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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 24, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaAs i see it still Terra to. Ella to when i have run byway explorations in i the car Down past san Dregoi always been interested in line of franciscan and Jesuit missions Down there. From one of Pur readers comes tills interesting letter about a place to visit in Baja California a appreciate such letters would like to have More. Dear or. Leadabrand your readers who Are going to Baja Cali fornia May like of an excellent trailer Camp which we found at Punla Banda during a recent trip Down there. La Jolla Camp is nine Miles out on the Cape from Mandadero approximately 20 Miles below Ensenada. The propel or or Al Pavloff Speaks fairly Good English and is the most accommodating Host we have found anywhere in our travels. After working for some years in various motels and the Riviera Pacifico in Ensenada he bought a few acres of land on Punta Banda and Lias transformed it in 18 months of hard from Barren land to a most attractive Camp. There is a boat launching ramp Bath houses Wilh toilets and showers emmy ton running water for washing drinking water keeps Al ills House across the ample firewood electricity Tor trailers All the comforts of Home. Even was off we thought that thirty cents per person for All this was extremely reasonable we lucked on it in a heavy fog and it was really a Lucky find in the morning Senora Pavloff sent us town plates heaped with Frijoles and delicious la males Pollatos. A few Miles further on the Punla Banda Road is the famous Enson Rula a sight seeing it High tide there Are fascinating pebbles and shells for Chil Dren hot Springs in the Sand at Low tide and Sii Icib Chicken lobsters to be bought Jot a Lozen. Al said that we paid too much but we were satisfied. Because it is below the Check Point where visas arc few tourists go far enough to find this delightful spot. The Pavloff s have worked very literally building from the ground up since they made their own a lobe bricks built their sea Wall in stalled Light polos plumbing fixtures and everything else. It is clean charming and we Hope that some of your readers will Lake advantage of this Fine spot before the Check Point is moved South and la Jolla like so Many other delightful unspoiled places is discovered and Over run. Mrs. Paul Altadena looters to the editor it , , Reader s forum of How i him but Ecjpe tally How i detest Hal wonderful Carl Dennis the menace Peter j. Steinc Rolin . The jealous husband dear or. Steincrohn i want advice on jealousy the kind that is ruining two lives. My husband is a Good hard working Man but at times lie makes me a prisoner. I can not go to Church without having to answer a thousand questions. Who did 1 talk to the milk Man the grocery Man and even the family doctor is i m asked questions As Ici had compiled a sin by treat ing them half Way civil. My husband says that he knows i be had affairs Wilh other men and names them by dozens none of which is True i swear not once in our 20 years of married life have i even flirted Wilh another Man. Please Tell me or. Steinc Rolin docs he suffer from a mental condition he has been extremely nervous during the past 5 years. What can i do a. Answer jealousy can be a purple eyed monster. I have seen Many unhappy in stances of husbands or wives who suffered years of unhappiness because it ravaged the Home. In some cases jealousy is so marked you would certainly have the right to Call the one affected As one obsessed. Saying a Man is a menial Case May be pulling it pretty Strong but in some cases perhaps being not far wrong. I wish i could give you some constructive advice. Once jealousy is imbedded it s As tear out As a deeply Roo scr can cer. I Haye pleaded but have hat no Luck. In the have always sent Hie jealous one i a psychiatrist for treatment. Pregnancy at 49? dear or. Steincrohn i am Over 49 and have two children. I have had no menses in Over three years. What Are my chances for Conception t. Answer almost nil. Pain in the leg dear or. Steinc Rolin i am 78. I walk downtown every Day to the elks club for lunch and a card game or two. This is six blocks away. By the time i walk three blocks the calf of my right leg hurts so much i have to Slop and. Rest. After a few minutes i go on and finish my walk. Can you make any suggestions. 1 feel Fine otherwise.-. D. Comment whether you feel Fine or not , 1 suggest you go 1o your doctor study. X rays of your leg and other tests will probably reveal that the cause of your trouble is poor circulation in your leg arteries. You May have what we Call intermittent you May or May not need Medicine or surgery. Uriel letters stand the Best Chance . I he editor reserves the right to trim those that Are ton 0113. Every letter including any stoned a pseudonym must carry the name and address of the writer throwing stones what some people so sneering by speak of As right Wing is in fact traditional Middle of i he Road americanism As expounded by our founding fathers in the declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This Ideal fostered Freedom but did not Force it upon anyone. H also made the american people the most prosperous on Earth. However again it did not Force that pros Writy those who did not value it enough to work for it. There was no apology either for the economic system through which that Properity had been brought about. This Ideal was held before