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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 13, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaOf a Huaiyu u. 111 in Laws 3b.r.42boths real guest House Fine Street Hitchcock 11u Huici Blob i 6-4656 at 6-4186 Misc says b a. 2 us no a Gui pc r. Butt fast. On. l my. Attn tin dlr it. Raaum 170 to 2s7 in am Tel ilium at rent tilt Irwin but Iaci. This Doc c e. Burke co. I or. Property of nit i William Schulz or. 744 Crickx Street earn 10% interest 2nd . To. . Property. So 5-7524 Isi South Pasadena do you want to j v Jiu Cash Oft Carney Potter it Al Iii Plymouth v-8 suburban custom station Wagon steel shelves used 415 w. Of Tuff. I. Gab. At 1-3715 this 4-Doat lit Man air equipped will Button thu minion. A rur my . Trei. A full Jack Symes your Cadillac 1976 e. Colorado by .391 51 Chr Riker . Haritov. Fam Ciu Tom to. Of Hrip r i ill s in Al inf Worth a3. S. Johnson to St 8-37pi6 Eves. Residential units have Clear in la Canada. Owner. St estate Loans 125-131 w. Dayton fair Oaks 4 Green area. 77x125. Pm zone i child rentals bring in Ino. Value it land. finance on Willlamson Williamson co. E. Or fun _ by 5-4274 office space is stalled 3. Payable in per Pontiac in interest on 6-rm. J meter 3 Auto Oilve __sy_1 1 of around in Fon in i ly.moutl-1 4-dr excellent Low St t-94t. W. H. Rozile by 1-5055 2nd 1st real estate Loans Don t Elsp. Pang. 960 e. Washing foreign pm d3h a West Holly. Pasadena to titled Leon Kingsley 535 e. Walnut St. 2000 so. It. Building air conditioned. Bratti full Deco rated. Partitioned. Carpeted. Plenty of parking. Idea for any use. Reasonable rental. Owner. St e-0178 Days or Sti 4-996u Sal. Sim. A i i so. Ft., Corner a Turco bldg. This 1s truly a bargain won t Long. Good terms available. On major Faa Adena blvd. Bucklin Ralty co. Eats. Electronic Sci. For. New Nark or it. In. Owner. Stu Laie Low Price 0, g. Brown co. 175 s. Los if or. Croxton _ by lowest possible charges i honest sincere service private funds. Analyse your flan ring problems without Clare we buy Trust deeds top prices now by 6-5314 Eim. Hoi ways by 1-3959 Louis co. 977 e. Colorado Pasadena real estate Loans Low interest no commission a romper confidential service correspondent for Northwestern Ilu Tual life insurance co. Your car until you get our offer. Wilt pay Premium prices for clean cars trucks or jeeps. 2161 s. Colorado Corner of Craig Pasadena 6. Calif. By 3-3123 by 1-6183 "32 years _ c-3 Corner close Are. Activity. Special direct to you. For new ii Turco buildings Moo to1 Tzuoo so. It. Kear Arcadia. Red 9-s w the William Wilson co. Since 1577" 40 n. Garfield. Pasadena so 3-s111 Ryan j-1? e Weber. Lir. Yraac equity in Hong _ for ice. 2 Man. Trailer. J1 be Excel. Kliott 2 to dbl Sar. A i. H. j 2 St dry Aan c Var e Yut Jan Fiir r sctt Linnor. 3 bedrooms. I i Bat Fui. Call Al 01 7 Glen Obi have you seen the Best buy in Glendora Early or Contemp. Tenrrna., Bathe. In v to plus. Huilt in a Ove serv. Porch. Shiite Quality 2 bed Ettl. Fireplace. Mountain View. Crow Enrike do to Utt t s Rhode to Tou that we can a better Job of Selling Tol Al property for Tou san Marino Homes . Mayer Bldr a resale Palm Springs Motel 1131 e. Wood lamp u Nedum. I Bath by owner Olda 3-. Rani a. I . 1 . Exc fluent 1 near up Fly Akerman 2 Vendor a. A in. 4 1 3n55 n. Tips mar. My l -2 sell or Trade 6 unit Apt House w-.