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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 8, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaRed Smith fighting Fisherman Oregon Idaho invade Bruin Troy fives face big weekend lol the Home teams. So to com at Center Chuck Rask cent Gary Mcewen 64 and in Stron however off its 6-1 and Geore Padovan the pc basketball at which figures Ai Cue of the the 5 weekend s games loom Long Strong however off its 6-1 and George Padovan Whaylon co Craan in history even olt openers three opening Over Wash at guards. Rasic and Frankli Mcewen Simmons and live i the Bruins came irom behind Lington state. 67-65, and then lopped the ducks a g a i n s Titus All averaged in the double new York. With per Orawe prime Yvon lne Arel week of nip Oregon 64-5s, at Washington. 60-54.ucla with 15 and 13 7. 15 arts 1? he can whip any four Fla Hermen in new Brunswick and then takes up this weekend Friday and then lost to last monday. Respectively. Respectively in the . Lilt five hockey players simultaneously Over his head. His Urcla and so Host a couple of favored Oregon slate the team John wooden Bruin coach. Led by one of the bes openers. I reasons for specifying hockey players Are obscure perhaps dangerous Northwest beat in the ., by the says Oregon is an improve guards in the ., Captain wooden indicates that in baie Ste. Anne it is impossible to assemble five Large Oregon s Webfoot and Idaho s score of at Corvallis Over last year. The Duck Gary Simmons Idaho i changes will be made Lumpy males who Are not hockey players. Pan Pacific Audi no night. The Webfoot have a balanced first five i another vastly improved will be made this the fighting who gave Tony Anthony thorium doubleheaders. Played Only the Bruins last a11-. Second team Charlie rounding out the starting five week. He s not satisfied with Good Licking that was called a draw in Detroit the trojans open with week. Franklin 6-3 and Dale Herro Nare forwards j. Branom Bruins rebounding or their boxes him again Friday night in Madison Square at . Friday with Idaho which upset Stanford 6-31 at forwards Hal a Tryand John Liveious to get shots and on television. Now he was sitting in Lew Burston s Celith Bruins and Oregon follow 67-59. Before bowing to so in add Mohal spouts on Page 24 Clay Chevrolet in the Garden with or. Burston and his managers. Lew Meyers and Chris Shaban. Murrlle is a full grown Fht who looks Over thins about him is big. His hands his lore arms his Long heavily boned facial features under a Chakiry poodle haircut. He in a we voice that seems to excite Liim for the French accented words come Irish Lus Mil of it wide Wilf and or and weaves in his chair enthusiastically. My lather in baie Ste. he said was Blacksmith in the daytime Fisherman in night. I worked Lor him As Blacksmith and on the boat. I Don t know How Young because ing at the next 83-77 thriller comes to town it will be Urcla and the a solid 9-3 season record dais at and so and the and is capable of beating either crusaders meet Newman leads Chapman hens Sciasc statistics Pasadena Nazarene col Cal tech s Fred Newman when i was eight 1 was regular Cage varsity began 22-Point average in i and my lather got sick. I was Captain of boat a Parathion today Lor All sorts of Hooks alter a while i bought a boat Twenty eight Hundred three thousand dollars. I did not do Good with that and i lost meets Chapman College s pan big week end of basketball Friday and saturday when it tics. Newman has scored 28 goals and 10 free throws for Lutali and Lluli in a string that is. Dates Back to the Linal two in games of last season. Team statistics Fra Kim a Sta Ftp Ovell l of w l of a 0 76 60 2 4 3ss 3s6 0 0 0 b s 752 704 u 0 0 2 1 165 h 0 0 0 5 648 re .-Clare. 6 34 by 1-. Whittier 12 64 3v 166 13." i 30 11 71 11.h. G. Ron Crof Salt Rah 3 12 11 35 11.71 d. . I 27 18 70 11.6j g Reb Ayr John will Llfra .12 170 14.1 Nick Grav. . 