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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 16, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaSanta chm1s 7513 -3 Wal n my _ Fin Jatoy . Mcnod 14 1 ej1-.i-. To in Jim he 1" 115 Jirim Dpi Alt 10 too .115 arty Miu a. M move out .115 13 11 t it .111 s 1 i 5 3fr5 Ciuc i of Ufa u i it Drax 13 i Yors t 14 Laorno news and notes on. Imported cars Motono Aiono Ami sports cars to uhf oooo us Auto engine j ancient Skull discovered in California efficiency increased entry Blanks Are now in he mail for the first race of the scientific director near Here new year announces Mary Hauser. And will be held at the general motors research staff estimated at i Good cars have been readied for this event that did not get to run St Paramount True to the Lack i Oceanside Calif. id. Ism. Not so soon land attending. The1 Paramount. It is rumoured the course is 3.5 Miles with 25 up whey two racing clubs Are getting and Down turns and curves to t 21 j n together and will try and set test the skill of american i i. 5i. Jul up a Calendar that will Bej Drivers who Are used to almost counterpart j9.8 ton Campbell said that if engine and fuel efficiency had not one another the fuel Bill than dollars the Skull was found a mass grave containing _. Six feet below surface lever skeletons of both spaniards Hun cd in the same Cave which indians of about 400 years Huntington w. A. Piously has yielded relic Sago. Artefacts found with h e suspected intoxicated from the Era of the Spanish human remains have led indignantly demanded conquistadors. Society re key and his associates to the that he be Given a drunk me searchers have been working belief that the White men Ter test. The Cave since it was uncover were members of the a laconic notation on the de about six years ago. Cisco de Ulloa party first eur police blotter told the result or. Markey and or. Eileen rope ans to discover the san1 too drunk to blow up the Herbster a co worker said Luis Rey Valley. 7516 Kol rth t old. And f. Do Chart Nib Carer Tami jl-3. 45 3-j, . Fut. 13 to title spectators by charging co a Vav club Ivel Natl .12 7 2 i in re strove 10. P Sill Van .115 4 31 7436 of Imon Annuch 119 9 10 10 9 74m or cart i Klumpp .119 s 4 7 t 4 7ho ton Hora Cal -.121 3 r 9 .1105 19 i is ill 2 7 4 r.1 one -----11.1 v-1 1 Vij of 7136 wonder Fin Marl .113 11 5 sm7 our cover i p Fanti. -----113 s 12 in 10, f715 Satin Cavalier Morton .111 5 3 a 7j-au 11 5066 . F. Smith 112 11 1 12 it heavily Bur Industry difficulty in tonal Gaso on Ijane that have been re the program is Carn Beli asserted. The Price of gasoline would Means a ear ful1 can set Guadalajara . And will be i h our Automo. i s i in for the one Price. Sunday held in conjunction with the All 6 Suciu in . I transportation Economy to will be per person. The co year fair held at that have inhibited in country club too x mile ant Lastell. Destroy was put to not pass . Old Blarney went r bowl a Onk ton ton y broke fast but claimed Peak Ohl. By 15.83 is or met 10.25 91 Watt. 17.85 iu10m Lewia 56.40 11 "111 Lenla 71.80 Laorno 21.25 fund line after drive entering stretch and could inside the drive and closed i As through Early. Sponsors of the Pomona Road . Representatives Lor theits races the Pomona elks Lodge no. 789, have been try ing for some time to reduce the admission prices. The hold ing of these prices will be determined by the crowd. Practice session practice sessions Are held at 7170 Rrth Furt Nib. 4 armr Olda up. Claim inc. Punte c53uo. Time 22, 45 2-5, Clear rut. Said 20.30, 9.10, 3.10 a Tevous 13.ho, 7.40 3.80._______________________ Indes Hotrie own if Odds to least once a month on the 74si him said Johnsom Xiloj 7 j i in i race track by the i i i y sportsmen s ranch in Agoura. I ii a 6 i Vixen ii 5-io.the sessions Are open to All a 1 car and spec Drivers who like to race. The Cali 7073 Doc .121 5 3 3s i is. Ask him said took command at once a avid around ant held his under urging. Revolt to the inside for drive and closed Lai a 1.t a Vine Riff Nof wait Miteb a juju in i no v. Jav inc the Start we a Pilieri into a contend los iwo Fotion and gave was in Somis sports cat club has by k from the contest to 7518 Huttl Elc 3.30. Sixth Miles. 