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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 30, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaAnion Page a Mats Mph fat bus strike talks on More talk expected if you re Reading this while standing on Comer waiting for a Pasadena City lines bus Start walking. You May be comforted to know that talks will resume today after a four Day recess that followed a Marathon session Over the week end that was this thir.5 once and a the talks will resume but it s anybody s guess when the buses will resume. This Pace is typical of Pasadena City lines and the brotherhood of railway trainmen in their fumbling and half hearted pecking at this prob Lem. They have talked about this bus strike for 60 Days. How anyone could stay on so limited a subject for so Long without reaching some kind of conclusion is beyond the understanding of Ordinary men who Only want a bus they can ride. The issues Are not complicated enough to War rant All this conversation. Either the negotiators Don t want a settlement or they Are too immature to reach one or they Are Bent on destroying the whole process of collective bargaining. Last week this newspaper ran a series of articles suggesting that Pasadena might be better off to buy and run its own buses. Since then Many readers have written and phoned to ask How they can help Speed that Day. One Reader mrs. Edith a. Cole of 1735 e. Orange Grove avc., had a sad remark to make. She wrote that in her 38 years in Pasadena the Best bus service we Ever had was years ago when we had Jitney like Many other angry Pasadena is she wants to know How she can help Start City owned buses rolling regularly Here. At this Point while the City is exploring the possibility of buying its own buses she and All the rest of us can Only write phone and appear in per son before As Many City officials As possible letting them know where our sentiment lies. She and the rest of us will get the polite answers your letter has been filed or we re looking into but those letters and phone Calls will carry their weight. Meanwhile this news paper will Welcome letters on the subject to its says you column of Public opinion. It May be possible at last to move buses by building fires under the right people. You can Start a fire with enough angry letters. W4shington new blast brews in Agency probe Robert s. Washington. A new storm is brewing in the strife torn House committee investigating government administrative agencies which May blow it wide open. Cause of this latest backstage ruckus is a demand lot several score subpoenas. Representative Morgan Moulder chairman of the probes wants the subpoenas to obtain the financial records of both business and Federal officials particularly on the securities Exchange commission and the Federal communications commission. The request for these explosive subpoenas has been made to representative Oren Harris a. , head of the interstate Commerce committee the Parent body of the eight member investigating group. What happens next will largely determine the future of this dynamite loaded probe. Also the Fate of certain staff members who Are under fire. At a series of private committee sessions both re publicans and democrats have been sharply critical of staff plans and activities. Especially assailed have been so called leaks to the press about charges concerning government officials. The demand for the several score subpoenas will precipitate a showdown on this whole undercover situation. Official basis for these portentous subpoenas is an unpublished five Page opinion by comptroller general Joseph Campbell on the propriety of administrative authorities accepting gifts and other favors from business sources. That is sternly condemned by Campbell. His Overall disapproving conclusion is As follows such practice is not in keeping with the conduct which the Public demands of government officials and should not be condoned thus avoiding any appearance of favouritism what chairman Moulder requested comptroller general Campbell s after the staff reported that regulatory officials and in some instances their wives had received expensive gifts and Money. One Rase involved a commissioner charged with being consulted by his former Law firm about a client accused of violations by the commissioner s Agency. Campbell s critical reply is yet to be considered by the investigating subcommittee and the full interstate Commerce committee. What they will do with it remains to be seen. Not Only does he condemn taking favors from bus iness but he also indicates prosecution May be called for under certain circumstances. It is our states Campbell that Section 1911, title is of United states code prohibits an officer or a Mylove of a . Agency from receiving per diem and Nav cling from the government and. In addition any of his expenses Enid either directly or India Curtly by an individual association or corporation subject to that Agency s regulatory in analysing inc statutes applying to these matters the comptroller general stresses the importance of officials exercising discretion and restraint. Following Are highlights of this significant study of which More is certain to be heard it would seem inconsistent