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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 19, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaI ugh. Cd collect cooperation with its the giant Tho Edge of our Community i this do Parment is herewith inaugurating a new feature. L roughly basis we will run hikes in various of the Angeles. These hikes have by local rangers Are up to Date and Are considered suitable for family outings. The first of these family hikes lies within the boundaries of the Arroyo Seco District of the Angeles. We Are grateful to District Ranger de corp and Kayo j. Metcalf District recreation assistant Lor the information Devil s Canyon Wilt area the Start of the Trail leading Inlo Devil s Canyon wild area is located on the Angeles Crest Highway Hall a mile past the Entrance to lower Callao Campground. It is. Suggested the hiker Stop at the Devil s Canyon viewpoint located on the Highway South of the Trail. This viewpoint affords one an excellent View of the Clire Canyon As Well As location and Cle Valion of nearby peaks. At the beginning of the Trail All hikers Are requested to sign the Register and help themselves to a map and information Sheet on Devil s Canyon. Tall stands of big Cone Douglas lir decorate the first portion of the Trail at an Elevation of 5300 feet alter winding Down emmy Ltd Miles of switchbacks Liro ugh Alder covered canyons and into the main Canyon the Trail terminates at Devil s can Pii Praml , at an Cle Valion of 4006 feel the newly completed primitive Camp ground consists of stoves Able and a toilet. Hikers Are asked to Burn trash in stoves and carry out All if one were to explore lilo Stream Banks mho main Stream tracks of Deer Coyote Bobcat and occasionally Bear arid Mountain lion All residents of the Canyon would be found. Spring As Well us the warmer Days of the Winter is the most pleasant time to travel the Canyon. In the Spring one is re warded by a variety of wild anvers the most outstanding being the Yucca Lupin and Monkey Flowers. A Day is More than sufficient to make the five mile round trip into the Canyon cat lunch at the Campground enjoy the sights in the Canyon and return to the Highway. For the More experienced and ambitious hiker some unusual scenery and Good Trout Stream fishing can be found by following the Stream from the Campground to the Falls an additional 2vi Miles. Our recent travels in Anza Borrego will resume monday. I wanted to got this in before the weekend so any family groups who cared to could take the trip Over saturday and sunday. Peter j. Steincrohn . Honey for Hay fever dear or. Steincrohn my grand daughter has Hay fever very bad for two years. Her Mother gives her two table spoons of Honey three times a Day. I feel she needs something else. What do you say Denver. Answer lately Honey has been recommended not by doctors As a treatment for Many conditions. This is the first time i have heard that it s also effective in Hay fever. There is no medical basis for this treat ment. In this instance Honey is pleasant to take but does t help More than sugar pills. I suggest you have your family Doc Tor or an allergist diagnose and treat your granddaughter. Dear or. Sell Crohn will you simply please what the choices Are in treatment of overactive thyroid mrs. A.a., Atlanta. Answer after carefully examining his patient the doctor will decide which of the following is Best suited operation thyroid medical treatment with pills that diminish the effect of thyroid Over activity end treatment with radioactive iodine. Dear or. Siel Crohn i am in my Early 50 s and for the past month have experienced Sciort periods of extreme warmness perspiring All Over particularly Over the upper pan of my body. This occurs approximately 10 to 12 times a Day and two. Or three times a night. Approximately live years ago i had a Hysterectomy but never had any it. I will appreciate your comments. S.b., Boston. Comment most women who have had similar symptoms immediately make a diag Nosis of the menopause and that would be my first guess too. But better have your doctor make the decision. If you Are going through the change he will decide whether to have you go along being uncomfortable with these hot flashes or to will prescribe hormones to reduce your discomfort. I m All for hormones to relieve the excessive perspiration. For some reason there arc doctors who advise their pall nos to fight in out without treatment until the symptoms Wear off. Dear or. Steincrohn several years ago two yellow jackets bit me above my right Eye within minutes the Eye closed and the Side of my face swelled. The pain was excruciating. A neighbor heard my screams and moan ing As 1 ran indoors. She brought of All things snuff. This was a remedy handed Down in her family. It was kept in the medi Cine Chest for that one purpose. Within the hour Afler a wet application the pain and swelling were gone. Previously Honeybee stings put me in bed for a week. Now i carry cigarettes at All times just in Case. Your recent column riving instruction on what to do for Bee stings is Loo complicated. Mrs. V. Me., Portland Ore. _ comment with your history you take your life in your hands by not guarding against Tho next sting. Complicated or not forget about 1he tobacco and snuff cure and get to an allergist for desensitization