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Independent, The (Newspaper) - January 2, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaRuss Leadabrand museum in a number of have a Fine As Southern Cali Grma mar be lacking the Ementrial commodity ice out it does to mint of Mumi uns. Oat of my favourites is the Santa Barbara Mutt him of history. Locum in the picturesque this was the first time the re non behind North of the children had viewed the Santa Barbara Mission the Queen. They had Long heard museum eaters to natural his me talk about this diminutive tory objects mainly for the soul who was buried flied Santa Barbara area. Face Down or. An elaborately newest addition to the inst decorated Shoulderblade of a tuition is a room devoted to Marine and Fossil life of the ated with inset discs of Mother Southern California scene. A giant triple display is planned. Thus far Only the two Side Are finished. These display the underwater life in a tidal Pool and in Coral reef. Of Pearl and bits of Olivella Shell. The deceased member of in Dian Royalty was wearing a necklace of Steatite pendants shells. It is probably of the most ornate unusual pre the third a heroic burials Ever unearthed will be of a wharf piling. By Domestic archaeologists. It we got a Peck of the in fun is a prize display at the Santa whale. The Scapula is decor shed display the Day Barbara museum. On display also Are sects fishes reptiles Southern California. There is a vast Bird room in of and it is a detailed life like replica of those pilings that reached Down underwater from a pier. The poles Are ss2. Containing imagine the pilings. Almost every Bird of the Call wet h the use of modern la fornia clime there Are some Tex la re Pocas habitat Bird groups As in reproduced plants starfish we that Are shellfish etc., and with the in the Field of rocks and Subtle underwater Type Light minerals the museum has two ing the displays look every one of Ordinary like a scene captured from Aiges and minerals the other submarine world. Of Fluorescing minerals. It is in the same room Are d is most impressive played some of the add to this detailed displays most prize possessions Santa Barbara coastal in Fossil Bones of a prehistoric Diane fossils animals of Call Dwarf Mammoth from and a handsome Assort Rosa Island and the recon ment of sea shells and you suru cod head of a toothed have a Small idea of what the whale found in a Santa bar museum has to offer Bara county diatomaceous next week end you drive up Earth Quarry. Toward Santa Barbara head for in ithe museum for an interesting. My favorite display a entertaining informative visit the museum is the Block of there is time in an after Earth undisturbed that to visit both the museum twins the unusual burial of the and the adjacent Mission Queen of Mesca Litan Island both Are Worth the time. Selected Man of face year by Tom Henshaw fru writer Nikita s. Khrushchev the flow grim now amiable now luckless peasant who appears to have carved his Way to the spot in the communist world has distinction. Claimed another he is the first Leader of an Iron curtain country to the for the in labor for his fight against Union corruption. Teamster Union president elect James Hoffa and retiring president Dave Beck both rocked by charges of corruption. Were a close second and third respectively. V 4 i Tuc Itic since named Man of the year m the he Start adj Henr annual associated press poll Ford h Chie of the Automo. That bears his radio and Tele newspaper vision editors. The editors reflecting the concern of the West Over Khrushchev s Rise to Power says you Short ourselves Here at the end of 19s7, after preaching every sunday this year in Pasadena City jail i would like to ask person who reads this you a i mean Are Yeu Ramy to Fate your maker in the Condi Tion Yeu Are in right Bow have you Ever stopped Long to answer Jesus ques Tion what would it profit you to gain the whole world and lose your own they Are they which testify on me. And the Wisest Man Lyle w. Nash sports fans a that memos from the Kkt off two most thunderous rounds of at this superbly run kiwanis meeting were for sports announcer Ted Husing on the Way to Good health in Pasadena and prospective Rose bowl tenant Walter o Lalley. The dodger Mogul waa moved deeply by the How Btij Warren picked Oregon from the fans. Hus inf win. A los Angemae sports Ting just a couple of seats editor made the boo boo of All away wiped away the tears As the mighty mob of sports Lov judge Warren the i have lived in Pasadena 52 ers responded to his introduce smiling Warren then calmly years and will be 88 Yean old Tion. Organist Gene Sullivan commented this is under next Flag Day if i stay Here always contributes a great Deal Stanable As Paul has known classic affair with his me for Only 40 one time in introducing Warren As booming Organ melodies. Until then. I love my work in the jail and the lord Hai