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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 26, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaJan. 1962 2 Best values Manor Lovely by. Apts. Furnished unfurnished from Orange Manor Bachers. 1 by apts furnished unfurnished from 260 n. Oak ave. Juit n. Of foothill blvd. 1 Elk. W. Or be Holcli Burnu by 5-8304 heated tropical Patio luxury ext Bias 707 e. Orange Grove 1 Elk. West of is by. 8-7330 biggest value in town enjoy forced air heat headed Pool air conditioning Large 2 bedroom apts. Furnished or the Park Chester .120 s. Chester or Coll mgr. By 5-8160 Foi Hen Ideal Bachelor living to. Rede. A. To Batic. Fun. Or. Bui. A Isis e. or closet. . Other car Litland s.ii30 priv. Ent. Bath the Continental Brond new luxury custom furnished sales. 1 by s. Si00 up free Lull. No leases hid. Pool Lush Patio Calar. The Glen Oaks 400 e. Live san Fabrie 1 Block South of Las Tunas also the Glen Monterey 626 n. Monterey so Alhambra privacy luxury 1, 2 i 3 bedroom 2 Bath heated award kitchens to a i now renting quiet Pool one of aha Mara s finest built like a private Home 2 floors of Complete privacy i ets. Inv carpets Ondr Vuks through out All this for si75 per month 1505 South Itu St. Alha5ibra at 4-6723 tvs. Cd 3-3332 finished heated Pool each. A -50 to All a tells. 27fl e blvd. Colo Calif. Blvd. So 3-53n5 uncut. _ pm. A a. I s. Loii Arriba Ole free Guet Homes lint and sanitarium. All area. Kales j123 per month Ana up mrs. Brevik. By 6-71 is it. Ambulatory lady for beaut comfor Lyhle Nome la of almost Here isl. Hom a i Jeye meals nurse care. By 4-w. Guesl1 Home for elderly private to Aemi private ple _. Prev. Pfc sell Prev. Room Home. Beit or foo3 care. S is Smard i car e kor Gex Gmax. Altadena. You la enjoy living at 303 so. Almansor. Alhambra n new Pool Apt i shuffle Board boo i it3 luxurious 1-nr. Eur la Arce Ira furniture. Soundproofed. Best of All Only the Alman Sor at 4-9202 guest Home _j________sy_2-Jmo guest Home to Ambala pries. Call by Xiv Leo or a ssh in private Hon if at a a for 1 a full a Rev. Has. Good by 3-4eoo _ Vasa. Placement. Fool. Rys in rooms housekeeping 35 or to. Rocton for Pant a j Large pm. Kill Cicin Prev 2j6 no. Al Mollitor by slice airy pm. On Lal floor. 54l fyn no by. .6-13b1. To 5. Roosevelt --s30. . Room Ali it Senlcn-_cit1zens Clr. By j. Apart meals famished Ideal for bachelors men. Girls. Employed couple retired Parsons 2 blk. Sun Ernhart. 1 it walk heart of City ree for yourself arts Annex Mars. See them in Apt. S. Marengo exp. 1 2 . Fireside elegant new Arta. Air cd int. 9 x301 canals. A traits. Pool subterranean a rage. . No lease Reo. tar. So. 0-1630 or soft state just completed Best rental value Beau. A Bdrm. Apis resort decor v air cond. Headed poo in i i music snack bars the Zodiac apts. I 10 up. 390 n. Garfield Beth bus Walnut Villa free rent til february urn. Air cond. Child Welcome Tivo locations 375 Ashtabula near los Kobles St 3-131 