our armed forces undiluted and during that time the United Stales became the strongest nation on the face of the Earth. This american Ideal is the greatest har Rier to the Advance of communism and is the communist s prime target for destruction. This Ideal must not be weakened by the current socialistic brainwashing to which our people have been subjected for the last three decades. In some quarters the Clear Cut picture of it Lias been dimmed this brain washing is the communist plan As the pre Lude to take Over. Khrushchev in a speech just three months before his last visit to the United Stales said we can t expect the american people to jump from capitalism to communism hut we can give them Small doses of socialism until they awaken one Day to find they have comm let us then cease throwing stones at Elioso Brave and patriotic men who Are Rais ing their voices Uncertain sound air warning of the present and real dangers that beset our Republic. Lawrence Hexner badgered reporters Gall bladder operation at 67? dear or. Steincrohn would like your opinion on whether or not an operation is necessary in the following instance x rays show the Gall bladder is not functioning but it does not cause me any trouble. I am 67. F. Answer i d leave Well enough alone. Dear or. Steincrohn i would like to know what causes a Glass jaw and what you recommend to Harden it f. Fight managers have told ,.me you re either Horn with a Glass jaw or one thai can Lake a punch i Don t know How to Harden jaws. If r did i d have a dozen fight managers Silling on my front porch within hours. Or. Slain Colin s Llou to be a Len spy will be mailed to on receipt n a stamped self addressed envelope and 10 cents in Coin for handling. Address your re quest to or. Steincrohn this news paper. Bill syndic. Virginia Ray just in the family dear miss Kay i m a Man with a Haven t had Many men talk about their troubles lately. Almost 13 years ago i married the prettiest girl in school. Was also one of the Best students. In 33 years i have Learned Why she was he prettiest and seemed the smartest. It was because she perfectionist. But that s where the problem comes in. She is wearing herself out fasl by House work keeping herself just so and trying to do Pat and club to Perfec Tion. Ouk Home is not unduly big. We have Only one child. She would not have to be Long to two clubs besides the Pat. And she would t have to look like a Magazine minute at Home and outside. The result of i suppose you would Call that i can walk into the House with guests at any time and be sure it will be in Apple pie order and that there will be just the right stuff on the Kitchen shelves wife to get up a dinner that will bring raves and of course she will look perfect. But she will also look tagged and when we have an evening alone and i would like to spend it in relaxed Comfort with a wife to talk to or play Bridge with she is cleaning the Kitchen and seeing that our child is bathed and everything is perfectly straightened up in his room before he is allowed to go to bed. Don t think i Don t appreciate her Good qualities and that she keeps up a Fine Home and serves perfect meals and is a conscientious Mother and citizen i do. But i am worried to see her getting older fast because she wears herself out and even if i sound i would enjoy my Home More if it had a Little More com fort instead of perfection and i believe our child would gain More by having a Mother relaxed enough o play with him now and then. And i would like to wife sorry to have made this so Long hut i Ruoss i had to get it off my Chest maybe with a Hope that it would set any other wives to even my own. By he Way what makes a person become such a perfectionist male Reader san Marino dear male Reader i have no Way of knowing what it was in your wife s Back ground which has Given her this compulsion toward perfection. It is almost certain that something made her feel insecure or that she Felt disapproved of in some Way. So she developed in appearance in her studies Home and com All to gain approval. That is a Strain on herself and her fam ily but one which will be difficult for her to break. If she reads your Post script it May Jolt her into a realization of the Situa Tion she is bringing about i worry about my own impulse to walk out some of these dismal evenings and find someone who can give me the companionship 1 want and dear Virginia some Lime ago i wrote to you in regard to folks sending in trading Stamps so you could buy things for your mexican Home for orphans. I read you loud and Clear every Day and never saw a mention of it. Don t you think it a Good idea i think people would spare a few Stamps when they would not Send Cash or gifts. Ace Pasadena dear Ace i did indeed seem a Good suggestion except that we Are receiving a sudden flurry of requests for Stamps from readers who had pet charities. One was for a Leper Colony another for a Hospital an other to obtain a school bus. I could t play favourites even Jor our own project. Incidentally i foal sorry for Pam who received Only critical letters because she for stamp books. Youngsters Are Apt to do something on impulse without realizing All the ramifications. We sincerely Hope that her College dream comes if without those Blue Chip stamp books. Dear Harold hold everything Are you the Young Man who expected to give a Book to your Little lady fair for Christ Mas if so belter close the pages on that Romance and Slart writing some new Chap ters with a new leading lady she con make a room upset Ltd can t Robert c. Ruark Hijack operation in new Guinea last time i was in Jakarta i did not bother to go ashore. 