helped me to help a number of men and women to come to themselves and to realize that they must meet god s Condi Tion to become a Christian and Stout senatorial stands since men writer said that he thought Columbus Ohio waa the crazy sen. John w. Bricker football City in the world was surrounded by Well wishers but thought that it was now and fans offering approval of Only second Best to Pasadena. Enter heaven. Me that he firmly believed that would fight to hear sports sex Jesus said. Search the if his Bricker amendment were perts predict the outcome of scriptures for in them be offered to a vote of the peo an event they were nearly Al think be have eternal life and pie it would pass by a margin ways Uncertain about. Ath of 3 to 1. I think so too Jeletic director Clarence Biggie grand who Sproul Ever lived said let us hear getting senator with his Sten. Marshal Robert g. Munn of Michigan state said sounded like a vote that mus would do Okay next year but might not be quite so the conclusion of the whole Torian voice and his Happy a. Good As 1957 but that they d be matter fear god and keep to his Job of yesterday out Here again commandments for this is i missed the Sharp whole duty of Man. For wit of Henry Mcle will bring every work he s now in Spain can be tou5 maybe if you could be a Little More flexible service smiles George m. Adams people people Are the most interesting of All god s creations. To matter where we go on this miraculous Earth we find people All of them endowed with a purpose to live out their lives As Best and happily As they can. Of course the happier they Are in thus doing the More useful they become. We in this Western world believe in Freedom and a democratic Way of life. We Don t want anyone to dictate to us How we shall handle this Freedom. It s ours by Way of Choice. It can t be perfect for peo ple have varying ideas and we live under a system of Laws that the people have made. In the Early Days of our american Independence much was discussed a to what form of government we were to have. Afr one Long discussion had ended a woman stopped Benjar ii Franklin and asked of or. Franklin what ate we to have a monarchy or a a replied Franklin if you can keep _. It s the people in a Republic however the kind of a Republic they wish. But the fewer its Laws the better that Republic is bound to be. The United states has grown to greatness under the form of a Republic. A Republic can be no better nor worse than the people who decide what they want. People in the last make the decisions. People take Pride in a form of govern ment that Aims for Justice and the happiness of its humblest citizen. Judgment with every secret thing whether it be Good or whether it be so then let every one of us examine ourselves whether we be in the Charlie Waterman. Pasadena police chaplain Pasadena that Fritz Howell of Columbus did a Fine Job of amusing the throng of his crack that in his Days in College he knew of a player who could do anything with a football except autograph it the Oregon players was much pleased with a pair of shoes he saw advertised in the window of a Swank shop in the ambassador. He went inside and priced the smart looking foot gear. He crammed or oodles crooked Dice bile company that bears family name was chosen Man of the year in the Industrial Field. Neil Macelroy. The Proctor Gamble head who became Secretary of defense was a to Ford. Another Man who main stained domination in his Field evangelist Billy Graham. I his crusade for souls in new j York s Madison Square Gar Den. Which provided headlines through most of the summer made him the top Man in re Ligion for the fourth straight year in the lighter Fields of sports literature and entertainment last year s winners were overthrown by wide margins. Pitcher tops Lew Burdette of the Mil Waukee braves the first Pitcher in 37 years to Start and win three world series games was state police found a Loose handily the sportsman of the trailer truck wheel beside the year. Wilbur Cross Highway then i. U t. I to was the third Var in set out to find the vehicle. They gave the burls balding Krenov it was the third in a 1m Leader nearly four times As Row that world series heroes located the 10 Miles Many votes As his nearest caught the editors Eves. Don rival. President Eisenhower. Larsen of the new York Yan Eisenhower was the and Johnny h0 and 3anr in four of the last five years j the Brooklyn dodgers won in unstable personality 56 and 55 respectively. After losing a second wheel. The russian party Boss a Good distance behind Bur trained preeminence in the red Idette was Ted Williams the world by apparently red sox Hardy Peren i the Post Stalin who became the oldest Greenwich struggle for russian Power Man Ever to win a major after buying what chief concern for the West league batting title at the r a nuts is Khrushchev s unstable per baseball age of 38. He had tonality. He can Tell jokes