595 Buckeye rent Beautiful 1 bedroom Apt. Air conditioned Patio near Rolf course a Recu a. 372 Monterey Road South Pasadena near ikd1ana ave. I Brand new if Neli ixe 1 4 2-aptly. do Hwy skier Ranse event Al Colore a fax cures tile Kitchen tub enclosed to Marble Suluvan Vreim i draped. Unior. Claremont gardens City tile Devil at 4 o clock and loss of Ikno conce the incl dependent Star news two tickets at the it Lee for rout. Foi Isth. 15i3 Park Rose ave. Dua it the Arlula thaw East Colorado blvd. Eni. I Lea a Bung clip Panf and Shari Dolphin apts. 5ss e. Washington blvd mod tire deluxe a by. Jai Dea Opu. Carpet los. In Fyk. Heated no Jease required. Please Kek m Vul on r p1irjncfp Apted 3-5370 709 e. Locust near Lake 4 Walnut 2 . Unfurl. Apt. Near . 2nd fir. Front Bull in rank a Earls. Com i lately . of Ujj heal u air. Courtl. 26.% san Marcos san Gabriel Mission area. New 1 a 2 bus now a poll level an. Ask a. Patio. In front Triplex a by. Unfurl. Inn in. Ullh a Ftp. A Par. 1 blk. In Okoboji. Arcadia at Gord Meijn lion de luxe apis or cod. Carpel. Drape patios. U Idle k nose mean. Blah. P of Blunt Lair up -13 fan Cir. I 6-08? Home up Calpus Apt. In Beall full 4-Llnll 2 nil Baths rms. Large a corms. Dinne pm built ins. Ii Suriou Airai is healed Pool. I2bf. I 7" a 3 apts. Altadena near Lake furnished or unfurnished 1 Pool _ ifl5 e. Pink St. So s-7550 new 2-Bdrm. Air cond. Bit in oven try to. I .irr.a. Al 5-t Sierra a. Rince hut no i Alhambra i atm 2 cup Ltd. Air rond. Adults s. Cd _ Vanton disc or in inc Lor i Lunning or. E Prev Natlo. 306 Ott to dirt. N. Of Calif i-. A carpets drat kit air Subt. A rare. 10 sept can or. Wash. Alta. Or. Sat. San. All Pasadena court 1 by. Adahir no mt5. Of ctr furnished n. Al Molluro or Wanax so Bachelor Apt. Landry or. A tits. _____33s tar Den a. H to bus. 1 to or while Sleno by j65. 4 2-i.h. Closet Ohop Adulis apply at 360 x. att Al Del Vale. In on ills line or inc Crater. my carpet j Hilt so. Pasa. Park Huntington 2 by. "5145" year Pasadena College so i Oil Park View apis Ntow. 1 a Drin 50 570. So adults. 1 blk from denier o Alhatt f Apt 2, 201 n o. Wood pane let Interior . Fireplace a utll., a ice rep. Turn car per Kink. Only Jho. N. Oakland by fi-6 Lovely a of Isryl Cudjo Viilet 1 by not. Hue windows fac Lair Gar lira r car Ralhf or. 5100. Jilt Stii _ by 5-0311 Robinsons Tirsa 1-Twdnri. Car roil nos Wasner. Dlf. San of it Fric. Avail. Carport. 2al a. It n. New 2 or 1n rant i _ 1 month free at or or s72 in. A by. Stove rear or. Alfip . Dry cd. Adult n. Madison by Sho Apt. For 2 runs. Dos Popaj. Lin dry. Tile Hith. Carrot. By 2-5391 by. Be x. no. Incl. Vord. 1 or. So. St 5 i9m new Beautiful i a bedroom Apt Alt cond. South proofed. Balcony. Convenience. Quell air thus. On Hunt Nylon or. K. Air Clio Market. S ill Lake Ca fornia airy 1 i. E. Calt Foner . Lev. Pm. To Din. Sir. 3-s395 Gold medallion 2 by Tunis. Air cond. Heated Pool. Drapes. Pal. Pallo. Is. Clen Roje Almerna. 