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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 24, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaOpinion Page Tut. 24, if. Tuft 14 tax Reform no end to simple schemes we will take a Back scat to no one in our Dis May at the multitude of soaring taxes imposed by governmental bodies. We Are astounded and recoil at of utter so found on most Levels of government. But we View As utterly idiotic sonic of the More recent efforts being made in the name of tax Reform. Lost sight of in these continual Thun de rings for Reform Are some rather reasons for taxes. First of All. We or our elected officials continue to demand More services from government. To the Best of our knowledge there exists no super Santa Claus who will provide for us free All of the schools highways pensions police Protection and other services we desire. Then it is one of the Basic Laws of nature that bureaucracy must multiply Prosper expand out of proportion to the services offered. Finally things Cost More As you May have noticed. Over simplification More than Likely. But compare it with the Over simplified thesis that the cure for our horrendous county tax Bill lies in the firing of the assessor. Yet a group in West Covina is dedicated to this proposition and continues in its Nui Zotie to unseat Quinn through the machinery of recall. It will provide a diversion and entertainment to watch or. Quinn sweat out a recall election but the outcome one Way or another will do nothing to taxes or assessments. Then we have that keen politician. Assembly Man Frank Bonelli now out to grab off the seat being vacated by supervisor Herbert c. Legg. Bonelli managed to use the recent football fuss in the Pacific coast conference to advantage As a publicity medium. Now. He is on taxes. He is sponsoring a Bill he says to place constitutional restrictions on the amount assessments can be raised. Good Campaign fuel in a Large part of his District and Safe no state legislature possessed of its senses would pass such a Bill. A but if these schemes offer us diversion another scheme on the horizon requires a somewhat harder look. This is the one being advanced by the so called citizens committee for adoption of the taxpayer s Bill of this group according to an announcement Friday from Sacramento proposes to Amend the state Constitution to permit a taxpayer to Appeal to the courts before paying a tax he feels is unfair. The group composed of 12 Southern californians has filed an initiative measure to that effect for titling by the attorney general s office. Under pres ent Law a taxpayer can sue to recover taxes he has already paid. The foundations Are thus being Laid for a legalized rebellion by the taxpayers. This has a High sounding ring to it to a people whose historical background includes such As the Boston Tea party. But in actuality it is just another of those nutty schemes that we Southern californians insist on getting on the ballot from time to time. Possibly another figure May be conservative would have to be hired to handle the tax suits filed during a particularly restless season. People who have just been presented their Bill Are Apt to be in a fighting mood. Those who have paid under protest usually Bow to the inevitable. The fellow wild eyed at the tax Bill in his hand could be easily led by the Dema Gogue to frivolous suits of we would have if not anarchy a mess which May or May not be the idea. Measures a foolish As this have been Given Hearty endorsement by the electorate. Inside Washington policy due for Senate probe Robert s. Allen Washin Tox. It won t he the fault of Senate foreign relations committee loaders if their forthcoming review of policy does t make head lines rivalling those of the sensational missile satellite investigation. The Slater to testify at wait a a vhf be Fern or presidents and Truman. Adlai Steven k m. One time Secretary of state Dean Acheson. And Conrge Kennan whose recent Bic Broad casts have been the Subj act of War leu Ide controversy. After they and Oiler notables have expressed their views Secretary Dulles and various administration authorities will to Given the same Opportunity. These potentially hearings will ret under Way around february under the chairmanship of senator j. Kulli Klit dark i. Outspoken critic of administration foreign policies. Other members of the review group Are senators to Heoclore Green . , Alexander Wiley Iris and h. Alexander Smith . Significantly this prox k the outgrowth of talks i tween Adlai Stevenson and senators Ireen. Chair Man of the full Lle lations committee r us Krisht and Hubert Humphrey and Wayne Morse . Who Are members of the onion Mitlee Lull nut of he which will conduct the the democratic presidential candidate Dis cussed with hem his proposals that the administration rejected last fall when lie was a state department consultant Pinr to the nato Summit conference in Paris. These rebuffed plans particularly regarding the War wracked Middle Kast. Will to brought out into the open during the s one of t major two others arc to concentrate Public and other pressure on administration authorities especially Secretary Dulles to modify their attitude on certain key policies. Develop democratic Campaign ammunition for next fall s crucial congressional Picc tins which will determine control of the 86th Congress. Democratic election strategy contemplates making main targets of Dulles. Agriculture Secretary Benson and the handling of the heavily embattled missiles satellite programs. d the foreign relations committees records show a unanimous vote in favor of this dynamite loaded hut that s far from the full Story. A bitter partisan clash