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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 6, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaMem Mommy. Met Ait v Imi Bowling College Grid cotes hiked everywhere but coast Philadelphia. W Paud Crete Over previous a warned we dwelt District h4d the the 12th annul tournament Lour uni on Buquet of Bretall attendance College the fourth Luz est actual paid attendance Tenut Tway Fet for june sunday. Look incr med the fourth year Touw it will be a night 7 a att Datton banquet Lor the ply the look at the Vear a. A. Via when who1 our annual backward is race takeout annual backward just Pas to see what transpired to i960. Five Mcaa districts showed 564, and second baseball coach tour 22 to 32 in Star Tang heated through fames to the figures were reported to increases ranging from a tales in Ament chairman. Ifield. Twelve conference chum National cold elate ath per cent boost in the new eng i the executive Comminey Kobs said the coaches group Lions win Ulie Al ql0 television land District to a 9.8 per cent the american association of recommend that the 1958 a e by the increase in the Middle Atlantic College baseball coaches Lor tournament open with a single by and r of Wesleyan University l. It Rookie seeks Hodges spot set it aside from All other years. Mcaa service Bureau which District the largest decline warded recommendations Lor game on Friday night june elected As at Large entrants. Honaker of Maryville term what both Nowise. We wonder was the year 19o7 oin Cial attendance was the 33 per cent 4rop on the Date of the 1958 College 13, rather than the four game George wolfman coach of College and or. L. C. Pete notable for. Reports of the nation s colleges the West coast blamed on in world series and changes in opening Day schedule of the California s National collegiate Butler of Colorado state col could it be he opening of the Plush 32-Lane Palace ticket sales at the 254? col eternal problems in the a the tournament s Structure to past. Under the recommend baseball championship team of lege received awards in recon by Irv Norer. Leo Lafait out foothill blvd. Games last Jear Lota Erik coast conference. The Mcaa executive commit tons. Three games will be play-1957. Given the coach of of their 25 years of that with a blare of trumpets and a thunderous rolling a 1.4 per cent in. As usual the football mind tee for approval. De during the second round on the year award at the . Of the Drums made All previous Bowling Alley open. Ing As grand As they May have been seem Small town by comparison and then it dawned or. Us. 1957 was notable for the Noble Experiment that proved that Joe Bowler from Bein a Casper Milquetoast who could be kicked around with impunity. And come cry in c Back for More was. In fact a gent who had a lot of steel in that area of his Anatomy reserved for what is commonly known As the Backbone. J among the dodger Case he s superstitious. Birthday on the Noble Experiment was the dream child of Jack this season the one with the Larker has to do to win is a native and resident White Bowling entrepreneur and thinker upper of ideas toughest Job u with the is Dis Jot Beaver Meadows a. He bum Job Vejar favored Over Crawford n e w York weight Chico Vejar de at 8-5 to defeat Crawford tonight in their 10 Rounder at St. Nicholas the. Collegians club cowboys 56-28 Tucson Ariz. It the col on the game s first play. The to mfr thae of advanced design both Good and bad to Spring upon the unsuspecting Bowler. It was to see the Light of Day been a Ker whose signed contract has for the fast time at Paradise bowl a White Enterprise in nearby Westchester. Hourly rate it was the hourly rate for Bowling. A real cute that proposed to charge the Bowler Lor the time consumed in going about his Bowling chores and it was completely revolutionary for until that fateful Day the Bowler had paid a set amount Lor each game bowled regardless of the time consumed. Under the while system bowlers were charged an hourly rate equivalent to 6 lines per hour and it was a real cute idea now the emphasis was on Speed. Could you scamper at a rate faster than the established 6 per hour your Bowling Cost went Down. How depended upon How fast and whether the automatic pins Ptter was set to keep up with your gait. If you were a slow poke you paid dearly for the privilege. In either event the