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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 30, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaKt.jmmmwvm.1fm business Complete new York Stock report Dow Jones in. Info asian f Roc steels spearhead late Wall Street buying r St Mac am form new York. Ins rail Zentay which lifted to jr., Road shares sparked a late Tett Levels in More than v3t8s.v5t. I s rally on the Stock Market yes rant hot i steels utilities some non Itous and investment specialities most from the late which ended More than two Days of indecisive Wall Street jul Rolft Neff net pacts for missile work a contract for re search and development on guided missile system equip of the ment has been awarded Aero Jet general corp., in Azusa los Angeles army ordnance District 55 so. Grand ave., Pasadena announced yesterday. And n e f t instrument corp. Of Pasadena has received a order from Aero Jet for do amplifier instrumentation. The equipment which in Tom us is set is to on t s a to do i i 1.00 is a i w4c Aik a h 1 3 part o 104.10 the Dow Jones average finished with a gain in. Of 52.49 at about its Best level t the rail Index added equal to about two per cent in the total value of rail stocks into if leaders and utilities ended 31 higher in a fourth straight Rise. In the Hock l a. Steel Lien Moton Sid Oil no Frei Trail us ft5 30.300 Polaroid on stand i Ark Trio Jotun me in volume expended afternoon rally to shares from tuesday s turn Over of before the rails started to eludes amplifiers Power move attention focused plies and Racks will be Asso steels As a result of Riata a with thermocouple port of record earnings by temperature measurements u. S. Steel and a guardedly , null Jim intr. On rocket engine Static test optimistic statement by chair die aug Odd com Cameo m Tuu. Stands. Jan Roger Blough. It phone firm to spend million 20 Republic climbed i5i. Fractions were added by i Lehm. National and Jones Admiral Laugham. Laero oui air reduce carriers gain Jun. Among the carriers West a total of has was added by Atlantic coast been allotted by the general line. Northern Pacific South to Telephone co. For construction expansion and improvements Ern Pacific Southern Illinois Central and of its services in the fast Pennsylvania and new York growing East san Gabriel Val Central overcame Selling to Ley area. End fractionally higher. This sum amounts to Over a each of the three leading third of the company s 1958jmotormakers also edged up budget of an wards and the Pivotal group bounced Harlan showed Eastman Kodak executive vice president. Dupont i higher. The Glendora Central office general electric plus a and will be equipped with More Jersey Standard ahead of automatic toll group ticketing equipment during the wag d year. Ii. The Puente area general will spend sl.390.000 Matic toll lines and service for telephones. Am 2 Soor 13 _ Nat 6hr. J 79s m Tea 11 gum Bat i Grace co --0 Palt in Granty m j Orand in 6 Oran c us 1 Grant 1 Grajera Rob 33 it n in Ort at no Pap it it Weet s Natoma 1 Nehl up 3 est ssh 13 42 it air Bra us ctn 203 15u 34 Kuhart t non Humpl 9 it show .10 Ststa to 13 Mph 21 do or z .30 shr 10 is m 16 inv 7 73 Aisup 2 at City Al 1 at a stunt 9 Natl Nejiu 5l Clow do it Alai c do of do i Alai per Nelch autom cant 2 i h Avo mfg 33 to f 3 t Aji Babbitt 1 t a w 22 Senas 3 h8 40 4 a 1 Ili Sfier by 49 Basic pm 1 Ball irk 15 Bayuk l l 5 i beat Ida him Uhi in 3s i 156 6s114 3d 3 25h 15 _ Bosua Bork warn w 2rh a 12 us i 50 Mish 8 biselo1 _ i do u of Luck do 1 j Jblake Knox Inkil set. Evv Boeing air 33 Ijohn Alum 6 Eon Ami a .20 Bond sirs 40 Viii Oisiu. 