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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 10, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaOni Elmoi moot key Lockheed Tacor frers open Burbank. Inter smooths the Iam and the unit it cml Ajmal of machinists Jed Auto workers will Nero tied the Cah Fonda div upon contracts in both Ladue aircraft corp. Yesterday by fat negotiations of a new work contract first in the Iam representing 16, vice pret int Burt c. Smith of Lockheed said the Lam s demands cell for a of All things the Industry thai year. 1000 workers at in Bur the elks expected to be Palmdale and serving you. At Fox s five acres of approx innately 80 cents an hour in Adl Dit ional pay and fringe Bene fits other Cost items involving additional sums lengthy. Owns Wau Ivd Wood said its Demund Sichich we cannot now Eveni across the nation by Auto to 30 cents an begin to estimate accurately As we As air men. In Lockheed said the Cost Ould be 80 cents an hour j voter contract expiring ruling today March 5 minimum pay for j factory classify cation i a in pc iraqi i Ishii. u Seattle. Dae h for technical and of or. Yesterday was denied a fee workers the minimum new trial on his grand larceny is the maximum conviction and the court put the Union asks a 33 a decision on a new trial i an hour Cost of living increase for teamster presi a 6 percent wage increase and corrections it says would Dent Dave Beck or. Until today. The wealthy Union Boss and his son recently were found bring the package to about 30 nos son recently were found 4 cents an hour. The Cost of Liv in separate trials of pm i j ing Factor is contained in con tracts with other aircraft companies but not with Lockheed. From Union funds gained the Sale of teamster a Dale Hume parti minor to Fine used cams twas rentals service ail makes. Csc truck Dot. Orrin w. Fox 23-45 cast Colorado or 1 vs3 drapery returns loot did t fit Lacuna Beach. The hotel Laguna installed new fibreglass drapes owned Cadillac. Charles s. Burdell chief i attorney for the Becks previously had announced he would Appeal to the state supreme court if the motions for new trials were de Nied. Superior court judge George Jyh. Revelle denied motions for arrest of judgment for both Becks. In continuing the argue los Angeles. Robert f. Walklin. 44-yw-old sex convict nabbed by police Ctm bad out of broken window with portable never at a loss Tor an excuse. Some Guy came up to me shoved a gun in my face and handed me this to Walklin confided. He wet . Benne emf. Peter x. Huty an Amich Farmer. A flae Aad costs of fu.75 far in his hone and Taffy. State trooper Dan Kwasniak testified that Kilty s buggy was moving at an on reasonably Stow Speed on is. 27, Block in 10 cars. He showed pm Nantes France. Bernard Esnault 25, died in a Hospital after winning a bet he could drink a quart of rubbing alcohol. Mixed up Little Mother Paris. Lucie Blin 74, known to the police As me Mere Little Mother was arrested yesterday for the 44th time. A new French female record. She was charged with shoplifting. Police said she had several unpaid for pillowcases under her coat. Her previous offences go Back nearly 50 years and her previous sentences had barred her from Paris until the year 2850. Too Tam it generals soy arms plan inadequate to win race Washington. Or maj. Gen. Bernard a. Schriever Toltl Congress yesterday the rental ballistic missile but the president assured production of the air Confida if we mate the 1500-mile and 5000-mile Range ballistic should to floret the the schedules planned by the administration. Schriever the head of the air Force missile program needed Quantity and in time to off set the military advantage of the soviet Lead. Not enough ment on the motion for new in a second floor corridor trial of Beck sr., Revelle said during the Christmas holi Jed so in order Charles ments including Fri reports Day season but they were Hickline jury Foreman in Thel n proceedings before Federal Pnno a hav la Tot _ _ Washington but he said the Only response he had received has been directives looking toward a program that is lower than physical capabilities would Schriever s complaint echoed similar protests about administration plans from Gen Thomas d. White air Force chief of staff and it. Gen James m. Gavin chief of army research and develop the activities control Board once Cut Mem Thip of tit Dan Dailey int area dance wishes to Coq ounce Uia up of its new Pasadena chapter and to inform prospective selective that new practice seniors Are starting now. Free instruction mix j Era personal introduction Are told the Senate preparedness army. In daily routine of the subcommittee he had made he noted that the membership i up proxy verbal and written recon Jupiter and the at per week can for a in Nof intermediate Range mis free transportation me output Thor Siles had been ordered into to and from the curd urine production and Atlas intercontinental for Wavy s Sudma course. By 6-8061 hot Siles. Rine based Polar missile dance studio negative response been advanced considerably. . Told to produce anti red evidence . Court of appeals in a conduct further proceedings landmark decision ruled yesterday that the government must produce material Doeu gone a Day later. Rase and Robert Paulson a boards yesterday the hotel re Boeing air plane co employee a three judge panel agreed Cei Ved a big package in the be questioned. Unanimously that the Funda mail. The drapes were in Side along with a note say ing did t fit my windows so sent them right to work vote angers labor if this were a civil action in court or if it were a criminal Case the party would be entitled to the production of these judge e. Barrett Prettyman wrote for the court Ike Schriever testified before the subcommittee shortly be fore president Eisenhower conceded in his state of the Union message that this coun try was probably somewhat behind the soviets in the development of the inter Onti one week only1 watch repair special Man s or lady s any Maki completely cleaned and overhauled expert workmanship guaranteed one year one week Only i such Diamond specialists 380 rentals of fair play which apply in Federal courts also1 govern administrative pro-1 feedings. The ruling specifically a los Angeles. The plied to the government s 7 i California Al and Cio re year Effort 1o require the acted swiftly and angrily yes communist party to Register it erday to a move to put the Justice department right to work initiative a tool of Moscow. The de i the november election ballot vision Means the subversive form fitting Jayne just adores her wedding gown Hollywood. Bosom act Sels lace and has a High neck Ress Jayne Mansfield tried on and Long revolution her completed wedding gown Ary departure from the Trade for the first time yesterday tonal Mansfield costume and she loved it. Form fitted judging by the Way it hug a the dress is form fitted to a ged Jayne the dress loved her i Point just above the Knees and too. Swirls out below in a circular flounce of lace Over Pink net. For frosting Jayne will Wear Pink pearls and a Wisp of a Chapeau of Pink Flowers. I studio creation i the gown a Pink lace Crea Tion designed by Charles Lemaire chief designer for 20th i Century Fox studios might be considered decorous on most i brides. But it appears to be folded the famous curves of the woman who will marry Strong Man Mickey Hargitay Mon Day. Hargitay won t see the dress until he meets Javne at the altar. The blonde Bride to be Al though she thinks the world of tier or. Universe won t let him see the gown until the wedding. She explained i want to be superstitious. I want to do everything i right 1 the dress is made of Brus 50 years of service to Pasadena families and business the Golden anniversary of the Pasadena realty Board sunday january 26 in the classified pages of. 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