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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 8, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaU methods May work Tor but Mot or reporter what to smile of a Winner if says Here. He should but. Photos t.1 Bai Stendar Good a Way As any pendent Page 13 wednesday Jon. 8, 1958, Bob Shaft editor group moves to Block dodger Rose bowl use Supply and demand look beneath the surface a bit and you la note that National league president Warren c. Giles made a mighty significant statement Day before yesterday. Double puts Arcaro near 4000 wins Giles did his Best to ing on Pasadena s Rose please everybody in comment 3owl and los Angeles memo rial coliseum As these stadiums apply to the dodger baseball team. If i were a betting Man i d Wager the dodgers would wind up right in our King sized nest along the Banks of the Arroyo. This is due to several factors but particularly so to Giles comments. Jim a1abugg i jockey Eddie Arcaro is inching closer to his goal of 4000 winners. He upped his lifetime total to 3994 yester Day by Riding a double and was slated for eight more1 mounts today including one Jalso eligible. Sickles Gamble in the second. I Johnny Longden expected he was Here he reminded to look out for in the Saddle soon if his interests of the seven other clubs in his league. And ii broken leg mends on schedule commenting on these interests he put a pretty severe is the Only american jockey Knock on Wrigley Field the Only qualified baseball with More than 4000 winners stadium in the Southland. Arcaro Bui Shoemaker and Manuel Ycaza pretty much dominated the win Ner s Circle yesterday with a triple and Home two including to r n on his visit Here he spoke Well of the Rose bowl saw no reason Why it could be a very adequate baseball and generally was enthusiastic about its potential in los Angeles he told reporters he would prefer to have the dodgers play in the coliseum. But this political sounding statement was expressed with reservations. Giles pinpointed the West end of the coliseum As the Only desirable area in which to perform the Gal pantries of throwing hitting and catching the souped up winners mighty in the featured f 000 Alhambra purse. Born mighty who As a 3 year old won the Ohio Derby for c v. Whitney overtook petition will be circulated by Bob Davenport a move to Block use of the Rose bowl for major no intuition scribe drops at track by Bill Miller take it right from the horse s bet like a woman at the race track. I tried it yesterday at Santa Anita just for laughs hah hah and dropped s9.80 hah hah evidently the nags know the difference Between Long bet across the Board pants and skirts. Or per they were at the Gate for imps it takes a woman s in the first so was 1, tuition to understand those vowing to sink or swim with pretty beauties. I the gals pre race advice. Anyway after watching the Rogers brother was my pick Home a consistent if or the opening Romp. After baseball at the polls by an Winner via the Hunch Andrall sports editor Rube Samuel shot in the dark methods has a son named Roger thought i d try my Luck. Out went the form charts the pocketbook and he has a Joe Hernandez the track announcer also must have liked the i warmed up by asking Sev horse because he had it right initiative measure was Dis closed yesterday by a Linda Vista attorney at the close of the City directors meeting. Lee g. Paul chairman of eral women How they bet the up front All the Way. But the citizens committee that was my , he got it mixed up with _ Prause Vou ius isome other horse Ana we Ooton he Rose bowl municipal and mistake because a Idon t ask questions and find wound up losers answers that make sense. It was the prettiest horse most of the gals said they Lime treat in the second for bet on the jockey. Others me. Gosh what a smart said they picked the Pretti est horse or one whose name reminded them of someone. Recreation presented i proposed City ordinance Lim Ting use of the bowl for commercial purposes. The property owners group Jean s Joe in the stretch and won by a head the mile and a sixteenth in As 2-1 favorite born mighty returned and fathers risk finished third. Mighty now owned by modern Day version of the old this May be another in a Long line of pressure pitches which won t come anywhere near the strike zone. Or it May just be camouflage designed to take the heat off the dodgers. There is Good reason to believe they actually would prefer the Rose bowl in