5 Tilhoo Ufir Al 14 i Illel spam 59u . Of 37% 1411 ii5 r 14b, i 38 p a mixed. Norden am am by p am blah _ am Chi 42 am Chain am i p -1.00 am t Van enc aus do bran afro l 2 i Bride brass itt u 3 of want h owing 111 g in do of 1 Oxford a 9 do of .50 am 41 2jt sail i2h j5 i 4it5 3lii 16s 17 Brunt ale 1s7 39 i Buchere pm 3 ii i j. The Volti 89% 13 i 1bh c3 Liucy Erie Ildi iced co off Foraci Ullard w pm 13 of 4.00 Indeli 3 i. Indus Ray in a Hill tuba my y. S let Harv 5l 3u4 Soli 44 " t j let Miner 15 2sh 28 30 731, am f 2 9t4 9s 1 12u 1ju m i is5 Iii 44% 44 i 4ikc 20 51h 14 13- 14 17 42 m t Iii is ii do 2 Al 1 33s 33-k bit 4 77 n i so 91 10 60 Vii t 5 4 i., i Penn Anawal Param Pic 24 Park it til .20 Park 50 Park Kuit 1 Pat no min 2 peat xxx Coal 3 do of 1 Penlick t f 5 Penn Dix Penn Tex _ do of 1 j c u 4 Ren Road life Ipen Salt 9 pal 4 do of 1.50 .30 136 0 59 4 1354 135ii Isi 29 55? .1 f Lei 0 sul 35 21 _8s io5 Chicago Grain Chicago. Wheat March May july september Low Clinis ii Tex pm to 1 we 32 ii december i _ u March. 1.10 Jursy 1.14 Al july 1.17ij 1.9ss 1.10 1.93% .50% Kaiser Al t do it Kan c Sou 1 pal Kaysi. Haj 32 pc Netcott 52 78 it or 109 Belt Champ Pap 1 do p .30 clump Ull 59 Chanel vol Cli Etker cab 1 Chemway 10 com up a 11 cues i us 44 Ciu Kern c old 12 364 Kerr Mcgee in do of 8 j3ji Elk t. Ortii. Us 10 Lee ruh4t 1 leh port c 55 Uhic 1 of 1 leh v or 33 14 Lehri a 1 Lerner 3tr t Lof Ouss 7 u mcm4l 79 1 i it lid i list ind 11 i Litton ind 11 lock air h Loti 1? Lones Emu Gas s Pew i e 1 penal cola 37 pet milk of .10 petrol up Felt Fer b Olzer Phelps d Pella Al is to of 1.20 103 do of 1.00 99 pc Phel Post 3 21 4 t poll 30pm Law 17 do of i 1.90 44v mor 28 _ 1 i c 2 18s 18 87 88 i full shoe 1.50 tax 29 of in do of x 4.0c Lone isl it 2.1 lil pie Lorillard an increase in contracts for a. Be Ortii Sec of. S residential buildings was More tary. In West Covina and 3 Jas ?05 ?1? is than offset by Fler lines in non re elected to the Board in Azusa and would j. V a j ses residential and heavy Engmeier Thrapp. A. R. Bishop. Frankl Caulde the contraction of a do " to Lojiw t ferry Cpanor 7 we my contracts. It. Cotter. Charles j. Over Little in december residential George e. Donnatin John budding contracts totalled Mage Edward o. S758.580.000, an increase of 9% Over december 1956. Non residential building contracts amounted to a de c Ine of 8ri from the previous december and heavy Engineer ing contracts at were Down 13rr. For the year As a whole residential building contracts amounted to s13.039.005.000, ahead of 1956 non resident and Percy ii. Wire trouble cuts Mart list w 10 it i Cluett pea 18 i coca cola 6 j05u Lolk Palm 7 31 of iconic pal .20 so Roll a Alt 1 13 i Colo k it i 3il 2 in i col Bart a 4 27 col Bart b i 27 Colm Gas Vii n Chester l. Bower carb 9 60 1717 i 40 i pc 15 4 20 i h 14 2.20 Murrant St 41 2 Merck 64 41 err cuts 21 1 much 3 4 Miami cop 5 mlle 3 it 47 old Iron of .10 at planning lunch 17 i welfare planning will he guest speaker at a luncheon meeting today at