against slings. He will also give you medi Cines for use immediately after being stung. As i said this May save your life whereas you Gamble with Tho snuff treatment. Kell n skin Tinam a ital Al. Nyht your heart 1 a nimble i will null ii to you on of and id 5 or Luigi in. Raqueal Lour. , this news per. Virginia Ray just in the family mail to tots column docs not Al ways follow a pattern. Did i say always i should have put it this frequently goes off on unexpected tangents sometimes in areas of modes and manners but today in the realm of teen age fashions yet for an authoritative answer to the following i went to a fashion expert dear miss Kay Mother and i have a problem for you to help us with. We both read your column and usually agree with you. I am 16. Unlike most girls my age i Wear my skirts an Inch below my Knees. I do not think Shorter skirts Are attractive. Also unlike most girls i do not like to go Bare legged or Wear Bobbie socks. I prefer know i sport socks or full length Hose. Mother says i should not Wear knee i socks unless i am wearing shorts or dresses at or above the Knees. 1 do not show Bare Knees unless when i sit Down. She Leils thai when Bare Knees Are not always in sight that it makes me look too sexy or Forward. She was my age girls rolled heir Mieir Knees but their skirts were Long. Girls who showed Bare Knees were considered sexy or Forward. I cannot Knees resulting from knee highs should be any More sexy than the same Bare Knees resulting from wearing Bobble socks or going Bare legged. Can you explain this to me or if you agree with me can you give me some arguments to use with Mother. Please do not Rusc my name As i do not wish to be laughed at by friends i would thank you for any help you can give me. Miss 16, Pasadena dear miss 16 a Young woman who deals with teen age fashions told me that she agreed with you in your feeling that it was not being sexy to have Bare Knees that your Mother is Correct As far As her fashion sense goes. The once he socks belong with shorts with Outing Type clothes or with a dress which is very much country in style and material. Sho agreed with you in liking skirts an Inch below the knee but Lor Winter likes full length nylons and for summer can see no reason for not following the Bare legged Vogue or Bobbi socks for Active sports. So miss 16, this opinion was Given so much from the Angle of what seems for Ward or sexy but what is smartest and fashion right for the teen Agar or even the Young College girl. Docs this help Nole to mrs. R. Of mrs. Lillian Moulton gave the address of twin Wells Navajo orphanage p. O. Box 88, Holbrook Arizona. Is this the one you wanted mrs. We. T. Bennett i. 8-1663, also sent word about an Indian Friend in san Ildefonso Pueblo about 24 Miles from Santa be who distributes clothing to others in her Pueblo. Call mrs. Bennett for further information. Finally such a pleasant note from father Clem asks that everyone who sent help to his Mission receive his thanks. The in Dian people in our great Southwest will suf Fer greatly from the current bitter cold spell so any Aid will be dress father Clem St. Mary Indian friary p. 0. Box 338, new Mexico i am sure we need not add that anything sent must be clean. Also among some of the Indian people there is a superstition that evil gets in through holes so garments should be mended before mailing. Three replies have come in for Kathy Jean Banks of Altadena who wants pen pals. Mrs. Georgia Mcmanus of South Pasa Dena advises Kathy to write to the Home forum pen pals editor of the Christian science Monitor they will publish her letter and Forward replies to her m. Spencer Pasadena suggests inter National Friendship league 40 it. Vernon St., Boston mass. And mrs. H. Mcphee tells of a Little girl in West Berlin who writes English beautifully and loves to Send and receive letters from those in other countries. Telephone mrs. Mcphun at by. 4-7716. Which should keep Kathy Busy at her desk from now on let us hear results Kathy. Letters to the editor san. I feel differently about Alvin now that our teacher told that at chemicals we re Only Worth about two Dennis the menace sure i m Jure we can ill go get some More buckets Joy Stilley woman s work never done Wake up dept. Are always getting credit Lor being chauffeurs nurses Cooks housekeepers and la undresses. Well t can add another Job to that list. I serve As an alarm clock Loo. Not just the Ordinary kind of clock that buzzes rings tinkles or flashes a Light either. I pal poke prod shake whistle groan grumble threaten command and bring Orange juice. No store bought alarm clock Ever worked As Long or hard to get a Man up As i do and i Don t get paid overtime for it. In fact no electrically powered clock has Ever yet managed to get my husband out of bed in the morning. He wakes up just Long enough to turn the thing off and that s the extent of his dealings with the timepiece. From then on it s my Job to get my Sleepyhead off to his Job and i m quite convinced he does t work half As hard at the office As i do getting him there. Every morning i Start off hopefully with a gentle Pat and murmur softly in his ear. Honey it s time to get ii this brings any response at it Seldom does to it comes in the form of a Cross Between a snarl and a growl. Bravely ignoring the Rebuff i try a different approach. Are you Iwako this usually elicits a rather Strong reply the last word of which is sleepy As i am myself Long years of practice bring on the next stage automatically. 