California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1962, Page 33

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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 26, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaCat Iowa a gout i Chov. M. Mir. Stick. Heji. I 29 i Togo g you la get the Best buy of the year right now1 Why _ have 29 cars to 90 to make our 100 car quota month. Do everything possible to soil these cars at your Price. Rambler m classic station Wagon i 9 f my Tad to Hal to Landard Treni 100% written guaranty Chev. J 2-dr. Bel air n 1979 radio of Andraid Tanj 100% written guaranty 60 Falcon 4-door 100% w Ford 2-door Anglia 59 Dodge 2-door Hardtop radio heal h 100% of Latte 59 rambler 2-door h Scalir and far 59 Renault 4-door _ hour Mitomu Nellc 100% written Guarani i 2-door Hardtop Hodo hear automatic 100% written Guarani and Landard Irani. Ond he Alt Dauphine _ Oll 58 Ford 5 6-Cyl. M Sec Nard fro tolds i 4-door g radio hlr., Eul Omally Powitt ill. A e 49 Olds b 2-door Coupe h 250 cars and trucks b in Stock right now Sili fir 1st Choice cars new Low prices b b rambler metropolitan Csc truck dealer 2345 e. Colorado b terms a Trade open evenings sunday Jusy 5-8851 Al Sierra Madre blvd. My 1-4241 61 Lancer for. Sedan factors executive car like 13hani Nevi 60 Chevrolet. Impala 2-dr. Hardtop Coffis Irso fun in k 59 Plymouth v8 custom Wagon automatic a nil j Niue Mobil 59 Dodge 2-door Sedan weekend special 59 Plymouth Belvedere Hardtop Power a Terr 61 fury Plymouth Hardtop orly nil 2-Loni fun i Auto Power ital not. Pow to end lilo and 60 fury plym. 4-dr. Hardtop but int tent Patr item rent. Factory at Ludlo a falter. Lxi Hanx 2-Lor. Trnini. R rally ilk 60 Dart convert ram induction has a i of Init lne Beall tul new 60 Dodge Matador a or. Sedan of Cutlo a fitter. Audio Stuie Irana in Salon. Power Safe Rene Rorge Oik origin Fri conf Iio i it Jirou Rhoun 60 rambler custom 4 or. Sedan nil Liln ipad Kunf on canal . Low it the to a. Price or 59 Chevrolet Impala 2-dr. Hardtop Powers i radio and Henira. Lilc while Wall term. Or Ginar and like new throughout 59 Dodge custom Royal 2-door Hardtop fans Tiirik is Pleni Fower Ater Jorif. Nuto Matte itans Masilon Oral Niin finish. 59 Chevrolet v8 Bel air 4-dr. Sedan a Nisi. 40 other equally Fine values terms Ore no problem Lince we carry our own con Rocle Wegge motors 1040 e. Colorado by open even. Sunday 57-Cadillac Deville Sedan of Back up ii rats. In some 1 Wlllie contrasting Lux it of Iii Interior. Looka far 56 Jaguar . Convertible a Natlo. Heater Rii Uhlna re lorm Ance a ii loan sols a very detail 1.1 r a Tiova Verace 56 Dodge custom Royal 2-door Hardtop Halifi. Healer automatic p60 i Linstid. Fully Rii Fin Ben Olfer. Tall new tire h9-im6 Utu a. S2250. Few mis xxi add. Dlr., 21il e. Colo. For Sale Chevrolet notice of on Pel. 2. 1082 at 10 i 120 n Rol ilex. Paa Ailena. 1955 Clive. 2 it count. Str lat no. To ssh 105mo will in Lolini at Putillo auction. Car is at above Best offer Over j1coo Ami my Omac _ 65 Impala ans p. A Auto. Fans p. Ramov 2m Only 1700 Miles trip Rar priced a rear in Tow you d on a new Only j2905. Will finance for very lot in. In w. Foothill. Jion. Chive diet m Impala Cort fully you added. Khi. Auto. Tran. Best offer Over j1coo. So 2-17c-8. Comet 61 2-rlr. Very by Iteck Craft a at 6-2154 Comet w 4 ill deluxe my. dw_______3t 2-783j Gomel 61 4 or. By 5-2702 i r Silt Comet Rev .088 by Jan of rom Row Ivro Lle Litu at ii oui for j01is 0 Cantril sin Euroca. Ban Olwell Al Ait Litt the Titre. 