emphasis wag on Speed As Meas ured by White s yardstick with plenty of sweat and not too much attention to the Little matter of High scores and greater accuracy. But the faster the cheaper. A genuine Boon of the gent eager to save a Buck Here and there. Did. However you make the mistake of being a slow poke using time in generous gobs the game suddenly became to expensive that Only the Noveau Rich could afford to indulge. Now the Bowler who had stood meekly hitched while shoe rentals had zoomed to a ridiculous figure accepting the raise with equanimity probably on the sound Assumption that any time he grew tired of it he could invest a few Bucks in a permanent foot covering who had taken the news tha hereafter he would be charged a dime for the monumental Angeles club. A is the thirteenth dodger signed just he also picked up a Birdie on no. 7. This is his third pro tour since turning pro in 1955, right after his discharge from he Navy. Said Stranahan. This is the task of reserving a Ball on league nights without kicking he said. His second son James and purchased him for the big first tournament in which i be i dodgers took no chances on turned into the stretch with losing Larker in the draft such a Low score. My putting let me Down in past tournaments. But now i feel i m play ing a sound Casper is 26. Stranahan is married and has two sons. His wife Anne is a better than average golfer Over the traces and had accepted minor additions to his league fees fees that had been hidden the management Fer vently hoped under the Guise of extra service that had been added to his already burdensome Load without untoward dosed. Stranahan stands 5-10, evidence of distaste now suddenly started to buc jump All Over the place. Paradise in Paradise what Cooks he demanded to know in no Uncertain terms Why explained Jackie and his minions we Are opening the door of mass production to the Bowler. Remember How Henry Ford proved you can make pm for less if you Maki pm in Bunches Well now Yuh got the same Deal in Bowling just a simple matter of mass production old boy. Faster Yuh bowl the More games Yuh get in an hour and the less it costs Yuh to bowl. Just keep on developing your Spee and pretty soon Yuh. Maybe reach the Point where Yuh Bow. For nothing or As near that As the irreducible minimum per mils. This old boy is Paradise right Here in Paradise. A nuts to you said Joe do i put on my shoes blow my nose or shoot the Breeze with the Guy on the next Alley Yuh rot me paying for it. And on that cantankerous note the Noble Experiment designed to take the game out of the Tortoise Era and set i1 up among the Jark rabbits died. There on the runways o Paradise ended White s dream of a new and better Day for Bowling where the watchword would have been Speed with a capital s. Yeah now that we look Back at it 1957 was quite a year and nationally it was notable As in other years for the doings of those perennial champions. Marion Ladewig and Brewer continued Why today for example there was a Gal at the 16th Green who had a King sized purse. It was so big and decorated it looked like an armadillo. H fascinated me. I like to talk to people in the crowd. It s fun. Casper admitted to an 18 Lodge go Hodges from first started his professional base Ball career in the North at lactic league at Hazleton fa., in 1949, and in 1950, 51, 52 was something of an Iron Man playing every game his Green miss., Ashville n.c., base. It May be however that Larker will make it at that As a Pinch hitter and under study for the durable Hodges in the event of injury. Larker has batted better than .300 in his last four minor league sea Power too. A left handed swinger Larker began his .300 string with Mobile in 1954 then .302, .309 and .323 the next three campaigns at St. Oot Birdie on no. 2 yesterday he was drafted by the stamp was second Best in the circuit runner up to the Yankees Vorm Lieburn s .349 at ver. Larker s 174 hits were Tood for a total of 270 bases. That s Power with the dodger Arena. Vejar of Stamford conn., is favored because of his experience and his weight advantage Over the commercial artist from Detroit. Chico 26, had 89 rights 23-year-old Crawford Only 20. Chico is a who scaled 157h for his last bout. Welterweight Craw Ford registered but 146 for last Start. Western professional league. Collins Hagler of Iowa sell he Pace for the All stars on in 80-Yard