-. 111-pi-Ji-. Rafarel molino., Wnm of Phiri. J390 per to. It will Trade for Leas a or i Birm. Home up to Crown City . Co. I a of Stoml even. Delightful Sierra Madre four units be 1st 2nd new estate Loans i o 4-fipfi2 Cormer lot 27.000 business property by 5-5h1 or acreage for Sale or Trade Complete modern poultry ranch. Too layer capacity Butch Ery. Mill All equipment Itic Ludik chickens. See or write owner. Poll a j. Norton . Calif. For Ganese property Urc t. , 4 acre s of . Ski too per acre. Desert la o Zilfi Lake arrows Teui with pi11vatk Dock make a new loan buy immediate Cash beneficial mortgage co. 465 Converse place by do 1-0170 h. Colorado we need your car paid Tor or not Buchanan for of an older also Al i-7100 in a f l a h for your car paid f not. We will live you car for your equity. Liiv olt of state cars Harry 1 we Meed pm bad Robert d. Kennedy co. r. Colorado St 5-w15o Cash Bonus for cars paid for or nut Cash is five. Mincte3 Fox s five acres at Mart re blvd. It 5-sbm East Colorado Selling your car Willard Karl 1 Colorado so a Tii Kuff by i-1784 turn or a 1-3117, and Oasis real estate Loans Cha Loans 1630 e. Financing Avail. P 72. Var . By 6-8173 ask. Houses on lot. 3 i i1 Taiti Tjien for Cpl to Cal. Fenced year House 2 . 1 i kith. T. Al. S22so r or to 0-.-.93s i n. Of foothill 4 to 9 units new Ferrn. Public Uliey. I South new re. At Hungate p a Jar Tinston 1 w. Of want of to equity n my tas Cerully i by. A Vittis. Iku. Dorm., laundry rms pirate Stone fireplace Furnace s35.1mh1 00 rpm constr or co. P. Box enjoy spacious la Vang new j Conri. Hath Ocrie. 2 Miles Al Rentro on . Hwy. So truck with our own funds buyers attention pick panels Sedan deliv., dumps stakes flatbeds you name it we be got it and no commission Security mortgage investment co. 235 North Lake i. California by 3-0666 permanent coast line View 1 1 level above Newport i Arbor to i atty Zaier ii49. _ i to Moke a 2nd to to borrow on to sell a 2nd to Call Security mortgage investment co. 235 North Lake Pasadena California by 3-0666 i plenty of Money Pontiac 1958 convertible Brand new trl Pover Ira Feiy track rear Erni. Non Nard Trana Nils Slon. Jet Black. White Wall. Radio beater dual exhausts. Fastest thing in so. Calif. Roland Chiro 711 e. Colorado by 6-ol s6 open even. Sunday i Foi sail imported cars import cars sales service parts Jaguar Sunbeam human Triumph Simca Alfa Romeo Isetta Noll Baldwin inc. 1285 e. Colorado St 3-3125 it Msty Larsen Olds 1ht w. Main Aln. At 9-3w3 4-Bnof Esuf i. A automatic trnnsrn., Henter. Owner. A. Colo. St., so n. Morgan motor co. 1639 t Colorado de Soto cond open it syn a but offer Oke and Sas. A mss Renez Vox Volvo Axuel. Show room cond. Ard transmission. Hah. S to Cash or terms. 1375 n. Austin Healey 1955 cat Manv extras. See k Coli Pake with Alcy. Krell better by v used cars 1095 e. Colorado o open even nos and sunday Austin Haiy. 5uoo after _ 80bgward _ s5b" Knapp Motters Tkv 2-1520 2655 e. Djab Dow this amazing Ger Man Feu former now at Peter Satori s from Peter Satori imported car 325 West Colorado St by 1-8123 English Anchem prefect Consul Zephyr by 2-1520 l Lui. E. Colorado Fiat. Brand new 195s. Best and where Knox motors. 13uo w. Main. at_b-36m Volvo 57, immaculate r411. La. Arcadia motors. 