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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 25, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaEditorial on the Beach postal rate increase a Bill is. Now. Before Congress to raise postal Rales. It is Well known that the postal department has operated for i Many years under staggering deficits for the obvious reason that receipts have not met costs of operation. We Are in favor of a pay As you go philosophy in government As far As it can be at and we believe it would be a Good idea if the costs of an identifiable sen ice that can easily be made self supporting were equated b y its receipts. We do not favor the legislation now under consideration however because it does not equitably set costs of opera tips against charges made for postal sen ices. The newspaper Field is directly affected in that second class rate under which copies of publications Are mailed would go up sharply on a per copy basis. Newspapers want to pay what it costs the Post office department to handle their second class mail but not costs that belong elsewhere. The pres ent legislation does not make allowance for Many no postal services economically performed for the Public and for a number of government agencies by the Post office. Postmaster general Day has concluded that a proper accounting is in order. In the past House and Senate appropriations committees have never exceeded an allocation of million for these services. Yet senator Johnston of South Carolina chairman of the sen ate Post office committee has estimated million As a More realistic figure. The proposed legislation would write off to million of the postal deficit As representing the Cost of Public services to be financed out of general funds of the Treasury. This is a Dodge whose effect would be to misrepresent the size of the postal Defi City. The proposed postal rate increase would amount to million As against an annual million deficit. Proper allocation of costs must pre cede a postal rate increase. Anxiety for an astronaut the first United states manned Orbital flight which will Send astronaut John Glenn around the world in a space capsule has been postponed until sat urday at this writing with the possibility that it will be put off again until tuesday. But the countdown began for this intrepid fellow when the first quasi firm Dale was set and possibly sweating out the delays Between postponement will be As harrowing As the flight itself. While minor difficulties such As the presence of flecks of dust in the wrong place or the development of tiny cracks in Supply lines Are being ironed out by technicians Glenn May Well be Ponder ing the likelihood that these or Graver defects May develop under the tremendous stresses of the flight. Although the feats of the astronauts Are easily equivalent in historic Dimen Sions to those of Columbus and Magel Lan it seems unlikely that their names will loom As Large to future generations. The american astronauts for courage and the size of the risks they Are faking Are unfortunately in the Shadow of the feats already performed by the russians. Regardless of considerations of Fame and history however the Earnest Good wishes and deep concern of All his countrymen will go with Glenn when he makes his fateful entry into space. Marquis Childs Kennedy hemmed in Walter Lippmann budget philosophy the 1963 budget which the president has just delivered to Congress is Likely to be remembered As a considerable landmark. Inai is not because of its size which in spite of Oil special responsibilities for de sense is As compared with the other Bud cots of the Western world about Normal in relation o our population and our we ally. This 3963 budget is noteworthy because time in oui that the balancing of the Willi a surplus n deficit or with is a question of economic policy and of de liberate decision. It is not As so Many re Gard it a question of right and wrong it happens that the estimates for 1963 show a trifling surplus in what is known As the administrative budget. But what is More significant is the president s state ment that under present economic or. Cum stances a moderate surplus is the Best National i am Well aware that the economic philosophy of the budget is unfamiliar to Many and that they look on it As dangerous and wicked. But the fact is that while or Kennedy is the first president to make it the avowed official american fiscal policy it Nas been the Una vowed working philosophy of every administration democratic and 30 do prussion some it used to be heresy to ask whether a budget should or should not be balanced Mth a surplus or a deficit. In this go Nora question has become the new its Central theme is that in the business cycles of recession and recovery the budget can be and should be used to make the Down swing Short and shallow and the recoveries Long and no inflationary. How can this be done by using is a balance weight what the government takes away from the taxpayers and what it pays contracts the general Lule is that in a recession there should be a deficit and in a recovery there should be b. Surplus How this works is not made Alto Gether Clear by the budget we Are All talk ing about the