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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 15, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaA Janait is if furniture returned from motion picture furniture rentals drastic stoically now on Sale at reduced prices Bank Beds a to. Wrol get Iron our furniture used new at bargain prices Call by 2-1134 Lyon Van storage co. Is s. Marengo Pasadena j entire appliance dept. A Arcadia s finest a furn. Clow to 4 r. Anza Lak Tikluk. Alt h. Iid try e1 Mulino. An con cuu Liouns Uriu jul Viu Mew to no omm. I not Many Days left pr1v we us. Aka Nal 13 hair Doo. Kkt rear Hal 12 127v 00 Nira. It in he i Tel is boat Jis .jkij5 fit 10 Grove i again will you to Muir z dorm. Mauiu 2btdr00m up heated Pool. Dishwasher located 1 mock Kant of Baldwin a 2ft Block South of huot Locton no 818 la Catena w. Arcadia open . To s . Independent Star news rental and code protects readers give Green Steps. F. C. Nash co. Do. A Coop to pendent Star new Stoke Lui loing Choice e. Colorado St. a 8v . I to. Pvt tenant without Giurani Tomc la acc Rait Ranul Iti Foi nation and a thin Rford per size Range 1 cd pall set released from storage i Stock of purr ii 3-room modern is Rcpt a it pc. A Trad us Coffee ume. 2 amt toil Wood it compute Mirror. M and a tutors. 4-room modern i 4-room Maple 1nulltks Ell me to do it Rel Elk. Wed Jetwood s it. So at sum Dor of i. 61 n. Fun Moad Richti to 9 Kun i Lav 1 Fml out of hav. J Ark Rui Ranur. I. Lati r ranges ref rigs. 1 for rent m Roger w. Brigham 0 n. Lake 8t de above. Exc Cert cond. Renao a Pectic tenant e Elii client Aua a professional or v e cd it Kund. I 30 Days to Seil . 161? Hama Wood or. Ute. Air i Muu m i 1 4 for Dromm. S Matt t Nan. Architect ii pm it int room Dialot room. Etc. Of Tow Ulad pod. Fax Omen try a Trifill wow t of drown colonial in District. Only Trade and Kacis it 1-Uii reduced the or djs Slowi Baa syjf0311 Feier cd the 5 a term. J Itoro Home located in for i i kft7-.-fr it Lor Lone. To Coloro Uius. Any. At the. Blocks Rora freeway of i ratio Hill sul Tobl. For private or Tui Rolo Raymond Illi in so. Pa8aulka Home or Bui Meas Rico Street Hill amt Wood 1-2336 to. Shown by loner. Beautifully located Fitt trs or 1719 deep i die. Roae Villa it. Colury. At to Subj stores 2 Dulei or clue. No pets. E. Montana . A lit. Family rate. Or wkly. 60 Runtti family nit Gar. _ at 6-5013 Ikea Ink. .f.1c re of r . 2 1 1 finer Larry. 1 parture. Ballroom a r ror. i m a. 2 pillows. X a melt w in i print dlr Iet a 46 in Rainnie i furniture refinishing restored St Wutti i Vvan Ted Warfle top i Norful creat. Walnut private Lirtz. By out of state credit of free storage reserves any group free delivery we carry our own contracts no finance co. To Deal with Star furniture Pince v-.t1 t open monday thursday Friday nites til 9 open sunday 11 to 6 free parking at rear of store Trade in clearance 80 North Raymond Pasa. Pianos organs a Kukk Morni Man in Muniain Rte ii Elf. _ by _v7 Excel of int. Fiary 13h rank St. S table lip Fiat j10 9-10i3 g.e7refrig. In err Lent coalition. Far. A. S. Greene co. Us. I Raiske apis. 1-2-3 bdrms., 1-2 Baths sorry 10 nun. 4 fireside Manor 3653 Auk Roou or. I o. Anytime. Ports a up Anita Oaks arts. Colondo. Amu 111 7 0401 if you want a it and 1 . Jul he atop w w is pet. 01 i g. Brown co s. Pm. Re Pfuntn cloned o. Brown co. Its s. Ink. Hoxton so 907 fish Canyon re. Duarte1 k-9 submit on terms. Asking so Fuci St 7-0621 modern offices now 5il m. It crowed floor new build of. All in carpets. Jim n a 1150 Esrauw or Alio a my real ii. Vall t lli.400. A flt by Frank flick co. Poot 0 it. 5 of Tibet 431 x. Lake inti owner. So 6-6117 _ newer Home to Low Ewin Pisa 4-uh_ Den. 1 Riv Patio garb. for Dhont by 4-1114 new Mountain View x. Akca la i i on. 1 inert gracious in vacant Avail 2 Bdrm. . Pia Artma to t forced air hem broke Ltd a Ltd. I 7-Slsl fir. Adults no by j.