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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 24, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaFoix Quick Bale. Kinmore. Ullh. I r. Excl. 8jf o. E. Dryer elkqtk1c. Expel ital condition. Of 8-2632 Good twist u7 of nun Wonlu savings on used office equip. Typewriters add tar Mich Lnch Dewki. Chain duet i rapt. J. A Freeman co. 35 5. Los Robless 5-5.23 inventory Sale Ulm 4 Ilo Oij on special few leu set Iles. Desks. Tables curs. Sur trial. Office Supply Al i in. Mil 1-2315 Uve Iteck pc feed Pony old nil. Twin y for . 42w. In nov Lelh , hid attract Corner room. Prev Rilli a ent. A Lens. In strict or. Trans. Finl Man. No smoke. By Wii Boul Kitchen priv ii ent. Bath Ben us. Pm. A a Ltalien. Or. Whix. Entrance. A a lira Ottov. Toom private Ephrai Init Kitchen coloured pref. So .s-h12 Board employed 437 b. In Lei nod food Lun Liei Nic ried extra Nice loom Bull. 50 s. Salmi Sis 7 . No. H h-3313 Vij by i Velv uni 3so n. Oakland. So 2-f Resl Home s free a Jeu Homei. Teat anal Ballar iut. All areas. Rates s126 per month Ami up. Call mrs. J5rbvik 3y ambulatory lady wan til for beaut. Conjor Labolt Fine huf Altro sphere Gil. Imme. Exe. Meals nurse Cara. Casa de Las Rores bed patients or. Fly guest Home for elderly a Leml a trait oort fool a excellent , Home. Prev. A mini Prev. Room firm. Sol he have vacancy for licit of food. Fit gue St hoj1e for me Rev Ambula classified ads feet More r biggest value in town. Enjoy forced air Hall healed Pool air Large 2 bedroom apts. Wished or unfurnished . Bryar the Park Chester 1 20 s. Chester or Call mgr. By 5-8160 Ramhi j35 Der to. Room for Emot Erk Lnor. Linen fog Sla Triko. R it Tledni or. Senior Cut Iceni Clr. 80 apis Lumenti just completed Best rental value beaut . Apis. Rei Orl living inter. Decor. Air cond. Healed Pool i i music snack the Zodiac arts. Up. 390 n. Garfield Belv Kef Walnut i Villa 12 Hiu the 3rand new luxury custom furnished 1 . To su5 free Liro no leases hid. Pool i Lush polio 1030 w. Huntington or a71cadlv Iii h-3ub 0pp. Re Clio Hiiop Pine 320 s. Sierra Madre blvd or. Colo. Blvd. By 6-1440 rent reduced Beautiful 1 bedroom Apt. Air conditioned Patio near Golf count teat Aunela 372 Monterey Road South Pasadena sneak Indiana see this Stop looking new 1 bedroom reasonable rent Pool Patio i i air conditioned 550 n. Catolina paso. Ideal for bachelors men. Girls. Amp Roveil co a Ltd re Ilkei in Khoons 2 blk. Site Ermert. I Folk. Freeway 81iort walk Hullt of cite come Akk kor yourself. Park Lynn apts Annex exc let. Mans. them in Apt. S. Marengo , risk ride Manor new aria. Air Murf. A rival. Unali. Pm vol re race. Wol. s Rake. . No Law of Ramu Nilal or. So. L Asa so 0-1639 or stat. Al real. 0-0720 Vic. Bullocks cat Toyli 1 he am. in i Rotor Hal. All nil us Caloni unit. 41v Calalina. Sys we at pm Pasadena special to fuse floor Prev ent. So Nils