California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Jan 27 1962, Page 9

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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 27, 1962, Pasadena, California. Stocks new York Jan. Stock Kex Chapiro Mies. Today yesterday week year 1963 Kales o Ditte sulcs to Dalf doling do the Milf ill fou Ilmon. Riith .731.81 1m.m 1w m 331 ,.biq.1j 131.m transactions in stocks Udu lieu Rte it Mills 03 Malocu what Stock Market did Felt relay 471 4bs a Stock averages. L arh 1. Most Active stocks u Imper life Loudil 4 kit of no in 4 Ittah a Fol 4 Ujj jew american Stock sales rtt Edify mro 1.u.1.iihi. To London stocks in Hijii self Tiki Odd lots 370.1611 Multi. 33.u Bank Clearing today 2.3j3.2-v to is Ameles Debth 3s1.037.0m.oq r ran Al j to jab.oq9.000.r Berkeley dim Josjor 1 Book of Ilo s Border. 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Is 10. cd to adorn Fhy Xic i i.45 fund a 9.12 Kund i 9.12 St cd 5.9 9 31 rii7812.10 11.15 axe can 10.5s .3.32 13.4ft bos Ion fund 21.17 Road sitar Bullock it Calif fut irl Gen cd Canadian a of time of am inc it Neil a furl Gen inv to Sre Cap Ortli 21.7 h.02 1m jl.fl-1 7.7.1 ?.4" 16.00 j7.43 15.11 int Gnu 11.12 1 11.67 j4.2i 9.72 10.13 11.13 17.47 19.09 cedi to 13.63____ cd Boa .1.20 s.96 chemical Fri 31.57 12.52 a month cd com with Jne do Enven do Stic cd Combas cd Imp Oille cd it Cord cd 11.35 Wiir inv to 20.25 22.7s Jont Grid f4 6-93 cd 12.60 13.68 do income 10.39 11.42 Veen inv 15.31 do Mut cd 64.30 div frigid sex 10.61 i do inv cd Shn 3.14 Chw the inv 5.01 f.39 of Tufui fund 1 19.05 12.45 11.49 do Slock 14.31 13.48 Tov 7.21 Knerr 23.38 2.1.w fed now in 13.11 ,o5 20.2s to fund 17.91 mul j9.12 Rii it ital for try mul cd .2.43 i3.5t do com sir do or Fiir 2.02 2.11 i.rj5 7l of i ii sri s.95 9.7-1 2.71 2.97 9.01 p.s9 7.99 s.73 Fon Rvl cd 1i.s9 growth cd income cd 6.7s Tonii Foj ,ri.20 11.79 Ilo to 12.s3 inf grown Multi pick 15. Pelee love Var pay 7.1s Carvall Lafe 21.01 Rand do St income Stock Orowitz kor Fth by Chi pal can n be one Wra St Peoples seer fund it cd Loneer fund Puritan cd 9.42 s-2 13.01 h. 23 8-3 j5.07 j9.35 a 5.02 5.4s 1.v73 17.07 Knecht Rbar cd do or wih 7.9 fund 14.63cd Nilon to 11.73 use inv 17.10 do Stic re 2.l3 1 and of n ind it 3.72 t.04 rpt i Tran inv cd Chri it nut bid Asker 17.40 iti.02 23.23 15.51 1._ 10.23 11.23 3.ifi 3. 22.v, my 6.11 a fl.27 in i., 11.37 12w 16. ?0 i-.j1 13.58 i5.2fi 1s.5s ts.09 15.3.1 15.23 10.93 12.01 12.56 12.s4 10.51 -5 i Ulii do com St in to of full . To 11.19 Jomo pub s m of As co 1 223 if l 31 Cen 31 -7 to in City 2 13-., to in coach 7 taxi Oil 9ij Over the counter .1 bid find Ilon or secur Lufa dealers Luraas actions am bad Acme electric Lurall am am Kepr Cox am jjad3 Ine am Pip Facon t 2b my Practa obtained from the Nat . But Are. 