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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - January 3, 1962, Pasadena, CaliforniaMedina India Pindir Jam. 3, Norm do of Ai Sll a told up Virlan Ai Vondo co Victor pm cd 5 do i 2 a 23 do it 3.40 do of von j Oro 10 Vulcin it 13 Tarcot Teodr co Telauis Ortr co of j Trexle e tfx in t 10 3s j tssbf4-" ?.l 22 -5v Tex pm to17 Tex til h till Ron 7ft do of i thaltha go 11 the Shioi Iso re 4s Thor tool 3 to meet Oil do p it Kab s Totth real 13 Toledo Efi ii Torr at co it to sup a. M Trane co Tran a 17 39 h p 6? sri. Trai Firon Tran w to 11 Tri con 22 in or 7 Towt 20 Tun sol be ii twin coach h tar Oil m my of Prii s Bui u i a s5 Ini Fia it 2.111 u us Volt. J is unit trend s 36 3.vt in Lviv id 111 3ih a do no fll1. 51 Liun bar up 21 38 37 121 in hic 16 7 Rio of x a .95 97 i do of x if s5 Chi in Oil Cal 4 67 in Pap 29 3i i 33l r1r d 35 of Bartlau bloc unit Bic unit carb in Carr f United up it 20 v i5 a n Gas up in Irr in 2m 55s Sis in reef is Borax a 34 a t.50 v 3 for b 1 w us Frt Lurhl k 21 Ida s Hoff k 13 to do of w. Kurt 1 or 7 win tort Kyi Rani 11 to h Tatrn i Waln Orch m Are Butk 1 do i .10 ind s b 11 to Amr co 11 warn Lam 13 is 8 so 30v 4 16 Way knit a . Up w pen of .50 Viva 27 do of 3.w air a 1ft in my 2 wit Pae 10 in 52 Wylba Bk-32 201 do of 2 wheel in do of j.10 vol rat up 11 Vulte j2 Tilte saw 1 St r 2 Ivic Kei 2 Allcox Oil 2 Vii in co 23 Rio d i Chi door Venn Dix a Vajc p so .1 in i Iii 42 u 91 no 50 t t3 in 12 hot 15.30 ust -2 b-3 a i k-2 33. 5s 15.30 11.90 1ft. .13 19.2t 10.23 6.65 21.03 26 22 13.55 h.s2 -------17.20 s-3 in Viva St m com full income Fil 15.3fl 1r.72 7.07 s.71 13.34 11.5s 7.s2 8.5s value s 36 Ilo cd 8.07 no spa hit 1.71 15 Lyall St inv Mill inv 31.37 12.43 e is Irmi Lipton cd 15.17 Lii tubal Fil 13.51 11 is we Flem Orch 3.78 9.57 Over the counter the following hid and ask ire of a lord from Nat Lona a Irle Tut "rvur.ofaciil. They do of rear cent blk me f-Etrlc is Amer Cement Levi i jilt inc Analite int 29 is j anti norms pm to h do of 40 Arox Baroro t9 Ariz Fec Tach Tom Fri iiht.._. Aron Evo duct 107 a7lec 30h by Bjork 17t, 10 i Halh so 9 Purtcher Corn air . Cadi i Boi inv Indus Bourns inc 20 pacer 6h inn p in 6 i 7u s to 71 d banish Bery 3 i cola la 27 Coleman inc i 4 Olia Caa to of ?0 Schwell co Cor tiler in Capri is 2s i mch.1 1c finn up 31 or Etu to Comoro 4 " Cir Kraje Ion 13m invest 37 tax fat 3 j3 Mart 17 i Ilton Ine 12 j it Best Corn s.5" Foar Surv 19 pm terms it to of Riili Ken tiles Corn Kim irn i co Matt la dec of Sicura Teruel Liberty Renli 13i? Loncsar Lucky l5fj fix s Macco corp Marlu Cadlac. Marthd 31 Maxston 14. Mccorm Sel no sice Kllc Gortot 21 labs 12ft Pae Viu Nln co 5 Talner Mort co Llin if 3w put 17 permanent fill .i1 19 j j pers prop 10 Gas Naichu . Tile Pord gun k1fc Rodasti Corfam -5 Prodoc prop Ion is i 30 i pure Coro Publ Yuba con ind mfr