come Irma the Independent regrets the Pasadena Altadena com pm Cal that a null apr of quotations a Trinity planning Council at Are missing from yesterday s Myca. Con tial building at sll.293.149.000. New York and american was up 1 to and heavy Engi Stock reports be m Neering. At was cause of transmission trouble up 4t f. In the Kast. In 17 cred 10 solv j cd o 32 m 3ji-i Minir a cd f t ills Hon 52 s z. I 2 of 1 16 St 27 i ills Hon 52 13 pit bar l t Suel t to Eva Pitt tort co 18 Polaroid 135 50 i 43h 50 s my do poor Aco 30 20 i inti 20li Boi pot Elow 19 2 24 to la j do m c Asir rain unit uncut 2 yellow us i 1.12w i yellow 4 Rel lib h allow i a Unali Yerow 15s u no. 1 a i t unchanged no. 2 plump 1.24.n. 15 Farus malt fans 1.20-1.30n. A 33 i trick a Pacific coast Stock Exchange my 1.10 1.10 100 7 7 3. A y. 3. 35u Gen u hand cd a Oil a u m m am Oil co 300 Nomon corp 1000 i Occidental petrol 300 4 so Oalif Gasa 200 i so Cal petrol to 2.60 2.m too 1.10 94 37 h 36 4 Al .30 140" 140 Lou Nail 10 Lowen 1? 12 Lukena us 23 sack try 282s" 5 do of chef 7o do of 38 magma up 31 10 Jarac Oil 28 Mallory 3 Marint mid 37 Marq Ctm 11 Martin co 37 Mit Poulte 5 my n sir 15 a Richfield dividend notice the Board of directors meeting held january 25, 1958, declared a regular quarterly dividend of seventy five cents per share on Stock of this corporation for the first Quarter of the Calendar year 1958, Pya he March 15, 1958, to stockholders at record at the dose of Busi Ness february 14, 1953. Norman f. Simf floods Storfer Richfield Oil corporation u. Am Alai 17, sip spasm 15 Minn atm Minn ont a ii Kob Pulton _ 1" h do it 1 Sii 4 j-2rock Gib 5 3114 h Rock Spe 23 26 i a 342., 31 3sr at Minn la u 1. Up Over the counter Bower s topic will he Homo on Ca Tut -2 Naker mrs. John s Boj Jwell chairman of the cil s child care division i bounced. 4touiui bid is express Maceo corp 11 Art pet 39 h 42 m Mutual funds Pill 1 nov York association be 7 "1 Assoc cd to i Flut 4.42 Axt Houch too id 5.4.-. Stock 3.17 axe Sci Al s 42 or 20.03 21.8ftl Bon-1 in Fram is.17 Broad g. Inv 20.44 2.10 Bullock fund 12.22 kid 6 Panama 1" k4 11.7- cd 1.0 to 16.m Cdr Irit or 6.44 ".04 4 s3 i 07 to i 07 i chemical k-1 3520 Ufi 441 f 4li f k k a Tronni. Ivor ii kit or Slock tobacco or Tirl sir i 1 m in. k1 hc7 hda 3.91 Frt 22.62 Al Bis i Irnne 7 Imrch 07 Lund l 6 i d 1 la it . 09 14.ij is Mutual tru to 3 h fi.04 nation a Kec int 1 7.42 Natl investors Nat sir 1 p and Piaf i _ unemployment up Sacramento. Cal. Is two slate report j mod to Conley that _ s i ment in California run Riiff Dpi nil her increased if r Over corresponding month a the departments Orkus employment and Industrial 3in, i. I am Marietta v am Ampe nip r Ardon far if i do i 7 arc v Arroli Dovat 4 Avon prod Bancroft hash 7 a water 3-, de 17 _ Cal Ore per 32 i of Par l Tell my wat sup _ Rie Vid Niffin is u 91. La i Itou Electron i mkt Basket 16 ii Merlin Rock 21 ill Mason Ktal Warren Bros 41 Wash Nat Las is Weber show 3 Western Ott fld West precis wizard boats ask 44 14 i n 16 no Indur ser 411 a i i 41 5 a Poi air with r cd 7.74 h i it 8 ? or with of thud 11.43 124 has pm 1644 17.1.7 of fires cd 3.80 cd 13.74 com 8.00 11 14 awarded contract a 5112.630 contract ,1 n i awarded yesterday to Ilie t. N2os m corp of by Rorr by ii Chi a ii county supervisors for pm Vii of a Railroad