-2723 live no. 1 a 2 Admos. New. Just completed r. It Init inc. Quiet More worthwhile Kkt Iceni y Apt Nouv Pine l it so Al in a cello. Case and Bow. S so. Or. Cert a. So 3-Fif t.t1 i i acco Igliori. Pro size. Ito it Shi Juno. By h. Colorado Lou Pine panelled. Comb. Be jiving Tot. Utilities Wagner. Dryer. Ample Pitr kick Short walk heart of City no by s or car nhkdk1near Many jobs. K w. Arcadia new. Jiu. Inc. Quiet mod.2bdrm7 apts. I Annex organs Bullocks Pasadena used appliance to use of r own term Way by 2-0211 sewing it Chine a Foi Sale garbage disposals u pc 0117160 waste King w i i pipe furniture appliances sold at prices that will amaze every Thrifty shopper 5-big floors-5 jammed packed with bargains All to be sold at very Low prices m 13c it pm 1tc it water Heaters w Cal la Ned car. S71 m Tal. Economy plumbing Supply i open y to 2.30 i 3536 e. Colo. By 3-9982 slant never with percussion ail popular 1w67 Model. Or Loinal Cost makes and including asking Els Fluri Pinetta save s560 Ren tals of Topalli Conn spinet fort. Islet. J15. Consult j j Minshall console Pasa. Sewing machine co. Stey a planet Jesu s27 k. Colo. By 3-6333, by 1-6j12 Singer portable audio. 15 Plungi that Art real values 3 yrs. Of. I up richly from clean Mph Wal. Spines f Hacker inn spinet Mah. Nice baby Roandl Tchoi re of new 1 bedroom to fully Luria had is a ent Roe 372 South Pasadena Indiana ave. I beautifully located new i or Lam. Cai arts. 2ti w. Colorado. Arcadia 7-040j__________ 1317 n. Holliston wardrobes. Dry 1 pm. 4hj5_____________ry i-61tj Beautiful 2-Bdrm. Carpeted the town House 865 so. Marengo new pint. Sax Nab Piei so 2 or. He. Ssh Chumei Only bios. 3 Roomi with Mir try. Loc Ailon. So pm a is. ____1 for of 3 . With Lor store it. Nurith i aka. Psi of for Sim per mini Liber. To 5cu1. So warehouse Gar. So. intr s a Home outdoor fun. Lovely i Roum coin1. Buthi. Try in. It Tirch. W rare it Kuril swim. Pool. To. N Madre Bdrm. Hous hardener Pil. Chil car. Loren front 2 age. Home 2 Baths Nice Yard. Or. Loi desk a w 1 office Aisno space Ith Deski a typewriter ment. Floo Mout by _ _ "03 Lake so. Din kit Harrt wort firs.1 at rear Bungalow nod. 5" by 8-7847i ample it Ili Alj. For rent. Downtown Pasa room 2-Bdrm. I i lion Nijiu Kitchen inv re Frog. K carpels Avail. Etc Pimp Oil. _ ten. Child of vacant. Al building Arcadia 2-. Unfurl. Home re i i King Robenco. Ruin n. 1-Ikt _ Keall irs _ by 4-lt-t 5 bedrooms Rno Rii. Plus invite be frred i n Hwi. Trade Onul in two paid Etc local Ian. I need Black Blacker t3s e. Green it. Inn goo i Luc c Ose in n it a so 5s. Sun. 0 kor lease. Is n. --1-3i? Upu l v Ijar Loim a i be r is a. Col Holly new deluxe 1 Bdrm. Pm. By . S . Sunset apts. Arcadia modern j a Corm. Ran Fie. From j395 these and Many others at Hammond Organ studios of Pasadena Norge automatic Washer close in rancid Type studio like new. Second Ifni automatic with time line fully guaranteed. Full i Netrol. I 2499 e. Colo. By 5-4263 a. S. Greene co. Wall Heaters All a Rater. 25.wio Btu e. It Plurad by 6-514.1 automatic Washer by 3-3211 a sved poo Rob. I i to a crib in i uwh11 Pool it his so. Tasa. 2 Bdrm. Carpet. New paint. Or. Stores transp. 1731-1 state St. So pm 6-6276. 9-2446. Patio karate. Appreciate. 