71 11.9 ill whittier.l2 ill Brick. .470 .316 fils .760 .617 .m7 boo .000 453 207 .425 194 127 .653 5po 166 117 67 the boat. Now i have a Fleet four boats All kinds of on the College s memo a 66 total nets lines lobster traps. Fighting and fishing i do All right Ril auditorium court fridav1 the statistics but it Don to pay to Light in the summer because in i am not1 there the men on the boats Don t work so hard. In Pomona Claremont an Winter it is ice fishing just Lor smelt and that is not on saturday night. What swung you Over irom wish Hooks to left Hooks the crusaders will be Juning for their eighth and ninth it was very poor family 12 in total and we i diff it All the my Brothers. Quarrel starts in the i victories of the season House my father would say All right get off the table and go fight outside if you lost you did t get Noth in to eat. You know they would not let me go in school with thei others i was too bad. School s out i had to stay 15 minutes while everybody got Home so i would t beat pm up. I was about did not talk English went downtown. Jwa us there was fighting in the Street first boxing gloves i the kid s first fight boxing in the Street with gloves Yvon in baie if Rev in the Street with gloves but not baie Ste. Anne. Town in Chatham 35 Miles. First time somebody dropped Glove i in pantomime he snatched a Glove the floor thrust a list into it and banged it into the other Palm. They said hey Here s a Guy wants to fight i raid Gimme that other and bang bang i knocked a Guy oot. They brought two others bang bang i knocked pm oot after a while the promoter come. How would i like to fight in the ring How much Money do i want holy gee almighty i Don t want Money just let me fight i will pay the promoter said. Holy gee almighty eight dollars i was going to Light and i had no Money. The bus to Chatham Cost a Dollar so i went with the boat up the River winding and around reels about a two hour trip. I could charge the Gas for Lishing. I was downtown and there was trunks in a trunks a swimming suit. Along came the priest to ask me and i told him i am fighting Here next week and i got no trunks. He said do not go and he went and came out with the trunks and a pair of sneakers. Eleven dollars the trunks Cost holy gee almighty and too Small. I could not Bend Over. Next week i Rode on the Back end of a truck a three ton truck a Ford. I remember so Clear. The Light holy gee. Imme in that ring bang bang one minute 11 seconds it was All Over. I got the expenses was a Pontiac take your Choice m motors Pontiac a Alhambra worried about hearing try these hearing exercise that help you hear better. A few minutes a Day May be All that is necessary to help Vou regain your Mem Ory of sounds. Key word sounds and hard to under stand words Are recorded in hearing exercises that per Mit you to increase your ability to recognize and understand them. Played at Home this record helps you restore your sound Mem Ory. The record comes to you prepaid for Only Send Check or Money order associated a Hung Haung 27 at. of 4-7271 43 w. Main Strart Al Himyn at 9-5127 to former Rose Queen Birbara Schmidt ind Princess Diane is Nersay Well pin a Rose on you i come in to either of Pisa Deni Federal s offices january a through january to ind Well present you with Lovely or boutonniere i Chance on one of 1oo Bush Bare Root orig in . Jan. 10 need not be present just two More Days bring your savings Here on or before the tenth of the month to earn from the first of the month accounts insured to o current annul. Rate Green at los Robles foothill Rosemead shopping Center 25th anniversary dip pah greatest values in our 25 year history specials for thru sat. Motor no Vlf free tire with every 2 tires you buy 18 month Trinen guarantee buy on credit Low Down payment Small weekly Lermy tar proper Infix Tolu timing Light fast timing Chick. Ignition cab a rubber Inal Dompf 169 w. Colorado St. Open Friday evenings until 9 . Pasadena phone by 6-1794 License frames m Moid o to you column plug m car Vafier mileage minder Stop and car la Virlor header lining 54 Wuhl Quality fabric polishing n a cloth fads Khz track of hip and Gai Mil tags Oil Chang i Etc. "8. Can Ond form. File Ruiter and sludge in radio Tang Sta ring tit avy fab Ric for uphold tiring he in Wiar tap of car. Handsome Gray color. Be Safe with grip Tex Coupler 2 How full on All a Honnila to both to hit. Us with Flat or to Vav. Lor i raft. Bonded brakes Don t ii loftily Mlton dashboard Ammeter give ton Actu Ratt Reading of Bert Lory i. Gratian proof lady to Vinitah. A ton it Foill buy a coat Bantry with a ctr to Taro for Long Mrvich. Ivy on Tail credit Tori. Sondow Roc nod and rebuilt by factory a oort por for Monco for Dapo Nabla or Roca. For 12 Lyt Tom him e Hu-s7 repair kit neck 1mm kit for Rall it poor your top now. Ako Ideal for Nowr Fig Golf tort. 72 to to. Fab Ric can want a melt

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