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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 4, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaReligion in the news c. Mfg shoot Kec Gion Urfer Mere 1f" pm Karc Meei of the new United Church of i Christ congregational and evangelical reformed will hold a National convocation at the City Church Columbus Ohio. Jan. 7 to 9. Representatives of several Southern Cali omit churches will to the lutheran league Southern California District. Joe Winner a first Price in the religious classification at wednesday s tournament of roses. It was a Beautiful float and brought cheers along the line of March. J at a meeting of the executive Council of the Dena Council of churches held on thursday Stu Ella Beth Lehman submitted her resignation u director of Christian education. She Pouw to autume the position of director of children i work at Pasadena Presby Terian Church. Miss Lehman held her for two and a half Yean following Macb of teaching in the Council s weekly program. Her resignation we accepted with regret and with of warm appreciation for her outstanding Are vice to the Council. Or. Margaret Tappan member of the week Day teaching staff will serve u temporary coordinator of program for the balance of the school year. Membership in the United lutheran Church in America Plant of eight Ltd rtt riot t. Galpert at the Para a aft far More for our Money than the Cost of Nataf. We get Tor our Money the of mow ton who do i aay flute for i to this Tif and i May say my Whf Nung. January 10, at i in the the. But when the of 1u. The eight Sabbath eve pc Jay the. Divine Umpire All my Money will whether itunes which Bear the spent it or saved it hence the financial Lott of living title when religion becomes in second by to the values Meir we. Vital the Faith and message let think then about what we Are getting for what we of he will be spending. And let us turn for Light to the we Cali directly following the worship the master of life. In the 16th chapter of Luke s gospel. Service and will feature the Jetzt u recorded u saying if then you have not been customary Oneg shabbat so faithful in the unrighteous mammon who will entrust to i hour. You the True do ass the Rev. Clifton f. Moore radio ministry i Clifton e. Moore to address ,.nh, ent tied meet the prophets our lord appeared utterly indifferent serve to introduce these to Money or hi4 own use. U no mention of what he retort of the Wiki my to hit of office new in new York the her. Or. 8. After i Potof bouncy i Man. Or is add new Witk Matthw he Bow emt director to the Rev. A Modcue director of the of Frank h. He idiot of a Huary. Flee of Inion Nutkin of the who for the Yew Churuti in the Jhai been aug int in Dieury he spends pert of the office of the Denom in. Time it the of Quot in Edu Church but the episcopal a con All Salata Cpl Rotmil Kwok wild Attu or Milrie pm Ball by. My Ali Jubirt s. Adu r Kalfut to in. Immy e. N ajl rally Witk Iran by or. Liary u Church school a Shulmi Art i Moi by or. Burt broadcast . Kwiw. Dial ism i to Money Zor own use. Mere w no Mensun 01 be net. At the worship service on mined Carpenter what he received As a teacher of that evening the More than 75 new members who joined the congregation during 195? will be honoured thus raising the membership to a san Gabriel what he spent As a traveler. He is never recorded As asking for and the gospels contain no treasurer s report. But while Jesus seemed free from any personal concern about Money there is scarcely any subject to which he made More frequent reference. Realist that he was he Valley High of More than 425irecogni2ed now the considerations of wealth Are Woven into families. Everyday living. I or. And . Myles Barasch he saw that the love of Money can generate an almost a lurch women win hosts at the Power. Hence Luke reports Christ As referring to our of in the aramaic word and personifying it climbed to a total of the Church s 1958 year when one women s of their son a veritable rival of god. Listen you cannot serve god Book states this represents an increase of or of pc convenes in Dup Cantor Tibor Moses will chant and mammon for either you will love the one and hate the enter the previous year the Southland mourns meetings on thursday the Sabbath Liturgy assisted other or else you will hold to the one and despise the is line of James m. Warnock for Many years Church editor Jan. 9, Wilh luncheon at 12 by the Temple choir and . of the los Angeles times until retirement in 1948. He was and supper at Hassler at the Organ. When the love of Money becomes covetous greed it in Rev e Moore the of for it drives men first performance