co.vsulta.n9ce stocks a inns. 137 Iii a Flynn. To 147 Amer equip 23 am Teri lift is Conn Genera com 191 coat casually 01 fire Mani a Franklin off 13 1j 36% 203 105. Maryland Mamlon exult it Nat fire nil Union Flora Sou Glah Ammala 3s Gri Mii com 190 34s corp 3s inv Limon Louil intern vend m Royalin Duit Schanil Eleele 2 Bolt forum 2i o. D. 13 tee columbian i Jeican Doshim 1_ 1j cite Var i Lis is so onion a South writ of Man Ora Rae for print so cad Uia Eiler so grit on dinner tub run co ranch in inc 59 m Marr rvs 511 Rynn mint up is ii Ltd Eli ctr 20u 121 tire Ini to 65 travelei1. Irsa i6s us fid car 7 i Wem Tyrer _ n a pts 97 i if 1st 195 cil in Nicelai is Knap fre Finan 23 37 19 Nib Klerr Fin .Ytton Fuiyin 17 j .t3u 35% 31 j new York Bonds conf ovation Bonus lilt i Clow. Chat 5 1 to 6s ?5 Eric Rio 2030f Rio Ilo Goa Tor Nafi cd con 5s Jot so 13 2013 to y can air n v can syne a vows 2022 t. 1c1 ins ,1 la m pm 4-u 3 7. Or null o Mil 79. Do s7 w Shore 23s1 10 i "0 ,1 it it 4i 2 Nii s cd 75. 3 ?7 Ali cer. 4s 200t g 81 Bonds Bilgri clout cd 2 101 23 Csc. Aber pet a All Proa All in up at Alico Amba Isidor Oil am Electron am Mare Ark la of Ark alias corp it a cd Bim Etc Che corp Brit am Oil Brown co., Tret Fin Burma m Burry Bis can so can javelin can Clarc Carnation catalan Charier Oil cinerama Clary cd cosh c oils coed Chuti f Compo 8h Chou tet., Deslou dul co lm., Dixon cd 28 20 18 26 5 33 m 40 in 71 a 71 a m in 6% 57 12 7 6 ii 13 j3 i in 24 it i i 29 61 ii j3 i the Wililam Wilson company Pioneer Pasadena real estate and insurance firm announces the moving of its Headquarters office from the North garlic old location it had occupied for 40 years to a newly redesigned building at 918 e. Green so the loot build ing built in 1949 by the . Earl corporation was previously occupied by the Ford foun Dation and the Giar Manl corporation. Under the supervision of Charles o Matcham Faia and associates it has been completely remodeler to Sivit the requirements of the Wil Liam Wilson company says president William Wilson or. The entire first floor has been converted into one Large room. Storage facilities Are in the lower level with the employees lounge Kitchen and recreation room. Of tar uti lop r Uura Loy Donal eco am get ran 3p in -1 i 4 Mush i1 re not Milter to Nat Bell 11 n pet Istria m j Zinc. Max a a Clear am occident pet Oeden Cpl of do of do 5 of. Do re or do.-4.50 m a pet Llyl Anc flt pet Sunj Stool a or v o Scurry rain Seton let 3hat Denn. We so anal of a Rio b us pans to i ice 4.32 of do Sta Crest ii Insel in tech co thew show trial Ftp a Tri com it in part a nov Amer Jelv c Oil in contain in control la Tutti id s Val spar i. Victoreen prec i to eth Knipp in Deve Joo Wichtl r of Wilson by Stu h i 25 t 39 Jas 4 1. It 11 16 ii 4-j. 17 2 91 i 7 to 11 t 1 v 100 t 05 s i 11 4 h 78 3ki i i s3 o i s i

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