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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 11, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaWeather today Clear today Complete forc Insl on Pituc 15 10 cents Intoe pendent Gabriel Pulley s Only morning newspaper Telephone ail 1-4871 Best in sports coach quits pc s Bob Bas Liau resigns Page 24 Pasadena catlf., thursday Jan. 1, i9 62 Ati Alert Pasadena Doto Clive has arrested two suspects within five minutes of n robbery at a in Orch Lake Avenue Market a f Lor one of them look a curious glance it the police car. Pago 2. Top of the news inside Kennedy has approved sg6 million Federal contribution towards financing the Cost of prov lilo. Dam a key Structure in California s Mulini Hixon Dollar water project. Page 2. Tajik 11 ague sources say that ii can not make any More concessions to Indonesia in Hie search for a peaceful solution to the dispute with indo Nesia Over West new Guinea. Moscow four americans 14 Oiler passengers and two stewardesses of. A belgian jetliner forced Down by soviet fighters near the turkish iranian Border were flown to Moscow by a russian plane. Page j8. Havana cuban government has Sci up a net work of communism indoctrination schools to turn out cadres of red evangelize is whose task will be to win Over the masses. Page 4. 1 a Saulina _ a million lights shall pro thick cd by the Hong Kong tourist Board has been booked for showing at the Independent and Star news world 1 Ravel club program monday night. Page 23. William g. Sumner Arnold e. Huss William g. Sumner executive editor of the Independent and Star news has been appointed to the Washington Bureau of 1he Ridder newspapers. Arnold e. Huss managing editor has been named editorial depart ment director of the two Pasadena newspapers Bill Sumner named to Washington Bureau William cd. Sumner executive editor of the Independent and Star news has been appointed Washington correspond ent for the Ridder newspapers. Coal mine onion traps 11 cartervill13, 111. were trapped in Del ground last night author ties said when an explosion tore., through it a Coal mine shooting mangled steel out of the mine opening no one above ground was injured when the explosion occurred at . Post slate police said. The entire night slip Al at the mine was trapped authorities said in a Tunnel at the Bottom of the mine which is ims face deep. Rescuers descended to depth of in the mine bul were forced Back by a Langle of wreckage. One res Cue worker said there s so much smoke you could t see anything Down an. Estimated to spectators crowded near the _ Sile of the blast in William son county about 85 Miles Southeast of St. Louis. The mine no. 2 of the Blue Blaze Coal co., is in a Rural area three Miles Northwest of Carler Villo. Members of the Herrin and Lionton mine Rescue unit said a second Rescue attempt would he made when heavy equip Merit cranes arrived. And derricks. They said the Cage in which the 11 men descended was still Rescue plan was to raise the Cage which was is ill attached to its cables and attempt to will be handled Huss managing Waller t. Ridder chief of the Washington Bureau announced the selection of sum nor to replace Robert k Lee who recently accepted a Posi Tion with the Depar Vincnt of slate in Washington. Simmer s position As editor Ial department director now by Arnold editor. Lee m. Aler Riman continues Assedi Tor of the Independent Anc Star news the. Exc Culic changes Are immedi ally. B. A. Ridder publisher of the Pasadena newspapers said the appointment of Bill sum Ner to the important washing ton Post is a big step Forward for a lop Grade editorial writ i and will give our readers a Strong link with the National and International or. Ridder added we Are fortunate to have in our organization a Man with the editorial capabilities of Arnold Huss to continue direction of the department and a policy maker of the Long time local strength of Lee Sumner has worked on the local scene for the past 12 years. He was sports editor City editor and finally manag ing editor of the Independent and assumed his Job As executive editor of the Independent and Star news three years ago. His column of five years standing will be discontinued temporarily while he makes killing cold hits nation death toll 95 schools closed United press International i Hofos on Page 3 a brutal Winter storm and one of the bitterest cold Waves of the Century tortured two thirds of the nation yesterday. The great Arctic blast took a rising toll of lives Pene Lra cd to the Bones of millions of americans and slowed the processes of every Day life from the Rockies to he Atlantic. Snowdrifts piled 14 feet High n Alabama. The Mercury plunged to a killing 50 below n the Western mountains. A snowstorm swept up the Atlantic Seaboard. Great lakes spawned baby blizzards lashed upstate new York. Hundreds of thousands of schools children were on cold wave vacations in at least 10 states from the Northern Rock ies to Georgia. Heating emergencies affected entire communities in Nebraska okla homa and Alabama. Businesses shut Down whole sole particularly in hard hit Dixie. The bitter cold set records in at least 15 cities and scores