for this statute to pro Hibit the supplementing of the salary of an officer or employee from an outside source. And not prohibit an in direct Benefit Given to the officer s or employee s wife. In event this practice would not appear to in keep ing with the High standards of conduct which should be expected from government officers and employees. The question always arises As to the line Between the proper and improper in the acceptance of gifts favors or gratuities it is difficult to believe that an occasional luncheon or dinner is improper or More than a courteous gesture lavish or frequent entertainment gifts pay ing if hotel Hills travelling costs and allowances in Pur chasing certainly do not fall in that category. The general accounting office has adopted a code governing the conduct of officers and employees. Other of the government have adopted similar codes of conduct which Are strictly enforced thai is strongly to b.-1 tag pal Oil ill officials and not hams has asked Moulder to Check on a pos. Fibre conflict of interest Rase in his investigating staff. According to Harris this staff member has an interest Iii a Florida to station. Dictatorship l a horse Ike s postal Man gives Nickel prestige 7w col cart t pfc was a latin american lesson As i see it says you Rosemead booms Here in Rosemead we Are making the Grade every Day Here and there in California i on fee no quarrel with Ike s idea of the phones work on sunday. The Telegraph 5-cent stamp or intercity letters if Only for on sunday and certainly the utter is the Reiser that it would the Ricke As a fahd mean to communication Ai Back to common usage and perhaps restore phones and wires. In Mott foreign countries a Little of its badly tarnished dignity. Pen the mails work round Tow clock seven Days Nies even from heaven Don t mean anything a week and i see no need for a weekend vote . Tacking a couple of extra coppers in our own nation. Not in any Case at these on the stamp act would Hurt nobody severely prices. And it would the government another by Idle Bucks to waste on false friends of abroad. Some iterate of a foreign neighbor who will it is time the Nickel came Back to View. Promptly ask for More or threaten to turn i remember Well when it had dignity and to be communists. I would like to see the strength in the Market. Two Nickels made Post office spend the extra loot on a dime and a dime would buy you two Ham streamlining itself and bring itself up from burgers or a thick Milkshake. But about lne Days when Post meant a Guy galloping All a dime will buy you today is a phone Call on a horse with a letter in his Teeth. I foresaw the sputnik and possibly the you cannot Knock the air mail which has world s end when the phone people upped to fight weather conditions. I Wager i can the Price of speech from 5 cents to 10 and a letter faster from London or Paris or was moved in collaboration late one night Barcelona to new York than you can get an with an itinerant musician named Joe hush Ordinary letter from Brooklyn to Manhattan Kin to write a song called the fickle there must be some sort of possible Reform Nickel this song aroused wide in Man handling and this extra dough ought spread disinterest even from the rippling to be devoted to it. Right hand of master Pushkin but it was a a Tetra sad sad song and poignantly indicative of Windy bores the mood of the Century. Speaking seriously. I think we have Al _ ways paid too Little for a service More Neces a Saij . Sary than speech and there is no real reason it went something like this Why people who use the mails should not used to Call my baby for 5 cents. Never pay More and write less. It would certainly used to worry about the rent. But when a discourage the Windy bores who spend then dime won t buy a Milkshake and. Two Bucks spare time wasting yours with written com won t buy a Beefsteak. I got the sad time Mun cations. A great Deal of so called fan Nickel blues. And a fellow s mail for and against would suddenly cease got to holler when a hot dog costs a Dollar and the bread and butter letter would die a Short and painless death. The Only really appreciative audience to people not Only talk too much but they this threat to Gershwin was Bernard m. Certainly write too much. I foresee a Day Baruch who had been preaching the ills of soon upcoming when the most practical inflation for some years and he reckoned method of discouraging letters to the editor that if our ditty did not comprise pure Art will be to make the Dollar Bill a kind of Sta it sure As hell put the Finger on what ailed Itonery like a mail used to be and do away the country. With Stamps entirely. But if i am paying this Wistful currency but. In the meantime at least we be got 5 cents for a Mere stamp i want a Little the Nickel working again and there s extra More action out of the Post office depart Money in the Bank. I applaud or. Eisen ment for my dough. I want saturday after Hower s idea and am As the saving goes noon and sunday deliver for instance. Tele pleased to shove my two cents into the pot that flashlight hike up Echo it. Is slated for i Jan. 31, tomorrow night not Jan. 21 As appeared the in Sci Ita Liuigi 1 in. Now building a Branch for the other morning. To to n Sale