or a new figure of some he returned make threats with or without Troverso supplanted Elvis pres loaning for the in colonel there stands the Best defensive player in Bas Skelley answered regarding c. L. Skelley and co existence in your Issue of dec. 28. Statistics show that More than one out of every our americans Are not Mem Bers of any Church. Of these undoubtedly a considerable proportion Are agnostics or atheists. Coexistence with these people is forced on . Refusal to Deal with them economically and politically would not be practicable in his country where non discrimination is highly regarded and the establishment of Relig Ion by Congress is prohibited by the Constitution. Ormai Earl Warren said a speral did not think football was Over emphasized Why play football if Yoa do not play to Don Caye says that after marriage a Man does t need to make new year s Short shorts chief his wife makes them for him. Bugs1 Boer news note Nikita Khrushchev Man of year. Wheels Manchester Conn. In this is week we Don object to gifts with strings attached to pm. Morning school was out the ants were Home for the holi Days. They re in the Candy the fruit the tree and the Walls. How would you like to dust your Christmas Trees with spangled ant toxin outside of that it looks like a wonderful Christmas. We wish you Happy ladders and Safe landings. There is an exquisite per fume called Nuit Noel. It s Dis tilled from the essence of giving the Attar of tolerance the Oil of thankfulness and the i petals of hospitality. There s concentrated Aroma of Pine the bouquet of Security refusal to Deal with a for Elmer roessner hold it Stop trembling the Al Cio move for a Shorter work week will bankrupt far fewer businesses than you suppose. The Atlantic City declaration does not mean that All unions Are going to demand the four Day 32-hour week at negotiations next Elan country or its ruler Olivear a 32-hour week right income for recreation and Rae account of his Creed or Lack of away would in truth break creation equipment and Creed would be inconsistent and stupid in a country where Freedom of thought is the Law. And. By the Way. Does . Mean to imply that the scientists of rocketry and electric advances Are not christians h. Tracy Webb Sierra Madre to brainwashes Many businesses. And there on its car. The three Day week is nothing More useless to the end would probably boost american labor movement spending for recreation to than a bankrupt Enterprise. More than a family per at Best the labor leaders year and increase spending on probably expect nothing better the family car by several Hun than a 36-hour week this com dred Little less for ing year. That s Only 3 hours and 30 minutes less than the lot More for fun. Average in All manufacturing industries in october. If there spending would require More s no change in weekly wages that would amount to a 9% boost we be survived raises i wish people would big before Stop and think How much we to Are aping Hitler s Creed , but bus transportation to work and a of course All this extra might is right capture the minds of the children Tell a Jig lie which if told often enough the populace will be Lieve. Now. These three beliefs Are iness bows and agrees to a 36 hour week at no reduction in quickly too with higher prices. The few that can t Foremost in the thinking of raise prices will go through our leaders and i m using the bankruptcy wringer he word leaders v loosely. Television with its Glass win Dow is like an automatic anyhow. Take Home pay. Business will on another spiral of inflation get the extra outlay Back and Ery a business that can t up prices these Days is a weak sister and should have stood in bed Washer for the simple reason it brain washes the watchers along with Gullible slanted news coverage to cover up blunders. Can make Money grow land the intangible Aura of Home. Remember the spirit master counter puncher Christmas is in a bundle Anvil eating Ike Ltd. Dulles and not a bottle. Do not take rest of them into one trap after another. It s later than Ike Ltd. Thinks it is. Morris sey but come. The Shorter work week would be quickly Fol owed by demands for higher Vages and salaries. There would be another round of raises followed by another round of Price increases whoops my dear we d be off Garden path when taxes Are imposed on motorists tar owners Are usually told they Are for their own Good that the proceeds will be used for building and main Taining roads and highways. After motorists have accepted the. Tax and the explanation businesses it would mean no wonder Ike Ltd. Is in a shortening of the lunch hour what we need most is an the Road. You May meet a scientist who who has taken one for the Cross Road. Don t comb your hair Ore Podres of of standing beside it Down could t go any farther the wrong bag your Windshield wipers drive to get there. Rose City Mich

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