Avail Otle. Ideal second Job for career girls. Experience help a Ful but not Heaters 3uass-l1ned 10-vr. Blk. West of by. Or Prev. Patton Boua proof 2 de Roomi 2 Baths eds Luon award a Kllc Jien Riv ulv. Vex f 25 r jritvaalce.1 i3o it. Sauin led plot 17e in Complex plumb inc Eup Pajti Economy j7ss. Pulinos from 4125 Fencl Many Fine or Aioli. A Cirlo Eil of Brand spin rat Rel cd at 4495 Ami world much More. Al top compare. Ould music since 1911 lit e. Colo. 8v 6-3169 an Leia p a 6.6968 Valu enc forced air hell healed a Large 2 Bedr furnished or i built-1v in k h Wall to Wall carpets c x3set space. Dual Wal patios. 1 . To bus Lin the Park j20 s. Chester or in town m a or. I level apts. Am or gallic n at per month a Gilldren a Al Cote. E. Colo. By Btar-new3 Home furnishing and merchandise Call mrs. Servant at Al 6-1512 or 6-1521 49 s. Baldwin office no. A Sierra merchandise Lien s. Women m Cal Hlgren s cloth in a Misc. But Jow Price. Item i Rek Good Ulano with 5ss. Manv other bit values n our Barcan basement. Its Stoke . S-9 rugs Karl flab 11x19 Ana toll 205. Karmik s195. 10x15 Youshak 10x13.6 chinese s3 s3. 6x5 Khiva ilxl7 Gorevan 5291. Rooms is k. R condition incl Oom apts. efi110. Rhea fast . 1 St drapes. Plenty of 3. Adults Only. Chester i mgr. By 5-8160 1 2 by. Penthouse All Mottern f eat me i. Pallo. A Drapea. All elec. Kucti., . Of runes. Pool subterranean Sou nip roofed. 00 St. So. 1 Tisa so 9-0720 400 or. So. Pasa. So hj., a top Dan Orlen Itil w acre. 3 by conv. Code any which 1. Of Al Forkl Cibl net w i 12" Extension speaker. I 7-2j77 Home appliances to jibe Root for 1. 2 men. Twin . Furnace heal sep. Enjoy living at 03 so. Almanor. Alii am ear Pooli apts. S Hurkle Foaud boo 1 2 by. Apts. Sd3 s125 was Caltreta to drapes Cluss door. Com Uleie. Is1 Long. T1 Holch in 1 Misc. He dry material to. Ultarte he. Can do anything you want while 55. Spec Zilist in tree run none. Cerneil Block. Call anytime. At . Fri kor is Eli 3 b ixe Nesi woman. Kilclief privileges on him. Ulah a s Entrance. 5k.50 week Pentie Man. By on rental basis sparkling a tar homr. Rec. Full Pulca Lylw Dep re Frig a for Ren s. Fair Oaks _ is h. Biggar Trade in dept. 2030 e. A sat Lek to pvt. 520. Servel s10, t 6-5917 Ston. Or wed. 4-1 Hourt proofed. Carpeting it natural Wood cabinets. Best of All Only 09. S120 mile of Bill s. Of i inn Ting Loti 913 Pali View. I 2-3 by. 2 balls. Air Conil. Carp., Drapea. Near Arcadia Hub vacant 550. 2 . 30go x. Summit rubbish Urles Dahl for cr3d Iron canner. Brass radon inn free u Skui on hot room private Cut it Tia i real Lemon Rte Ferrell. Oil 7 or weekends quiet like by hour or Joh Yetf Krompl scr ice let no h is i-0013 House cleaning Low rates 1 1 Wash Walls. Windows so Lvern Are Al no. Sell pcs. Apr Lar never Iscil. 15ri off. Cd g-1w50. Entrance Bali thus a Trilbi 539. Of. 6.10 k. Green. K7 arp1-.t1sc Wool or Nylon Bassl or foot by mar Lake area Tirre one not. Extra Larce Vulner room. Its Post. . Or Conille coned lev pm. bedroom. 