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Oonner Jtj to pin co 3s time it time Ine 0 tool a tit 31t trave Nodiff up a inc Ion 4k l old Eleele Rydju each to Mill 3 1 ,.8 s3 3 by Aik s Al j 19 2 i site k1ns co 1 k. Webb Lari l 1 w Itco Clinn a rather corp Kert Nat i s sir to no Franklin life Globe re pub 27 great Amer m i Hanover 4-1 Fitt 71 Home insure Floii 2.1 line Nat life 169 Maryland Nti Salon Iuit Nat fire pm Nat Union fire Pac l i Sec life via Ivi i Haven tit 2fii 10 i i Ira 1.1 1 fi-1 Gina us off 7. R 7fl 31 42 Ivil hire inc s Chaser manhat 51 a fifi 170 77 m 105i in Irvine Riis afrika Noverr i i continent xei7 took ill the Inyim dint Satu Icay Jam. 87. He i Marl dips sharply Trade sluggish new York if average jell 3.44 to 693.08, ones More groping Way Down toward a support the Slock Market yesterday took a fairly Sharp loss on the slow est trading in More than two weeks. Some of the Aero parc issues advanced in Early trading but they turned mixed toward the end. Wail Street theorized that if the two big . Space of forms Are successful the Ranger Moo shot and the pro Cost orbit an american astronaut the space age stocks could rally sharply next week. Top steelmakers also were higher in Early l00 steel ending dealings but ragged . A loss of Square l do do Sid 19 ild Flea to Kollel j std Oil Cal 71 65 do of 99 bad Oil 36 std Oil std on i Boll chem Rose some of the heavily Cal wac retreated and or Mcconn cd fora fairly sub a Sla Lial drop in Market aver Ages. Dupont lost 2aif Union Carbide Genera motors i. Jones Industrial Kcf i do do _ _ in Ujj Tan w4r 11 Sunray 5 stauff cd 70 Sterl due a Stevens up 13 allx b a f 3 Vul is tone w 1 Cuil pack 97 s a. In 3 13 j in oc1 s 62 Sunbeam 4 Shi 21. 24 do x a Punjh 1124 suns unt Wilt us 13 Tim ii Uky is so Oslo x .70 156 ii6 j its Hoff in 16 3 a n i or Inri lift 60 20 i. Us 11 pipe a is l s play cd i 30-i 29 i is a lewd 6 us jul Ali 10 Ilo of 3.1f ibo 1s91., j us smelt i 36 i 35 do of to 73 1 us steel 110 73-i 73 Ilo of m Ito i. J us lob g 3s i 3s us churn c 42 t 41 Lun 30 11 h cyrs 7 univ m to 4 a 51 a Tali j in 7 33 i Van Norm 12 13 13 Van 3 Van Al St 3 us vat and cell 26u Varian As 15 i Ven to co 75 4i Victor can 13 16 a. Caro Oil i do of 2 121 Vael a pal More hearing the approximate 600 level which has provided a floor Tor Market declines this week and in the past Lew months. The associated press age of co mocks fell 1.00 to 252.60 with industrials Down 1.90, rails Down .80, and utilities unchanged. An estimated billion was clipped from the que Ted value of stocks listed on the new York Stock Exchange based on the fall in the a average. Of issues traded 487 advanced and 562 declined. New highs and new lows for 1961-62 were even at 30 apiece. Volume dipped to 333 Mil lion shares from 3.56 million thursday and was the Small est since Jan. 10 when 3.3 Mil lion shares changed hands. Prices were mixed on the american Stock Exchange As volume dip Pul to 1.23 million shares from 1.39 million thursday. American Stock Exchange pet a. Aha All Supi of aim alack am 1111 am Marc Ark Altis cd Hart Etc Here co Ain Oil urn ret Bronn co budget pm Burma m can