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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 11, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaHail twee Rice s of Psi peer a Reckitt Jennion to Gorham company Thot a word from o Marjey Otono moment. In. Know How to i o malty Enlar Prim it Malno to a tech o a 1 am wry or. Eve. x calling i nut o Molly have Junior w Here old or. Go Horn Crul Jing on Haj yacht. O Malle maybe with him flu a hot it holding up our Coll to Gorham company by Raeburn Van Buren stuff cd Width to Silve it was a whew could or have fun s fun Sonny by 1raipsin a officer. O the Law All Kobe Hoo s bawl this time o no gift constitutes a felony Horn touch v the Clearing farther., we dulled my is re soft ahead. I think i see it now. tit his Ano Pudims pistol Case were Here where we left walk with a Boxx on your Jackie pc fee slouching vex a should try to if prove your of putting Gas in my car 19 quite thank you seem to know the name very Well 60 does everybody else around Here in fact a name you Cak t miss in believe me Siree anything i can do for a Friend of the kingdoms. Res supposed to be so in doing it the hard four Ion i a Reol gun Timon for giving hit Literl by Davi Gerard Tkv Creig Flessel lew1n61non i ican Axup wet canc mind rates before Twe 6k3 Bari ten bould6r Bluff cml. Fellows before m go to this g4me i Rentto Tell Al a Story i toted or or get Effiom Lola cq4ch._veu know we Ufa son Couch hot Buck s us is Hurt our squad As d lost school 6q1bd to thinking o i co4ch go might show f Ptohis Orvn of 801s, All Dresser sent Buck to Goa was to we Toto 7 prepare him feb West pm by Brad Andeson orphan Anni there were fifty two in group Rhos i Iun i saw Waw Tuy. It Al me Ond unsuspecting j Al what has guest had to Sav Punjab has he decided to talk yet of he has become most Loci so-0, he decided i to be a hero m i saved you i bought these hats at Acen Sale this one was Only a and this one was seventy cx3llars.y your birthday Seamon on Bridge by Spichael Seamon life in Sci automatic 1 Liy Tike Seconia try in. Neither Side vulnerable North wait 9 3 8 3 0qji04 0 q-4 f 9 7 5 v a 6 3 0 -9 8 z Aid 6 z East a 10 6 4 087z o j7 5 j87 South a a k95 a k 1.0 6 3 q94 allowed West to the. Trick. A Little thought Here would have commanded a Spade switch but West played a third heart blindly and it was won by Dummy s Ace. A Diamond was led to South s King and Declarer ran off his two Good diamonds discarding a Spade and a club from Dum my. When that suit was finished Declarer played the nine of clubs from his hand. West played Low As did Dummy and East won the Jack of clubs and played Back a Small Spade which was won by the King in South s hand. The Queen of clubs was now led and even though West player Low the defenders were a dead Issue because Declarer West Clil Ami 1ncn cashed the pass Ace has trick. Pill in Sou n won four Dia monds one Spade two hearts and two clubs. Q u e e i of Declarer knew that the going to co three no tramp could have operate so he could have been someone had Mill Over track by discard switched to ass Pade. Before it ?.n2 a second Spade rather than was too nobody did c Ujj ? Dummy. Just for a change the bidding our Only observation is this follows what be a one has an automatic Normal routine no Copla he Naci better take a Sec nations arc necessary. A1 before making that West made his Normal Lead often the automatic of the Queen of hearts. South is the. Losing play played Low and i won. The King in h arid tie fun at the Ace. Of diamonds was Cash c d Bridge table Send a stamped and securer now played a self addressed envelope for the Small Diamond to Dummy just leaflet containing Basic Prin in Case East had cd plus of tomorrows Bridge Jour West was of today. Address your request Lead with the Queen of la o Michael Seamon in care of Mentis and of course he played a Sarlina Independent Star the Jack of hearts. Declarer news played from Dummy and the bidding North Zait 2nt South int 3 it opening Lead hearts. Freddy by Rupe feel Clous nine. Rivets hey Chi Truvene in you think i m too you heaj2th1s.i by George Simla sometimes Way Bury wits ? Tel urday january 11 born today you Are a natural Leader and will stride toward the front no matter where you Start in Lino original and inventive you will have an idea a minute sometimes they will arrive faster than you can put them into action. That is where your executive ability comes in Handy. Careful in All your business dealings you have Good judgment when it comes to deciding what is Good to carry through and what should be forgotten. It is Likely that you will become Quile wealthy before Middle age. Your ambitions Are haunting and you Are High spirited. Very of ten. You Are Over critical and sarcastic. W h i j e it May be easy to be comic at someone else s expense it is neither gentlemanly nor Ladylike. It can also be very unto he. The one you arc downgrading to Day could be the one who will be on top tomorrow you Are inclined to be Moody and arc easily discouraged. A Little encouragement and you arc of the world again. It might be Well for your con tenement that you learn to con Irol your moods better. Try for a median Road instead of an extreme Way. Out wed someone who sees Eye to Eye. With you in everything and you can make an unbeatable team. Among those born on this Date Are Dwight Morrow banker statesman and Diplo mat Alice Hegan Rice author Bayard Taylor poet and an Thor Alexander Hamilton statesman Eva la Gallione actress producer. To find what the stars have in store for you tomorrow select your birthday Star and read the corresponding Para graph. Let your birthday Star be your daily guide. Friday january 1? True. A my Lii Neil Imp a dlr Ihli morning condition i Ira at Good Jan. 21-fib. Horny or Ouri Art excl Lent for ugh inuit a new project and in Elev u proper. . With Snoie in of the Loci Antl you will further tour mar. Fun Lori any Moor last work Becort lunch. Afternoon can Ca eau a Tararui apr. In my your a vast Fay of Itie 10 wind of Porlant Nepote Alloa Thoj . Him enl majr Day of ret Lonj Ouick re Multi. Start for Ethni unit 01 major Early Moraln. Atle noon Bouri Ulm. Portent. . Istl. Al Oil. Or the to ret up Eaily and get lot of rim work done oct. 51.nov. 22i-an atari win bring excellent or Olla. After noon i on Rood a Lima 1 nov. 3.1-Nie, Juji com. Any Hinr import Mil pc Chari non rur Trie Triy then Helna 10 Oll Lerall food pm i by i a hurl feat

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