3 lace 2 us Wlllie Patio hut t-1 1 Ratlief Diapous. at cup Bonn Tii it Closel 2 by upper Sun deck or Clivle ctr. Phil. I after 6 . At Rug no i it Lynn Sony a Lite plan me very Rood end a Rourl end la bit a 2 Latip. Or All so 7-Luot 5 Itras. A in 1-Br. It ova Rerp. . Dry cd . Area if Virand no. 1-1ju. On lot we Cut stove Kolte ave., plan. Police collectors and class 1. I k of . By Kcal. Moth Fop. Roy Brace co. 6 s Knoll by 5-91 guest so. Pasa. Pool Patio Dix. 1 i 2 ill. Pm. Air end. Elk Elo aels. Beaut or. Envy. 1716 Nav clan. By i Ull rear Linit. Newly painted stove. At lev. Pm. Drapes if wanted. So u -2.17 7 k. 0. Anttcr.1 so 1 but. Ilous. Child Reni . An cml. Do q-.1cs1 Nir ital Mineral Lac ale r. Custom made Beauty. 570. Gil Home for Werly Ambulia tar Len. Cell by s-r226. Cii1ustian Home.1 newly decorated 2 Borni. Apt. 1-4 ill to Hirn near Lake furnished Oil Parl Lime. By i -5 163 Cir Noelle income tax service Woik wanted Salk All a Les makes . 31r to. Delivery service of 1 o r a ionic. Etc. It s-776 Rary fiini., smash was Heater. We n. Mentor by see n. Am tron table. 4 chairs. R. Claw old. 453 s. Fall Oal 7 Fum Laie Auto j10s a a terms guaranteed c. Taylor service Center 01 by j-5100 Whirlpool Nuto. We ii Mach Home Fidorf cat it. Excellent food. 79 rooms housekeeping Nice Coom Many hotel apts. A by Apt. Completely maid sei1vjce. Aaa approved Patiky. By 2 by. At 0-b001 1 by. New weeks free Ilent cnl5 i grapes air Yontl. K. R inns . Gu5s n Erin Gabriel spacious bus. Vic. . Euch. By or part time work. 2 Sysu Wink inc together to in est. Conral. At 7-7130 after 3 rent reduced Beautiful 1 bedroom Apt. Air 2 Bdrm All Lurn. All built ins. Fi5 blur Hiil. By Madre 2-s12.ri Elf .v749t_ Best refs. By int. 1iorsf, on used office equip. Tyft Volters. Adding chairs. Flits. J. A. Freeman co. 35 s. Los Robles by 5-5 modern 1 by. If 65 3. San Marino. Or. Run. Act. Newly tree. By 1841 Fiske ave. L-. New la decorated Fouec tear private. Slave. Arf Ulm. T lilo. Iris. It -s763 lady alone. Live in Rita cd Jeiven or coax i Piker. So 2-nr. 1 miscellaneous Madre Bacall. Apt. Fuhn. In. Al 5-Lml by exp. Lady Day work rur Mii liar Ltd. By Hudy. For Eoo. Ii us Nukie appliance a de private Patio near count re Lauran a 372 Monterey Road South Pasadena cheap. Indiana run brcrrv75 Cut. Drapes stove a ref Rex opt Lri Pool i Ulk Colo. So n. Fralc by Bdrm. Walls Wood wit Dowa. White. Eco. 51.60 by Br., i Kan firm. Duplex 574 k. Washington Pasa ironing Neil. Las in or by Cash pr1v. Party will pay Hula Hook for All old . Cold Silver a Copper coins. So Cash for Cood Singer Treailla sew inc Machler. Cd 7-3037 48 musical Patio Fiona Clous 1 i Jilin. Conlest Orav 1 105 so. 69 so a Jiff. Beaut. Iron i Apt. Forced air. Der pcs p by decorated duplex. 