4-room up Tiara fit Nashed or unfinished. Clean. Catl evenings. Tkv duplexes unfurnished new i Bdrm d in Lex adults oafs by inc. G i-3 r _ Arcadia Bdrm. Fun cart Yards Nice i20-j190. Of 0-3jii rent to Gay 2 Story arms suitable to Ramie j7i my land St. Miller realty 319 n. Carmelo Avail. Feb. 1st. 2 Bdrm. Show am1lir- so _ new 1 . Villa Lake area. a ref rep. Patio garage. Foundry. Syar Jiosue comple Iel a Alt. Car. Put of. 500 Mont i Ujj Maxada Roll Drin n to Pasa it. Incl. Cd. From Center town. a. It. 5-270? or by 0-75s1 harm. Home Avail Belu ten feb. 1 a 13. In Vail no of i bus Al. 5-77q Tai Vena or. Stores to in. House like new. Water Al ropes a plur. Iptce., re Frix. 75. 1-ur rear fenced. I4v. Run. Altadena. St. . Quiet no Iraq 1c.___m w. Ponc. So 2 Wiler. In anti i Jas jul. 3723 or. Calif. A Rose Metal i 7-s-is3 spacious 2 Bdrm. 1216 k. 7-2176 my 1-7032 one bedroom duplex s56 merr1tt s55. Uu1. Pm. So n Hudson a pm. Upper. Cobb so s-3300 bedroom it oust card a Pahl. 213s e. so ample flit rear Houst stove. Artutis. Poot a Fries. Patio. 5s5. Go 2 . Fenced Yards to. Of i ways or. Galisky a 0-3515____________ Orange Grove Lako dust. 2 t1r. S70 1 by. S50 by 2-1055____________ be Koo m a f in c e d Vard with Patio far Hub Shon area in a Calla. Slave it Nefri Ceralo. Fernl had Day. -1-Asso Eves. Ill 7-s003 3m so. It. My zoned bide j Tvert Alley lot 50x225 220 3 Divide. Also Ftp. Lull. I Pricr by .1-35" am alter off res i. Air a. 3s2 k. Colo Low Price for Lovely Home room do tint 3004 wailing Ford Call Hetty Jordan Henry to a Down 955 Crestview drive Hastings Riviera Tala Hind Pori i in l or Roomi. A Bathi Jovilyn Ilvina room t Ilu Bilor. Floor the Ccu Liia Arcadia Doon open he land Kiiko do. And the most Beautiful naj filled with All Vinyl floor cel unc shut tvs. A Tutor built in feel. Television. A Lovli Tureen Irp Tarher t Tlell files to let in. Clout Irace you d expect to Rind. Decorator i text Eit All Wool Caro Etline Erlei. Wonderful self tort Art to Welcome you. School districts Don Binello liar Ahalt pub. Assumption. ill. Allemo. I Noalda in Medlar. Occupancy. 120.wx r. B. Haney real estate Ann Darta. My . By sys of 4m e. Union first offering Hale school Jmar Alful a Chi Irmler Encl Sii Lime newly Oul. 3 family pm. Rel Nln pm. 1 a in tvs. Birch inc Luti b rinse a oven Tel Oluera Lor tit tits. J26.0oo Price Law carpeting drapes a air conditioning. Today Bill Williamson Williamson co. M e. Green it Fine listing exclusive . Fers i lot. Carpeted entry and , leads in the Dehko Luj Patio. Cheerful pc it of Erlo ofe b la y m a. Priced o wll jul Kiy. Eves. At 1-3030 Parker Towle Thompson contemporary 3 by. Room for Jim Dickson realtor by 5-5054 prestige address Low. Laow Price foot or "4 acre View Alt be Witik offered for tile at Only my new offices Low Ren a sent. Serv., music. 739 e. Walnut by 6-36s3 _ new offices on Lake ave Jio. Also 1dx1.s full Ner ice. nor comi by 6-m_ 1750 so. Mac office available for lie. Insurance or similar. .8i offices it a a Story in reproof inns. C Bill a. A by. A just att in. Retric. Gar. Libluls.1 Al More. 575 Jii 7-7066 a be ms., Cool Iii time to eating. 