of an oratorio based or the lives i will address them on the the further and Urther excesses As Emerson said a of John and Charles Wesley was Given new year s eve of the Church in lecture schedule a Olius. A growing whom the coat 0, have is Myk arge at the quadrennial National methodist student Confer Dio and or. Moore Jan. 17 Amos Nee held in Lawrence Kan. Music was composed by Romes with a background Prophet of prof Cecil Effinger of the University of Colorado and experience which Jan. 2_4 Hosea and the rest ions. First cultivate a. Better sense of values when we words were by or. Tom Driver drama instructor at Union theolog cml Seminary new York. The oratorio invisible fire was presented by the Kansas City philharmonic orchestra of 200 College students. Plans for five year expansion program to combat j protestant chaplain in new juvenile delinquency by reaching teenagers with City boy scout Camp in j _ a _ Jfhn Una Nih in Alaiti teaching were announced at Wheaton 111., by or. Ted catskills and Chap am Engstrom president of the youth for Christ International j in a institution i. In Tennessee. While serving As varied and colourful and in god of buy. During the second world War Hermann Cre singly Jar reaching in its Jan 31_.isaiah i Prophet Hitler s right hand Man plundered the courts and Art Gal statesman of of the countries he conquered. He amassed a vast during his student Days mr., Jeremiah god s collection of Art n his Mammoth Palace near Berlin. Moore served two Summers oops visitors to Goering s estate reported that his col Flection contained some objects of value but they were piled indiscriminately Side by Side with baubles. Goering with his details of the plan will be presented to the rebel and feb. 14 and mid Winter convention in Chicago Jan. 7-9. Rutt u feb. 21- Isaiah ii taste not know the value of the articles he had of Universal we look ourselves and Are laughed at As fools latest figures on Church membership in Japan he became one of the show a total of christians of All denominations of worshipping in churches. The statistics taken from the pastor of Glenville presbyter feb. The run when we Lack a sense of values Rian Church in Cleveland away whether or not 1958 brings us More Money it can bring the 1957 Christian yearbook of Japan give membership in the United Church of Christ As almost 30 per cent of the total Christian Community. The religious world was saddened this week to learn of the passing of Louis Minsky managing editor of the religious news service. Details of his career appear on Page 6 today. Typical of the tributes paid to him Are this which appeared in the Jan. 4 Issue of the Tablet Organ of the Brooklyn . Catholic diocese which stated that his death took from the american press one of its least known but one of its most important it continues Many editors columnists and newsmen have been acclaimed publicly during their life and at their the paper said but Louis Minsky neither sought for nor achieved Public acclaim during his lifetime. Nor probably will he receive it in sunday Bible lesson on this foundation build by Frank 6. H. Stevens the Rev. Curtis Beach of us More Lor Money. The neighbourhood Church of Pasadena will be the guest lecturer on feb. 28. Tuple the in Tarrh s one foundation. Mitt re Epkin Linin president of the Wom work Council of the Cleveland welfare federation which worked for the improvement of relations Between coloured and White people in the Glen Ville Church area. Or. Moore also served As Moderator of Cleveland presbytery in 1946-47, and As president of fhe greater Cleve land ministerial association in 1947-48. In the fall of 1948, follow ing a summer studying radio the tragic circumstances and television at National in Len broadcasting company s Institute in los Angeles or. Moore began a full time ministry in religious radio and television. He is now serving As director of the department of radio and to for the presbytery of los Angeles. Mrs. Jackson k e n wheelchair Christian is on Kerr musical the dramatic Story of a Singer s transition from trag Jedy to Triumph will be portrayed in Phil Terr s concert on monday night singing and speaking from a wheelchair Marjorie Lemke will Tell of Lar professional career. Turn ing to religious work she has toured America appearing be lore Large audiences every where. The noted negro Basso j. Earle Hines will also participate in the program Mcconv pained by a group of his Jubi Lee singers. Operatic baritone Luther Hoobyar will be heard for three months we Are to study the life of Christ Ashen s association will preside also along with organist Given in the gospel written by Matthew. Here Are a