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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 8, 1958, Pasadena, California Mcaa forbids pay to for College football _ Philadelphia ital Pun both produced Revenue of it Timaul col Testate athletic us but warned j j Ami. Television for Portl Onate financial benefits m banned member col participation in toll to. I f0r a few colleges so great the from in Een Muttee my that i current intercollegiate football a Tuv Vovou cae television fact to now at i program would be thrown out f had Niamir us i in the iof balance. At use tame time the Mcaa mapped where Tim committee said thei by the to free Are vice facade Caas 1957 football Tele it added that if subscription Santa Anita consensus win i non him 3, 1 Tomoum Maiolo Tocica a myst come Maui Hart slim pick on to tonight Chicago. Garntt Tover hut who part tsars the name of sugar to Laor mom Agoura Belli of Mem Udy new mock Max a Joun Amat ruled flight a Cater Day to defeat Befher Unkai is Othi 77 by he was beaten three Tinat. Count of club Horn town Baker of new York in i 4 a the Tevid 10-Rounder at the Chicago stadium tonight Hart a dangling Ermi Ponton Tudor Lon. Pal Hunt Lieari Gambia from Philadelphia Starti 5-111 to Rutur. reach advantage com cover cold hindi Poche Gold poop deck cold cover cold hindi poop Peck Gold cover Poche cold Hinds cold hand gamekeeper grand Tudor stumble. Block mahal Honora Mcki Bocen Honda cop Parry solid son ordained Ole Travis Lille Moon Pharry solid son Pharry Ole Tranja Pharry solid son Ole Travis solid son Pharry Lull. Moon or. E. B. Ruihle Wink i Louise Bamma Kangaroo court higher up Starrh warrant search warrant Bamma Pink coat Pink coat daring sickle by Mike my Kilien wednesday Jan. 8, 1958 car and Lotf. First Post 1 . Furlongs. Maidan fillets Tea could continue tending Likely athletes to prepare i tory schools. A proposal adopted by the Council would allow the prep j practices of the army Navy and air Force schools under Atwo thirds vote of the 18-Mem j her Council. I the proposal will be placed West los before the Mcaa convention s Kenneth l. Business meeting today As Jeom missioner for the Bis ten Fri e. B. Mrs. E. B. Noushie Noushie Belles Folly Louise we hint Louiie mrs. E. B. Mrs. E. B. Mrs. E. B. Al n us hic 17 winking Louise Wink. Louise 4 Bamma higher i p daring fickle Hie her up co Pink coat to vault is 4 Kuth Juliaw. 1 Rozel Moreno bom 4 Del Lei do if int 7 cd Lex or Lille numm.1 Lindy Arlly i doll Ojuel 13 i. Harm Tui to la Halate Yorki Izaak Mincer it Chi in. 116 Wall lib could upset itt Raat in Ottar of Post 113 is 115 115 115 115 tug Wilson released from Hospital matter of record with voting i scheduled for next year. The Council wanted to adopt an amendment to the Mcaa a n g e l e a Home in the Midwest. Wilson i to 16 just told me to take it easy for a while and get a Little More Wilson said. He said he probably would conference was released yesterday from the Urcla medi Cal Center where he has been i leave Southern California j Over the weekend. The big ten official watched the Jan. 1 Rose bowl game Between Ohio state and Ore gon on television. Constitution for presentation confined since dec. 30 by in to the business meeting. But flu Enza. Wilson said he would re a Rule that states such Amend ments must be circular Zed for turn to the Huntington Sher second six 1 three weeks before a Conven Eaton hotel in Pasadena to Tion d postponement another few Days con a next year Vales cing before going to his contractors License course now to seem tour California Clou starts january Isth limited enrolment Sawyer school of business 1165 i. Ceta Rotte St 2-71 n fas Adma Legal advice it fat income tax Call an Earl e. Martin 649 n. Like at. By 54347 7402 so s 4608 72tf4 7312 74 id 7213 7419 7428 country club Bolandi .14 Home hero Haenie s of ton Tony 1 running Paisa Roland to suck Ltd Gamble arc Rolls it rejoin 4 cull Call suit 7 in r. B. 3 Boron blues our cover up of Eal Taftt Fer Nuon 8 bouy baby Votko .-1j Africa Scaia 8 air lamed Monty maker Ido ngg 3 113 a Cann la Vorlett. 113 in 119 11 threat 113 to Yoni Cost Bael 107 gets i la Felt 118 scratch Al Euf Ebli race of 113 Alrona form food 107 prop in class 112 May need a race 112 Idle Bince june. Did t run to work 108 Long Idle 108 oct hid class 113 beat one Horsa 107 showed nothing to 10-1 .10-1 10-1 .12-1 15-1 .15-1 .20-1 Ihikd-6 a furlongs. 3-yr.-old Maiden Coin gel Dinolt. 7111 7451 7403 Tudor so Emu 5 118 York .11 118 pal Moreno 3 lift big touch Vouge .16 118 x. A Carol .15 118 juror big arc Tro 8 119 Tor Patijo soy no 4 Elf 8 118 Crafty Piny 9 it. Pick 8kum to Malibu Moreno .2 retd the mall Ting Cal 1 cortex Glasson .13 Boot Pul do .10 note shift worked in uns on will. Kan away Jan. 3rd poor atari m last was dote to better Wii showed again closed lot f round prom Good gave up Early has hid 1 race must show More has fair works beat one horse did not Imprest .12-1 .15-1 .15-1 .15-1 .20-1 .20-1 fourth six furlongs. 4-yr.