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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 3, 1958, Pasadena, California. Do Kun want Luck mime Why Mill bother h and now i know a fart was filed half through will Yum by Bave Gerard rivets by George Sixta gos Gramps. I m getting to be a regular Thafel i pee i Haven list game since i rest began to in i soon i m Gonna Start with Puzzle of the Day by James h. Both Ghyton Why does alcohol cause drunkenness alcohol is present in. Body at All times. After every meal eat the carbohydrates starch and sugar form alcohol and enter the blood Stream. So there is always about a Gram of alcohol circulating in our body. But what happens if we take Jin additional alcohol alcohol is a narcotic. This Means it s a substance which enters the of True cells quickly and tends to paralyse them. But before any narcotic paralyses it Stim ulate nerve cells puts them in a state of excitement so Alco state of excitement so Alco hol first acts As a stimulant. And in order for alcohol to continue to act As a stimulant rather than a narcotic it must be taken into the body in weak solutions. The first thine that happens when alcohol enters the sys tem is that it stimulates the gastric and salivary glands to produce their juices. That s Why Many european people take aperitifs made of spicy wines to stimulate the appetite. The body absorbs warm Alco hol solutions very quickly and sugar and Carbon dioxide Speed up absorption too. Champagne for instance contains both sugar and Carbon dioxide which is Why it acts so quickly and produces such a stimulating effect. How does alcohol affect the brain the first effect is feel of stimulation. Action and speech seem to be seeded up. J the skin gets redder the blood pressure rises and the heart beats faster and breathing Isi faster. I but what really happens is that alcohol soon exerts a de pressing effect on the brain. Our ability to think and pay attention is affected As the higher functions of the brain Are paralysed the Power control moods is lost another serious effect Isi that inhibitions Are relaxed. In our body there Are nerve fibres called inhibitory fibres which act As brakes in the nervous system. They Are developed As the result of Edu cation and training and make us disciplined restrained peo ple. Under the influence of Al Cohol these inhibitory fibres Are paralysed our controls Are relaxed our judgement is not Clear we Are ready to say and do things we would never do if our minds were Clear. Alcohol has produced a state of drunk enness the Riddle Box 1. What fruit did Noah have in his Ark 2. What is Black when it s clean and White when dirty 3. Why do people tip toe past the Medicine Cabinet j 4. What has Teeth but can t heat i 5. What has hands but can t use them answers 5 a too v t Send 2uj of Jouse of v z tread picture secret add and subtract the letters in the names of the things shown. Clue a Carpenter finds it very useful. A fruit. 6 aviator. 9 . Fire 14 mom of pm Terr. raft. 15 Cam came. 6x inv inc part. Trap. 17 18 19 20 to Raziur 21 Dalai Bison. 24 28 to Plator i i Simitar. 7 blood itt Allm fist 1 soon Tala to to Foshay t fit Ito 36 44 Kaftal i my i an 47 of aunt m a7 to Mai Sam Rulli a or Ofifi to Tryr. Tab Ftp Kirkl. Shouter. Ramaa or n my in from Pardasi Eft because members of pearlta ment in England were credited with of inf such import , people the documents of that body were bound in expensive Blue velvet the were thought of by the people m the ultimate authority of Many matters thin important from Oiler groups Warp referred to m Blue Hooks m Symbol of their import iwdmdcrcpm4ync1 Messu Mthm much just amt Torru f this 15 a sky note i from Vok bwent5, for Bop. It takes off the Hook nicely does t it i will miss peach please thank them for me Lff w British to army Row freezing of it f16cke5 these be Iowa 10 hot to Britain Ambbia. What they my take people id Settle th6 land amp they r3nt Cage who builds the a hmm Umoff Abiy off t half spec to vhf off my meter Tan then 6iv64 it tube Ceval How to Jeff Cobb As Lons As he does t and How about the but if he dots Cobb will be writing his own death warrant you look worried copy accorwn6to tha Noti a reporter vesti Gallno behind our used car. Front. Jeh her How i after Hoahng wants lau6h thew he. Does by j. Window Mortimer vw6nia, Soolan Ycu is this is th6 first me i be been he ski in a Low 4perhaps r yes. Miss Trayle. His fio Wehs Are 8eautifui, As usual Rve been tk.y1ng to persuade Andy id have dinner with me months. And now she has finally said yes. Wendy Trayle has madly in love with she s Soin with 6entle Hufh. Curly Kaye yes my is pal. I weel show that sneaky that he cannot steal please Tell gentleman Jim wll be ready in minutes fun Tmey draw i cont

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