preceded this official Unal Japus . Senators a Ilcy. Senior Republican commit Occman. Hopi it Hpe Hail Ami Kotike 1 that is letting ragged nerve ends can the method make a person do so bad. But what about the effect on a they know that motion Pic up. It s Fine for soaking up Sunshine and fresh air. Something he does t want to do can close political Campaign if the viewers even the wind feathered with microscopic bits of Sway him say the promoters of an outdoor movie for example Are Ture Heaters and drive ins Are fast fading out and that Kri has a cleansing effect their Only Chance of survival that is refreshing. Bui of the country is Deso Cess Ful test run on a Bunch of newsmen vote for throughout the per is paid to. Death Valley in the Winter ate inhospitable and Remote recently. Mormance i Don t think anyone is Quali is a Good place to be. U is still fascinating. The word coca cola was flashed fied to answer that. Vicary despite his there Are a few mines a screen. There were no takers for protestations is fooling around with a Here. 6ne is an abandoned Coke following the demonstration. But dangerous toy. _ digging where Turquoise of with Floyd Evans All things was once mined they will keep giving us old pictures on to of Tex we re narc for a in of Ritter Buck Jones Tom mix resp the. And Hoot Gibson until we will respite from civilization be glad to have paid to with today up to Date pictures. Eur Host we be made a jeep Turere is no reason Why we exploration trip looking for a should t have late pictures Lake on to free now. If youth that s the name of the would stay away from drive place lost Lake. In Heaters and picture houses the studios could t survive. Ernest Dale Minton. Pasadena. Bless pm what hurling men into space what s so new about that we re first in that i m sure. American women have Long since been sending their men into. Space for the past 150 years or More consorting with the Clouds. Bless their hearts we love it. With surplus worn in we be got a head Start. We will win c. Nichol Pasadena Good riddance to get there we got up Early in the morning gassed up the jeep and headed South Down the East Side of the Valley on the s oort paved Road. We passed such famous death Valley landmarks As mushroom Rock i now broken in the Salt pools and the Devil s Golf course past bad water where the nearly minus 282-foot depression is the lowest spot in the West Ern hemisphere. On South past Copper Canyon where another mine is a Manga Nese producer. Further still up the Steep Sandy Trace of a jeep Road is a place where gemstone Agate was dug sacked and hauled away. There Are great Hills of gemstone Agate and Jasper Here outside the National Monument Boundary where collecting is permitted. Rack in this wasteland uncluttered by Beer cans and kleenex Bushes we even news note Reader s recess Lincoln denounced High court w. Nash found traces of Indian habitat r Tion. But lost Lake remained lost. There was one spidery jeep the saturday evening Post Trail that led deeper still into wrote in about the can that Rocky wilderness but it Yon s collection of Dinosaur was almost impossible. After tracks. Vandals raided the noon was wearing on. Gas Canyon after that and today was getting Low. If you want a slice of California that is rugged. Sealed off to the Canyon the Public. At the far South end of wild and desolate take your the Valley we came across a jeep into the Wingate pass really rare sight. A running country. It s a one Way Road Back when time flies. Stalin has been dead almost five years. Peace is still in the distance. War Clouds have not dissipated completely. The . Has Given away s_5 billion in military assistance and foreign Aid in last five years and won few friends. More than half a million people around the ivc duh world have since come under is n the Yoke of communism. Political experts claim Ike is making a comeback in popularity after hitting a Low Point in oct. The try a act says that it Hopes to Vlf r i prevent White families from dodger president Walter River this is the a Rackins into the most primitive Cali o Mallet s picture on the but one the less Clear and fornia you could ask for. Front Page of tuesday s inde Riff to get where we wanted to. Moving out of a neighbor Hood when negro families move in. The a act wants mixed neighbourhoods the game of Golf is sweeping Japan one far Eastern expert thinks that the m. Jan. There Are any policy of non recognition of bookies in Pasadena we can t red China is aiding the Pel let top realize How from our filet 1938 talk pendent showing him leaving the City Hall is the Best new of the week. Go we had to Ford the River. Quotes a strange sort of adventure for the noun try we were in. The first place. O Mallet West on a dirt jeep Road. Here a sic ii pointed out a vivid warning. Dancer. Or need Al your oxen risk. Road he vend this Point is not regularly patrolled 1 this was the Wingate pass Road. On Sonin maps it is shown As crossing the _ vast Southern Section of Tho a path Valley the pan mint and slate mountains end in near Trona. But that was before the find that is the state Ping red regime. The China it sch be Mac to influence. Ment of detectives Merle Rob reds Tell the chinese people a influence of our parents. And his team were not invited to Pasadena. In the second Plarr. Our Rose bowl should a if As is. And kept open and available for civic use. Goodby and Good riddance. Luke Mcluke Pasadena publisher Bernard j. Ridder m. Editor w. G. In Jumner full professors in Amer Ira would have in earn about is annually if they were 1o enjoy the same relative position As the top professors in the. Soviet Union. Presently the average in the . For professors is Only about s7500. The