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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 14, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaRed Smith fireside Chat Aba prexy blasted by Knick Boss new York. Top Ned Irish York. Inion Ial Cuni Between Ford Boss of new Voik Iii Iii Frick and an old Friend with a Frog in his Throat yesterday blamed to have blown up a foolish Little tempest in the Teapot president Maurice Rodloff of of baseball. The colloquy happened to take place in tithe National basketball Assn. Thicket of television cameras and was overheard Wither crating a hopeless Atu a now a Story has got out that Wrigley Field in a an blast at of. Angeles where the dodgers will Hole up for the be thought season was described contemptuously by the league has no future if sooner of baseball As a cow it want but this we can t Correct this has not deterred the dodgers Walter o Malley from delivering a manifesto. If commissioner Ford Frick is correctly quoted from a fight the Pathfinder told los an Joeles newspapers. I must say he has been mis informed and would do Well to revisit Wrigley Field and los Angeles for those who Are not enchanted by the tantrums thrown by Roun Dball coaches when one of their Bony heroes is penalized for fouling this is a Dull season inputting up with these impose sports. A fellow is reluctant to prick any Small Bubble sible he said of controversy that might Drift across the sports pages i hive personally done everything in my Power at the league tee tongs but there is not much Hope of improving Irish told the weekly lunch meet ing of the metropolitan bos of tall writers Assn. I Don t think it is proper to our players to continue 4mmmv14. Him u and entertain a few readers. Nevertheless truth is a harsh mistress who must be served. The disenchanted the Tete a Tete with or. Frick followed the Friday night fight on Abc and emanated from studio 6-b in radio City Irish s remarks were stirred up by a furious attack on ref Eree Lou Eisenstein by coach Vinnie Boryla of the kicks following a 115-114 overtime defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia warriors sunday afternoon at Madison Square not from Madison Square Garden. There was naturally ment about the splendid performance the homeless dodgers charging that a last have been giving on the West coast impersonating the by Eisenstein Cost girls in orphans of the a question came up As the game threat where they d play in 195s. _ the referee on the court. Erdelatz latest heir apparent to Job Navy coach Eric late right appears to be throwing his hat into the ring along with others in line for head coaching Jab. At Texas Erdelatz with his assistants left to right Steve Belichick Ernie Jorge and Wayne Hardin stopped in Dallas in route to College station Texas for further discussion. Story an Page 9. Welter turmoil Helfand raps Aba him plan new York. In Julius Helfand president of the world professional boxing championship committee became so angry at the National boxing Assn. Yester Day that he blasted the group in a Long statement i chairman of the new York state athletic corp Mission. Was an gered by reports that the Aba Ter weight situation Helfand planned to endorse a bout be said tween Isaac Logart and the attention has been Winner on tomorrow night s to an a tide appearing a world welterweight title con the National boxing Assn. In i test. I tends to endorse a contest be tween Isaac Logart and the Winner of the Gil Turner virtue Martinez contest for the world u welterweight championship. No one will be recognized is the new lurid welterweight Champion until the tournament has been completed. It is obvious therefore that _ lined the referee on the court Uell Tord said had hate to see babe ruths Home run ried q break into the record broken by some guv swinging in a cow pasture. After the game Glenn r remarked that he jul just bumped into s an b selective service i to know about the see me Serwise i Canadian football May prove costly Draff Stop us Sui fiery Helfand said world which included an Aba representative had unanimously endorsed a six Man elimination plan two months ago to determine a welter Champion. He said there would be no change in the plan and Itiat the tur Ner Martinez fight is simply the second of the contests in the Elihu nation series. _ the said tournament Carmen Basilio had to next wednesday s contest be tween Martinez and Turner is but one of the contests within Des Moines Iowa. Of col. Director of engineering degree and get Plon s records so he can who had said that he wanted ground was How far away is the right Field As a matter of fad the commissioner volunteered the distances were satisfactory Down the foul lines in Field. However instead of curving out to make a deep enter fold the fences