comparison to the racing partnership of anyway even if the latter were to be served up on a Arnold and Evans is a Nomi Golden Platter. Nee for the a tech ado. Same joint of eff i it is a Well known fact by now. That the dodgers have Jfe raced at Santa Anita j virtually no Chance of obtaining the West end of the coliseum inst ,5 a member of the commission which governs the stadium has steadfastly Jne Whitney string but was maintained it does wish to Cross its football tenants by Laj s dispersal auction photo. Doest want dodgers Here Lee g. Paul attorney who said he represented a citizens committee for use of the Rose bowl As a Munici pal Park serves notice on City directors that his group will begin the immediate circulation of petitions calling for an initiative measure designed to Stop the los Ange Les dodgers from playing in the Rose bowl. Slicing into the business end of their playing Field. Us and Urcla Are genuinely concerned about the matter and have gone on record As opposing such Henani pans. The bams can t exactly be pinned Down. But it does t stand to reason that they would favor such a decision. But there Are other contributing factors. The dodgers have noticed a distinct Lack of politicking in their negotiations for the Rose bowl. Over Here they Are dealing with businessmen hired by the people to run a City. In los Angeles things Are considerably different. It seems apparent that Only the Rose Bow or Wrigley Myers sure bet for aggie Post Dallas Tex. In Jim my would have to be polled and time in Santa Anita history 35-year-old head football this might prolong the dec that an imported juvenile Hadje Oach at Iowa state appeared they will meet monday won a three Furlong dash. So sure of getting the Texas but Myers appeared so sure today s feature the la Cen coaching Job last night of the Job he ripped off the Tinea stakes for 3-year old that he named his probable names of his staff. He said Demie purposes Lor which it at the end of the meeting. The baby race of the Day at three furlongs was won by Tomy Lee an English bred owned by or. And mrs. Fred Turner jr., of Midland Tex As. It was Only the second Lopes to get the measure on the ballot for voters to de cide probably at the next election on june 3. Paul said the group would begin circulating petitions for that Pur pose immediately. But Frank Kostlan Pasa Dena City attorney said that even if the measure passed at an election it would Stop the dodgers from using the bowl for 2 years if City directors were to sign a contract to that effect be fore the election. Only one Marie Heilborn of Lancaster calif., said she studied the racing form and Paul s measure reads As follows Section 1 essentially no person 3rm or corporation shall use authorize or permit any per son firm or corporation to use he Rose bowl or any part thereof for More than three regularly scheduled games or stronger in the second events to which an admission half scoring 39 Points to the s charged within any period lancers 20. Of 30 consecutive Days. Section 2 Section 1 looking Pony. And How handsome Eddie Arcaro looked in that White shirt with Blue polka dots. But they looked like the far away san Gabriel mountains at the finish. I really called upon a woman s intuition in the third tabbing prepay to win because of All the Bills that have been piling up around my House. Unfortunately i had him to win and he ran second. There was Only one nag to pick in the fourth. That was Antarctica and i wished i were there at this stage of the Remaker must save caught a cold while breezing along at the rear of the pack. Well what s four i told myself going into the fifth. Morgan s blues and rebel Rob should do cubs clobber lancers in Csc opener los Angeles City College with big Center Bill Freeman sinking 25 Points spanked Pasadena City College 79-52, yesterday in a Western state conference basketball opener on the winners court. The cubs who left the i Viuca Canu Abu on Wuhu us courts at halftime with an in has one a har. Eight Point Lead came Back jigs ordinance shall of a Aly to any use of the Rose bowl or any part thereof by any bonafide civic charitable religious or academic organization primarily for the Chic charitable religious or Aca Field can possibly serve the dodgers As a Home this summer. Fillies Drew so Many entries staff. He would keep two members of was organized. And Giles wrapped the Anchor firmly around the flagpole the race had to be split into the Blond rugged looking the present statement also