20co clock. Or. Free re go acc Terrace. Tinsa. By 9-t003. 2 ram ski Wall j1w-3 _ Avail up. By 3-Jsf comi o to so. It. V. Pulp. Ware House or Echt Machen 120 w. by 3-07 so. M e or a m a it bks store for Sierra Madren iss by 2-Sco if Irene Coad by to. Luxury houses Good location. Avail. Feb. March my 1-9361 m on. Thru fr1 111 so. Roosevelt b1w. Potto. Near Tuut Totne altar 1 fir. Hosie ss3. . Stove re f rip car Perl. Aithus. So Fiske ave. House. Walnut. 1 or Syi a Sqq in family feat Scala. Lav. , 2 mrm a Den Jiracek. Harbace Dhokal As Mer in. Pasadena by s-356s to if ilex come Letell to Etc. I blk to buy. Hlll a. Area. By Brilouse. Fireplace. R. Car. Pailo. 21 is n. 2 . Svs for 2-b-p. A re Ftak. No thru traffic. 1 by. 2 by. 10 Kan a Hilpl. Air . Carpels . I fact Pool play Vard. At fi.q534 after 2 140 v Rarrat drapes Bull in to los. Fireplace. For i Ren. J16ri. Var neat. Hi6.qj29 375 a Bdrm. Drapes fur once. Ran Etc. Pat in. Gar. A Multi no drink los or 2-Br. Nails. Ike new. Open . Loc. Chem of. No nets. 1120 Monterey. Monrovia. I 7-1335 2-Nniar a lulls. Bachelor Arcadia Iti. New1. "3121 Washington mar Vista Pastil newly Ukrop. 2 Bdrm. Apt Lull. No school a be eur s100 for 2 for 3. 11-b n n. Euc m the Gabriel apts. A 0 e. Bread j Swiss styled Bachelor Coltaine conv. Lake Mentor. Apt. . On Hill Colo Railo. By s-61ji single. Nicely rum. Pitt pm. Lain her. 123 129 n. Michigan. Fee Bair. S65. Single also 1 by. All act not a. G it .o.k. Hll rebut is. Sy9-m19 .151 a. Alpha Beta floor 870. Clean single Tull. To. Paf Stirr to. 3 pm. A. S50 upper Apt. Nea _ Colorado Lake for pop. M hit. Dirt prof. Arcadia Garden Apt. I Elk air . On. Ice. 3.rm. Apt. 1 by. By a a Jet. Sys-1070 ador. 1-rm. Apt. Rihs. Una. Gar. By 7-3g13 Apt. Util. Pm. -976s 1 _s-Lj-62o i Pasa. Court to 1-3601 new 1 or. Apt. Pfc be 252 s Menfort by of i _ i f Brand new a silo. 1-. I rape. At. Pts. Rel Msal. Adults. . Anklam. By k i is k. Dec Falla. Vow Kitchen. Adult Yudilo lit 7-5i1i 100 5. Sins Bill los. A Caria a a . Pasadena by 9-6074 1 or Dulvi outlet. Corner it Corjon. Duplexes finished decorated Bdrm. Or. Bus. Stores. Redecorated room. Tile. Ivl Wal. Floors a Aler trn5h Rel. Pet of. Adults 570. Single sly at for Frale of grocery meal mkt Heer win me. Tits of ii me quarters in rear of Ator s ruin apis Over . Rest to close to Orade or. Ill schools is yrs. In imme illness forces Sale. Riv Ramc of service station lease Peml Rel red Man. Inventory Only s n m service laundry oort for Man nor life. Root Esino. Location. Payment would Harttle. 