2-Lnlrrn s7.v _ 565 w. Ciare Mcmo col Oreil Are r. H m stove. Re rec. So g-g3i6. Family f or Gnu brine. By clean los. 5 a on a trans. Hrs. Mii cum. H ill pay c of r n n in any o re Ilian re iks it rain Lints. Do Barm so inf Rutenis accordlor.3. Rule Ira. New it Larcea. Block in san Ezlie Valley Conn jh1cntale Berry Sale used Riaf Lluc ladles a stools on up Clil Tew Leru set . Cups of pics Supply Calir Nonh Ai fair Ideal for bachelors men. Flirts. Couples 2 elks. Super Mart. 1 shout walk heart of Cuti come ski for. Yourself Park Lynn apts. Annex them in Apt. 106 297 s Esan gah s52.m . Come v. A term Apt t . Lilies. In ens. Etc. 1-b.r. 570 Zois n. Lake by 2 . By 8-3021 2-b.r. House above a refer Lei. Fine for child no thru traffic. 3v 7-3s50 by 7-s9t1 stun Nln 1 by. J Rev fir Juan. 29 of Eucly. N. E5cp worker. H e a k ratios. Own trans. By 612 s. Fair . So Garden Apt. 1 or air my. A nolo. Tie use. So Nile i Civ i 904 Sunset blvd Arcadia till i d. I 1-Bdkm. Furnace Ranee. . Gar Day work. Cot., a Wolf own trans. So fluff nip. By k. Colorato. By want i i Eartle sewing All Monken. Call Clatl u Tulei . Apt. Carpet fully Clra Peil air end. Sub1 Kauke Ali to sep lit at discount can i . Js5. I mini Serrur. Stove. C of. Ter. By. Upor duplex clean Oleair whole i rinse Walls win so German violins poo.1 a kill. At East Pasadena if Apt so to. On bus line. Lull pall. . K. Dixie. Nam. Or. C Lilc Ait a ill Orlum. 321 Burton cd. 5y 2-3035 i 1717 n. Los Robles Jlko Afeefi Ria work or Ronic a by or by s-7c93 to trite and tues. Maciey appliances. Mic. By d-23s 10c earn for Indian guar. Exc eond., 530. H 49 pianos Kiar Newi a in tickets at Hie hoj office for Frank Al lift a x in vet Luhv altar Ofil this Stop looking 1 bedroom reasonable rent Pool Patio Washington mar 2 Bdrm. Utilities paid. 1 Roll v no by Scarf of elderly or Relff but a Fiji. Can Rook. At spacious 1 by. New furn. Near shops eve utitus. 1 Bdrm. Duplex. Quell Altadena locally a. Per to. 1 by or by v44r4 34 houses duplexes famished alter to took 11k . Satisfaction car. By other old . Coins. By 6-36s 42 cameras photographic last the . New transistor Thomas Organ at r by in Sysler St. 1c a hear it today. Barker bros., o 1 o r .1 1 by r clip Luik of nd.1 Ciary Cash Jim inc . Excellent offer. 131? no. By s. Oak Knoll. 1 by. New furn it Rede. Cot. Tirades. Air end. Quiet Al s110. 2 Hilum. Parade. Slycles. After 3 . Play work Cooke no Laurel re own trans. R. Tavs we by 2-3h be Park Kven or run i hoi Twork. My 1-97.r. Ken. Re liable woman. Own trans. We. 1 by. So. Pasa. Ute la. B.1h. St 0.3207. Beautiful Large 2-b.r. R lower near Iranon .319 Sierra mjarejuv_pa.v_ay_fc7s i Stovern. Luxurious 2 or. K. My Ilow blown tip. Or. All. Ji20. 2 a. Madison. Monrovia. I. Or at houses photo print Lar Ylip pad for Jale or Prarle of . Colin. By 7-s7ss after 43 spoiling . La rest . Onil. Reas. Cd 4-1161 eve v livestock n. Cola Lina urn. Sinele. For Ladr. Marino area Feo. Thru so. Lulls. Part. At so Alta. 1 v4 bit., drapes. Enlar or girls Over s yrs. Of ji20. 