of smaller communities. Pushed the toll of weather blamed fatalities since the vicious onslaught began last weekend to 95. A United press International count showed 19 Weathi deaths in Illinois seventeen in Wisconsin nine in Michigan eighth in seven in Colo Raco six in Iowa in mis Souri three each in Massachusetts Montana and new Hampshire two each in Ala Bama Kansas Ohio Oklahoma and South Carolina and one each in Louisiana Mississippi new Mexico and North Carolina. Weathermen said the Arctic blast would intensify before it let up in the Southland from Arizona to Florida and in the East. Some moderation was promised Lor sections of Wesl Texas Arizona and new mex bitter cold threatened destruction to the Multi million Uolar Citrus crop of the lower Rio Grande Valley whore vege table crops already were Hare hit. Northern Florida braced the necessary arrangements for moving his family. Huss has been a Pasadena Newspaperman for nearly 30 at the Bottom of the mine. One years six years As managing editor of both the Independent and Star news and prior to that four years As managing authorities said the mine workers were about 500 feet along the horizontal Shaft when the blast occurred. Some fresh air circulation was provided by an air Shafi 16 inches in. Diameter which runs from ground level to the Shaft where the men were 1 of the Star news. He was City editor of the old morning Post and later the Star news. He is Active in a number of Community organizations. He has been a resident of the Pasadena area since 1921. Winds blamed for Southland deals High winds whipped into Southern California. From the Northeast yesterday killing one. Hampering traffic arc scattering damage in freakish patterns. The san Gabriel Valley was largely spared the Force of the gusts. Kit coff to Wail Washington Secretary of welfare Abraham a. Ribicoff said pc sturday he has informed president Kennedy that he will wait until next summer to decide whether to quit the Cabinet and become a candidate for the u. S. Senate from inside the Independent Bridge 43 James it Harlow Hal Boyle 21 Merriman Marquis child s 20 classified .21 Samuelsen. .2i Soei Elv .1r. 17 comics crossword 41 sports editorial 20 or. Steincrohn financial 36, 37 Bill Sumner Virginia .21 lir Nicori Utiss 21 Waller Lippmann statistics 37 for a hard freeze. The Mercury slumped to 53 below Zero at Frasor colo., and 52. Below at Leadville. Colo. It was an official 47 below at Drummond Mont. State police reported a 45 below Reading at Black lakes n. M. Cold records for a january 10 tumbled like tenpin. New Marks for the Date included 22 below at Denver colo., 12 below at Chicago 11 at Evansville ind., 30 below at Lansing mich., 9 below at Flint mich., 8 below at St. Louis mo., 6 below at Louisville ky., 5 below at Kansas City mo., and grand rapids mich., 4 below at Topeka kan., Zero at Little ark., 3 above at Bir Mingham. Ala., 12 at Dallas. Tex., 17 at san Antonio and 19 at Galveston Tex. In vivid contrast the clock Wise winds of a High pressure system pulled warm air up the West coast giving California cities Balmy temperatures and it was warmer in Alaska cities than in Many parts of the West and Midwest. Drifts piled 14 feet deep in the Florence Sheffield area of Alabama and Snow fell on beaches at Mobile. Snow Al most a foot deep in areas closed major highways in Northern Georgia. Up to 8 inches of Snow covered Virgi Nia and about half the Public schools in the state were closed. North Carolina reported its worst Snow storm in years. Six Inch snows blanketed ten Nessee whore the Mercury dropped to 1 below at Memphis and 7 below at Cross Lluc Congress opens new session of Union talk set by Juk today starts new career at 70 House speaker still Butler by a thur at an age when most men have been retired Lor years John w. Me or muck embarked on a new career As speaker of the House a promising 70-year-old Rookie. Standing there addressing the a Ivic Cormack was a wonderful illustration of the harsh facts of legislative life. Representatives who Are Mercyl Ripling of 50 or 60. Had further evidence of what they carried Long ago to get any new speaker John Mccormack wields Gavel As Takei Over new Post in the House where in this business you be i v. Got to have incredible fortitude Democrat was elected. Job voc noted by Sam Rayburn s death. And patience. Well Mccormack Lias and he has managed to remain eager and bustling to Boot. So it must have galled him after All these years to read news stories declaring that now that Sam Rayburn is dead the democrats must depend on untested leadership. Untested what does it a Veteran in this league any Way but All Gall was carefully buried yesterday. During these opening ses Sions of Congress everybody by and at times so bitterly. Loves everybody tie vote for speaker is strictly along parly lines hut the words Are treacle by an interesting coincidence Charles a of Indiana was Choice for for but Well maybe not forgotten but carefully pushed under the Rug. The first to jump up. And applaud when Mack was. Nominated he who made the speech when of. His old Span ing partner democratic floor have tangled regularly on every Issue. Possibly no two members of