40u 41. Tin non. His Jiaa. Radio a her. Ikiyo Vertu. Consider Trade Prev. Party. Of 6-3191, eve. I 6-5i76 iuic8 1957 Buick Century Riviera Hardtop Coupe Jet Black finish with harmonizing 2-tone custom int rior. Beautifully equipped with Power Ute Ernie. Dyna floor. Radio Heater it White Walls. local Trade is difficult to Tell from new Radi Alia. Interior. 2-tone. I Ebulous my tease a cond Tiou License no. Map it Taij Bewley Allen authorized did Lilac dealer 745 e. Main Alhambra _sy_9-4811____ Chevrolet Bel air con Vert. Power by nuts. Steering. Easy Eye kiss. Wonder radio. Continental . An Tena. Ask Small amount equity take Al at Glufli. Alier Colley while. Reasonable. Inv. Party j like new. Clack Iii Aen i Interior. No tax. 50 even after . Sat Sun anytime at 1-m19. Pm r. Pack. . Power 2 tone Rah. A w. Ezi i or Best offer. Own i so 7-7049 m stands for Mercury j200 under Blue Book. 4c4 Park Van. Plan it Chrysler sacrifice Chrysler 52 Imperial. 1 owner. Low mileage. Power equipped. Chrysler Stee r be Over payt warns. At Jcob Yette engine. 4-Spefd trans. Pos Urac ton 3100 actual Miles Beau Tipul Black finish with White Walls entire car in mint Condi Tion. By 15 Coats Maroon lacquer paint. Under Miles both r. H. We. So Ami am buy remind Iii Iea res Rev Ruil we Teu the kudu san Gabriel Valley motors nation s number on convex total Lincoln heal . 113 w. Las Tunas san at at clo sed sundays Mercury 1955 custom 2-door merc Matlo. Radio and Heater Minim Plass. What email origin re All Whitt finish. Hitler Interior exceptionally smooth mechanical Eon. Edition priced to Aell to Telaj. In almost perfect condition. 500. A 7-0668 Udilla Cadillac 56 Coupe de Ville air conditioning steering win flows Power a with equipment. Beauty. Yours for Low Only Roland Chiro Pontiac 711 e. Colorado to 6-02.s6 open sunday Ford Ilac unusual throughout Ford Vic with 53 n Fannin h. A . Rapid. A Katar. Dual pipes. N in l w rubber. Gleaming Black with Lush Cream top. Ted Iarsen Olds j i t w. Maia at y-3s93 Cadillac 54 Sedan Model in Beautiful . Only Noll Baldwin. Inc. Kift Kast Colorado 3o137. Sun. 55 sed. In detail. Id car. Only j1s95. Knox motors 1300 w. Main. Alhambra. At 9-3sm 4-dr. Nice cond. Good tires. Or in. And tales Over 55 to. I 6-1535. Cad. And Coupe r. Eau 53 licence. Lik de Ville. Air wire the Cox new. Reaa. 7-j311__________ Fleetwood Black equipment. Limits til in. Foothill i 7 i became realty 521 e Greystone. C or 2 Rine on 1 from apr of us of Cut. Be divided Irlo 1 Lota. 5i.v from 2 x e Farugue. Fun y th1 in an exceptionally Good by y. Jack 2eikowitz, 32 yearn 302 w. Foothill kl__s-4m9 Al distinctive new Homes Jav a Ned in leation Foo fill l on Chand Law Trul to 9-6103 or Al 9-6483 a Law 4-b.n. Bradbury Tnp a. Owner. Al. S.2.131. Inc. My 7-1o3i re Raymond a. Dorn co. V c-.m01 by 7 Home Loans older property a specially Chester r. Pyle co. Let s Deal today Marian g. Loud Ford 1365 i Corner of Hill ask. I x 3-31o4 Rev 1-7614 by 90 n. Santa my Cal Lilac 4b door Lex Ancton. Part spa _ so 60 62. Sell my equity or or. Sierra Stur news rear i Tel two tickets at Tut hox office fur Geo. H. Abbon. Sis Alt a Vista. South i Asadena. It the l Nitzl i theatre Street. Club. In. Ort at s5.95 we. Finance. Mk.