60q Kas in Iurato Havu. I 19m Jio tons of fun St. Pasadena i 1331 k. Art in by 3 mag often Vii. I at if 1vb will a Flange to full you budget. All is. Choss dlr. Mil Fra on of flits Yanok Clits. To Rit Youn Nuu Orr. Call . A sir i uo.n2a. It 4-Ilxrj. Us lie. Lloita Vilu. Urea paint. Steal ------------------jss7 it Macula of. A Fly. Girty. At de Soto o w Bolin. Motor nil. Rah. Elan. Ori. Str. So Dodge club Riillo tip apr. Aulo nuut. Tiloa Neil hit. In Ploll w ass. Kex Teri at Tom Sherlock motors 13.13 w. 11a.1n St. 1- Styli Ford Fairlane 2 door Leon k1ngsley Altel 115 so s.s23j Auto Iran. Tin. 75 n. So Fotij 57 Cummo 3co 2-Itr Giitl r4k. Hahn i. _ Koki to Couch. Bell roid Ford galaxies 59 Al a tip. Kew Finx Beau Llull nor tic Una Blue in Virlor. A Ilion in Lvi run buy Kudo Al Luj Orr or our i Wegge Monrovia 139 w. Huntington or. Al 8-2557 i 6-7105 fully a try Ryan and a of Jolly trelut local. 1 new r solar Jot . 500 Hardtop Aulo. In. It Wain. A it fat to drive. 2 service Chev. Co. 1840 e. Colorado blvd. A Sauna by s-38h my Ford 67. Sid. Irani Yob. Birr in Ilmi i it so jul i. 1-ilr. Vic. I Duel Ait Iii bal. Tuluo Al to. Tak of ear Jor equity. At to tie i a Ltd m Vic Tola a Villi .1 me Trent. . Vd3r. Cart nyc nil folo fl5 Blue custom urls Lara owner. Fuji a four Dook. A Mim. S2 r f re m visor it in or f Romp. K. Colo. His custom s6u Rutlt Kohl Nek e Friday Jan. 26, tvs a tit Silt lord Public notice Kuitu cd 2-Rtr. Is. Tkv. Fully Vitili Aluli Cirion or pm. I r to Lak Uver Ihli jut Clr t All Auto . At1-763s or Alii Imler Foud 37 s re l. Ill. Vic Loru. Aulo. I. I ill a it per. Sitter inc. Sfanjani Aulo Salei 207 pro Lorado. To Irani. Choose from a in Rood Ninie from j176 to 1395 sell is. W a tar i Cepter is. Come j925. Iii Arneti truck Irani., and Terr Jim. It 1079 5h pm roup at in it clip out to hurl. Etc Silt for site for Sale Pasadena has the finest cars in the world cad. Sedan de Vrle 6 windows radio her automatic Power tar. Brakes Al was Seal 4c Kyrc tronic fac tory air condition ing. 5 dual fro tires hot new. It meant while cad Lilac with be ordinal factory Interior that ii Mil new. Purchner driven in Marino. I my. Miles a Low Low Price. Dodge its 2 or. Ralf brakes pm Iki shoo by i even or r Al Falcon free 7 Day trial Exchange privilege 60 or. Imperial 2 h a h crop. This car Londau with All Lair it Liitt fat Tifrea. Ii sow new Lor j6skjq. J Etc looks l 60 k Hardtop coups wins f actor v Aik con d1ti on ing in to All Cov 300 f convertible Coupe i or f extras she 59 Crum Perial 2 door Hardtop. Automatic radio he iter 60" Windsor Aulo magic. Halinton. Hir., Power i 1 to i of lit r Sla Vlard Ira bucket 60 plym kudu a Lintol. Auto i Ina tic Rapilo hlr., Power tar. 60 Ford s1595, . Automatic radio her. Pow for sir. 59 Dodge custom roam door. Auto mull. Radio Power sir a brakes 55 Chrys wind . Sta Trox Wagon , radio or. A Power sir. 57 plym. 4-Dook of Dan Savoy Auto Matic Nolfo Hekler. 54 Chev. A door Sudan. Automatic radio. Hratch. 53 Chrys. 