13 k. Las Tunas san Gabriel a what a finer fenced it. Be Over operation at till f. Mouse theater Kea Aurant Adena rent 2 by. Furn air cond lot. Sier Erra m -f.vks. Sierra Madre by Hue comp. Furn. Avail. Feb. 1st for _lo_5_mo._jlialrr.p. Al 5-3fi2 deluded Collace h i to but. S Bdrm Las Kolfs tins la cell by s-3714 by Bdrm. Find 1lms. A Bath. Pct by _ _ real a Ruthd Ris coir re s new irl Tex. Soap. 2 landlords let us sell rent or manage your property screen carefully Hawkins realty 55 the Star news to strata iwo try Deli at it Box office for t. A. Eubank not Hacienda or. Monrovia at the .Itfj artist 606 e35i color Aijo blvd. P a s a re c be Velv Tryr lev. Re Fri .ir.iyts. I Den. Uli Fien a Bali. Ss.7 Arcadia n 570 month _775h or. Alpha by. so 0 in. Orlly. Soo up. Pasa. S. Lob Roble unit in court. A tidy dicorj60. Adults. By 0-2653 2 blur so. A Den. Milf Tefter i bit unfurl. Flora. My i-7s51 India trial rentals Washington Allen Tyner buy s43 to. Costs Fri Ltd Rhone. 1 by. Pool. Tots ._1m Kur bal St. By 9-Snsl i please bring Culpp i Rig v mature of test of Sibly Small mature Don want unfurnished House with fenced . Marrh it Call Lehott s-69gg february 1st. He february 1s family of 4 _ want j or school it freeway. So. Pasa. Limit. By 2-71-31 Evig. Cars is ouse. Vie. Rineho a n. A Huntle Notton. Arcadia. 2 by. Den it dining room. Responsible Jyh 6-.v-im or near so. 3 Bdrm. Be Ertell by be. Lamb tit a Zilfi. Sea at can for furn. Bach. Not. Ker fir. 550 of j55. Uuie pm. Beauty Salon must sell Ammeil later est. Hal . Like new equip con. Al t-h501 Aller variety gift shop Good Good rms Ness. Couple. _ Union station for lease in Ras Ailenn Smyl investment _ij3mrm. Dial 440-2477 a 30 variety store heart of Khoper lne Center. Except ill is furn. Alham by 6-7143 _ _ service sacral tire Tor Lulck Sale. Central _ in 7-1 my Laundrew o Loffl wanted Ajette icy a ency de fires Purchase of another Agen in re. Tyner open daily . If Burbank pcs spacious 3 Br., solid old Spanish. Lovely area. Only Down. Full Price by 58-0-58 36c s. Carielo lit. St. W. Of s Anita. N. Off san Nellh Lloil into a pal equal 2-bm. . Lev. Benj open 10-4 Washington Allen 2 by Lam. A Lucca. Iton a floors Al replace. Freeo ill Lue pm we. Roof. One Oil nor Home. Veeda Home. A Luln. Res to in. Nelly constantian by 3-8126 by 7-3406 shown by appointment 332 s. Santa Anita Down of Dan unit 1totaj 4 extras in Mellon. Wilson. Pus school Millie Coon s-919t realtor so Lovely English e in exceptional Down upper Hastings a Home with Lovely a Orner Are lace i conc Bot i Lar. Pm. It Dan Lar i. Low if if la Fie Silveria Al c-6517 Ken Smith in 7.q12j Tea toil 5v 2-0 Whipple wonderful 3 by Kllc Jie llton0 iss and time. Asking miss ties sem . By 7-4m3 Wynn Norton realty Orange Grove Lake area duplex Fth let Cape cod upper Ingier in los la vans room on floor is 36 Al. Ions with Beirut flu covered Patio. Small lot with Choice j21.ibo. Garnsey Potter ranch fair is Janes Sye is d. J. Feenstra 1s1 x. Lake sirs or Lei la Ive have left. Are buyers we need a Oiler a Roder Tyl Call today for fast efficient a Hail on Lise Al -sil7 by owner ranch ily room Al 5-2609 near new High school Down attractive 3 bedroom Large Kitchen Din. Pm. Virginia George so of Ummings in. To

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