g5 Siva a Tibia a i 00 1 3 do aware cd 9.39 30 in Vert ji.14 12 17 Ai Browns crack near chats in St 1 inc s 05 i r i ?1 Sis priv "1 s3 Miuor 1 6 if p c 24 m Sii to Fly. Worth. Zmyj much Poth of am 30 mex he corp 19% gtd Ondo no is re pub sup 12 t Tel roam True rold a t 12 Roy Dutott by does Ken prod 2m, s ils Hoppler ask 11ts 13 Pac Mut i met Sierra pm 23h 25 i prov in a 31v Lilly Sou per 19 61 i so in Ingis 23 15 Spra Etie enc s1 28 4 state 10 1s% Statham 12 20% Sterlins Elmot 3 list it co 23 s 23 suburb prop 13 Iii Nim l icon ranch 4. I ii Tolo 45 _ k Colo of Laoag i it do pad 2tcon i l re pm. Oudomm 1 a Bra. S 111 Lilly to i first Bot up food Mart 14 k sir Werc a r. I d it 5 of if 1314 39 c ird 153 Jaipur 40 Ini Var Sou i inv cd 7.7fi 2.4h i Twyfor fut irl s 71 to in Wal 20.37 21 pile 18.50 202h inv 4 42 fund 133.7.1 130.ij fund 1204 1t02j melt 14 4ft Iti m1 Kofl Mut cd 2.12 r n 2fl of a pm cd 7.p.2 of Nib or Pom s of it 21 i 1 is cd in a x fund 7 i 47 Ontl i und to 17 1. 47 n n 10 of 11 n j k-1 -.7 r i i Kennicott drops new York. Konn Arntt corp. Reports earnings equal to it Ivor .v3ti Metal Al 1 it let s Ujj share of Rommon 1 v Al was i Sharp ii of from earnings of we Rori m a of 8 fir Fri. It in. 7 9fi Fin h v Khi St 40 1 j a i 11 in idiot s 17 twi 4.t on a rpt 1 Oen Amend n am invent 2 am Oil r 2 Maryland Caj 35 i 1244 i mass Bon Dunc 19% in freshet 1ft 434 National North 33 i i i Pacific employ i6u a in 14 4 _. A Lam 47 Al ram 4s i std Accident 43 try 21 ins 77 ii it Tenn adj to 30u 32 Tex to. 27 us fid us lift in. Tran 31 til n Oss 1sh thump Zibol to Tiff Sina oat Thor to 17k time in fi2u Timco Mirror 17ft incl in Gas i 17u Tucson Stafl null no Lon i do no s2 Al 1314 unit ii Llull inc ulna 8n fill no Tanintr App ii i 12% warn to Wiley 53 i bin Banken to Pitt 60h Chaie Lantiat 47 4ps i Chc Ornex by k 4m Contell a bpm Kent wbk Chi 317 2fis Flora Tyrity by .10u Fatsi Virv tar Niit 32% i ii furs Trust 41 Amertz of sri i Bank focal a Iii tall by la 42 la 4.t Crocker Ang n 27 3b Rini Mern 31 i dec up Etc la Lonb kit la m what s in store for stocks that s never easy to answer we admit but with the help of our research department in new York we be just put together a two hour answer that should make a lot of sense to any sea soned investor. If you d like to hear thorough going discus Sion of Basic trends in our Economy a series of specific suggestions to meet various situations and objectives during the months ahead then Don t miss our Stock Market forum. We re holding it two different nights. February 4th and 5th in our Pasadena office 575 East Green Street starting at Sharp. Bullish or bearish we think you la find these two hours Well spent think they should prove extremely helpful to even the most experienced investor. There s no charge connected with the forum of course but admission will be by ticket Only. If you d like to come simply Call and Tell us which night Vou prefer or just mail us the Coupon below. I would like to attend tout Stock Market forum tuesday. February 4 q wednesday february 5 d Pleate name add Stu Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner Leone it mkt Tkv York Stock exr Honfi and All of str Pritin pal ext Karafil 575 East Green Street Pasadena 1 Telephone by 6-0211 re 1-7437

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