lady pref. Kun cold ave. Shown rr1 Bachelor Apt. I Nutry oar. Or. Mai. Mar Hill Colo. Area 1-h.h. Avail feb. I. 2-27.s3 i.v-4 Littick to in a a relate. Car. Santa Jar it. 1 Block North of Lake area-1 by newly 1ibat o Tro Micai 1 to. We. 1 by mod. Condemn. Tull. P.1. Cadulli apts. Nimoy 2-. Area. To. Now available. Come. Red Coral r to by Apt. 450 n. Baldwin Sierra. , Pasadena court 1 us. Lio . A Cdv . Al Mollno of tier or 3y so. Paso. Pool Patio Dix. L a h.r., Len. Pm. Few broadly a hold 8. Apps. Ler Apt. fur maid hkrv1ce. Aaa s oar Dan Apt. Or. New firn. If., am of. A. Utile. Paid bomb. Kit. A n r. I n a.___351 e. J by Apt. 20u e. Washington Attract. Lev by. Comb. Come. . You ulily Lineni etc., cloak in. Benm Rutn 7-2173 clean no cell turn 3-rm. Apt. . Park ilk. New rum. Near Plopa t Rancap. A let. 610 x. Oakland. It. 1 by. So. Pasa. Lull a. Palm. 3yh-mq7. 1 Pasa. La Lei Donaldo court to new Bachelor Apt. S70 so 6-311 or. C6horado Hill. Bachelor i. 81 n. Clienter. Sv5-596 near Iran Norta is Moder by Elf. 7-8103 How much does a vacancy you sent 590 month loss pm Day j3.67 j3.00 j3.33 j5.00 Only o8c on 7 Day plan for a 2 line a Doy for 4 lines Elc. A Siai news .a.v. 10 i 1 . J to 1. Apr link Molj 11 nm3 pc. Location. Washington mar Vista n ear by. In. Waitr. Dryer above. In. Adulla. Sys-8331 140 n. 110. 2 new d . No i3is pc. Qut by by s.3sss by. Of ten a Nock or n. Nice Neath Bortold. Adilla. Year. Susji Jusi k. 7.ake________ . Adi. Pool n a race. _ prestige _ _ deluxe decor Louall he Barratt co. 3y 5-211 j so ver cd aware. Ualat. The Glen Oaks 400 e. Live Sam of Boltl t blk South of Tun at 7-0607 Glen Monterey 626 a Monterey St. Alha1ib11a 1, 2 cv3 bedroom .2. Bath luxury apor menu at 2-7285 a Coni private car Pool subterranean j105-si50new 1 2 Brall Moderie real Fri. Air Conill to Oneal. Oslo Prev Ali Rita. . 1soo stale Al by 9-Otin 100 Kay Mondale. S3. I Aja tropical Paradise Pamo Hamic View spic Lnu. 2-hr. 2 Raili. ?1m up. Superb Quality. His heated it filtered t nol 220 k. Sierra Marjik Bia i Sierra 5-8596 we specialize in rentals sales lease Pollon Perry mgt . House apts. Duplexes furnished or unfurl. To for Friendly courteous service see Hawkins Ralty. Of the. , Star Newa Haa two Ikkela Al Hie Lioi or Fly. Or Host. E Scott 3711 Crea Roris ur., alia., Aith. United arts to theater. W Kaat Colorado a blvd i Aza Deiva Urlik Cllon Iii of executive s Hom e i ovely 2-Bll. Fly Lar pm. Dan inf rm., Lana. Hullt Lna break pm. Carpeta. do. ., Elroc. Or. 3t it 5360. Of. 4 of Knila -s311. Private patios Arcadia Spacini s 2 Irmi. 2 Ril Ntah w. Do Aitto. Re. Is 1-j 15 1601 Ambo red. Dr., s. Pas. Lovely spac., Homelike 3 Bill. 3di-. 