-. At 4-7233. At 4-7tisa____________________ a Rah Auto trans. Bice leather uphold. Sy_0-.1222. Ii fac it 45 2 pipes. Do5nl 4 docked. Cloo. I 7-ws5 inv. Jar tar i Good 3-7q7j top value 56 Ford v-8 2-dr. Hardtop Ivory no Toke finish Matching Ford Matic trans. Kadio. Willard Karl Semi a Green hiu., Leuther Liol. Wire wheels healer. Sex. 247 Days or -ss77 eve_5at. A Sun. Mosi Excel. Chrict 795 for Lite i idol cat. Private k. Co loft by 6 by 4-0116 c a 5-1307. El9-s629 Chev. 55 pickup with camper top pvt s 2 Commer Hon Iofel f a in t Tienter. Rut. Only Roland Chiro Pontiac 711 e. Colorado St a Icse open Eves. Ia60ar. 54 convert life. Top condition plus Raralio and Heater. Good rubber. Sparkling Grey t f. In Jiner i4 Rahl Kolbmann gh1a Short wave j7 Haftmann gala. 6 Dlack by import Trade in specials Bei air 50 conv. Power White waifs. S1s6s. Inv. Party. By 9-5770__________ 57. 4 str. 5-iust sacrifice. . . Est. Cond. Chev. Coupe. Ref built Maxl. Ford truck Tram. 4 Weber Clinch s295 cast. Transportation. Cash or terms. 1375 n. Lake dlr. By s-9233 or a for a it Best buys is a w -35 it air coat Lotif Ltd w a s1- i or. Power see eng Natzel a lip Mats. Raco in every was. 0. I y Muat med lately. Best offer. Olds. 50 4-dr. Red. 316 w. Colorado open nights a sunday 57 Ford Lane 500 convertible. Fordo., 57 Del Rio Wagon. Ford. Kadio. 1soo milks 57 Ford 500 Vic. Forgot Bird King. Utah 57 Ford entry. Sed. Low at Elco Ford _ a -0-. Foot "194s club Coupe jo1-ds _ ill rih practically new male Tell rebuilt. 53 Supetr per. Ice. Fond. New St. Packard Call s-5460. Per. Pay. I twin to Roku 5u 4-dr. Country Sean. Oil. Stoffl u Veirs. Or Ciril of Tai. We. Like Pew. New in of to scoop 5t s-ir.19 tier system Excel court. I r inv Xie. Cash a take Over pets. _ _ Ford 195i convertible fall Fine t blvd engine Rah Power brakes it Neft i Mac Job Rio or. F.a.-5- la pal o full race it Ielne. Extra . So 50 later Raouel Enkline. Nod it Interior motor cd Rinion ulate Saa Marino. Priv. Owner. At -6541_________ fal Rune club Beike White. Rah. For Romalic clean. Al. Ford Orr paid nerf at Plymouth 55 sed. Savoy 2-dr Beautiful Onnrie Tenn and nut Tua Uulu Blue White Only Colliau Chevrolet real estate Loans i _ Jer 3 . Cooil . A Al uu4. 7. Or . St h-h007 Ruby i Hajt your kor these i nah Rykr tj1e nah Kerr co. House of trades 211 n. It 1-6117 tar cat urn Rott Arft on Juke to j of. Fair of be nmn owner by prompt no a Para Isa l f be we. A. Co., inc. Effta phed 1914 Parkway by str. 2-21fir. Insurance funds broker for the Prudential inane Nore to. The Mclellan co. Real tour 430 n. Lake St 0-5393 be Large Loans a 1 y.1. Dump Sci Lent is Elfi. I 369 Atmik. Alta. Per. Glide 4 or. Model 21j. Rah. S1395 at _ Ford m. To Mem flub nil extras. Exec Thron Shoil 61s Milan pm t by mile motor. I pc win of to h k. A it a 7y7 e. Main. Hrs. At Over at Rel i tire a. Under Al 5-3174 White. Miles. Will accept inv. Party. Kiri must 470 n a. . Sed. 2-nr. Sed. Sir 1-year guarantee Avail. On most of these cars party. N. Stator. a Wai Ford a talc. Bar terms. Urry 1-a332 transp. Al 75 . 2ft s. Oak Knoll. E. Main. Alhambra i at 1-5781 Dow Vair ten and now by carom 6-0311 Huluc Star 6-4671 Man Rvl , x.117i 1.t1i w Valley store Bueb at s7 a cps Hudson i Lupon late Marti i Iri Toji. Kid. Jul wet Al s-ss40 s . Limtt on Bloke up 4 yrs. nil Milne Bros. i fir. Mon 1-4498 end., or. I Chev 56 pickup local Mif sri today 245 West Colorado St i Olill _ eve. Sun 61 Fink Vulk l a pickup of Lixie Canh. 2000 on Over. Paint. Iu6h. S6io. At h-1m4 . Or ill 1 i

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