1 Don t particularly care to he robbed by Force frisked and hustled on currency by uniformed Pandora s who Are dignified by uniforms sanctioned by president Sukarno of Indonesia. It was easier to stay on the ship and listen to the complaints of the Oiler unwary passengers who came Back battered and generally bereft of any valuables such As the cameras they took on a sight seeing tour. You can almost unvarying by judge a country s general administration by the habits of the Small men in uniforms who Wear guns and work in the customs and currency Cor. Tools. Whore banditry is open and rampant the government cannot be far behind. In Sukarno s Indonesia a few years Back there was a ridiculous rate on the Rupali which the Legal Money Chang ers themselves hinted you d be stupid to accept. There was an almost logical rate which the boys were prepared to offer behind their hands and it you wanted to really reach the True value of Exchange a proper Black Market was available to accommodate you. As one who was present when general Walker spoke at the sports Arena i no in general agreement Wilh your editorial of Jan. 18, particularly As i was trying to Lake notes the Handicap of having to stand up every few minutes. At the same time i can also sympathize with the Small minority of the More than present who badgered the rep Orlus for not participating in the frequent stand ing ovations accorded to general Walker. There is a Law of physics to the effect that every action brings about an equal reaction. Ever since the Early Days of the new Deal the major Media of mass press radio and television have with a few notable exceptions been strongly biased towards the left in their reporting of the news. For documentation i refer you to the Fine address who controls what you read delivered at Pepperdine College in los Angeles on March 20 by or. George Washington Rosnelt director of the inst Lute for. Special research and a resident of Pasadena. Moying to Pasadena a year ago from the East i have impressed by the strength of the Public demand in this area for a return to the principles enunciated in lie declaration of Independence and to tha limitations on the Powers of the Federal government incorporated in our Constitution which was designed to implement Thosa great principles. Had the press in general not sought so consistently for so Many years to Arcata a climate of. Public opinion favourable to the development of an All powerful Federal government in All likelihood the reporters at the meeting for general Walker would have been treated with the almost Courtesy and consideration. As it is rather than condemn the few who made the disturbance it would seem in order to pay tribute to the vast majority who did not Badger the dozen re porters present. Sartell Prentice or. Creeping capitalism if any of the hard pressed Pasadena con Shiva tics who wonder loudly and often whatever happened to Good old Yankee initiative really want to figure it out i refer them to an article in the Jan. 17 paper. Firemen at Pasadena station 7, instead of asking for a Bond Issue to repair their station volunteered on duty spare Lima and hard work in order to do it themselves at a Cost in materials of they were laughed out of the City Council s Cham Bers. What deny some hard working con tractor his profit nonsense i submit that it is this attitude which has undermined american ingenuity the Altitude of Small town councils and other vested interests who never let the Public welfare interfere with the private Enterprise and-profit-5-Ystem. What could he More genuinely american in spirit than the gesture of these firemen to repair their own digs and who vetoed it. As if it was a joke a new Deal Type bureaucracy or antique Republican conservatives gentle readers As an outraged Liberal i leave it to you. Mrs. Patsy Thompson Altadena the Bortl n City directors Licci Ileal to reconsider this Mailer editor. I Church and state when i read the letter by Johnny Adkins i had to look at the Date on the news paper to make sure it was not a Back number of the year 1880 or so. Surely every one should know that the principle of Sepa ration of Church and state is an integral part of our . This Prin Siple applies to Public schools. Let the children s parents and priests fill the child with religious Humbug. It is the function of the school to try to fill him with some intelligence. Tom Teece Doug Mcmann i Only heard you got shaken Down for heaven s Sake even As a passing tourist on a one Day Slop in route to Australia by unabashed thugs who hinted broadly that it would be Nice if you gave them your camera instead of having it taken from you by Force. Nice stupid tourists had their clothes removed and their persons intimately investigated for the sin of thinking that going ashore in Jakarta might be educational. It was indeed educational As an Index to the cur rent tendencies of a Bandit nation under a smarmy Dema Gogue who has t been Home Long enough since he came to Power to make a fair bet for assassination. Indonesia under the noisy Globe girder Aid Money spender Sukarno has roughly As much right to Dulch new Guinea As he has to Australia on the one Side and the Philippines on the other. The Black papuans of new Guinea never heard of Sukarno they do not share his Faith or blood or color. Perhaps they do not belong to the dutch either but the