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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 29, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaChallenge of sputnik. New series by or. Lee Dubridge. Starts saturday weather Mefi Dmit a wily my but today. Crea Siuk re mob with a Banc of Imren. High today Law 45. Kan probability 107. Today 45% 10 cents the Independent 44 pages classified by 6-0311-ail other 5-68u-Ry 1-s188-Ze 2330-hi 6-4671 Home edition county super Rufean voted yesterday to Roor Fum Tho paiute men of a Semmo gardens to Oteter attendance. 2. Pasadena Cal., wednesday Jan. 29, 1958 . Rejects Russ plan for Summit Washington. In the state department Vester a Day firmly rejected Russia s bid for an Early Summit meeting which would tackle simple East West issues first and then move on to Hornier problems. J the department coupled the i rejection with a charge that Nikita s. Khrushchev s Dis a toned View of this country s1 policies and motives showed i the futility of a Short unprepared meeting of Heads of gov i George Abe of let s not forget old Ben by a fourth grader who takes her school holidays serious i t be which was in brought smiles to the Ead by press of Pasadena school b o a r d White said room yesterday when she states was standing by suggested and rather i he for a Summit meet strongly that something be Iown by resident done about Ben Franklin in his Jan. 12 let t i or to soviet Premier Nikolaii Joan Mumper ii7 Sierra a bul Zanin View Road Pasadena and a j the Bulgari no Pasadena satellite ready to blast off murder suspects Carol Fugate and Charles Starkweather student at san Rafael eled menary school wrote the to a less there was adequate prep i i feel that we should get ration. At the out of school on Jan. 20th foreign ministers level and in Hess there was a genuine pet of agreement. Khrushchev the russian ,1ermin Franklins birthday because he was almost As Good or better than George i communist part chief in Dis or Abe even if they were Russ inf the Condi. Presidents. If he had t invented Light ing rods and other stuff we tons at a Moscow cocktail party said we be had four or five years of talks. Aren t would be sitting in the dark Vou sick of without a Good stove and the first things first people who s eyes won t he then proposed an Earl i work right would be Sittig Summit it in the dark. Too. Thins he i Hope you agree with ii Ned the plan ,0 a Mea me. Really i do. She con inhere you Start with the a i the Board took the Kuskis hours d oeuvres. Then the soup then the j Khrushchev said the presi i Dent s proposal for a ban on Long Range ballistic missiles would protect american Terri tory but preserve More conventional weapons which could keep he whole world in a1 state of clouded. Matter under advisement. Two killed in crash of bomber Nebraska slaying victims Carol King and Robert Jensen teen age pair hunted in Nebraska massacre Edwards air Force base. Cal. Ins a Navy a3d twin Jet attack bomber crashed in flames yesterday on the Mojave desert seven Miles North of Barstow killing two Douglas aircraft crewmen. The bodies of the two Vic Tims recovered from the wreck High court nixes suit on dodgers the state supreme court 6th Thor launched in Florida Cape canaveral Fla of the air Force launched its intermediate Thor missile yesterday in what was believed to be a sixth Triumph of the powerful ballistic weapon. The 62 foot projectile with a 1500-mile Range Rose from its launching pad at the nation s missile test Center and hurtled into a Bright Blue sky Over the Atlantic. The Pentagon isaid the launching was Suc i i Cess Ful. I Jupiter soon i the mighty Thor is the air Force counterpart of the army Jupiter. Another missile in ithe Jupiter program the Jupiter a is expected to be launched soon with a Small Pasadena built Earth satellite in its nose. A Pentagon spokesman in Washington said the Thor flew its prescribed course i and landed in the pre selected Impact this was believed to be the. A Lith Thor launching the sixth i successful one. General s speech j j maj. Jen. J. W. Serums i of the air Force research and j development command said in speech prepared prior to the launching that there had been 110 missiles launched in the Thor test program. F five of the last six mis i Siles fired in this program i were launched j and have amply justified the i Confidence we have in the families he said. No information was Avail about the prospects of Ai satellite shoot. The Navy tried unsuccessfully for three Days last week to launch the latest victims in the Vanguard satellite Carrier to f Jibb Fife satellite ready to go this Cal tech built satellite will be used when army fires its Jupiter a missile in Florida. Satellite and final stage rocket Are designed to orbit at single unit. Bennett. Neb. I frightened farm three More Bullet torn bodies turned on All available lights wer. Discovered yesterday Rais inside and out. Some said they Umi ing to six the number of Mur would maintain an Rier victims in a Southeast Vigil lest the killer or killers1" Nebraska reign of terror for strike again which a 15-year-old girl and age were identified As Thomas yesterday refused to set g. Kilgariff 33. Of Lancaster a possible Road Block in the