said two divisions twelve going in coach flew to Dallas from coach j. T. King and Backfield bail games would create High Man for the Pasa Dena Crew which now rests on a 4-8 record for the sea son was Walt Harcos who hit for 16 Points. Lanky sex Pasadena High Star Bob Hibbart also starred for the lancers scoring 12 Points. Each event. They re the fifth Ames Iowa and was met at coach Willie Zapalac. And seventh races on the Airport by or. M. T. Har stumbling Block and Texas president. At Wrigley Field with his observations monday. If National league games were to be played in Wrigley Field attendance would necessarily be he noted. Visiting clubs will have extra heavy travel expense and that could Only be compensated for by playing in a Park with a larger seating thus Giles and his cohorts Are banking on dodger attendance to pay the freight for baseball s invasion of the West coast san Francisco certainly can t do it the giants Are relegated to seals stadium until new Park can be built in the Bay area. If the dodgers were to go into Wrigley could be made to accommodate would t be any where near enough to take up the Slack. With san Francisco a frail facilities teams from the East could t make the on their Western junkets. The ins and outs Thor lore All indications still Point to the Rose construction costs to the contrary. Much noise has been made about dodger president Walter f. O Mallry misjudging this item. Earlier he estimated a Low of now it appears More Likely that would be the minimum. Nothing is definite yet however. Nothing will be. Until full plans Are devised and estimates obtained. But even he figure would be prohibitive All things considered. O Malley is looking for a temporary Home until he a construct his own stadium. It is tentatively j for Chavez Ravine. But he has no positive assurances that j the voters will let him have the site at the june 3 election. Suppose he should lose. If his club were to be located in the Rose bowl he undoubtedly could count on longer Asylum until such time As he could locate a new building site. He has asked for a two year period of residency. But such contracts generally provide an option clause. That s a Busi Ness Courtesy. O Malley then would have every Assurance that his team would continue to have a world famous shelter until such time As the other technicalities could be resolved. This too could guarantee o Malley a full return on his investment he could operate in greatest safety until he had developed his capacity and cultivated a Ripe following. Such items As increased lighting and a scoreboard would come under the heading of initial expense. They could be salvaged and taken to wherever o Malley decides to build his new Plant e. B., each a Winner last Harring can expect plenty of Competition from Honora a citation filly that finished third to stumbling Block in her first Start Pierce end coach Russ Arroyo coasts Over Titan 5 Arroyo scored 20 Points in the first Quarter to snatch an Early 13-Point Lead yesterday and then coasted to an easy 51-45 Victory Over san Marino s titans in a prep non league basketball game at san Marino. Marino Arroyo tit g f t g f t 5 Al 10 f 4 311 bacs 124 Williams f 3 ii 7 to 19 3 0 Myers apparently is being considered for the jobs of athletic director and head coach. Or. Harrington said the Texas Board of directors Feldman who would coach the Middle linemen and Doug Bradley who would coach the backs. Myers said he was tremendously impressed with Texas on his visit there last week. Myers team made a deep impression on rival coaches in acc s2 g f 1 1 1 2 fic congestion and o litter increase in air 6 Tion would require More police Protection and alter the Lack t a 7 old Morgan on the copy desk and those dodgers Are acting like rebels while trying to find a rebel s Bob paid off but of Morgan i was singin the blues. It was time to see one so the chaplain was the cinch in the sixth. Remind me to go to Church next sunday. Pasadena s character from quiet to noise and congestion a commercial rather than 21 10 52 total 29 21 79 Hal Tims cd 40-32 pcs cagers in easy win a residential Kostlan said it would re quire 10% of the voters who voted i the last general election to place an Initia Tive measure on the ballot Huddy Scott s for the general election bulldogs wrapped june s. Practice slate for a special election. It noon coasting a his first head coaching veatral would require signatures Park. Olsa in a though it lost More than it 301 of the voters