2 bedrooms. On Baa and. Shop Pink. To Ayouk wanted wed. Oort worker. Call 4 exp. 1 2 fires1dr Manor Apia. Air Civ p xlo1 land lit. S trares. Cool Lubber Ranegan noun do roofed. No least Reo 00 or. So. By or 1soo stale rms. Child of. 1135 e. Foo Hill. By 0-.ri235. By 1joe 1 by. Duplex in coir adults. No 34i 438 n. Hill Armistead co. Rtt kit a a ounces to Stoat for Sale. Exc. End. Phon a Fri Tom. Rijk at def Maksy 6 013 5 rental Lalli i of 2 pc of crazing fenced. A a Pels 170. Single. Nicely turn. Ute 121 129 n. Mleh finn. See both 488 so. Madison . Lune windows fac n quiet Prev. Pallo re 1-Blt. In f rent to but. S Bdrm. Fuu Baths. I.a3 Rachles bus. .5239. To. A 5-tj1t freelance copy. Cd tiny Boova a brochures. Foj rea5. Ever or Wendi i. By Mac 33s Rifle. Kei see 153 s. Cheater Pasa., Apt. Fttie Eitnie for a. I finishes per month pt.u3 single also by q very attract n. Los Huntington i 2 bedrooms 2 b.- from 12 1hs Wesl hint Lorton. Accad i Apt. Large living m e Rondem a Lichen. 818 o. A Mobil Arter it . 7-76 2 left. A Rasht 2-bl Nysp. Gar. Free by. House a eater. Or Kef. 730 n. By 5-m75 free. By 3-ssi 68 if heated Pool Beau Lully t urls had of us. A mils. 276 a Slorra Mailer blvd. Btl Rtin Colo Rado it Lily its 3y pop. To. Conn. Lulls. A sundry fall paved Prker. Ken Market on bus line. By ii 4-6h. Cps. Drapes. It in. Prev. Patio . Pool. To of Rel blur but Al. 9y no. Cai nirm for in vomit Lacey o , Vijay we. O types Al Bice soon. Itt Mac j150 danish mod. Couch Anvia cushions too d luxe 5300 suffer Grassmueck . 5 527 k. ado by of j St 3 w ton Ovja 2-Bdrm. Units u 2b7 n. Shamrock North of Koo Hill. After 5 . Al. 3115. Unt a. Pm. U. My Home. By Iraina Prev. Aviv. Drive. Sys so 30 a miseries child Gaie kiddie Day car hot prov. Kun err Tahr or. Us by -43 a talks re Homet 7-7s52 lie. By child care by Home 2 Crich. Chairs. Wailtl Potzl vase l not the if w it Uphard. Kos up i Tjo Sll we comply. V stator chair drop fat Chr orc la be a chairs. Ml5c 6" k Kex relent condition. Box a 1 i Ner Sprinc mattress. tin headboard. My w. Main at 9-42 r. Tax reduction Sale Keif my of tar. Of Irlvy Roo Ula ror Chi Lilma mint Crar i Host All Trade e fit before tax time. Include pianos 2 manual groan s j chord organs from s i Valley music a Supply c d 319 in. Hunt Norton or. Mirov t Al co ill Snep Heiri. , by at 6-1s6? after i p. M s info. Free. Ca k Carman. Shepherd. Femal 19 by 5-oo 3 grooming eras. By Flea by 6-w . Toy. Acc. 7 like apts. J a bedroom in firn s a of room Lovely St Parale Yard 0 Call by 8-73.1s Kves. 7 Pasadena special a by. Kit. Planell furn or unfurl. Iso. S9 1id e. Wain ton by 8-3s mod. Attract. Gie. Tull. 5 luxurious apts. Brand Rewt. Mar. Pas 5 a liitle apis. A tells. Paid keat Pool. Adl Lotf. By 2-so 0 r Bdrm. Apt. Over 6aiac Pool a Garace. Eves Oner 7 hardener single 1 to rent a Lurn. Apt. A Carat Call or. Anderson. St 3-103 s. Orange Grove area. 495. 