46 Dodge 50 Olds 337 w. Colorado y 2-5813 my 1-6476 Telephone my 1-5275 everybody deserves a Nice Telephone i 6-2177 Kent Chevrolet Sells nothing w Choice Trade ins to the retail customer. All used cars Are thoroughly reconditioned and serviced qualify Means repeat business world s greatest traders 60 Chevrolet if Repala Coupe automat la f. Had., rid . 61 Corvair Monza Coupe 4-Tptid, big lint popular jewel of Tui. 60 Mega roadster will . Win we Tali. Pop Utor mock far fallow Lotut. 60 Plymouth 4-dr. Sedan v3 automatic Koto an of 55 Buick cent univ spout Coupe v8. Aul Onalle p. Storing new Orlic while finfish a rial Al 59 Chevrolet Bel air 4-dr. Sedan v8, Sih Coral Wylli. Disco Una id 59 Ford Sta. Wag. 4 door is , Ash Power or Condil Loning. Com pare inti Pike. 56 Olds us 88 hopi Oak sed. Pm oils. 3-Lont. For. A Cor guarantee Char. Counts ask a Friend driving a Kent Chevrolet used car. Fairness first Kent Chevrolet 850 South Baldwin ave., Arcadia nobody but nobody beats Kent Chevrolet excellent plans designed to fit your needs fairness first Bir All colors 3895 Stock 414 Silver min k Cru somatic Power steering Power brakes fresh air Heater with Down payments per to. Inc. Tax a lie. Complete movable steering column Back plites elec. Clock wheel covers undercoat deck Lite a whopping big allowance on your Trade in co my a re 61 Ford v-8 town sed. Factory air conditioning radio and a Palm a Ford mall. Immaculate cond lion throughout. Compare License no. V.vc383. Rambler custom 4-door Sedan s Thiu any Iha per 60 Chev. V-8 Impala Power Glide radio Heater White Walls. Final and spotless throughout. Compare Befort a lie. No. Vea1so s 60 plym. V-8 4-door Belvedere automatic transmission radio Heater White Walls. Clean As a pin. Come in Uncle compare i lie. No. Tbj838 s1 w 59 Chev. Bel air v-8 Standard transmission radio healer Walls original and spotless throughout. Compare lie. No. Sdw592 59 Ford v-8 Ford of a lie radio healer White Walls new tires. Come Iti and compare before you buy lie. N o. Rzu185 s 58 to Bird a Ftp. Power Power steering Power brakes Crul aromatic is ratio healer. Walls. Spotless and original throughout. Compare us. No. Pnk060 s1 57 Chev. V8 2-door stick shift Beautiful two tone finish Heater. While Walls. Compare before you but Ltd. No. A Motse. 57 Plymouth 6 4-dr. Automatic transmission Beautiful original cond lion White Walls exceptionally clean. Come in and compare us no. Bcp762 56 Pontiac Catalina Hardtop cpe., automatic transmission. I Heater while Wylli. Geau Laiful and Talon throughout come in and compare Ltd no. Gph803 Robert h. Loud 1365 East Colorado Cor of Hill open Eves. By 3-3157 my 1-741j Ford fa1rlane 2-Ooor suck k equipped the Way you would Flke it Beautiful ice Blue 1j jute Buick Riv. 2-dr. Hardtop radio Lily Auto., Power str. A brakes tires g custom Interior. A Buyck Miira better than the average. S1899 cad. 2-door Hardtop Radlo Heater aulos talc. Full the Power. If you wan r Good Cadillac Don t miss this Onel we have the finest cars in Pasadena Comet 4 door automatic radio Heater. Was turns. Deluxe Viny Interior. A Little Besu Tyl Impala 4 door aul Mauc radio Heater Power-sir., . Titi tinted class. Shimmer in Silver san Marino Beauly Ford Gai Axie 2-Dii, Hardtop Anlo Malta. Rarallo. Healer cower str. It brakes. . Tires tinted Luss. 2 tone finish Cus torn in error. A Low mile Ace special. At Krell Buick 1095 e. Colo. My 1-0902 by 2-7113

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