4 year Olda and up. Aug Kanrr. Moo. Board at the track to watch Drivers a and to help them in any Way. Sponsors Are John 4015 Benedict Canyon Sherman Oaks Calif. For ally who wish information and entry Blanks Call St 4-3731. Know How it. Index horse owner 7472 Western state Ellsworth. 7472 translation r. S. Lytle 1h 6 4 2 dark Trust j. A. Quaca 117 1 2 3 747? a Rechl look if inbox. .114 0 5 4 7472 Prince of 113 4 s 7i 3 7478 life Hunink Jack s. A l. .120 secret diary a. A a .112 any future Date Contact the1 and sign up to be con born Rich pol Tex stable 117 83 6" 61 4 6" so 8 9 9 Lenla 39.25 Wai Ihnken 74t2 Flovine South Helbush .114 3 7 9 Western states made Pace under Rood rating. In stretch and held advantage. Translation Folh Unter a drive after three Quarter and held on Pamela. Dark thus Tvert Aonie around Ana held on Well. Special look was in Hnnry. Early a finished Well. Prince of Erkine lacked racing room Down Backstretch. A11 secret diary lacked Speert and never threatened. Born Rich was through Early. In up Nuiya. Dark Trust seventh 3 rear san stars. 115.005 it dded. Time 4-s. 443-5, Clear fast to 37.90, 9.00, 7.80 Dissat Nutil 4.40, 3.60 fire alarm 7519 in Tex Fin. Jockey odd8-sl Nevea 12.95 2 i 5u 2.35 37 pm god Ycaza Phmer 2.15 _ Hrytz 30.00 81 Moreno 6.25 Home owner it. Up St. U vial Allwar Warner ranch .115 4 4 l 7486 disdainful albertan .115 71 i1 7475 alarm is 92 3 _ 7460 times Ace Ellsworth. .115 3 5 i j 41 b307 music main Fox 19 742 j Strons Bay k. Brim lift 2 k Beau Marmon my Lisoni .115 i .1 7s Nam ii to psf n Shine Llangollen 115 5 i v pm p 8m i ont 21.00 swaps Kin Shapiro ill i 7 fit 9 Vale la 7.90 a War took Melv. Aave-1 ground and Shook off disdainful in the final eighth. Latter followed the Pace in hand was put to a drive enter my stretch. Fire held Orf Well. Times Ace was sent into a con after a Quarter and raced evenly thereafter. Strong Bay tour not get to the leaders. Music Man Fox lacked Speed. Swaps Kin was through Early. Lunf. A Lori. 4 rear and up. Of food Fitl Molnr. To emf 1-5. 47, text 14.50 ino_8.70. Str. Fin. Jockey Orts so at the track. After you heir Obsen Ance test they will recommend you receive a License. This is also open to All non racers who just want to see what their car will do. Cars must have safety belts installed and helmets Are required. Tjin helmets will not be allowed. For further in formation Call or. 8-7731. Volkswagen show Carl endeward of Kraus motors sends a special invitation to All Volkswagen own ers and prospective owners to attend the first showing of the pictures the birth of a Volkswagen and the rebirth of a the first picture will take you through the Volkswagen factory and show Complete construction of the 113 in i i pm 1 " 8 12 12 12 famous Little car from Start 51 up to finish. The second picture will show the reconstruction of a War torn country and How the industries have been Able to continue their work Vith the help of All their people. _ 6 30 i 7 Skuse 16.95 7t ? l to Rel 11.10 Maese 6.40 i i to Aragon signs Vejar for feb. 18 horse owner Shernan ten .11? 1 Kangaroo court in 9 to i j Rino in str .nri.1u 2 Tvan p.p5p up .11 a 7 Tel me to ii lit i .117 i or. A. B. Hit .1 Point . Pinill porn a Raunstein j pm p. H. T co. P 74. -7 permit a. A Skir 10 i 7 i 12 12 12 for him 25.60 tar icon was in Ler Sto it revert tip fast when ready anal we. Top coi Marie in hand wan put to drive after three an not hold Winner Cino was prominent from the Siart. Routed after thee Ricarter. And held on Well. Health held on far la Uel pan made in some Uri cd. Higher up raced wide. Vantage Point Patr Lleno ii showed no thins. Jim s Jet tired. Georgetown. By. Dan attendance 22.000. Total Williard off heart glowed with Pride when nine of her son s classmates stopped by to see if he still had flu. I not every Mother has a son so Well liked she thought. Ithen one of the youngsters welterweight Art arg Oil Aragon s adviser attorney spilled the