1 dig Down under the Blanket with which he has covered his head As a defense against lights sounds and an unsympathetic wife and get hold of enough shoulder to shake. This Man Euver causes one Eye to open wide enough to look accusingly at his Only momentarily. By this time i have managed to get myself sufficiently conscious i stumble to the Kitchen for a Glass of Orange juice. This i am often tempted to pour upon my husband but instead i put it on his night table inform him that time tide and the bus wait for no Man and stalk out. Five minutes Lacr i make a return trip to the bedroom expecting to find the family provider dressed wide awake and full of enthusiasm for the challenges of the new Day. Instead i find him snoring happily in the exact position in which i left him. , i remove my kid gloves and attack the prob Lem and my husband with vigor and a firm hand. After finally capturing his attention i direct his reluctant gaze to the bedroom clock which shows that he should have been out of the House 20 minutes before. The realization that he lives in an unfeeling world where alarm clocks and time clocks Combine to make lie. The associated a Russ Reader s forum Uriel Ioctl org Slind Hie Best Chance of editor reserves hit right to trim those that am too 013. A very letter including any signed with a pseudonym must carry the name and address o the writer. Death of newspapers Lee Merriman wrote a very Good column on the murder As or. Richard son characterised the killing of the . Sex i Hope his prediction holds Good and that improved conditions follow More Gener ally in this held so better journalism better information and better ways to provide it be discovered. Wilh one of his statements however i take exception he said economics did he mean forces recognition of the truth that Only a financially Strong news paper can be a courageous i have worked during the Piast forty years at times in fairly close association with some of the most financially Power Ful ones in the u.s.a., including a period spent working or. Chandler s paper. I am nol certain that merely financial Power equates with moral strength. John g. Moore Avo grand rapids wis. The Little note Reading Moke grand rapids wis., residents were digging out. Elc., accompanying Tho Lishco Jan. In was in error la no place by that name in the state of wis Consin. The name was changed about 4ff, years or More ago to Wisconsin rapids it is on the River because so much mail addressed o grand rapids a much larger City was being mis directed. Possibly the. Error was not on your part but that of the associated press which i note supplied the Wir photo and which should know better Guss r. Blessum headers and Reading 1 congratulate you upon the publication Jan. Of the excellent article by Elmer Wells concerning the Mcguffey headers. The article was comprehensive dispassionate and factual. It reflected careful thought and research and its readability approached perfection. Its publication was an outstanding example of Tho Type of Public service a newspaper can Render in a controversial area what a pleasure to View a subject approached with Complete objectivity High Hehling in contrast the inanity of approach to the same subject displayed by some educators and thoughtlessly emotional critics of our system Public education Roger Bixby Smith Robert c. Ruark this menu madness i have been casting around considerably lately for a Job to occupy my spare time in what they Call the Golden years and i think perhaps i be found in teaching a mail order course in menu writing which May bring us out of the Thomas Wolfe phase of pm purple grocery prose and Back to the sparse or Dashiell Hammett school. Litiere seem to in two decided1 trends in menu writing today. One of course is the fancy sch Muncy european style of either hand scribbling illegible hieroglyphics in faded purple Ink on old kleenex or else sinking the culinary signposts so deep in the menu s Nap that you have to pick them out with a Fork and hold them to the Light to discover what the chef is Mal treating that Day. This is not so bad because you can always ask the waiter to ask the chef what s Good and Hope that you Don t receive the answer Joe Mitchell got one time Lor asking that same question. The waiter came Back and said the chef said the chef says nothing s no but that is another Story. What really elevates my hackles is the comparatively new editorially aimed hard sell huckster Type of menu in which frustrated novelists Are set to work describing the Day s indigestion in prose that would make Zinc Grey s ghost Stop writing about sunsets. No longer do you get a Stark Steak w. Mach. or pot roast str. Bus. Hash by. no sir a new Day has risen in the Ateliers of edibles. What i of get now is broiled key West red snapper simply prepared by i nip ing Over flavorful charcoal to retain the distinct flavor of this renowned fish served with Mailer d hotel Butler instead of a few chunks of Lamb Burnt on a stick you get Lamb in Brochette Boulah Gife with a Semi Colon yet tender morsels of Spring Lamb skewered with Silver onions fresh mushrooms and Green All vegetables of course Are