few facts at both noon and evening Killion and Marimba about the author. Sions and . Chris Darryl Gilbert. Marjorie he was a jew who made a living by gathering taxes for program chairman will pre Flatley soloist at Temple Bap the hated roman government so was devoutly hated. _ sent the duplicate Church los Angeles will Jesus passed by his office one Day and told him to follow. He immediately left his old Job and followed. He celebrated by giving a big feast and asking in a lot of his fellow sin the other tax gatherers to meet his new being in government employ he naturally saw and re ported on the master s actions and teachings about his so called kingdom of Matthew was to get his eyes opened about what that kingdom really was. One Day when the master and the disciples were out walking he asked them. What Are folks saying about me who do they think i they told him some say you Are John the Baptist risen from the dead others think you Are Elijah or one of the then the next question but what do you think about Peter was the one who dared to you Are the Christ of now Peter s name Means we have it in petrified and the master in replying played on his name. Simon his original your real name is Peter you have not Learned that truth from earthly folks you have Learned that from god. Upon that Rock like truth you have just uttered i will build my Church and the Gates of hell shall not prevail against that was. And is. The foundation upon which the Church is built today the deity of Jesus Christ upon him As the divine one we mus depend for the forgiveness of sin and the help to live his kind of life. In his letter to the ephesians Paul told those Early Church folks what a Church really was. He said you Are no longer strangers or foreigners either in relation to god or to each other. You Are fellow citizens with All other believers in him. Why you Are in a building in fact helping to Complete one in which Jesus Christ is the chief Corner Stone. When you get it completed then it will be a fit place for the dwelling place of god the a mighty High idea for any Church today. Fellow Citi Zens with the saints and apostles a fit place for god to abide along with us fat procht not line Orndor ref it the old Litimo my Chr Fetla Eft Truon. Sat Jolial Council of _ at . And by Rohnl Nelmi. Reservations for luncheon rising. Supper will be accepted at the Church office by 3-2191, until next tuesday noon. Nursery care will be provided in the Kirk House and members Are asked to advise Ages of children requiring care when making reservations. When a Man retires end time is no longer a matter of urgent importance his col leagues generally present him with a watch. C. Sheriff. Central Church of Christ school service 404 t. Washington. Pasadena by 4.m30 in 4-2990 Kerr s weekly concerts Are held in the Pasadena civic auditorium every monday night in the year. Doors open at 7 ., with the program beginning at admission is free. W Luther Hoobyar noted persian Tenor will b Mill s monday musical monday Jan. I Pasadena civic auditorium the program will in clue Luther Hoobyar Tenor Marjorie Lemke contralto singing from for j. Earle Hines famed negro mar Jorie Flauey Loprano Lolo it of l. A s to melt a Poltl Church Darryl Gilbert Marimba it Madge Killion organist. Continuing every monday night the year round hear Maurice Johnson saturday 4 . Sunday Station my 1jh on Boob dial Unity Christ Church two s11ndav services n. Euclid f Asadena so 3-3350 Start the new year ri6ht attend Church communion service . Sunday school for All . Of hear this important message The Summit meeting pastor Tousley wed. . R. I. Mitchell open Bible Church 1? Miry St. At n. Fair Oaks t. A. Tousley. Pastor first Church of religions science 277 n. Al Molino Ernest Holmes. Founder e. M. Millmr sunday . Sunday school at club Shakespeare club 230 s. Los Robles what religious science is for weekday services and classes Call St 5-4116 tues Day Mornini meeting at the Church 11 . Santa Anita Church of religions science Iii South Rosemead blvd. Ethel Barnhart. Minister two worship . And . What religious science is Junior Church services. And . South activity Weekday services Anta Day ., thursday i Creative . Ruth . For further information Call Church St Milton Tim to tour a beset Church of the Nazarene Mso East Washl Niton Street j. Tay venom. Pastor school this were my last Day f groups or ret. Don Hughes a school worship worship Azarene hoc i Coio ado in Lull Don Irwin. Allot first Church of the Nazarene Raymond at Chestnut j. William Ellis. Pastor 30 school you love me groups a Man prays a cordial invitation to hear our pastor or. Reed speaking prophetically. On four