-Olds, up. Pursa 7453 Gold cover Karo j 7430 cold hand 9 7414 poop deck by Catl 8 6187 Shoemaker 8 74i7 grand Tudor Biol Arne. 5 o42s a Tobobo 7428 Bull Cleo Adlaon 3 Lih tint Jack it Tran 1 7430 gamekeeper 2 Vail gaelic Gold 4 74il a Lover a Aid 7458 Redl read link 7414 a dark Truit m. A. Tenney trained off slowly. Could win another. Ora i heavy pack aft worked in not without Hope Plocki up four pounds died. Rain would help lilt Long Bra Flemati looks better was dead last bid not threaten j. Hurt Chi trained 4 .10-1 .10-1 .12-1 fifth first 6 furlongs. Finius 3-yrs-eld. Block Madam Chuck Vlaxia k Grey la Hal j hairy shoemaker1 119 up 7 ibs. Elf needed race 119 it beaten sixth-1v4 i. On turf. 4-yr-ofds, up. Purse 7439 7408 7447 7423 7415 7195 Pharry Stuart .10 solid son ordained 1 Little Moon 8 Ole 9 breezing Bebe Char Max 3 Don it Noah 4 Nelio ii Trejo tii. Of Taka 7 Wor a Lewis 5 11r hates another Chance .2-1 113 is training Well .3-1 120 tuned up in sprinta.7-2 111 easier held Here .9-2 11t beat one horse 6-j 113 closes Well .i.8-1 117 can do better.8-1 117 chased Pood ones .10-1 11.1 needed last race .10-1 111 was far back.20-1 seventh second 6 fillies 3-yf-old. T7tl8 my. E. B. I 1 74i2, y 7446 7446 g Louise is Hoer 9 Joy Itan Tsuchii 5 Bilka Folly Valenzi 3 Tounch Sooni 1 vet 4 Weil away Ali b Furt won easily closed with a Rush bumped at Start Piks up 9 pounds worked in 34.2 needed teat race closed too late fulled with cheaper had an excuse tired in last raced evenly beat one horse .3-1 .4-1 .6-1 6-1 so .10-1 .10-1 .12-1 .12-1 .15-1 eighth-1 i. Up. Clog. Bamma rein. 4 i search warrant Mese 10 Pink coat arc Troi. I higher up Long .15 majlis Kins to cart. 7 Datrin sickle 9 Seblin Ray inn venture Kantar no court 6rtoekr 3 King Julian 3 Wuh glory a 5 Tel me Tony a Cuno .14 Jet Valenzuela kill Trace read worked in after 3rd needed last race beat cheaper in new stable 6-1 fits better worked Well .8-1 showed Little .10-1 better at this distance .10-1 maybe later .12-1 fits with .12-1 some races of .12-1 another last drop .13-1 tired on the nace.20-1 recent very Dull .20-1 selected horse mrs. . In 7th. Spot in 6th. Ruth in 1st one ton Tony in 2nd big touch in 3rd grand Tudor in 4th Hasty score in 5th Little Moon in 6th zeus Joy in 7th mama King in 8th. Muir tops Stilt ailing Norman okla. Rupi okla Muir s Mustangs with stalled for 78 seconds tin Pincus hitting for la Hen puked out a dramatic Points closed out their prac-62 Victory Over the second Tice slate yesterday afternoon ranked Kansas Jay Hawks last with a 48-41 Victory Over South night when reliable Gene Pasadena at the Tiger gym. Ison canned 20.foot jump shot the win gave Muir a r-4 in five seconds it to record for the season. The Mustangs trailing by of the second straight three Points after the first Kansas loss to an Quarter bounced Back Ini the Oklahoma quintet in five Days a second with 13 while the tigers to 6, taking a 25-21 Lead at intermission. Second High Man for Muir was first team All if foot Ball Star Toby Hecker with 10. Muir m Sopas 41 g f t Oft t 1 it t 1 0 2 Haniman 4 2 10 c 1 0 2 237 102 204 204 Ono and Only Char Lii Rissin pm Cui of Murphy f a Lull f 0 s j i 113, 2 2 2 1 61 306 Small 21 half lat scor is 141 25-21 panthers Battle hornets Friday coach Scott s Pasaj Dena panthers battling to re i gain second place in the Cali fornia ice hockey league take on the Paramount hornets Friday night at 11 on the Paramount ice. Us Polnett. La. Info non. L.a.1a Walson Patio out 1" 11 i Doughm. Fart mount. 11 10 31 Tormajr dodger a Noger and new a coach with the los Ano lib Dodo Irb Loose in hit sport a lilt. Pon Tiu a of managing i new Highway s exist and motor cars Are known the name Cadillac signifies but one unmistakable Leader in its Field. For the motor car that has borne that distinguished name for the past fifty five years has been so Well designed and crafted that it has become a Universal synonym for everything Good and desirable in a manufactured product. And never have these Virtues been More Evi Dent than they Are in the Cadillac car for 1958. A single sweeping glance at the new car of for example reveals a Grace and majesty never before attainable in automotive design. A Brief journey at the wheel provides irrefutable proof of the magnificent strides Forward that have been made in Cadillac performance and in Fleetwood coach rafting. And a study of the facts about Cadillac econ omy indicates a soundness of investment that surpasses anything in Cadillac s Brilliant past. If you Haven t As yet inspected and driven a 1958 Cadillac you should do so soon whatever your favorite among Cadillac s wide selection of models which includes the distinguished Eldorado Brougham you will find it a rare masterpiece in everything a Cadillac can be. And we know you will agree that the Cadillac car now says greatness More eloquently than at any previous moment in Cadillac history visit your authorized Cadillac dealer Plait gait used it Duthely in All Model

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