and servicing of trucks the column on Titus Canyon in death Valley in san Gabriel Valley. The brought a couple of letters. Among them location is at Rosemead Bou dear Russ Levard and lower Azusa Road. I Joe your column. I sure Man made pyramids and there is less explanation. And of the deep Blue of the a piece on spectacular or sky As one comes 0 Canyon brought Back he Ake from across the dry fond memories. Many Many desert a Friend Pasadena news note a new masonic Temple is do. Being constructed on Valley q Boulevard near Walnut Grove a number. Of new business l a p anyone else any clues on places have opened in Rose Sedan from b Nevada Mead during recent months with the expansion of others. U Rosemead chamber of com a Flash flood the week be Merce is looking Forward to fore had washed out what its biggest installation dinner Ever Road there was and left the Lake mystery in 30 years on feb. 25. Every Many boulders on the Way. Thing is Rosey in Rose meal. I had the expert advice of Harry e. Tullar a backseat Driver who never Rosemead had his hands on a steering wheel. He meant Well. The farther we Sot Down raps bus strike the Canyon the More quiet i thank you Lor Ray Dun pal became. Can s article telling us at. He was not a praying Man. Least some facts As to the but i suspect that for once current bus strike and As lie prayed All the Way Down one of the strike hound ones until we reached the floor i think there ought to be a of the Valley. Reader s recess student tax break sought by left w. Nash it v. S. Missile Progress is too fast Nikita let s via a postcard dear Russ the other week end we Sug fest an end to missile were out in the desert near Trona just at dark. Up Over the pan mint strik Eback at some ones or thing they both workers and capitalists Are exploiting and using us who Are the greater mass of the unorganized and unprotected individuals. I wish to hit Back and As hard As i can but How i was strike bound Here since november until last wednes Day when i had to go to los Angeles to use their Library. My neighbor let me drive with him and after doing my work there i walked Back to Pasadena. John g. Moore. Pasadena. Yours George spies i know what Yon George. That Titus Canyon Road is enough to make a Christian out of any Tenderfoot Heathen. In reply to our recent column on the mystery of Pyra Lake comes this interesting note lights they moved North in a group through the pan mint disappearing now and then As they passed behind peaks. We finally lost them As they moved North. They did t move or act like fights on an air plane. Back from our filet 1938 the Reader s with a a Canadian visiting in Pasadena. I read your remarks about Canada and foreign Aid. If you la forget for a minute that you Are one of the overbearing americans of which thank god there Are very few you la note that we canadians get Noth ing from the . That we do come from the people in the not pay for in Canadian Dol states How can the Federal Lars which Are Worth More government give something than yours Are i doubt to any state without first hav if you Are Man enough to ing taken it by Force some make a correction the times from the state before reason Canada had a tax Cut is that our government is not did you hear about the As wasteful As yours per pretty nurse at a Pasadena Centa Lewise Canada gives Hospital who rushed out of a More Cash and materials to private room into the Corri underdeveloped nations than Dor. Calling excitedly for the the . Does grow up doctor of her famous film you George Star patient. I think he s de Thomas Regina sask. Livious. she panted. He keeps asking for his visitor Thomas is most unhappy but is assuming an intent without reason. From july 1, 1945, through your Story re the Pyramid Lake mystery brought to mint another legend which i heard on my visit to the Lake some years ago. June 30, 1956, according to today s congressional reports Avail t5 t Thov did t ant like Able from the Library of con but then they did t act like stronghold of formulas and the to s a Zave to anything we had Ever seen electrons when three Cal tech in postwar foreign before. We re wondering of whom would Aid Grants the sum of have graduated in Sqq were arrested on burglary lived for a Quarter. Charges by detectives Harry Century on the Border of Man. Thomas and Loyal Clark and Ito a j know the m. Adams a weird tale of Brazen Lawless Ness of Canada. In some was Ness throughout Southern a fan Pasadena quotes Friendship California was unfolded. The three youths Are now in the k is one of the talk i have an old Sun dial in of 0 Globe my a Friend to me. I keep it near at City jail and will be arraigned f or itch of hand for the inspiration it Friendship is a together on burglary charges. The to from the a of. To Keaup All their bottle s rebuttal Ness of mind s As Well As of i noticed the indians bring hearts of hearts As Well As jobs in a Day ing in the Fine Large Trout of minds. Very no yearns found in the Lake. For Friendship. But few want my Friend explained that it badly enough to achieve As Lite Ives me each Day. There is a line on it that says i Only record the sunny would t it he wonderful if 1948 were As great As our notable we Woulston y court the ordinance to Northern