2-fl Prev. Patio. Fralc. Gar., Mih s. heal. Adults. So 4-Br. 2-Tath. No 7 pus pm. Rod Shad Trees. Jim. After 4 6-d3 of ext Jib House on 1. St 1 31 ei.6-7s 24510n. Al Molino Khy Nick 5 pm. Duplex up 455 m rare Lyl. 3y by 6-07r5 Ifo. , furn. A it Nix. Or. . By Mur. . Csc. Iwa 10 Lanoi ords s let us to to 7 Yra. Licensed. Pys tic Dat care u . Acid Cru. By Birdp s License a baby cart Ora Arf o fsr Staw St i of v 32 houses to be Hospital Bop. Var hit. 7 rear Malires a Elf ,7 4165. Jap Una Walker Cor. R svs in s Entink or ept 7 in Lurline stove a e ill Park St. Pasa. Oren Hiiri Keb. L. S , to s . A i pc. 3eeiforal. It used. J125. . Bed of if Apoc Green of warehouse pianos -1 5 a used pianos famous makes direct to you Sav Lnch Lyon Van storage co As s. Marengo open Fri. R Call or by from 575. By 9-Ssw. Rooduk. Silver. A 3 month of . Reaa. By c-23 twin poodles male Black acc thesis 10-wf.f.k-or.t j. W _ Monk f1tn to Cethil than anyhow or Uliey Kif Sacir of Thrift company no you Are Oul keep you stitch Al when void in a two for the prick of Iris Robles by 2-s1 12 Pasadena court j by. Adults no feta. N Rural slated sch a. Al Aller or by 5-2jjs5 High Altadena r 1 Burro. Taste ruler tar Carrel. Baleen Kitchen. Urls. It . Fly Bachelor Apt. Uni. In bus it shod Punj. By 4-s4 _ pm. Be dim co inti Market it bus. By 5-m paid r m7 mar by decorated. Roomy 1-Br. J 95 fin7.n to i Rolleston sys k 2-b.ii. Built in so 72 Pilk Strolo Lieo. Orange o 1 deluxe 2-Bk 2-Ba. Decor to Tup Barratt co 8t Duarte j by. Cal oreo 0. M is5 too. N. Of foothill. Ill Nick t room House. Be Sponsell 3. Coloured pref. By p 1 by. A till . Kast to Asadon 7 1 old Bot Vano sell rent or manage your property t screen c Are full r 95 Hawkins realty is 337 k. Oreen fit 3-3in by 2-4103 my 1-7119 family of 5. 3 Buiu. 2 Lee a Trant 3-rr, lmme.1. 6 1s Kimbau 1 by child pm so. Pasa 1-rear Yard. Conv. Loc. By if . By for better Homes Calll Cou act consolidate rip Cash 16 76u i Etc. To Solo is Jjo. By d 3jod. Idaho Jar. To fun. Lyon Van a Slor Are 1 55 so a Trento or. Cal tech pc k. Ludlo am. 00 n. Wlson. Act. S. By -s6 s Pasa 2 by s Arcadia nearly 2 b House. 1155. I i i Cath Kerf i by feb. 15? flu to assert 5-3946. . 135. My 2-326 Davin Poffet. Tip Rlph vae Knirr Jill zip carpet so. A top Cash for your piano 0 Gould music co. By 6-s1 Baldwin pianos Oroa. Better used spinet 75 miscellaneous 55 garage for Stourac n o or or 51ft to. By 9-5 3 isl to for rent 2615 . Inn. By a-6i nicely furnished up alr-corxl., a mrm. A at clean Altra Culvr . Pas h Deua. 1931 i Wolf is. By 8-2 3s9 n pit oneals non r. 1 Elm. By -9r 37 set pa9adesa 1-mr 590 up. 1 2-Br, i Jim fireplace. Or. Freeway. Ca 1-7 2 Bdrm. Eho a Lort Atlon Adulla. By -39 of 1-Br. Stove re Rolf. Aau 7t 2 s. Oral Oaks. By 2-es Fujiu 8r Curren stut Attyd. Saby Orand Fuso. Noo 3 i Max. My furn. Real Nice. Or 1 or info i Fie by s4_l.e. Pleasant Apt. C a Burlon cd. Api. 3. . I . Choice. Apul no pets. 177. By i5d tji pole. Arrada ry8-7 or 1 of i 1s in. Mulls. 102 n. 3 purrs 720 it. Alu. Is to 963 Oft Sci Ham Wixel Harty by 0-3657 sinking n. or per. Near 1-Br., vol la carafe c 7s or. Arcadia. I Tsa Cheh seeds piano i Jiu in. Dlr by Cooke or kor of 2-att Call 8y sv152 a 6 . Sat. B am Rede. 1 by upper. A. Robles a Orani. Or. Gar. By w. Alambra and. By Aden Ivy

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