245 shown by by 3-1313 or by 3-993. So . Pena rate Elnine pm. All rooms. Or. Stores trans. 2 i apts. I lower 1 up tier 5-sfm Mac Karjane cd 6-4455 Arcadia s finest 1 2 bedroom Apt. Air . Newly Dic. 1 a Hill. Pasa. K. 5v Ti-iih9n _ wpbster_8-l7fi 100--2 a ctr. Rear 1 or. In it Mia old. Garbage disposal. Pament 51x74. Nice Fenrest Yard. If b. N. By but Neh. Al. New Concrete . Pasa. 2 . S j cnnrtj2 new starts 2-. Gar. Rentals. Small j Belin san Gabriel blvd. So. Suil Etc. At 7-s7b san Fer Aniio lid. J owner. By Lovely Lirida Vista Laming u Sfurm. A 2 is. Nut Lii Corner lot Onk tree. La Minton court. Curtis co. li5tino sy_6-0295_ 1043 e. Green 1765 Oakwood c Tiet triv. Den. men immaculate sep it to Jar i it might morn a dad. i Jan Xii will handle. C. G. Brown co. It l South intr Rohlfs so1-.m9.t Harkett so moneymaker it i built on Gale. Pipe a 13 we v it. I 1nst. George s p1.l-mb1ng set is knit hire Nunu a a sat mfr Rance Ril Droller. Up. Pro Mtrtle Ilist c to Lief so late Model elec. Ranse. Many deluxe Fen turn. General electric re s75. Nurce Retric. So. Rel rec. S2t.5i1. Tit of wrought Iron Dinette it Manv other Hur Tams. Sycamore a help 4 movers e. Warts Englon _ by your cast off clothing your discard furniture the pans. . Brjch a prac of further to you will help us to rehabilitate men who wept uits Opportunity. Thank Call by 5-7291 the salvation army i 34 n. De Lacy St. _ is Simon i Al the Star Harc cried Tii Ket it he 11, Evite for k. W. Mon a Vista. . It the easy terms look for the tallest on n. Kay Mono Raymond furniture sales 91 n. Raymond Opku monday it Friday to 9 . Of sinday 11 to 5 new deluxe 1-. Apts. Arcadia do by. I was a co signer Pasadena music co 54 e. Colorado by 3-3949 by Clos Pri Fri. No put. Sat. A Sun. Be smart you can have a new piano without a Large investment rent for 6 months Jour Eurit is the Down payment bal. On easy terms. In 5-99s9 of Day Al in h furniture wanted top profs by s unclaimed express a of 14 r. Al i. Pm Kyff. Up Back of worn 3-Rf eco key. Trash Jones p a t so . Krs tar or Faunn Tel i Risner or pm nerf fy1 7-w. I4 for free emirate. J us steel lockers used i 415 w. Valley s. At you ii eds d it. My beat Friend moved Wek Enst left me hold dip with a pull 927 h. Chi Lerario. . 8y 6-l fi2 of Kuk Nitu be incl. Bunk Beds. St. Efthi january clearance Brand new pianos spinet console Over my payments of Peri the trial ii balance is Only the Hirn Ture held in. A n. Raymond. Cor. Of l Nion Bolton music co. P nights to 9. Adding mach., 7 col. Feed South Pasadena bedrooms. 2 Baths furnished. De apartment. Swim Mac 22 Pool. swimming Pool Blond. Linens Etc. Frn a 1746 Trevella. S. Sydla. Also 2 real sad-1 la hones gentle. Private own-1 or. Have so acres Green feed a feed oat Hay. Per to. Phone you 2-4fls3. Ranch p. O id Kemle Arter Type. At supplies this is Russia Simon laura11 the Independent Star two tickets at the Box office for h. Dreyfus. 1441 n. Hill. Pasadena at the i noted artists theatre 606 East Colu Rado Blue persian Kittens show flock. Orcas. By 0-1419 160. I Terni. New stove it ref Ricl will decorate to suit tenant. S3 w. Glens pm. Key at is w. Mare Gap by 5-46071 fact. Paved Prakit. Mats. On after 6 . 8y 4-95661 spacious Bdrm. 1 air. Rede. 10 min. To Pas 9 rag Sona Bie in lease. Al Bachelor new 5-rm. Grand. Fir. Beautifully decorated electric Gar. Bus. Iff Huntington drive l til of by " of n maj of kick space ground new or. Knoll. By n. Mar Vista 613 tots. Jax . 155 Pearl Jhk 319 s. Sierra Madre blvd. Of. Yard. By i to Beautiful Ige. 2 . Lower Apt. Rel unit heat Carport laundry. Or t garb. Disc. Adults. Garace. 