a mortal cinch to be even if they came out of your grandmother s old pantry and f have even observed still Dew Laden so help me in regard to radishes. There is no such thing As a hamburger on a menu. Any More. More Likely is a delicious Char Coal broiled prime Bee Burger Iron selected to cos Hereford or a chopped Steak Sandwich on a toasted sesame seed Bun with a Garni of Ripe Rich Beefsteak tomatoes and brine wot Kosher under the heading of general seafood shrimp which might be guaranteed to carry a make up kit to hide the wrinkles come out As fresh Tobago shrimp lamaze and arc described in glowing terms As an Cpl urian succulent shrimp dressed with an ingenious sauce As pre pared by the Lale master chef George one tops it off with a fresh sea Sionil Low calorie fruit salad Low calorie dressing on and does not dare to scan the dessert list for fear of sudden blindness. I i Trust i am not an unduly unreasonable Cut off the joint and two veg. Is Good enough for i resent the. Intrusion of relations hid Den persuasion screen credits and the chef s innermost so Crews into the copy surround simple slab Berlin and enough to have to Wade through to. Papers without. Toting a dictionary around to the restau rants. And. If it s colourful prose i seek i. Will read rest of my lunch hour. L need Keituri Send least Mcmann 1 Only heard quotes in the news Edson editor Doug Caston describing the tragic death of eight men in a Gas pipeline explosion yesterday they were All Newark j. Plachta on Why he tried to hold up a Bank i did t want the Money i Only want to go to new company official Enoch Light on seductive record album covers it seems the Industry has forgot Len that we Are in the record business not the pin up Borges Posey 36, on How she passed the time while trapped for seven hours in a restaurant Freezer there arc 558 limes in that thought perfectionist is a person who takes great pains gives them to other Daffy nation car a lot of peo ple drive. Far above the crowd1 to gentle and respectful of everyone you Mel. If frugal be considerate learn How to be disc Cal. The Noble gentle frugal soul with humbleness endowed will have no trouble rising far above the crowd. Berne Weiss the old rooster 1 then there was the Chap who starved to Uncle left him a Barber shop in Cuba. The or. Oron Kirkby and Harold pad ens attended the annual District Council meeting of civitan clubs at Bakers Ficeri John Hurt has been keeping a weather Eye on the fillies at Santa Anita reports Are that Vic King s jokes Are on a Par with Glen Westover s a speedy recovery to Les Sloan the James dyers Are Antici Pating a wedding. Capital punishment is when the government taxes you to get capital in order to go into business in Competition with you and then punishes you with taxes on the profits of your business in order to pay its losses Happy birthdays to Eler Morgan Peggy Lefler glory Stevens Lyle Worrell Jack Henderson Leo Howell or. John Rhatigan Marie Oliver Milton Horowitz Marie Lanelle and Mary Moulton. Observation ii fallout shelters Are such an immediate necessity How come they give you 24 months to the Lynn Stansburyy toured the West indies puerto Rico Haiti Jamaica Trini dad Mexico City Gaul Mala City Nassau and Miami George Heaney is sporting a now Gas buggy Bob Hubbard is Cele Brating the citizen Bank s 50th anniversary the Carl witty Naburgs Are doing a Job for the Twig Bender s club of Oneonta congregational Church it. Martin Storle is winning friends Lor the Pasadena police dept. Today s Fortune cookie the Best to learn about Man is to ask the woman who owns As Steve Sanders observes talk about the land of Opportunity do you real ize that every child born in Amer a today has s432 owed to it by other foreign coun r Jess bal scr says Arcadia Lions club will hold their installation party at the Balboa. Bay club Aubrey Wilson really gets around As Prez of International Civ Ilari Carroll Davis Philip Scott and Walter Slus ser have been signed by Arcadia Lions Doug Graham is expanding his place of Biz Bob Miller is the hard working Prez of the Monrovia chamber of Commerce roses to Mary Stanakis Habig Balian Leonard Clark Ralph Acherman w. H. Van curs Walter Victor and Bill Luce on their prize winning Christmas decorations and recognition by Altadena rotary. The office wag defines a. Psychiatrist As a Chap who uses other Peoples Heads to make Money. On modern Art eyes placed where the toes should be bodies dancing whose Heads float free. It s perfectly obvious can t you see tis a splendid piece of imagery thanks to Alice Gillmann for sending in the above an excerpt from a poem by capt. Alex Kusebauch . Ret j. W. Bengel Roland Courser Joseph Shepherd mess Maynard Lee Camp and Larry Espinoza joined Pasadena Post 13 of the american legion in which Tom san. Ders is the Alert commander Max Pearlson is one of the luckier members of East Pasadena Exchange club Al Thomas is Back in circulation roses to Ben Linn on his line Job of handling the tournament of roses Parade program. Memo from miss Nomer one Nice thing about a Man getting old is that All the Giru look Good to Tallman Trask observes that the magi clan who saws a woman in a is not nearly As amazing As the husband who can keep his wife from flying to have a Lun Day see you monday

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