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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 24, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaSchool tax hike asked to Aid Ermak Wal is Noiin. i by Ermak to 3-cent increase in Pasadena school to help support the districts 10 child cafe tenters was requested of education yesterday. The request was in a report which noted that child care funds have been depleting continuously since us and will be running in the red by the end of this fiscal year. V Robert e. Randal m.d., president of the communally planning Council urged the Board of education to careful consideration to this report. It has been prepared by a subcommittee of our family and child care dive Slon. Tha subcommittee called the Day care study Mittee and headed by mrs. John Anson r the funds derived from the tax be .01 improving child care buildings and to build up a 10 to to per cent financial Reserve. L t used of Madison and Jefferson schools Sci c Monk by Ltd wins a Siwl the posse to in i in the billed Wiigs at All ment atall space and dec jump mint at a centers also was requested. App card before the Board to answer Polleti that mothers simmer s it port capital debut forces us to run Lor cover by Bill Sumner Washington began falling shortly after my arrival Here. Not much. But a great storm had. Been predicted and my friends Here who have been through such things wagged their Heads and laughed about he Welcome they had arranged. Well there is steam heat in the room i am presently occupying and fortifications were Laid against All manner of ailments induced by. Cold including Moro Sivess an of hip general notion was in a t the Snow could fall and so what let it was i think the Way f put it to the slate sky outside the window. Something like but while there was an afternoon and night of it the storm As the newspapers put it Back Here had snowed itself out before it hit this area. What remained in1 the morning was a race of it on my window ledge and patches the ground below cars which had been parked out Over night had Thiv layers of on their tops and Liotis. Little kids waddling around in Snow suits Jio cd at the bases of lie Bare Trees trying to find drifts. Thus the storm. It has been Nippy How Ever. The highs Are about and the lows Are in the Init 20s, and a California Chap thrust upon this great capital must adjust to such things. First there was the. Mat Ter of a hat. Of i have had hats before Hose wide Straw hats you Wear at the a Cali and smoke cigars under and i owned a Felt hit once which i left somewhere in san Francisco on its first night but when i stepped outside tile other Day to walk upon the own a sudden chill descended on the top of my head and stayed Here. There is hair but it is close the longest growth reaching some half an Inch. I skipped quickly into a clothing stove and ordered a hat. What kind of a hat did i Well i wanted a hat that would go with a sort of a Black charcoal suit and a Brown suit and an Olive sport coat and the Man brought out a hat and put it on my head. Docs it look All i asked him. H did indeed he said. And then he said something that seemed to make sense at the time i which has had me Puzzle since. You Are a big he said and can Wear this As far As i can determine it is an Ordinary hat one which could t possibly stick out from the Ordinary run of hats. If you were to put Down 20 hats in a Row chosen at random mine would not stick out and hit you in the face. Nevertheless it Lias the purpose and after a few Hittle adjustments for enter ing Faxie Abs and remember ing to take it off when i should i1 begin to think that i was born to Wear a hat. Tub High Point was reached the other evening when i went to the Home of some friends for dinner. My Host was in his front Yard toeing the Snow when my Rab arrived and t stepped out and look. A me was properly appreciative and his wife took it from me As i entered. She said Don t you get a Nice hat like that instead of that old beat up thing you be careful with said. They say there is a Point you reach in wearing a hat in which you. Pay no More attention to it than you would a second head. 78-year-old too much for purse snatcher that is especially if they try to filch her purse. 3 tomunh1 v cxam1 ? what 3 esterday to 5-foot, Block 41 who walking in the 100 Block of South Oakland Avenue. She was in route from her Home at 222 s. Oakland to the Colorado six Oomes in passing with a six foot Man in his Early 20s, he turned and tried to snatch her purse from her hand she told police. "1e in breaking the strap he gave up and ral o car Windl spot mrs Mclean said the purse which contained sit was 10 damaged by he fray she had to buy a new one the group the centers serve she said is composed largely of children whose incl her is the sole source of support for the family and whose earnings Are Ciao High to malic pros Soblo tie use of resources Wheeli Charce the full Cost of such the centers she a Ideal enable Many mothers to work and have their children taken care they might have to seek welfare support _ the a Jorl noted that by Law the Pasadena Board of education can Levy a child care Center lax without having o go to the voters for approval. And districts the amount levied is As High As eight cents per s100 of assessed valuation a three cent the report said would yield about and this while it is not enough Yucai education to make a Mart on some improve Inbe la wednesday Jan. 24. 