touchdown Gallop buy build refinance i and Tull club Liln Home Loans Chicago White sox after the 56 season but there were four first basemen on the sox roster so he was dropped Back to St. Paul again. This time the Here Are his 57 statistics al5 g a r if or rib to pet i St. P l 146 538 79 174 12 6s 270 .323 since 1922 i Clay Chevrolet 7605 e Colorado St. Jusy 6-2605 b is m Vur the i William Wilson co. Contractors i Ranse course Rrt fort now to four California cumm Clou starts Miary 15th limited unto uncut Sawyer school of business Illis e. Colorado by 2-7113 correspondent for the Northwestern Mutual life insurance cd. Of Milwaukee 40 h. Garfield ave. Pasadena by 3-8111 by 1-Fmi yen to or wow and Only Charlie orbs san read classified former dodger Mono str and new g coach with the los of rooms lets Loose in his sport Mog Azim Don t miss Art of managing sport Newsstands now Spencer was born while Stran Jahan was participating in the recent Hesperia open he Dis a weighs 175. He s 35. The 54-Hole scores Gay Brewer or. Frank sir Nahin d Utch Harrison 209 Illy or Art Waller. Ralph Robinson Ragan jr.70-7 Ford 7 pm Venu Iri .7anil .7 so Welty Maymy Dale Andreassi Paul 215, 216 15 b. La Chart Charles is .78-70-70-216 Howie Jerry Barb Walt Burki b Lichardus 70 Safford try Furgol 72-75-69 216r lion 75-73-73-21 6 Gardner Dickinson r i pal Arnold Palmer Harrl. Jin Didu Maxwell. Jimmy Clark Jay John Bui Bob Roa Ilia Don Carter. Each again ascended to the throne set aside for j the singles Champion Marion for her sixth such and Don for his fourth. Both incredible records that will live Long in the annals of Bowling despite not getting much of from sports illustrated. Gap narrowed imy Bolt Farrier a. Ei1i8 or. Tumble1 Don Mike Souchik Lionel Hibert Fred l. Biar Ettl .71-1 b. Weaver Dick Mayer e. Vanzant Lloyd Mangrum .72-71-7 Robert Franney r. Myles or. J. Mum Fayee l Fie i right Here at Home the b. J. Keller const team closed out the year in the Pasadena classic on a slightly sour note having the misfortune to lose 2 to Abc Bowling Supply while Maxie Kosoff endurance classic was snagging All 3 from last year s champs Jesse Smith Ford to take Over Ferond spot. The loss narrowed the Gap Between first and second to 4 Points and brought Forth loud howls of anguish from Village Coffee shop who entrenched in second Sud Denly skidded into third via a 3-Point loss to pc insurance. In the Melee Kosoff hit 2920 for High team series and boor Market 1005 for High Tram game. Members hitting the 600 Honor Roll were de Hartnett and How he loves those newly resurfaced lanes 657, Tony Grinceri Jerry Jensen Jim Schollard 222-637, Hank Goode Herb Mcalister Dick More Ken Reamer 602, Milt Haubrich 258 High and an almost got there 599 by Manley. Maurer. On the distaff Side old reliable Dot Meyer did her Best for the stumbling amazing amazons of c. S. Mead with a neat 554. And Ink slinging Mike Bird once the terror of the Trisco j lanes now is hard put to explain a 129 average compiled in the Independent Star news Early morning 1 Aye to you Pillow Pounders league. How come Mike 73 .71-78-74__223 i Arf Doerine Dick Don Boysen j. C. De Oliver Mike Petchik. Orth Vine Don Whitt m. Diet2 g. Borm., Ron Pawlacyk Ruf Bradley 75-77-74-255 7 7.72 22 g College Cage standings Pacific coast pc a Uli Fonn. A . It gift lift t it it 7m Fifita .1 3 3.--0 Mir. 5 3 555 519 Michigan Bic. In can. W i of a .10 tii .10 s3 Tai .1 7t w i of a 7 1 632 5 2 504 0 2 110 i an Kkt f on. Fiuri w i. Pm a 1, l t.f. 1 in o i it n 2 101 h7 0 2 to 111 t 2 Olaf f Ripon 6 5 671 634 f. I c 7i i .1 5 0 Middle r astern con. All w 1, of a w 1. Re to g i o 6 fran. No 1 0 it j .1 2 1cm .0 2 i .0 i 0 Al 0 0 o Northern con. Ii unit w i of Paul 0 632 i 1 366 Ciunel .2 l 203 it Virginia tvs 1 5 in we. A 3 244 fur fran .01 fl7 if i do n no on. W pm in in Tui. .0 0 1 8 no n on o i Cota "0 c Nln n a m. .8 i o x i at. On it v a a a on. Ganv i w i up a .10 73 .01 Volin r it o a Tiro o r Brit. 1 Tah state 5 2 50. Indiana .1 0 3 4 449 51 .10 70 2 2 2pl Mich Stutt 0 1 m 4 swi Iowa .0 1 1 i 42j 01 0 269 435 purr up a 1 7fl 8.1 wisc onion .01 59 64 Bic. 8 5 7i4 7 3 014 it Najt 00 0 0 7 4 72j 000 Al 5 k74 fii5 out Hartma ,.00 Al Flat 5 847 St. .0 0 0 0 5 551 179 my mourn .00 0 0 2 9 730 be Brant .00 Al o Iro Dorado .00 0 0 it. 6 3 533 to Elf i i i Missouri Chi

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