average for All col lege teachers is Only x. F. Auburn secrecy in science makes for inefficiency and in Reed Tell the whole world anything erts and Howard Mallonee who comprise Pasadena s vice squad and who Are backed up in their no Hook ies 1 observation by chief of Delee Tives Stanley Decker. That the . Against them. Part s . If a of workers in a non that they Union Plant want in organize Roberts and Mallonee Are a hit mis leading. What they obviously mean and. In fact admit they Nan rial Aid or Money mean is that they can t get another Union to the bookies. The same Plant wants to organize to keep any or All unions out it can. Any out Jan. 24 police hit the Jackpot Early yesterday when financial they discriminates Olla fronds and the very great debt we owe to the influence of Hooks. We Are even influenced by the weather. The wonders of nature influence of to a very great degree. Are often Tim Nurious a Union that is of by . Of this fart nevertheless it s Law Taft Hartley act these there. A Field of Flowers a workers can get outside i Waterfall or the majesty of a from Mountain Range. A glorious Sunset the sound of the sea if a group of workers in a Clear Day a Beautiful Arden. There is love behind All. We Are influenced greatly Alvr Reisine mar. S. L Havyard u Lic sri vices i in Ted press. Inter National news service. Unitas photos. A wire photo. A Jav news service. Advert inc repro Pocnia inc. an san . New Yak. Rhi Ragn. Detroit. Minneapolis or Paul. Naval ordnance test station you be done in science up to a took another great slide of year ago. Either your Eom desert country for their own. Today the Road Helomes rougher and rougher finally ending in a wilderness dead secrets. Or he s not far behind end of Flinty canyons and bar you anyway. Ren Hills. Leo. Thomson. Assistance to the life and occupation of group has to Man women whom we a careful not to include any have never met. Just from the funds from the employer. Have unions Ean use funds to Somo of books Long ago pet Tor is dimwitted. In which Wood to los Angeles. Chess a Plover but pm become classics. I had ease you Don t have to worry Man turned out m be the r a _ about what hell do with your red Light Bandit and 2 one Knowles. 32, after a wild mile Long Chase from Holly of iwo Holdup men who knocked Over an k. Colorado Street store Jan. 3. Better health fourth polio Booster shot Moy be needed by or. C. A. Dean Plover cannot use his own funds to Battle a potential Union. So reports a Veteran lawyer who works with la Bor Union groups and testified before a congressional com Mittee last year. Short shorts. Ike and thought the Stork mar Ket was unjustifiably High last fall there Are a classmate in College who told me the Reading of Victor Hugo s great novel Les mis. Eichles changed the whole manner of his life. I have Many books in my Library that i look upon As friends and whose counsel i often heed and by which i have been influenced no end. Musie has a powerful influx n enee or our lives. A great Mil Simian has a unique influence n Epro teachers in the school in the Way no by slim at the Standin Rock by c. A. Head . Suggest that a fourth shot value of the fourth shot. In told this was due to an intes by slim at the taking of to our emotions through his Ever since the introduction will be needed prior to the sex respect to the Basic course tinal virus. Could this be Indian Agency at i or Yates or her skill and magic. We of a polio vaccine the Inci petted 1958 polio season. The of three shots however there . .1 ivc lne of Birds he Renee of the paralytic Type feeling is that the fourth shot is no doubt about its value. If answer if by intestinal half of allot the . Needs cause they make us feel we has declined. To keep the in will give Protection to More you Haven t received yours virus is meant the virus of Industrial diamonds from Are part of their world As we Tidence Low the degree of people. Don t delay another Day. Infectious hepatitis then it is ils new synthetic Stone de certainly Are. And they Are possible. Infectious hepatitis Velo ments did you such Brave creatures spec is an infection due to a virus know that Thomas Jefferson rally the Way in which they question i have had Sev of the liver. I Don t think violently opposed fhe Sij take the weather and the loss Iii Section from the vaccine at present the three shots must he kept High. Protect about my r of the pen this raises the question of pie immunized. With the whether to give Booster shots added shot to maintain an effective level More will perhaps Many Oral operations in the past you should assume anything preme court and that Abra of their Homes through More will get effective in year for gallbladder trouble. You should consult with the Llam i Lincoln denounced the storms and evil enemies. Of antibodies. Although the Unity. In other words the i had stones removed the surgeon who operated on you court Oregon s vast the fragrance of Flowers final answer is not in. Enough Riegrod of immunity appears first time but developed com . Lumber Industry is still in a and their Beauty creates Lime has elapsed to gel some related to the amount of vac Iii it of what to do in the fun Cine received. Plications. Since then i have for or. Dean s new slump about Mill memories that Long with been hire. Well. However Media Hook Send 2.v in Coin tary officers Wilh 12 to is in our heart. How wonderful no in finite conclusion can in the past few weeks i have no Stamps care of this years of Active duty behind in is in Hnyp influence and i hem Are to be of. To spread it far and wide there is ionic evidence to yet be i add regarding the hid jaundice rain. I was newspaper

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