1162 mints in All areas Wlllie alternate emphasis or Cost of operating the centers the report noted been about annually last few years. This caused a Drain on be serve funds which have been steadily depleting. from Small fees to parents the slate which has increased us1 allotment slightly has not kept up with expenses. The financial crisis arises from the fact that the expenditure for the child care centers in Pasadena exceed the income and that the balance in the child care Center fund from which the de tilt has been met Tor a number of years will be exhausted at the end of this fiscal the report noted. It also pointed out that income from parents or the stale cannot be increased. And therefore it must coma from a local tax Levy. Visual arts like says artist exhibits open in museum by Btij Mayer Ruth Radakovich speaking if the visual arts in general my her work and her bus and s in particular said yes erday that they should be a ironic Hectl like music. She was hanging a painting i the Pasadena Art museum there. Throe exhibitions one y Taxa Radakovich and her Elf were open yesterday and ill remain on display until Larch 7. Music is an Appeal to mood o the emotions to the listen r s she said. It s not usually a literal thing in the sense that literal things Tell a Story. In the same Way a painting or sculpture piece often is not a visual thing that shows objects As you would see them with the naked sensual rot visual the Radakovic hcs have iwo rooms in he museum. In them Are paintings sculpture and jewelry which will make Little sense unless they Are approach cd like a symphony or a tone poem. They speak to the feel Ings. Mrs. Radakovich s injunction applies with equal Force to Leto color etchings by Nycz John Ston and it is particularly Apt because these Are experiments in combinations or words and paint. Those who like a picture to show something they can rec Ognie will be More Comfort Able with the 27 drawings by Joan Miro. The Spanish artist concentrates Here on the human figure male and female lit the injunction applies even to his work though for a different reason. What Yon gel from the work of both Radakovic hcs is a Curi Ous uniformity so that Yoi Nove easily from one thing to he next. Everything seems re axed and unhurried. The Mooc Hanges subtly almost imperceptibly. Humiliated Klc hangs in Ynez Johnston s work she As inscribed poems written Beer husband John Berry. The icings Are not intended to lust ale the verses. They Are a tended to illuminate them. Miro s Pencil drawings by contrast Are realistic. But Only y contrast. What the drawings seem to Onecy most is strength Stark Ess not merely Ower in the artistic sense bul in feel of human beings who ave the vitality to be what Ley Are. Honor went to a. Claude Bra St. Den the founder and now building for excellent total de president emeritus of the or Ign with the rear Entrance As Ganir Alion. Attractive As the front. I the presentations were 2. First City Bank 123 s. Nide in the the Nahum at the Ike ave for excellent de a California Institute of tech sign of site and color slides were special recognition for rear shown of the award winning and parking lot. Projects. 3. Arcade building. A Fig a mayor 1 resides condition last night. Alfred r. Knight and hide directors agreed yester Jeffrey Conard were Transfer red to general Hospital after taken to Central receive my Hospital following the afternoon crash near the Pasa Dena Avenue overpass. Knight suffered broken ribs. Lights approved t collided the Board of supervisors cards 22 b wrong Way Driver Hurt in Accident an 81 year old los Angeles who drove the wrong lira action on inbound Pasadena lanes and a 1-year-Jld baby in an Auto which col idea head on with the s on fire hoi do it yourself refurbishing of Pasadena fire station 7 at 2307 e. Colorado blvd. In t quite dead yet despite a deprecatory Altitude on the part of the Board of cily at Odds ise sprucing l o Mcmillan s opinion b e c a e the whole site May be wiped 1 out by the foothill freeway r the directors agreed to visit the station View More de tailed drawings of what the f firemen have in mind and i 4 building owners get Beauty Honor Independent editor died for promotional efforts four Pasadena building owners won recognition last might for outstanding efforts in City beautification and the Community won an Assurance that More of the lame is coming. The