10251 teenager of. _ by vm7j Fremont. _sy_1 to j 195 s. Hudson 1 d Lei js5. Near Bullock s. Robinsons. 1 bedroom. Fireplace refer lip not accent and a Crint or distributor Solo classified advertising before the and Lux. Apt. 3s9 n. Los Carp. Draped. Air cond. . Quiet. Luxurious urd Pool. Sf5. Alan Mara Rump. Adults. Rani. Completely re p. Her Perlta at 2-m4p Lient. Large closet.-, i by Ftp. Apt dec. Rancho shopping 1 cd Wildren pets Center. Water t Gardener Pri. Welcome. Utilities 1635 a. Inq. Apt. Widow lady in san n Village share Home working lady. At j o lie pm Pasa. Court. By. .ah.to_._washer. Kyu Ity will sacrifice of s Ranonis or pitiful paid for pianos a. Genuine world music co. By 6-s1s9 Arcaria. F h Dipp usal Earsee Beautiful be location. Vertise has received clearance from the los Accles business Bureau. This is another pc disposal or. Shop., bus. Adults. Lease 5110 to. Of s-6336 1 rms. 1-. S. Pasa. Central adults Range Retric. Optional 54 each. _ sy__9-14s6 i a Firth Birch Kitchen garbage disposal. Parade aundry. Js5. Call after Julg. Lemon. A . I 7-5uts. I ave. At 6-8837 8 famished we 2 -. Y Excel income Lor 6 terms i. H. Royston Halton. sy_fi-723i _ . By r-4k2b Why Hastings ranch this nodular area cives Van a newer 10 rooms i refer. A Chi View a air or. 10 full no with to Rorich Infra in 1-k. Of Ouilia bad 8t of ii Only si700 Down Attr Artic 0-bedroom Mut to. Sep. Arate lining pm. Modem with area. Thermo to i t roiled heat. Small to f7-m Lahe Tkv Burn i i Bill kid a. I stores t t it i is y s " 6ito 8y 7-s1.-.7 6 Day Ween. Closed thur. It n 1 Sun. See at 112i-b. W. Hun he Kohv Inchon dr., Arcadia. I 6-i Juo ixiiir3 or so 8-4014. 1-Tclft pm it nor a a ii ii v Leas 7s- secured Laroe family i in Arcadia Den Home. I Mac. 1 cd. Older children months lease or longer. Mth. In Chapman 3 a Small Pasa. Business in Jii Loc it Lon. Lot Pasadena i mint f Solo on 1 Levei Fri inv Niehls i .tt.k_. Colorado 1 by. Clean. Uti litle is Var min. by 0 2 dil rms. N. Arcadia. Immar cond. Rimmed. Doss. 5200 to. Excellent City. Large cd an. Location Oom Bdrm. House. Tile Kitchen Hawkins up tops and Shower. Good neighbor second Hood Gardener water paid est. Very reap mod. T Booths. Duarte a Bejre. Norn i. Autom. Stool at 4-93sit before him or Bucklen realty co. Open daily 2 to 5 Barney Yunck by 58-0-58 walk to Cec new Sears i. 2030 e. Walnut j. H. Biggar Trade in dept. Rummage Sale prices entire St Kinu Ayro a soft reas. _ act conduit in. Cd 3 of far grand piano. All shots. S60. Grace mullen_______1ss 1 or. male Nutku Tarjie. Or Home. Ray . Of to i Fili n inc Beau. Bach. 25 k. Store fixtures newcomers to . To your Home today i Eft in mos 17h. It s up . To in nov in we. Toi it Vetrik. Tot Burcet rentals by 3-Fitr carpet util. Pm. Adults. Or. To Ater pm adults Fot rent Taylor hotel parking Garden court Sale. Apt. 3 t Den 16x27 Liv. In Escille dead end Khz Sheih Rhor i by. 2-Sty. 2-. Cd. Fenced rentals. So s-3-.-7 is s55 util. La. 3-rm. Gor. Jyril Only r. Jack Redford a . I it this if Simon the . Ask Tyner realty s80 1-. Util. Paid enok 2-. Dpi. Cd. Gar. _ at 27102 4-rm. Duplex finest used rugs Garnsey Poher Palm Trees wed. Up to 2i it. At 1-1345 3-rm. Cote. Cd. Tot Jax rentals by r.-32- 2-Bdrm. A no photo graphic equipment projector John Marshall dist. Good reasonable rates Ian Jaa or Lialo appliance Formica top Iron Tift. I ii Ace registry . I. Nob i n , disposal so in famished Oft nth Prink 3 i. In. Is18 a. Lohrs Cin .4rsha1.i it

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