2 Kaths. Dan. Deluxe i 2 or pts Stock Alet Cost 1117 w. Duarte re i must see to appreciate 2 a by Apia. In new 5110 a month Carpela draw it d a downtown location i in Jill it Morel. To s. Michigan new Beautiful a a 2-Beilroom i r Cyrul private Llo. A loony. Every Inlet . On or c rold Ile in air cond. Woo Carp a. Drapes Willoa. S120 mile k o . Ollk. A. Or inn Lar c or children of 2 bedrooms forced nor heat Loca Iron school but. See new 2-3 by. 2 Bath. Air cond. Cirp. I races near Arcilla huh from s12s re a d a a Itji my furn. Or unfurl. In Lam. Pool Prev. 1.7w ck5 . D freeway. Up Lake California in. In. Is. Stove 4 ref mfr. K. Califon Nix by 3-s33s 2-. Fiir _ j Dir. Y 1 Oaks. By new Large 1 by. Or fiefs air cond. Lisp. Fir carports. Small Pelok. A Tik. Off St. 13 n Marguerta . At 1-Sjjr deluxe 2 ., cite Pune. Draperies Hullt in Range. . Adult j 5110 to Ream of Altadena near Lake furnished or new 2-. Air cond ale Era Martre. Rat in oven f a he it it rare Filip. 39 no. Attol. Reels draped air . Suit will Jedi Leise 10 sept Fiille Juraj a. In at Roll Coutil or at 1-0285 Alhambra air Conil Aduis. Tirls of is. B. Oli a Raymond Hill so. Pasa Park Huntington 1 Bat is from 522. Varnet. Iii. New. 3121 Koo Hlll Stvil. . New 1 by. Apt. Near Thiv line. So. Hreen Woodit. Us n. No Range. Cut. Fret Lory. 1312 in oflus. It Fonte it 3-c" Brand new a by j-7ikh Beautiful Large 2-. Near Irinio. Flo s. Sierra in Jere ulv. I As. So 5-752 a Nakkna 2 by Rev upper. Cram. Dispose service porch no pet. 411 maj Ifon by p-7sh luxurious 2 i 15 Multi. Flow blown or All. J120. ?2t a Ilc Mrovka. 9-6277 or at Pasato Ofina 5 an re. Ref Rex. Disposal. Ower f ont. At 7-sh01 r a ref tic 009 a fall fi-016" san porch. Orter 7 i . 172 Mir Liim St. By 9-s119 a t kit t so. Pasa. 2 . All. Child . 4-9552 Turmo Ruai. A 2-Br. Air cond. Kluth 102 n. Hora Isoji sv_7-03i1 i . Adult b a. Stoin. Or arc or St a -.------id. Tool. Prev air con . Hurlbut St. I by s60. 1 by. Child of. 00 n. I Imp a. J45. 1 Bill. Apt. Llyl Csc pm. Modern Kitchen no. Piv 2 by. Newly Are ult. I feb a Init Avi. By ii . But. Sv2-s324 i-s2j7 or Al. 7-2113 o. Bali. air Coral. A 3-3fcr both papers 4-0311. Or live my .1-4871. Flow Cost adults. I s. Our into. By 2-1543 7-7j17 Apt. Pont. near 353 Psi or impel. A. Pmj. In of inf. A a bal in Loci of to Loc Niu it Arcadia. I Day Listii privacy 3 3 a Lathi Idill Lon a till All Alt thin in w. Or. I buy. On rental basis r. Horn by j.j9s7 Els Stoj eve Heum duplexes Fanti skid Hawkins Ralty. By 3-3171 Hill Colo. Area 3 pet 1 Tkins of 1. Bijj l a tsp Kvek. A Klipati it 2 Baths i a. To. I Ordener. Adults. Ref. Pm. Art l decor or Ziluni Lorton a Al Oiestad. Yi3l far View at at.j6i9291 if it. He. Rifl., Ffolk or Irani. Walrer into Romp Nice Jav furn. Jew. Uley of r a i to thaw pm Julie sum by 7-1303 Sikita Madhok a comp. Turn. Avail. Feb. Lit for Kent 10 Vatu How b East i-Br., Pullman a. Loll of me. Sir . Intr a. Alibi ii it Vard. On toilet Ileal my St. Adults. Call by 6-3055 11 . 