budget which is called by the experts the administrative budget there arc two main reasons Why this kind of Bud get docs not Tell the real Story for one thing it Stales the receipts from faxes when they arc collected and not when they arc incurred. Yet corporations and Large taxpayers Are saving for taxes and therefore withholding Money from the Economy during the whole fiscal year and second the administrative budget excludes the Trust fund transactions because they do not require appropriations from Congress Iet these transactions for High Way Grants in Aid for unemployment compensations and for social Security payments amount to almost s25 billion a year they have a Large Impact on the ups and Downs or the business Cycle. As a Tatlor fac. Other consolidated Cash Bud get and the National income accounts Bud get. It is this latter budget which throws the most Light on the influence of the government s fiscal policy on the condition of business. What does the National income accounts budget show it shows that for the year ending july the Federal govern ment took from the Public a Little Over paid out to the Public about billion. For the year we Are now in which ends in july 19g2, the government is Esti mated to he taking away billion and paying out billion. For the fiscal year .1963 which begins on july 1, 19g2 the Esti males Are that the government will take in billion and pay out about billion. These Are the significant figures about the budget and what they show is regards government present fiscal policy is not inflationary in fact it is mildly deflationary. The budget is being severely criticized by such men As senator Byrd and sen Ator Keating. They Are predicting that the budget will not As the president predicts be balanced and that there will be a deficit which May run As Large As billion they May be right. But if they Are omit they will be right primarily because the president is overestimating the strength of that then the decision to balance the 1 will have come too soon. He will have made the same kind of mis take that president Eisenhower made in 19o9 a lion he imposed deflationary measures on the Economy which was Reco vering hut had not recovered fully from the recession of 1957-1958. President Eisenhower s mis take it will be remembered deepened t h e recession and thus brought about the famous billion deficit in 1960 this is the second of two articles the editor. An important part of the condition ing of every member of the Kennedy family from childhood Onward is hard daily exer Cise of the most fiercely competitive sort from touch football to skiing to Tennis to ski diving they play to win. President Kennedy has been less a Pris Oner than Many previous occupants of the White House. He has insisted on a private life which included occasional out Side parties. But increasingly the unceasing demands of the office have closed around him. How frustrating is the confinement docs he regret the free Wheeling life of the past when he could forget himself in a game of. Touch football or Fly Olf to Jamaica on an impulse without Benefit of the secret service or any other restraint the president s answer is no be cause of his Back condition which put him on crutches after the meeting in Vienna last summer he cannot go in for violent exer Cise. Twice a Day he swims in the White House heated swimming Pool. Once a Day Between y and unless late appointments crowd him he docs a set of exercises prescribed by or. Hans Kraus assistant professor of physical Medicine and rehabilitation at new y0rk University a chief Petty officer supervises the president in the bends and jerks since other Wise he readily admits he would be inclined to skip this rather Boring regimen looking Back on the Road that led to the presidency the three to four years be fore the presidential Campaign itself Are those he would never care to live Over he was out in the country Selling himself it was a punishing ordeal Long hours often Kite at night in dreary airports in Indiana Nebraska Kansas. Meals hastily snatched never enough sleep driving driving drive ing with always the necessity to be Back m the Senate to record important votes. The nomination meant that lie had an apparatus to carry him along. And now at the end of a in the White House machine of government. He has his own trusts people he knows the decisions he must make hear Down hard and that applies with special Force to the question of whether to resume the test ing of nuclear weapons in. The atmosphere. Siivart top 0 visceral the Only real purpose would seem to be with respect to the anti missile missile and that appears almost impossible of achievement. But both the scientists and the military press to test what they believe May be technological breakthroughs. Having moved from the Congress to the office of chief executive the president sees at the end of a year How nearly impossible it is to govern under the system of divided Powers. He believes it is quite Clear what Powers the executive should have to prevent another recession. But he has Little expectation the Congress will Grant him the Powers he proposed in his state of the Union message and which he elaborate later. He mentions a prominent senator Long