and Hor in experimental test Pilot and path of the los Angeles flight Engineer Dale Albert dodgers to Chavez Ravine Well. Benethum 29. Also of their proposed 50.000 scat armed Ter stadium. Witnesses reported the plane the court declined without apparently exploded in the air comment to hear a pet Tinni and that its Tail Section by mrs Therese Steff i integrated As it plunged Chavez Ravine proper Foj u i r j i i j y u bal cell la Jar Sci w6rc postponed further Effort were two missing Bennett teen the Jupiter a thereupon re responsible. To be no _ or military staff owner. She sought a writ of mandate barring a june 3. Referendum on a proposal to turn Over a 300-acre site to then dodgers or the baseball the Baghdad pact us Council of ministers took a she if to voters a 5lpp toward military the los City water 7f Knight asked for special water session Robert Jensen 17. The Here Carol i Aroi King. 16, whose bodies Moon program had been Flung into a storm the first sign of he _ of an abandoned visible to near Bennet. A a a a Cloud i the two youngsters had steam and dust which Bil missing from their Home since Lowed up when the fuel blast monday night when they had seared through water cooled gone or a ride in Jensen s tubes in the launch j police said the girl s ing stand Iii j Corpse had been Flung on Topi Baghdad Jensen s body in the storm about an hour earlier he body of an elderly Bachelor Farmer As Meyer 70, was found Sho o dead on his farm near Ben Moon Over Miami next spinning sputnik streaks Over Valley encores today while the United states was preparing to launch a made in Pasadena satellite in Florida last night a made in Russia satellite was orbiting Over Pasadena. Sputnik ii with a dead dog inside flashed across the sky above Pasadena shortly before 6 . One Moon watcher Richard Mccormick. 12. Of 999 Topeka St. Pasadena told the Independent last night that he saw the Bright Light of sputnik followed closely by two other lights which appeared to be above the russian Moon. The satellite should be visible at . Today and As crosses generally from North instrument p a a Jupiter a to carry jul Moon by John butt a Pasadena built satellite is mounted in the nose of the army Jupiter a rocket which is reportedly poised at Cape canaveral fla., for Ian attempt by the United states to place an artificial Moon in an orbit around the Earth. If the launching is Success Ful the orbiting satellite will radio information about outer i space to scientists around the world who Are participating in International geophysical year. Cal tech Job the satellite built at Cal j tech s Jet propulsion Labora Story in Pasadena is designed j to measure temperatures re Cord cosmic rays and detect the Impact of Micro meteorites. A jul spokesman con firmed yesterday that the satellite on the Jupiter a rocket is a made in Pasadena Model. It was announced 2 2 months ago by or. William Fth. Pickering director of jul that the Cal tech operated lab oratory had been Given responsibility for development of j satellites to be used in army Moon launching. The satellite is the so called modified Van Allen named for or. J. A. Van Allen Iowa state physicist who first developed it As a sphere to be carried by Vanguard rockets in the Navy s Ign launching i attempts. To Neef conditions in the i army Laune hints jul re designed he satellite to j form a cylindrical package i about a foot Loni and 5 inches in weigh ins 20 pounds. I reports from Cape can. Zaveral place the satellite s weight at about 30 pounds. Nent military planning stuff. However to h the Thiim the hunted girl s Stepfather Anu Power commission yester Day urged gov. Goodwin taxpayer suits Al Knight to Call a special session ready filed. These is of the state legislature to Rity was not receiving water on theh pc s of he mid Marion s Bartlett 57. And her problems. T for the dle East pact mom bars or Mother. Bart lots wife. Velda the commission asked land. Increased Mill-35 were found to death special session be called after mrs. Stuffy alleged the tar Aid in outbuildings behind their the adjournment of the would be Worth 12 million turkish it Ekrem l no n Home. They had session which opens if rezoned for was named j-0 head the been killed with Shotgun blasts. Week Cial use she also argued staff for 1958. United their daughter. Betty Jean 3, at the same time the com contract Between los angles states air Force Mai Gen a Hal sister of the hunted girl Mission endorsed s59.715.172 of and the baseball club does not Daniel s Campbell was a suffered a fatal Skull fracture i the budget request of the state require the team to Stav in pointed his Deputy. Authorities reported the two department of water re los Angeles for a. Definite the pact members in Addi fugitives were believed to be sources to be used for the length of time. Ion nip Turkov. Driving a 1pm dark Bine Ford i Ealther River project and As the taxpayer suits arc Iran. Iraq and Tho Sedan. Other state water develop now pending in Superior court in itch states is n o t a full sufi c dodgers engineers Are Mak member of the pact and Sec. J preliminary studies Dulles is attending the and the Fugate teacher politicking suit passes 1st Legal hurdle but apparently some auxiliary equipment is