Cut fairly straight across the Yard from left to right. Imagine he said hitters like Willie Mays and Musial he could have included Joe and cock with those booming shots of theirs to Centerfield. Okay next question even while his Milwaukee braves rage at the officiating. This is not Irish said the culmination of pain which i and other members of the Board of governors have waged to secure competent and adequate officiating for our Irish s specific complaint Ives Gerdav he in Iowa said would review up the welterweight Crown when he took the Middle i weight title from sugar Ray Robinson. The world com a Mittie Sot up the elimination series to determine i successor. In a statement on the Wel-1 since 1922 Clay Chevrolet 5605 e. Colorado St. By. 6-2605 isolated of Kenny Ploen for it Mer Iowa quarterback scheduled for induction feb. 6 de spite an Roth background. Were winning their first world championship last october Rini was clutching every Lapel within reach and that instead of dispersing Reserve corps candidate and the Cadet colonel at the University of in 1956. But he has t Lou Penni was clutch h every Lapel the National league had to have York even if it meant a nine club where referees Are Perini been in june when the owners voted permission working a disproportionate commission the dodgers and giants to move of games involving Ploen s fiends at Clinton Ford conceded that the owners had acted hastily. Some same teams. Irish cited Hometown complained yes of them he Felt were a mite unhappy about it now. Not examples of this situation. That Ploen was assured about putting franchises in los Angeles and san that it he went to Canada to just about quitting the metropolitan Market. And friction Between play football with Winnipeg Roth commission. Instead however Ploen was ordered to take a physical Dee 19 and instructed thursday to report for duty feb. 6. Bowles said he has asked the Clinton draft Board to the Case. It s my personal opinion that he is fully qualified for Ai commission and he should be1 Given every Bowles said. As of now his induction will proceed in the 1 Normal License course prepare now m your California new class starts Jon. 15th limited enrolment Sawyer school of business iks e. By 2-7193 the Odom Plain talk jibe players and the referees last fall that it would not at he also maintained that oct his draft status. They said referees should be called was told he could re just cutting . Frick and his Stooge packed just Complete 26 away for 20-Odd minutes. The commissioner didst a announcing As judge Landis might have done. He did t sing a single spiritual. He merely talked with casual Candor on a variety of topics explained Why organized baseball is at Odds with College coaches Over the professional sing of undergraduates described the difficulties of controlling big league telecasts in minor league territory sketched a proposal for intelligent expansion of the major leagues. He chuckled Toler Antly at a naive suggestion that the owner of a big league club actually holds the franchise in Trust for the fans and the Community and not by divine right. Coaches and players Are. The Knickerbocker Boss opening remarks immediately produced a heated Exchange with Rodloff who was seated nearby. As Irish arose to speak he addressed Rodloff As our illustrious Rodloff angrily interrupted i Don t intend to stand study hours required for his municipal basketball i if ii it the matters he dealt with have wanted open and sarcasm. He then asked right discussion. The commissioner does baseball a service chairman to Call the standings Jan for Chen a of presbyterian 4 Lake ave. Congregational. 3 for Bethany slur re made 1 first Baptist 0 tin president Starlight speaker to later when Rodloff important i have Ever had Tol Vard. Inc. 0 eth. Mfg 2 Fuller of Elnarr 1 sport 1 when he puts baseball s ducks in line in this manner. In that respect the program was refreshing. When it is . Viewed As popular entertainment reservations have to Beira sea for a rebuttal made. Chances Are the rating of Harbor command did t a d has decision . Suffer a lick. Boryla was one of the most Road company Murrow pass judgment upon. Trouble with these interview shows they pick such boobs the rotund Aba president to ask the questions. Or. Frick s inquisitor was a seedy Amateur with watery eyes behind glittering glasses a retiring Chin a Hole in his Frozy haircut and a Good Deal of Dan Druff err. His shoulders. Editor s note red Smith was the interviewer.1 his interview technique is irresolute laundering and prolix and he s forever trying to intrude his own Opin ions to the discomfort of his guest and the Embarrass 1 ment of the viewers. Small wonder that twaddle distracted listeners and led to confusion about Frick s remarks. Television is a perfect forum for