at the last j if ague basketball Bill Sumner associate Edi Tor will pull it out in the t seventh i thought. He s a i o a papa Jour times and another i toys on the Why 10 i 2 Ujj fathers risk it was strictly Down but out i reverted to the most fantastic woman s form Chart for the finale1. I borrowed a hat pin closed my eyes and stabbed at the program. It wound up on Uncle Sid. And i said Uncle Lor the Day. . Should be stuck myself. O i o 11 Pasadena up their bleeding that Way is easier. Eastern division though won. Horse Anlu 1 auditorium. . To Mark Keppel rips Temple City five general election Only 9370 residents voted at the last Gen eral election. Prep non-1 contest at Baldwin Park. A pacing the bulldog were Danny Weir and Dicki Western division. Salsbury who hit for 12 and 7 boxing Hart Rajiri hmm Chirac of Adlum. . I3 los an Colff paced by Forward teach oat s 32 Paul who lives at 1064 a jets respectively. Myron Mada or. Pasadena based an d Tom Thayer 55 proposal on the 1923 he Phi cause scoring Bob Between the tournament of. T ints info ref in the. . 3 0 Al a 515 pro from 0 2 2 0 4 olympic auditorium. Oil 102 on Stream 1 3 radio 19 45 totals 19 13 51 halt time 32-17___ Points. Assn. And the City of Keppel s basketball which specifies that ame Baldwin Park thumped Temple City the stadium shall be Victory. Yesterday on the Winner s for use by All civic charitable j court. Chuck Day was High for the rams with 9 Points. Bee eked out Cincinnati 111, Detroit p 111. Turk 112. Only games scheduled for Crosby tourney Booe leads qualifiers Pebble Beach. W Bill Hole rounds Over the picture the leading teams. And academic Amateur a i Booe of Bridgeport conn., esque Seaside layout seeking Tony Lema of Napa calif., fired a three under Par 69 Over the final 29 spots in the Field was second among Tho Quail for the promotion of beneficial entertainment and Amateur Sansbu such stadium shall be let for use for individual gain nor for the promotion of any Enterprise deemed by the Board of directors to be detrimental to the interests of the City or its inhabit Kostlan pointed out that the pm 8 j 2 Santa Anita jockeys through tuesday Jan. 8. Jockey 4 0 8 4 2 10i William Shoemaker .57 5 212 t. 0 Arcaro .53 lit 5 it to William Hal Rentz .51 2 1 5 2 1 Ycaza .53 306 turn Al Valenzuela .57 0 1 1 a Jack West rope .26 Moreno .42 totals 22 751 totals 15 5 35 Ray York .41 halftime 24-19 William bolted .42 is 10 10 11 7 i i the Pebble Beach course yes of 140 professionals Ter Day to Lead the 29 qualifiers other automatically or final places in Bing Cros qualified and 140 amateurs Wrigley Field is because of its limited seating by s tournament that were invited to make up the rapacity. The coliseum is because of its limited play starts thursday. Teams for this 17th National area. Time is almost out because of constructs work Tommy Jacobs of Monte pro Amateur tournament. Of Fiers with a 70 Over the Par 36 City ordinance covering Parks permits the City directors to which would be involved Here. All of which leaves the Rose bowl As the most practical solution and me susceptible to becoming a. Betting Man. Bello also qualified. 3fl course that extern the Rose bowl for Corn Yards. At 71 were Ralph Blom Mercial purposes quist of Olon tale. Calif., darho also said there is no Law Rell Hickok of la Grange. Iii., to break a contract with and j. C. Goosie of Knoxville. That would require the City basketball scores Lack. 79, Pasadena City collect 52. High school mule 4s, South Pasadena 41. A Virtena 51, Baldwin Park 35. Arroyo 51. San Marino 45. Mark Keppel 62. Temple City 29, weit Virginia it Oltyan 89, Geneva Michigan 63. Guard n. Rail 8t-. 74. Akron is. 1 to let Academy. . 1111 Oklahoma m. The total prize Money those were the Only sub Par dodgers it it were signed be with Bright warm weather 000 Rocs to individual pros scores and none of the goers prevailing 101 goers fired 181 and to he pros on fired even Par. Fore the. Question was decided at the polls. Richmond 54. Catudel 50. Maniac Hutti 89, Williams 75. 62, jul Texas St. 37. It Mart Hill 81, Lebanon Valley 71. Virginia 80, Virginia tech 65. Bridgeport 95, american internal Tiona 5. Texas atm 71. 50. 7a. Southern 74. Texas Christian n. North Carolina 7ft. Virginia 1 it Muhlon Twefi 61. North Carolina 79. William it u. Fi7. Smith Dakota 8t. Peter . M. Fio. Wiley an 76. Davits St. 50, guru Tanal Trow St. Kinda 02, 8u flu cell Chri. 83. Titoyan 11. Wei

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