resistant to any increased1 authority for the executive. Another recession perhaps in two years would Cost to to billion of loss a year in. Productivity. Bui this does not seem to matter to those who resist any change. People say he should fight the commit tee chairmen who Are masters of the Block ing strategy and then carry this fight into the congressional Campaign in the fall. But in their Safe districts they Are immune from attack or from any pressure of. Opinion. He Lias talked with one or two of these chairmen and he was left with the impression that they simply did not under stand the problems he talked about. For this fall there Are few issues medical care for the aged of them. How do you dramatize the advantages of a liberalized Trade program in partnership with the european common Market against a Republican serial or who goes around his state saying that imports made with Low Cost labor Are taking jobs away from americans. The president is hopeful that some of his legislation rejected at the last retraining Bill to help alleviate hard Core unemployment for he passed this time. But lie sees the fall Campaign As the realist that he is. In 1948 president Truman had what appears in retrospect almost to have been an advantage in the Republican Congress that killed or blocked one Truman proposal after another. Truman could run against the "80-worst but How does a democratic presiden Campaign when there Are democratic majorities that can lie blamed for obstructing the administration program the realist in the White critics to the left of Center accuse him of too much no easy answer you try to resolve Berlin Laos and the other immediate and glaring threats and perhaps Progress Here will bring Progress elsewhere. In Ltd Feal i James Marlois censorship of the military Bernard j. Ridder publisher Gustaf a. Nordin general manager Vrtik padlock jul Recz Kin san Kii in Ford in a were Pototo. Cite to unit. Aiso att intact Elbr for Johm t s2s e. Colando Dici. Cal Florala. This week Robert a. Lovett defense Secretary under president Truman said he feels that As a government we talk too much and give the impression of bin in he told this to a Senate subcommittee which began hearings tuesday on whether military men Are permitted to Tal enough. The hearings will go on for weeks probably get overheated and will take three directions 1 censorship of speeches by military officers before civilian groups 2 teaching or educating troops about communism and 3 participation by military men in sem Inars and Public meetings. All three questions come Down to this How much Freedom shall military officers have to speak on matters not directly connected with their military duties president Kennedy s administration like president Eisenhower s before it has a policy which insists speeches military or other government officials give on National Security matters be in line with White House views and the american foreign policy. The investigation is the result of charges Thurmond a major Genera in the army Reserve and a South Carolina Democrat that the Pentagon muzzled ant communist talks by military men a Moling was done on in rom Moscow of would t elaborate on that one. Two former High ranking officers Are most frequently mentioned in discussion of this Case adm. Arleigh Burke former chief of naval operations and maj. Gen Edwin a. Walker former commander of the 2jfh army division in West Germany when Kennedy took office last year mos cow decided to release two american fliers held prisoner for is months after their plane had Bren shot Down in the Barents sea off Northern . The Kennedy adminis Lvalion and Moscow consulted in some form on this release be cause on Jan. 25 Kennedy and the russians issued simultaneous statements on it that was five Days after Kennedy took office about that Lime a speech by Burke was censored. Kennedy explained later that no one in this country knew at the time whether the fliers would be released. The president said therefore there is some value in coordinating statements made by High ranking responsible officials. It is the policy which must be followed by this Walker s Case was different. He lectured his troops in Germany on anti communism and a publication overseas weekly said he also described As definitely Pink tru Man Dean Acheson former Secretary of slate and others. The army investigated and reprimanded him according to army Secretary Elvis j. Slahor taking injudicious actions and making derogatory statements about prominent j the army record showed he refused to the equivalent of the fifth asked if he acted contrary to military regulations by advising his men on american political matters. Walker relieved of his command quit the army began making speeches and last week announced he has become the Symbol of patriotism for this Thurmond said later he did t know All the facts in the Case but still did t think Walker should have been bounced. At the same time he said officers should stay out of partisan politics. Everybody seems agreed that military men must be subordinate to the civilian leaders of the government. The dispute is Over How much they should be allowed to say. General Eisenhower issued a Long state ment tuesday which went