discussion of matters like the Odyssey of Brooklyn s bundles Milfs. But let s have professional in charge. J part. 1.000 "501 senior Clinton Cone Bautts lir eaps a Repp i Sion covenant Bra c Nazarene nil 1 Emmanne far list first Nazarene w Gai Izaak 3 .600 boo 6oilj .400, .400 .400 .400 .1 to at a. Coa. 10 Rhodes Muir hich Serif s 1st of. Elvirn conceded that he was not entirely satisfied that the assignment of officials is but he said assign ments had to be made on the basis of the availability of referees and their charac Cox Phillips sign with rams the los Angeles rams have two More rookies signed yesterday for the 1958 professional football season. T if Tungui. Bapt. Bali. I they Are Bobby Cox. Star u of. quarterback from the univer-j1sity and Jimj j a gym of ii Bip redi Phillips Dale two Inch end from Auburn i new Orleans. He a nent this time to be before the Cox. One of the rams top j Foo Boxer told a Federal court court. Draft choices last year played 4, Lake ave. 31 j esterday that Louisiana s Dorsey a a Torney said it was freshman and Sophomore top if sports segregation Law is policy of the commission years at the University of 10 pwn in. Inf him about s10.000 a to Issue a License to but then because he i prevented from Boxer until a match has been feared to Minnesota. Boxing White fighters. Scheduled. 9 the same Law caused army and Dorsey has been unable giant physician i re let and Tulane to shift their foot to schedule bouts with White i of Mil races jail Lerm 19 of. Miry 11 cat of. Iii Hucht segregation Law costing him 10-gs-negro Boxer pc Hinzler. J Ball game last november from boxers because of the Law the new Orleans to Point. Fighter s lawyer argued. Light heavyweight Joe j additional briefs will Dorsey non ranked also said i filed tomorrow in the Law denied him equal j filed against the Protection under the constr boxing commission. Tuition. I hearing the Case Are judge Dorsey s testimony was Given. John minor Wisdom of the before a special judge fed i fifth l or. Circuit court of eral court created to hear he appeals and judges Herbert Case filed by Dorsey to Killi Chrome Berry and j. He Law which forbids a i Skelly Wright of the scially mixed athletic social District and entertainment events. The Law under attack caused Dorsey said he is. Now in Hie Anny Tulane shift and item to earning about a also forced changes in football year in the state boxing Only and basketball schedules at negroes. He said if he Mcneese state College at permitted to Box ranking White Lake Charles and Centenary ichters he could earn about College at Shreveport. S10.000. Many Northern colleges have new York. Of or. An Koerts s. Losan be Thony m. Palermo physician the suit. For the new York san Louisiana i Cisco giants for 10 years. Yesterday was convicted of tax evasion by a Federal jury. J tells of us Heio the jury deliberated Only the 1958 Chicago White sox 45 minutes before probably will Corn its verdict. Judge Edward a prise Al Smith in left Field. Dimock scheduled feb. 3 for Jim Landis in Center and Tito sentencing Palermo. Francona in right. But William p. Schuler assistant Louisiana attorney general argued that Dorse v has not been issued a License to Box in Louisiana in 1958 and therefore had no right refused to play Louisiana teams because of the Law. The sports ban also Means to inviting Southern and southwestern teams for the new year s football classic. Years of service to Pasadena families and business the Golden anniversary of the Pasadena realty Board sunday january 26, in a special Section and the classified pages of. The Independent Star news from the Home of the Golden Hawks. The newest most original hardtops on the american Road. 1958 from the famed Golden Hawk comes the Long Low High fashion styling the Graceful fins the open air newest hard tops luxury styled in cum built both the president and commander Starlight Combine the open air Freedom of a convertible with the All weather smugness of a luxury Sedan. And beneath their original exteriors they retain All the extra craftsmanship that value conscious car owners have Long associated with Studebaker Packard Auto mobiles dependable sweepstakes engine with Choice of horsepower and transmission safety built bodies variable ratio steering and extra Large Brake lining area. Comfort too is everything you d expect. From the heavily upholstered deep piled cushioned seats and extra foot room in rear to the safety padded dashboard and exclusive flight style instrument panel. Visit your local Studebaker Packard dealer today. Hell be proud to show you these two All new cars gladly Send you off to guest drive your Choice. Studebaker Packard corporation us cd Burka Starlight Lloyd 2025 e. Colorado St., a Audini Calif

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