1075 s. Orange Grove Only Studlo Apt on to ave. Complete to or Iii Der twi Krulc. Powder sep. Bin. 2 ise. Brj. 2 Metlis. Ajr Roll closed Kauai Cox Mccoe Tolck so 3-3533 Azusa 344 i Ornu. Some 2 Baths i Parl Are in Sposat. Fenced a mils s7f-s120. Div. Of Ali Wenyi. Or. Cal sky a 0-35is Iuni Bitalia Fence do. Llda ii. Iris. My Tymo. 1110, or. Bus stores. 5-oxm. Ext. 3o i 9-m cite moslem clean titdrnu., Pill Pailo. Kir Wile ten h a or pets. Couple 5100 Fias in Arcadia a 3 Ril Tri. Ferneil Yards. Title a new 1 . Granite a ref ref or Patio garage. Koundry Monrovia 2 Burnu Yards. 165-57.1 to. Div. Of . Or. Malliky a 0-3ms near . Orange Grove Lake dist. 2 or. S70 1 by. 530 2-loy___________ 2 ill newly decor 5175. Me. Sir a. Parkwood. S y Arcadu far or. Trans. Al Orr. Adult. S7s he he. Inn Poroli. Din inns. Or. . Intel. 41 Terrace. I Asa he a-70.13. sikh room Miinch a Toul Latte , r pm Rel tint area. A Glen a to. Luxury houses Cood locution. Avail. Btij . Thu vhf 111 so. Roosevelt 2 bus. Nto Tern. 1 Atlo near Bow by . 5 bi5rm stint . Hot pm. Mar Hail t pus. Nist. Vacant. French coat by 7-Ssflh or. in Rou 3-rr. A rape up. Privacy Mir in. Stove a or Rel to. A Liilie. Not a a. By .-.-5777 sy9-03s3 Alpine Alta. 1 or. Muse above. Rel rec. Carport. Jul nos. By 7-3s3r new 1 . Nur Lex Dilulla to Lncoln far so ia-2 n or Feltt 555. Tull. Pm. 300 x. Hudson. 4 uni. Ripper. Cobb. S.y_8-33po ener Waitr wild. 2135 of by bal Riar Revita stove. A Multi. Pool Ujj Aper Fea. I 4-s7.1 City. Lovely 2 bit a Den. Drapes Winer Rasli pm. At t-737s eve., a Karl fireplace. For cell very neat. Lit Solo of Ridden Pasa. Neuer 2 by. 4 Den. Sep. Din. Pm. Yd., Dill. Car a 1. House. A Refair. Child . 217.1 Sor. By 7-.vuo. 3y 7-5s71 Ever 4 in family Conral Todeal for . Ichla. Tits so. Bdrm a to. By Ilu Clex. Como Letel. Rede. 1 blk to ins Ioji sm-3 jims. Oarn Jef. Quiet Street. Year Mill bin. 399 Ilam Luin St. Fine for Clilly no Mirin traffic by 7-ss71 Kea. Adv cd. Neir Clilly of. By .1.4147 sys no r up it ii plot 2-by Raiful pm. Dee. By 9-2.s3a i ill. Like new. Open it. Loc. Child of. No rets 1120 Mot Lercy. 7-123s 2-hdp.j.r. All Villa .1507 s. Vulsia. Monrova by 7-u50_________ j70-1 by. Watcil. Completely redecorated Cluwe to atop plug. No at 2-03q2 or. Alpha j Beni pm. Coloured Clia Jiman 31y .1 25 Nizio 2 a Klc-1u7 to floor. 799 hollies we Illarr Roii co. By 5-4274 j3.t Avail up dining pm. Clog rtt. 2077 Ajaj Hijji j67 1 by. Rear Hauje Trini port Atlon. 3y 3-40lp. 3. Rohl a for Stu Jex. Pc. Of Allen. Avail feb. P. 190. Car. in Umi room Kousky ii court. Of evict porch by 2-Br War. Train 9140 at 7-Lsftl of unit to r Liitt go. Adult . A Tien or. Torii. Bin. Fly Drorit by up. Iio i. Clow tit Tot 2-ssr.2 510 n. adults if 25 Rire Ptack. Or. Krezway. Ca 1-720e Sion or. 2 . A Dottl. Clean. Udy Tadry Utz Storr Udy 3-5jjj2_________ Ima. . Niile. Tartaf. At 2 for. Murin . Ass to. I. Of food uni. Not vow .js4-i Bil. Is of in self s-s12ij. Mir. A Fol so Isuf in j or Eloi u. . Or. Colo. 3y 1-tns.ilsr. A hour. Var. Chilli . Or coir attn by 4 room 4-3o1 Llofl-5 by. Smirt . Vitart. Lilt k. Cd a Iii illness forces cleaning establishment j5.ickdrmillt.