neighbor there d be hours in life or ideas from those americans. Having read with extreme satisfaction Alva Buttles re t Oon. Spouse to t. S. Eliot s poetry Only indians could fish in the much of it As ency yearn Tor Corrol Pasadena a Bee. Peace on Earth. Reader them significant ones on the which is also my rebuttal i Lake not because of any Man for Friendship takes h is was passed at the Thomas need not remind me dark Davs we would think i was amazed to find our Law. But because there was time it takes time to Acreve Pasadena Council of the excellence of a great Only of those that had blessed Friend Skelley approving of a spirit in the Lake which and time to maintain. Meeting to appease complain land and a Fine people. During the sunny Days. Buttle s comment against a caused terrific Waves to Rise Amnie. Who claimed the bees under the Glass of my Busi writer one should imagine and overwhelm the White were Buzz bombing them stuff you la soon Ness Des s a be the mental health become while they were bathing in forget the ultimate in poet Celia Thaxter. It reads such an Issue tvs their swimming pools. One nonsensical nomenclature the Sunse never us crazy in of " complainant said my wife ij0la Mason. To has we ought to think of Imi. Of is All Crnkic to lips Anli one been named miss Frozen Rab tvs it s always a companion is stung she will be dead in of 1958 Tornor Clouds and always near 10 the ordinance Row is another Day was the at Nan i when we speak of life it restricted anybody from keep outside my Library i look this is not important just self we know that we speak ing Hees within 200 feet of Mitchell planned for her Lupon that Are heavy would have been an idol of Man s boat and usually to Skelley s ilk drown him. Eliot is against Darwin and the restaurant owners at evolution he is for a return Sparks Nevada knew this legend and doubted Uny White Man s Story if he brought in any fish. The memory of a pleasant trin of a great mystery. Any swimming Pool and also Copp with the wind epic under a fresh Snow. The Sun in a fascinating country with to have stepped unbidden stated that no person in South in jays Glenn Miller lost s scattering Beautiful to what some of us Call superstition i others Call it re Ligion i and to is against science. So is skill of. So. By docs skill by approve of my rebuttal John g. Moore magnificent scenery. Nature s upon holy ground. Pasadena could Harbour More 533.000 in one of his several shadows across the Earth into Pasadena pyramids Are equal to the digest than three Bee colonies. Hand ventures. Even his a do Dutiful pattern. I keep Brunswick recordings now linking of the million of per collector s items were not Lect crystals that form this Selling sen. Albert Gore Winter covering. What Amaz a Tenn commenting on a ing Art there is in every Corner recent visit to Russia de of nature no Man made cleared it s the one place i be tapestry could Ever be More Ever taken my wife where she mysterious or perfect than did t want to buy some hat one nature weaves and clothes Ike says the fed leaves to our love and enjoy today i would like to talk pit Vrissis Rosea is not Seri diseases syphilis. Psoriasis grow this. What should i Al government should give l it Anniv. and Senor the states for educational that Sun dial is a silent better health pity basis Rosea fascinating but misleading or. C. A. Dean by about an unusual but fascia Ous although it can be annoy fungus infections and Sebor do7 rating skin disease known As ing. Itching pain and Irurita Rhea. Some of which Are very pity basis Rosea. It appears Tion from rubbing by the serious thus your family Doc mrs c. L. Needs does l this Money i sunny Houts and made them a part of our Independent lives l love to see a Sun dial thighs. Usually it starts with Ness As the diseased skin is have a 3 i year old in Flower a single Patch Herald Patch usually hidden by clothes and daughter who has been Rock Ness you Check put Ami Ujj like a heavenly watcher its before it blossoms Forth. Does not cause subjective ing in bed at night for several Elln on this Assort. Editor w. G Sumner life Here records not Only the the patches vary in symptoms. Years. She gets on her hands Angle. I would also try to Arnold sunny hours but fragrance As from i Inch to 2 inches in generally no treatment is and Knees and rocks for one Tulp rocking quiet he Aci Vermac mar s i. Have sri treasuring it As sister diameter and tend Ollow required. Incl with severe Csc. Two hours while she is padding the crib using cast Only that. Dial the cleavage line of the skin your doctor can prescribe Point a sleep she is very nervous ers p r Humb a Alk think what it could say those Oval patches become ments ultraviolet Light anal is Well otherwise. 1 am kor or. Dean s new in Page in the Sam mar times As Ntim covered with a dry crinkled. A Ray treatments. Afraid she will Hurt her head medical Hook Send 2.v in Coin Ivr inc. Loi an. Herless Dew drops chorus the peeling skin a Fitch resembles Rosea can he con All the doctors i have gone t no Stamps care of this news Hillh of an Lher Sunse and Fine cigarette paper. Fused with several other skin to say she will have to out paper. Paui. Another Day

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