dutch have As much right to govern them and with considerably More skill than the indonesians who have made a miserable joke of their own so called Independence under an Absentee War lord Sukarno who knows More Street names in Tokyo Moscow now York London and Washington than he does in his own graft Ridden literally ungoverned country. I know new Guinea Well. Its natives Are mainly innocents. One huge sector involving a half million Stone age people was not even discovered until 1933, and the discoverers have recently been guests in my Home. I know the land from world War two and from As recently As half dozen years ago when i managed to accumulate enough interest for 18 columns and three pieces for the saturday evening Sukarno s repeated intentions to Annex dutch new Guinea under the name West invoking the Worth of. Violence is As naked an act of aggression As was Ever flourished by the germans the russians or More lately the red chinese in India or the United nations in Katanga. It is simply a Hijack Job by a Bandit nation under a Bandit chief who spends More time in gambling Halis and Plush hotels in foreign places than he devotes to his own rundown recently liberated country. It is an act of overt colonial nation against a completely foreign country if so. Be it Sukarno pulls off his avowed coup. Where i wonder do the gentlemen of the United nations sit on this one. If icy feel so deeply about Katanic which All was Only an african state that wished to determine Virtu take a bit of philosophy Garnish it with rhythm. What results is purely sunny j. Berne Weiss i suppose the sequel to that Broadway hit How to succeed in business without really trying1 will be How to succeed in government without making an it sounds logical. Stanton water Man a Pioneer in under water archaeology was the speaker at the pc tuesday eve Ning forum. His subject years under the or. Sam Blake is Chr. Of the 62 Myca week. Sam is presiding this week Al combined service club luncheons at the the popular orthodontist is an adept master of ceremonies from Way Back. I see where or. Kenneth Kopp is Prez elect of the Southern California society of Oral surgeons. You mean Ken you chaps Are just a Bunch of Cut and earn your living by talking there s a new Backfield on the tournament of roses Loam for 63. Stan Hahn Prez Hilles Bedell vice Prez Walt Hoef flin treasurer and Randy Richards Secre tary will be calling the signals. But judge Noble 62 though on the will always he on hand for the squeeze plays to Heckman past Prez of the Pasa Dena realty Board inducted her son Phil into he fraternity at the organization s Jan. Meeting Verne White is the new Boswell of the Pasadena playhouse Ward leis is winning laurels on the Bowling lanes de Heath formerly of our town and the Pasadena chamber of Commerce and now a Hammond Organ dealer in Phoenix is at the Huntington Hospital. Thanks to Harold beam for today s Daf fyn Tion an auction place where you get something for Bob Beedle observes with scientists telling us that automation is to take Over All work it is a Consolation to remember that love at least will still to roses to Don Hart realtor of the year 61. Don is a new York City boy at tended Brown Massachusetts Institute of technology and was a Lieuten ant commander in the . Navy. He came to Pasadena in 1016 and joined Johnny Moore and George Bulger in the real estate Biz and has been a credit to the Industry Ever since. Vic Jory who got his Start at Pasadena playhouse and has won Fame on the movie and to screens has become a producer of travel films. His first Effort Hong will be presented As a feature of the civic auditorium s 30lh anniversary program on feb. 15, thanks to Elmer Wilson who is picking up the Tab. I think Fred Shoop will Bear me out that it was or. T. B. Elliott from Indianapolis Indiana who in 1873 gave Pasadena its name. But did you know that the Crown City could have been called san pasqual Indianola new Granada or Orange Grove. But what happened to the oranges i know they wound up in the Frozen food counters of your favorite Market the office wag concluded thai Holly Wood is the Placo where Many of the girls Are looking for husbands and Many of the husbands Are looking for girls thanks to Paris Johnson editor of the Temple City rotary club wheel for the following entitled which Type Are some Are like need to be paddled some Are like a string is not kept on them they la Fly away some Are like Are More contented when petted some Are like can t Tell which Way they la Bounce next some Are like of wind and ready to blow up some Are like they have to be pulled and some Are like keep going on and As usual the author is unknown. East Pasadena rotary is presenting he Art Woolsey film festival billed As the Moody psychological dramas no doubt Knox Hager has been awarded his 33 year kiwanis pin the Robert de weesies enjoyed the holidays at Lake Tahoe Peter Bealer is now off iced with a Wood and Agency chief Gordon Mcmillan is winning friends for the Sierra Madre gendarmes. Happy birthdays to Gene Elmer Hilgendorf or. F. B. Sheldon Bob Al Kapp Harold the classified and ogler tells about the Gal who lost a Bill in the Market but would t Settle for a five spot. With her a half a loaf is not better than none double Bill of the week hell City town without pity memo from miss Nomer growing up is that period spent in learning that Ball manners Are tolerated Only in grown-." which is where i came in

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