winning properties 3. Tile 230 South Lake g used m. This winners 0 " i citations were awarded to by friends Church Dormi j in an old Joiy buildings Cal tech see i curly first National Bank 230 also special awards e Colorado blvd. Arroyo Seco building and a resident Uherc were also seven Cita tial duplex at 325 Vav. Walnut some Surprise Spe St. Ial awards including one to h. Adams owns the so dec Mcrriman editor of the South like St. Building and Star news Goodwin a. Anderson is presi Cit Man was singled out Dent o the first City Bank or pushing the Pasadena j. E. Collins and r. D. Demecs idea in his column1 own general air equipment Effie the foundation was of Jand Karle plug cons the Arcade a Lishco. A similar Surprise building. Emblem club will install slate tonight mrs. Robert l. Shining will e installed As president of the Asadena Emblem club no. At.8 . Tonight at the Asadena elks club 400 w. Colorado blvd. Other officers to be inducted re Donna Green Junior past resident Alia Ryerson vice president Leola Gray Finan Cial Secretary Suvilla Fifer treasurer Melrose Sislo re cording Secretary Pat o Nan Elizabeth Abbey Ruth stanch Marie Rapp and Genevieve Houston trustees Ellen Shay first assistant marshal Vir Ginia Mcalpine second assist ant marshal Adelaide hos Kins chaplain Mable Cregier press correspondent d o r i s Augustine Mushrush historian organist Laurie a n a a smile first guard and Lee mrs. Robert l. Shining to be installed a Frazier marshal and Lorene corresponding broken nose and fractured sternum Wilile the a possible baby was believed to have suffered a basal Skull fracture Hospital personnel said. Knight reportedly told to ice he became confused and prove up fhe Solano Avenue Oft ramp and then headed out found on the inbound Side of he Pasadena freeway in unusually Light traffic. Knight s Auto travelled a half mile officers said before a sports car Day to matter Over again including a trip to the station before deciding. Last week City manager Don c. Mcmillan presented proposal from the fire Paft men t that spare on Tlusty hours of firemen capable construction and redecorating work be utilized to do a lifting Job on the station. Big financial savings the firemen figured could do it for if City would furnish materials. The. Same Job by a contractor would Cost an estimated it visor 5 words i installation Alhambra. Three Street Edwain his to Mcmillan. St nirecl0 it new Lew Boulevard at Barton Lane police said the infant n to the position was joined by me Moil Trose Mph liner Ilsc. _ or inc Moil Trose lighting let supervisor Warren porn announced yesterday. Sports car seven children out of Wedlock fudge airs for plaintiff t car Rii by .1. Kob Kkt Smith a Pasadena municipal judge expressed contempt yester Day for a Mother whose seven children were fathered by four different men All out of wed lock. I have nothing but sheer contempt for the complaining Decapod. Judge pro Tern Charles Hullop Clur of mrs. Pauline Bowman of 82 s. Pasadena ave., during failure to provide irial. The defendant Jesse James and supplied of .115 Mundale or. Was Home. , stated that Ellis had reluctantly signed an affidavit acknowledging paternity of the child. In her testimony mrs. Bow Man said that she had lied to the welfare department about who was the father. She gave the name of one Man and sup plied another on the birth certificate neither being Ellis. Child. Supp0rt for the it was brought out in Testi Mony that she is now being investigated for fraud to Anc. Lee m. Koster Pasadena Schulz co. Gets Bill a san Gabriel firm the tool and manufacture ii stand but in his defense the court the complaining witness has a number of Chil-1 Dren out of Wedlock and now needs a father for her last child so she picks the Best ire Clor . Linton. Gwinn slated of favor it represents a savings to the i think it s Fine As Long As the work is Limi cd and does not involve major vice mayor Clarence a. Oak icy Obj cled that these Are firemen and not qualified by the terms of their employ ment to perform alteration and repair work. As a builder i oppose urges careful thought director Grant l. Chang Strom figured that if the Job involves construction that is one. Thing if it is maintenance decorating and painting that s another. I think we should observe carefully before we get into any kind of construction work on this Mcmillan said the Mailer would not have come up at All except that the firemen feel he station needs alterations however major alterations or compile rebuilding at this Lime would not he Wise n Eland second guard. Higher earnings plus extra safety reserves Over uh1 of eco. Accounts insured to by an Agency of the . Government Home office 315 East Colorado blvd. Sycamore 5-5161 save by mail Cie Daib 336 North Brand blvd. Citrus 2-4146 Covina 200 North Citrus Edgewood 9-5476 West Arcadia 660 West Duarte Road he Crest 6-0166

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