___sv variety gift shop Cool area. . Win Lei to rent landlords let us sell rent or manage your property we screen tenants care ruler Hawkins realty k. A Kerf so 3.317 by 3-Ilos mall a 1 pamily. Of 4 Pemo. Al a Taisho Market i s-2995 Polom Prmt or k. K. N. T. Next. O Amer. A Brno top 4-ri3j modern store or of 2jb a. Take. 1100 sri. It. Air Roll. Feat. Call 1 . To 10 .______ca j.-5s5 7 to toned a paved Alley lot 220 3 of re 515 the a Ltd. Even inra , deluxe Aulle. Will Divide. A taller of flex. To a up Tull air Pike. E. Colo. By 2-110 -1 2joo so. It. Bluit lie Ivy Power 6000 in. Al Yard. Small bid 15x20. I325 no. Talc Toms Coly. At 6-tm of Keck available for in or Jim Jar. _ new offices Low rent a int. Serv. Fir Muric .739 Foj. Walnut by 8-2659 offices . Or. Iop. Story Liren roof Al fallen i. Ans. Verv. Rhc s3s . 3y 3-Jjtj Fop. Modern at cond of flee. Kirk Liz 2 Man own a prot. 2250 in Vima s-fl7flfi 3toftf.-Fpr de plus extra 2s" it. Covered area. Coot ass St rim Jisc _. Monelli 30 it zone cd 2-mll on Ner a-h6in so. For. My Madko 5-32so 750 so. It. 220 v. Equip. Ware House or Jiu Unble Lluhi machine in w. Col Raulo 5y3-97u Washington Allen Slorp bultctjng_j_2_4.x85. 37 1200 it. Avail. So 1st ave. Arcadia. Us Komo any serve re i on lease._______mil2-371 ipod. Air cml. H room of Flint Eros ii Clr. Parkler new Bullet Lar . By 2-1sis. 9-1w9 Storob. 1200 it. Clean dry private. Foll office a Livo 3-1. It. 32 so sin Sya Lull slave off1cb rentals you . I rom name it Elf uni on Fly 5-s058 111 no. Figueroa Fork a Call my 1-7210 front main blvd. 20xf 6. Pie a it Ca 3t 6-1759 news stand. Flee or Corson n me. Calif. _jan1lor or. By 3-7w a 100 easiness Union station for lease in put 4tf-2177 at Market Oroc Creti wine. Meat. Just Low rent. Faven tory 1967 n. Huril Ottoa co Mike Forir hit. A to a u3et port. For a quip furn Al Tobin. Eagle Rock fee. Inc. Refit. By 4-9595, by 7-u13. Kvuei. Ark Laundrew o in. Man s ram liar wednesday a 00 i Sinisi i service laundry Yew o a Fiffik Pisut u darn Najfi Iuno Wouch Hudlet. 131 service Slatich for lease Chevron station for lease East pass. Small investment. I Call a. I Prullo 7-90.s1 wanted arc nay Alan Apt. Tyner terrific 8uyi to. Costs everything but it Ion. L by. Air cond. L pm or or. Bullocks. 120.000. Kay Perira. Dachtu Grey Ilu Ralty. 5y s-os.1i s. Orange Grove own your own Apt Grscinn-., api Loiti Ai re. 2 Bath Nurlela firer use. Ait cont Teonera. . To we except sorial hurry Jim Dickson by 5-5054 Arcadia 2 3 . 2 Baths 1122 Piunti notch first in Arcadia. Spacious a Pis. W Carri t it a pts Larf sir Vej. Choke to. Cation to Al it Anchor tender. Ammeil. Pos. From Laguna Beach the heavenly for Fin tented Reil remont. Smor clean air k it ver too hot. Or my Weichl not Ehn fee in own you own Aptoff. Away. Morris Whitaker own your can Spur Sallit . Box Avau Lake Colorado . 