the House have twit Ted each other so constant has be Eithe Halleck now grandly i in nay move from the tempest and tumult of the Well of the House to the serenity of the speaker but i dare say hell do it with then it was Mccormach s turn. He had sent a prepared text around in Advance and you can Tell a a1 Surprise. Was 1rom" Liis i predate very much the. Gener Ous remark s made about me by the dist Iii wished minority Leader from Indiana whose Friendship i value very although this was Long before Halleck had said a word at least it proved to be exactly right. Speaker of House named address set this morning by b. Cornell opened a new session with beaming Back slapping Good will in stalled a new speaker of the House and told presi Dent Kennedy yesterday it was ready to buckle Down to business. Kennedy s ideas of what the business should be. Will be sketched out today. He will deliver his state of the Union message in person then in the House chamber shortly after . . Pasa Ena some of his ideas Are old nes some of the new ones re known in general terms and some of both already have Timrod up controversy. So skirmish lines already Vive Well established for what Ould be a rough explosive Lection year session. And the personality spotlights congressional floor leaders Mike Mansfield Senate democratic i Cadar the Senate s majority Leader goes into his second year on the Job expecting president Kennedy s pro Gram to have even tougher sledding than it did last year. The slender Montana sen Ator now 59 years old has been termed by his predecessor vice president Lyndon b. Johnson As ing nine years in the Senate and 10 years before that in the House have taught him the value of patience. Irritation Seldom shows on his lean face must less anger. He is a member of the Senate foreign relations committee and his views on International mailers com Mand attention. Etc realm. Dirksen Senate Republican the Senate s minority Leader is known to his col league s As a flowery speaker and a legislative horse trader. Everett Mckinley Dirksen Heads into his fourth year on this Job. He has been in the Senate since ousting Democrat Scott Lucas in 1950, and served 16 years in the House. Just turned 65, Dirksen has a massive figure topped with an unruly mass of Gray ing hair. He has been a sol Dier a lawyer a dredging contractor a washing machine manufacturer and part owner of a bakery. Dirksen maintains firm leadership of the 36-mr-m her Senate minority. He likes a political fight but usually is even tempered Good Humoured. Carl b. Albert House. Leader John w. Mccormack s successor As House major Ity Leader is a 53-year-old oklahoman who has been the party whip since 1955. In some respects Carl Al Bert can be likened to the late Sam Rayburn from a poor southwestern family Short Stocky sparing with words. But Albert is widely trav eled and educated Rhodes scholar and earned decorations As an officer. He was elected to Congress in 1946, and is his state s senior member in the House. He is quite popular on Cap ill Hill. Albert Calls himself a Democrat Wilpul prefixes or but his record usually is appraised As Erate or Liberal Charles a. Halleck Hosisk Kepulis Kraii Leader since 1959, House republicans have been under the leadership of Charles a. Halleck of Indiana. The Short Ruddy Congress Man has built the minority into a unified front that of ten has induced the democrats to alter their programs to woo gop votes. He is 61 and on Jan. 29 will have completed 27 years in the House. Halleck is an intense Man with a reputation for work ing quietly but effectively to achieve his ends. He started his political career As a county pros ecu Lor served in the Dur ing War i was a top student at the univer Sily of Indiana Law school television coverage this is the schedule of to coverage of president Ken Neily s site of the Union message channels 1, 4 and 7 it a.m., ill Channel 4 repeat at . See radio Toff Page 35 for radio broadcasts pening Day Harmony and pleasantries May melt away Keihe Mantle of Snow that Ell on Washington during the get. As it looks now the big quibbles will Center on administration Bills for such rings As Tariff cutting a Hority medical care for the ged under social Security Aid o education farm legislation More spending tax changes foreign Aid and the Federal Purchase of ?100 million in Sonds to help the United a ions out of a financial Jam. With these and perhaps oth controversial proposals in he offing the mood still was one of Gay camaraderie if my for the moment. For the first time since 1913, Sam Rayburn of Texas Wax absent from the Halls of con Russ. The Man who was turn to Page 15, column 1 and helps find right Sitter i let my Independent and Star news classified and for a Babysitter run five Days. It was t that i did t get sufficient replies but i was looking for the Ideal person. I found just the one i reports mrs. James Campbell 5539 n. Pal Mai Temple City. It frequently pays to let your Independent and Star news classified and run for extra Days even though the response is immediate. To n clan Iliad nil in Flat tills , Priour set Ninor or pc Tiili 2.130 tomorrow morning

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