january sunday evenings january 5th. The Church faces the last Days with Bill gospel Singer january 12th. The six seals of revelation do they apply to 1958? january 19th. Modern Babylon what part does Russia play in the latter january 22nd. Finis the glorious revelation of Christ the son of god dedicated to devout and Earnest students or the holy scriptures Woodward at Curtis Atlantic blvd. Alhambra Nazarene Pasadena Church of religious science Hal d . Minister Palm room hot Orein sunday at 11 . Subject the kingdom is at hand Why worry or if raid your Ennd it air priv your right hand. Join tomorrow for a deeper a Fuller Richer lire. Rev. Joseph hemp Ali. . The lord s supper The 70 weeks of Daniel prophetic message Central Christian Church Walnut at a Bingo wisps p. mull Ltd Cost of a new year Church school Ford youth groups Bethany Christian Church hit n. Mytar am. C. M. Pm tiv. W. Minli Hje menu tar of Hurt atom god to Lead school groups wed. Supper and school of missions inv Ltd ton to to asap with Usi Church of Christ East Pasadena Sherfy tm., i Irlow. Ii i. Slorra Mot Fra St i-joj7 i for fort Niters and Young. Adult groups Witk of Lowuse. Prayer Church of our Savior i wot hmm the Crwford w. Browa Rector Tai Kim c Mol Tai. A Noclik pm .-lht Sou pm Ulm us 1i.-h Schoal us la it. Int Lam communion us Sermon by the Afi Cuce Rector of la flu. People s Rollow shop wed., it communion Laur Coriloni Lily it of of Hud St. Edmund s episcopal Church 1171 Laa Glt my my to brew ii m1i7 Are w. A. Del str Rector the Ker. S. L. Hill Unrau the Rev. We. J. Currer. Honorary Rector comm Twloa school school . . Friday St. James episcopal Church Fremont m Montei to Road South Pata Deu the ret. Guibert p. Prince d.d., Rector the Rev. Rohen l. Cornellison. John l. Director of Roll Toloui Educ atom 141 .-Holj Conan Union prayer Cli urch school a Molly holy communion Lan sunday of the month prayer and presentation of Handel s Messiah by St. Janes mixed chorus communion first sunday of month Sermon by the it. Rev. Donald James Campbell Illch fillo Wihlon St. Mark s episcopal Church East Altadena drive. , California the Rev. Charles Howard Perry. Rector communion service and Church school. Nursery care 11 m communion and Sermon. Nursery care prayer the Church of the Aikels 11m Avenue m the Bishop s Chapel on Colorado St. New Bridie Tarn off at. M Rector the it franc i b. Bloy vicar the Rev. Canon id run Mon Boly communion school and Bible class in the Parish House. Communion and Sermon Canon Moss will preach Church of the ascension episcopal n. Baldwin at Laurel Sierra Rev. Father Barley Gibbs Smith. Pastor sundays Low Man family Mau Hlub mass Church school and instruction Claties. Weekdays Mats Dally at 7 also ones. And Fri. At i first fridays holy Hoar and Benediction at i Conf unions sat. At 5 Parochial Day school conducted by Liten of St. Mary directory of lutheran churches in Pasadena and Vicinity Hill ave. Grace lutheran Church . T North Hill Avenue Victor r. Quillo. Pastor St z-4u sunday school divine worship. Into the hand of god Nursery Rae item first lutheran Xhu lutheran my Sonrel Synod is n. Pastors Rev. E. Theta us 11.-00 worship school eve Richard z. Meyn Immanuel lutheran Church a Tot. Brett enl Raymond and Villa Omar Gjerness. Pastor school worship filter spot King Nursery Tor Small children service Welcome to Immanuel Messiah lutheran augus Fona Contr b. Or fort it no. Madison s yearn 3-4937 the Rev Carl b. Anderson. Pastor a school 11.00 worship. Sermon by the pastor. Nursery Rair in tit Parish House. Irons thursday Bible Trinity lutheran . 997 e. Walnut at Catalina Carl h. Mover pastor St z-13t school classes for All ales worship confusion in the world holy communion Iii service if sled for the draft Nursery care for Small children school for evangelism for san Gabriel Valley lutheran churchmen. League mount Olive lutheran Martla b. Ifil Titor 1111 North Allen a uni .-Sijndat school 1141 Bethany lutheran Church u..j my la Terra St., at n. Venedo and Sierra blvd. R. G Rsmussen. Pastor school and Bible Classe worship and holy communion Luck luncheon. A special business meet inc will follow. Lra cur free methodist Church Jos n. Fair Oak. Preach Christ crucified risen and coming again sunday school a Flo a Prater for guidance to the adversary our a kindly Church with a vital message the a l Itic e Jill e. Vim calf Janes Ernest Darey minister it i Jim communion service 1-m what do i believe about first of a series on what do i Church school Iassc a a world wide program the Mission covenant Church 511 n. Uke Arvid f. Carlson minister school 11 m of the. 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