2-bn, in partly uni hed Sll .25u terms to Anil i Iyer. For Appl to Call Petschow realty it ii flan pasqua1, Norwood a Konc Ife by Homes Tyner pin miniature estate unum Ial to 2 Baths Tyrpa i of kosho i Alloi. Owner will carry 51 . Call to see. 1ayden by g-15.16 a Jav Vista finest i school no 3 pm ruin. Bath i. Modern it Tatien. Com i. Cam. Jan mediate Mojsej Slyn Hardy realty 5v s-91ss so v ftrsi1 fix3rkcit.v drive 2-Br a conv. Den. Krulc san lev. Pm. Sep. Din. In. Cov pm . 1ikkdlr by 7-131 John a or kor 3 units si000 town. Income sis5 to Cor of Garf Kofl a Mot inulin will sir fall hone in nned Lor or not. 3ajsta be . By near Muir College Only sumo with to Home monthly payments no Loai look 3.ilo it. Open Tia Man goods 2 Lares Yard. In by Razsi is in. Nic. Frame Itu Kalow 14 Elk. W. Or on order. Wood. K. San of Arlel. Or. A Melv Jorna Plata. Excellent 2-bn. Fire 5sf. Delightful 2 in itome right in Cona or los 3v 5-6270 e. C. Rally. Is 2-7003 Willaro Wilson 51.ckk1 in. 2 or a Den a nut Drapea or. Line vac . Paint Savaii lowest Price in Llast Nuj. Call Helen Del. Anne Perrow 3y 5-9mb urgent i i buyer Large Bome. Din. Y i-1007 Hazel Warren by 8-6l37 by owner 2-Bk. I like new. . Heal car Baire Dlin Osal year school a bus. By 3-6s63. Willard Wilson 2-bp i Fard Ood vew by decorated. Or. Otto . So 3-s945. So lower Hastings owner 3 rctrmj., Baths. Barker pm Chapman eve Cater inc .1 Irma. O in. Reduced to 119.500. St a St. 3-Br 4 maids poof. Choice Knoll location. heed Luce wreck Enrice exclusive by c.s3i6 luxury sophisticated farm House exclusive Hunt Ridob i02jf located on l or around foul Billly of Tel nor Oil 1 loll i mlle Era. 17x35 he Lek pm. A. Dream Kitchen. Allih. . Excel Liol Nna Nelner. J72.wo. For the executive decor Carpel. A diaper 3 pm. Be the first Contemp Obart i Moorta. 3 bed v new offering . Arka Jil d 1 open wed. 2868 n. Marengo this summer Toni thl 18x36 Pool must submit Opfer Emily Stedfield Tyner 1285 Riviera Circle exciting to own bul Irvil 3 Franz 8, associated by g " my reduced Apia cent Hastings Riviera gorgeous 4 by. Modern it Good go. It Vasu St mar open daily c. Denny Overman v 4-Fiiik a Lover or Aryl Milton h. Moburg Assoc. 2 -8 i 8-7s75 c. G. Brown co. By s-i-g3- Chester r Pyle cola so 2-2111 realtor or Daisy Vilia Paine realty co Al 5-30x5 St open vacant 2196 White St. I a. Or motor Vencl. Foo Hlll Larce 2-Br. rear or soxi8- r-2 Toi. Room by 6-0311 3.w, Arrovo Seco shoot. Soo therm Lnor. 10 pm. 4 by owner St 7-5vs3 Soto. Area 1 by Rory 6 bit. Musi jul or ukr so s-3ii1 area. ".1" bus Riatt . 1505 Leonard j25.coo Al s-2u1 Arre family i Wolcott. 2 . In a. W 1rt. blur. By i.7hm by owner a on i lot rom. In. Put i Aai Vodkin ranch 3-Br. miss Clark will Trifa your result packed real estate classified ads for Sale

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