so can javelin i Marc Carnation. Cimieri of Clieve Lou r Clr exams. Clary Coin k com pop 111 c n. Shoe Creo e a jetty Kir Den Mhz a an Ete Ciron Kuttel Roncs Corn try Corn Marco oils finance Oen flying g for eff Gen pm Yuri Glun Nunt conc and be dip b Hub h w pro4 halt m a Coll Blansf t r Ile Nisco Itilio Muter co Nat Bell i Nat pet x Irta m no oils nuclear am of Frient n a v n Bales Chr. 4 1021 s % n 4 la i t j7 2s 9 10 i a i1 feb a Pac nor Alt Pic Phi i. Pitt Nat Rath Reeves and Rio Greg i St Lawr up Rala i Usk Ivy a a Bon Lorit 164 is i 2fl 12 1- is u l 12 26 Llo to co e Oil a he Coli met f imn Oil Tel n am x x Oil ie1 am Oil Jupiter Oik Walstr Kirby Kruiter a Lake ugh am p x Al Al unit Lynch up 4 47v. 51 11 7 971i so ,v15 3s 2 a a ? 2 11-1- .1 4 ,.i.m Ai u i. To a Crail she i.1ix l nov univ n Oil cant my it m s also a a 74 Foto Clairm fat n a full 6ufl 76 St Al Hydro Rel 72a inst Bell f 5 a g Occi l pet con vent 6s 7q vol i 76 rapid am 77 Rio tit Jan so Cal cd s3 i old Cal erf 73b 41 2j i it 2 l fit in i in a i t .65 i f sates Clou i is j 3 3 129 Floii j. It a ii is 114 2 72 new York Bonds 255, h t of Groc j5 Vulcan it q in can of 2 i7 t 3-jl 12 r i 23 2.1 2 corporation 31 i 61 7d Cro 4 is so am men k cd 4 am Opl cd an Tat i s3 am tobacco 3 a do cd 4 is i ii 9ti do 05 re All cat l All ref cd his Auto cd 4 i is. Avo cd 5s 79 Ball Gik cd 7-1. Cd 4 Coin Rio cd 2010a Rin 4 i do 70 beef Fin St. Felt Sll eve so. Bwint cd so. To Lon i 66 Braun Bruns fac cd 4 53. Burro Uclair cd 4 a Fil. Can Pac 4s pern cd Lihs is tract 77 Macy is i Mccrory 73 i i Mcoder Noii cd 5s merr a Jap cd 4l-s 75 Mich hell t 3 is is. Con g 3 i Psi Kan t 4s of ii ii to Pac 65 l Olin do 4 it ill of. Do s 20jor to Pac Oia 60. Do Liia Mont or i is 80. Nat Sll s6 ill i Nat Tea cd s ii i .11 100 .4 s to Elf a Bak to tit x ,3i want warn r Pic 1 in a 5 to 1 in n i t Chi a i i5 92. To p m Fiealt 3s 75____ o in Peji Ili. . I o 1 7 i i Llos i. Achl Kline re 5, 97f. N Rel i j Al 67. By Tel 4 .4s 01 nor Nat g nor Pac do 4s s4 do 4s 97 do 3s t047 n Oci Hrop cd 5s 79 01 in m cd 5 is of pan eve 73. Pac gae 5s do 91 do s6 Par pan am a cd 3s_75 16 is 5 b of ii tji a. a flip in Jvn air in 26 2m Waban Eop 17 in pc 4 27 in l net 170 went a bit 2s o of x whirl up we Ltd Ivette saw Al p c p so vow in Rel re Cit cite prod cd m re can. 77 Al Iii 7n Colo r re 4 77 co in. Gar vis s2. Al f 19 Znoj is i Young 2 yes at too y 23 7pnlih it 32u flu i 0 j t a 1. Flt i vol t Hud 10 it Pacific coast Stork. Exchange _ rinse 26 196 a sales Clov Mammoth .7000 ?6 Csorej Joo Bullock i 2x0 butter Gaj 3000 it Calif. Calfe Coox 200 ii i Emp. Calm Rel 700 is Oil .220-1 so for Ernoll dairies 300 Ormeo tnc.40-1 Gen. Exp Trailon 700 gom cos x l of i Mylund Wist pm .22 merchants petr.4m i As Mem Oil no american 400 703 cordon is Norli Oil co res Eric Oil. Gaj .i2p0 do met to i do m done arc re 77. Imp in tvs a i 2010 ?030f Rio As 2020c re if. Re l a ?01of fur

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