around and around but did say let our informed Mili tary speak always under properly established policies and the Petty supervision of their civilian but since it s this very degree super vision which is under investigation Eisen Hower did t solve anything. Kennedy said last year he knows of 65 efforts by Eisenhower s administration to make sure that speeches by members of the military were in accordance with the general objectives of american foreign a Reu editor s diary abuses exposed what happens now strikes me thej1961 county grand jury just Dis charged did a solid constructive f. Jones As Foreman. Its final report. Brings Forth solid evidence of governmental practices which result in waste of taxpayers Money ineffective or inefficient use of it and abuse of tax Laws. In pointing up these problems the jury charged nothing criminal but it regretted seeing. Tax Money just slip through official fingers. It hoped its Dis closures would not be ignored. Who now is going to follow through the a burdened Public has the right to ask. The three la cities at which the jury struck hardest have repeatedly been cited As shocking 1 welfare big slices in effect go Down the Drain 2 veterans tax exemption where too Many escape equitable taxation by failure to Dis close assets going Scot free from penalty 3 jailing and retailing habitual drunkards. No one says these lax wasting practices Are easy to Correct. Yet i m wondering whether-theil962 grand jury in its final report one year from will be winging its hands Over these same abuses wit Lenoth my corrective having been done in this interval. Said the jury vigorous attention was Given to Public welfare disbursements and their inherent abuses. We know of no More serious problem confronting this county we recommend continued efforts solve commendable yet nothing new there i. Know of no realistic grappling with this problem within the past year. If As to veterans tax exemption in a Pilot study of cases selected at random the jury found half would Nave been disallowed had All assets been on the Sample tested we estimate the total number of questionable claims at the report said. We therefore conclude that further improvements in the property declaration and claim review procedures Are by Law veterans Are allowed exemption on p their assessed valuation total assets Are not More than if married. As one evidence of laxity we find that Many veterans who own substantial real estate values Are declaring no Bank balances or other assets. This does not appear to be sure some Progress in Clearing out this abuse has been made in the past year More i la Wager As the result of newspaper exposures including a Force trades in this from any other 1 let me make Clear again being a m for them. Yet i can t stand freeloading at other payers expense just because there s no real penalty for not telling the truth. As to the Cost of jailing and retailing the same old drunk through the study of the problem of alcoholism in a metropolitan area some More intelligent and less expensive method of handling consistent repeaters should be Good now by whom when with sadness i noted that the jury returned 284 indictments on narcotics compared with a total of 40 on All other criminal offences. Its comment we deplore the fact that these indictments Iri clude few if any Large scale operators in the narcotics Trade. It will be necessary to apprehend Ond convict More of the wholesale suppliers before any effective Dent can be made in the narcotics Way Back in the year i served on the Federal grand jury Only the Little Fellows were getting caught. When o when do we get Tough with the big ones science at work metric system i imagine asking a Hollywood her measure menus Are and getting this answer 92-61-92 j that Well might be the Case if this com a Riever adopted the metric system of measurement now used by More than three quarters of the world. Actually legislation diced in the last session of Congress to authorize Ihei in Lional Bureau of standards to begin a study of the problems that might be involved in converting to the metric system David w. Goldman president of Evans Rule co., and leading proponent of the metric system admits it would create some drastic changes. Some of our familiar saying. For example would come out this Way 7 a miss is As Good As Kilometres. I would t touch that with a 3.049 meter pole god s Little 4017 of a hectare. Thursday january 25 today s almanac today the 25th Cury of the year with 340 to follow the Moon is approaching its last Quarter. The evening Star is Mercury. On this Day in history 1787 revolutionary army capt. Daniel Shay debt Ridden and discontented rebels against the Federal Arsenal in Springfield mass., hoping to overthrow the government. In 18c3, Gen. Joseph Hooker succeeded Gen. Ambrose e. Burnside As commander of the Northern army of the Potomac. In 1890, the United mine workers of America were organized and affiliated to the american federation of Labov. In 1915, Alexander Graham Bell inaugurated the first transcontinental Telephone service. A thought for today the american humorist of Den Nash said Bankers Are just like any Tody else except Richer. V

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