included. The be itself weighs 20 pounds according the jul spokesman i in addition to recording instruments. The satellite is equipped with a jul designed Micro lock r a d i a transmitter satellite turn to Palfe z inactive judge paid 2 years by Bob in efforts to bring intends to spice summonses a Pasadena teacher election Eer on or. Roy Simpson state suing controversy to trial of schools and won yesterday when a los an Robert Kirkwood state comp a san Fernando municipal Eles judge denied the county trailer. Judge has been inactive for William e. Lamoureaux two years because of illness assistant county counsel collected 516.500 an he local school pay a joint legislative committee said yesterday. The joint committee on the the counsel s move to have Case thrown out of court. Superior judge k u g e n e ruled that the tax payer s suit brought by Pasa Board was Given about 10 Days to file an answer o atty. Caryl g. Sheldon1 the allegations in the com administration of Justice said against the Board of Educa plaint filed last october. It had information that munic Lamoureaux. Speaking by pal judge h. A. Decker 68, Tion and others qualifies As an s7fi.976.972. Construction of the As an observer. Dim View of dark Home wife matchless mate1 divorced were reported to be Arr Fetij with a .410-Pauge Shotgun a .22-caliber Rifle and possibly a .32-caliber weapon. A sen ice station attendant in South Lincoln told police1 j Starkweather and the Fugatti girl stopped at the station late monday and bought Shotgun action for declaratory Relief. Phone to Board member Walter held court sessions on Only elated Over his expressed Surprise nine mornings Between Decem Victory s. V. O. Pritchard. That the Case qualified on be 1955 and december 1957. Counsel for the plaintiff said Gal grounds and said he was we will show that there was hopeful it will be thrown out plenty of political activity on when he answers the Allega the part of teachers in tons. Flagrant violation of the state bulletin Sheldon backed financially d of location but school by an Anonymous committee Board members criticized in of about 100 local residents. In reported that the complaint indicated to have the court deter d Sneed. 15-year Wren t losing any sleep Over mine whether Pasadena rasp schools might stand to lose All Board members have their state Aid because of he old boy who stole two pistols and ran away for Mexico had been found been served summonses As de school Board s handling of the in san Diego. See pendants. Sheldon said he also electioneering incident. Earlier St earlier Story Page 24. It was bad enough when her Burger told Pasadena the Walls unpaid Bills and and --2-caliber Ammu husband threw Catsup on Kenneth c. Newell yes embarrassment Walls but when he did t . Her daughter Mattox. The Light Bill and neighbors mrs. Burger won a she came from new had to Send candles it was divorce from Mark j. Burge York to find her Mother Ner just too much mrs. Tania p. After describing a life of food Vous and upset. She said Bur Ger while earning a Good Sal Ary stopped making House payments and taking care of utilities. Seeks a. Burke announces hell seek she nation. Inside today s Independent Ike flying to Kansas City Washington. Ins pres ident Eisenhower will leave i he thought it Washington at 8 . Est store owner stabbed by thugs a wealthy san Gabriel War Kitchen when he heard a Knock against the store owner s surplus store owner was on the Back door. Throat menacingly warning stabbed and critically wounded when he answered the Hyman not to make a sound when he was attacked by three he dark then a began jabbing the men after answering a Knock Man standing Blade into Hyman s stomach. His 8th term in the state legislature As representative1 when they turned today to Fly to Kansas City of the 53rd District. Page 4. The in put soft at the House for the funeral of his old and old her i Don t need Ost brother Arthur. In them i know where my Tod White House news seere 10 Sumner 10 tary James c. Liberty said 11 Ilvin i 1 mrs blur car was warded the president will be Accomma it i 1, the Home at 15027 Ragus St., Nied by or. Milton Eisen Adams .10 Kay Allen Learia Brand business if Nash classified in obituaries comics .23 opinion con Noiin 11 i women 7 la Kuenle. And a Montoli Shower president of Johns hop shot for .13 your 23 Alimony for 21 months. J Kins University. Outside. My car is stalled. Can Bering a Knock the door at . Yesterday. Sig Hyman jr., 43, of 1002 Pine St., is in grave at the curb Ilion at los Angeles county a Sld. An approaching car panicked the assailants and they fled after hitting by Man Over the head with an unknown object. The Vic Tim summoned Pouce after Thor blasts off such fitful launching i it Ina inc. Tun Ponce i worst the conscious a doctored Srab hed Hyman by the Nan. to tem doctors said Hyman s spleen wrist and yanked him i cd Emir run Hospital May have Heen punctured in Nerc two other Man one when h c told investigators he the unprovoked assault. With a switchblade knife began did not know the assailant Hyman old san Gabriel him about. And was baffled As to the Causa lice he was sitting in his the Man pressed the knife of. The attack. A

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