Beans. Disclosed yesterday he Hypps Paul Caruso said the Vejara there already Are 91 Stu to make his first big local scrap had not yet been signed dents he explained. Comeback appearance confirmed that were told that if the Home town fans in los were underway with reached 100. School phys Mph in with Chiro Vejar Elfassy new yorker for a in would be closed. So Here we of new York. J Rounder feb. 18, either _ i the one time Golden legion stadium or Luster was tarnished in los Angeles olympic Wien he was c convicted on i first fixing charge has Caruso said Aragon prefer up since last Decem red Vejar but might take on her when the accusation was former Champion kid Gavilan wiped our with lesser bouts an agreement on place and Tijuana Mexico and could not be reached for i Vejar. 1-column building the architect who designed this novel commercial building in Bogota colom Bia must have had Good newspaper sense for its proportions permit it to be contained within a single column of space. Occupy ing an extremely narrow parcel of real estate the eight Story building was completed recently and houses the Headquarters of the National radio and Tele vision station. Can a color Blind person distinguish Between the red and Green signal Light answer very few peo ple Are totally color Blind unable to identify color at All. About 8 percent of All men and a few women have some Type of color deficiency. These people Are not Blind to color but they do not see color nor Mally usually they confuse red and Green. This fault has Long been recognized so that the colors of Highway signal lights Are chosen so that the Green is a bluish Green. Color weak eyes can distinguish this from red. Standardization of the Posl Tion of Stop and go Sig nals is another Aid for eyes puzzled by color. If signals Are properly constructed the color Blind person Wil not make mistakes on the High Way. The words caution or Stop add further to compre Hension and insure safety i there is any color confusion from Glare or background. Raising Cane Moncure . Up on lofty Hill one mile from Here stands a Large mock Orange tree that was once a walking Cane. The Cane belonged to waver by Lassiter whose Hobby was walking. One Day Lassiter re turned to his Home with the Green stick in his hand. Before entering the House he casually stuck the stick in the soft Dir and left it there. The stick sprouted and be Gan to grow Day by Day year by year. Today it is More than 50 years old. Volkswagen transporters reliable practical economical see us for Fleet deals franchised Volkswagen Porche dealer Kraus motor co. Inc. 2124 e. Colorado St., Pasadena by 2-2189 or by 1-5496 Complete sales service on vow Porche s Dow 3 6 Das Kleine Wunder i front i up to 35 per gallon Only 7 moving Parit in immediate delivery Best from any Point of View. Peter Satori 325 w. Colorado St., Pasadena California by 5-8835 by 1-8123 paid to i old tit imported car a Tolar built by German Cra Timmi read Rusty Oddous sport car column each week in the Independent Star news do years of service o Pasadena families and business the Golden anniversary of the Pasadena realty Board sunday january 26, in a special Section and the classified pages of. The Independent Star news All the kick and Economy of a Fine foreign car the new 1958 Vauxhall All the know How and dependability of general motors engineering Vauxhall All ready in any color for immediate delivery a a by terms exclusive in Pasadena with Roland Chiro Pontiac 711 e. Colorado St. By 6-0286 Pasadena s imported car Headquarters sales service parts jaguars triumphs Hillman Sunbeam Simca Volvo Alfa Romeo Isetta for Economy performance durability Noll Baldwin inc. 1285 e. Colorado St. By 3-3125 by 1-6474 1958 rear engine Renault 4 cd 4-door, 4-passenger Sedan . Milne Bros. 1951 St. By 5-5828 by 1-5722 Mercedes Benz Lloyd Pearson 2025 e. Colorado St. By 6-5391 by 1-6855 Sadina s author ibid Mac Tefs Benz car dealer cars for immediate delivery factory trained mechanics modern parts and service dept. European. Delivery handled locally

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