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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 28, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaBowling knows what he s talking about opens drills for Bassey bout Moreno arrives in la. Today Mexico City in Nicar Olsion listed the suspension it Moreno of Mexico who had had impose on Moreno for yesterday to pro featherweight Champ Hogan Bassey that the report was All the statement Bruin Grinders to meet Pittsburgh 61, 62 Urcla announced yesterday that it had signed an in his popular like sixty column Hei agreement with University of Pittsburgh for a Home by Skovek a. Smith sixty likes Don Carter but. Headlines Steve Cruchon in his setting pm up in the Detroit modern Bowler. Seems As if opines Steve that sixty noted Bowling and Golf writer for the Milwaukee journal does t agree that Don Carter is the Best Bowler of All time. Sixty says Steve the nation s Best known and most qualified Bowling writer. He has been at it for More than forty years. Enough cannot be said about his ability and the influence he wields and the respect he commands. of Only does Billy stand alone As a Bowling in his even today for that had and has few equals As a Bowler. Sixty owns hundreds of trophies he has won countless major titles. He has bowled with and against the Best in the game for four decades. In a word the Guy knows what he s talking about. Is popular going like sixty column wrote the following which has to do in Billy s opinion with surm of the greats of yester year ill was written in i a dentally before the Tymn Inmom in Minneapolis where Carter won his fourth Crown in six years. Sixty s column was Lewied Praise fur Don. Curler i went n my Corner Detroit s eminent Slivo Boss of the nation s Bowling writers and a top hand at knocking Down pins As Well with this worthy appraisal of Don Carter three time National All Star King and Victor earlier this month in the first world match meet you can have your Jimmy Smiths Jimmy Blouins Joe Kal Caros and Hank marines says Steve i la take Carter. Cruchon. Makes his Choice on the basis that Carter s Success was achieved across Many alleys rather than on a or two that perhaps could be fixed to suit a certain Type of ball.1 a grand spout granting that such was the Case of some dab of Oil Here and another there to an with a rousing whoop for Carter As a great Marksman and a grand sport we do not class Carter with yet. Nor do we concede he is greater Titan the others Cruchon mentions. Smith for sixteen years met and All Comers on their own pet planks. Al one ume he averaged Over 212 for More than 12.000 games rolled in exhibitions under varied conditions and against the late count gentler he went 20 games in 1928 without an open Frame and without crossing the. Head pin once. For that special match a Brand now Ball was drilled for each Bowler at the end of each ten game Block and new pins 3 ins., 6 were spotted at the beginning of. Each ten game Block. Smith averaged 229. The alleys were highly i polished for each Block. No trick stuff there. J Smith finally bowed out in 1922 to Blouin when after running up a tremendous Lead of about 300 pins cracked callouses on his thumb and Finger handicapped him so seriously that he lost by a few Sticks. I having seen them All for 41 years we still rank Smith lops. We have often wondered what Fellows like Falcaro. Marino Blouin and Charlie Daw. At their would Knock Down in today s meets across j alleys that Are meticulously groomed and against perfectly balanced pins that Are As Lively As All get out. Yassir. We Are sure the old boys would just Knock the labels off the Sticks. They sure and Cruchon winds it All up with Well Don t look at me i know when to keep my Mouth Don t Bury the records and so do we but before shutting it tight we d like to Point out that As Long As there Are howlers there Wii be gents around like sixty to Champion the old timers and other equally Nice Guys like Cruchon who will get All wrapped up in the present Day champs and hat s the Way it should be. You Don t Bury the records when a truly Champion like Smith passes on nor do you toss aside the performances of a Carter merely because he is of the present generation. What you do is set by the fireside and read Why Billy believes As he does and Why Steve a fallen in love with Carter and get a real Kirk out of them both knowing All the time that such questions Are never settled and gloating Over tie fact that you Are part of a game that has produced it s paid Bunyan not once but Many times. We saw Jimmy Smith howl Many times and he was even bit As Good perhaps even better than sixty claims but Well whoop our head off the next time a Carter or Hennessey or Fazio or some such adds some-1 thing to the annals of Bowling and be silently whooping. At the same Lime for the Smiths and Blouins. And Gong cars without whom this game would have been poor1 indeed. And thank both of you Nice gentlemen Steve and Billy for providing its with something worthwhile to write about j now that three fourths of Hie season is kaput the task of overhauling the leading Keller construction team in the Pasadena classic league a hopeless task particularly in View of the internecine warfare being waged by the loading contenders Village Coffee shop and Maxie Kosoff classic. This time around Keller copped a 1m decision Over pc insurance and moved to a fat h Point Lead when Village Coffee shop dropped a similar decision to Kosoff. Sec what we moan. Kosoff hit 29-13 for High Jeam series while boor Man s Market rolled up a fat 1013 for High team game. Honor Roll Jim Schollard 216 bid. Don Bennett filis Richie Stephens 23j-630, Bob Bent 2hi-fi2r. Clare i Olcher b2-j, Rod Ingroia 231-616, Vern Ogle 612 am Milt Han Brick cd Narton ref continues to Lead the average list Willi 202 in 63 games Fol Lowed by Foy 201 in 06 and Verh Ogle with an even 200 for 72. First time in several seasons when As Many is 3 bowlers have hit the 200 average Roll. Lancers win 6-3 Pasadena City College s Lan Sci baseball squad rolled to a 9-3 non Conler Enre Victory Over Santa Monica Junior College Moreno shocked by the sus yesterday on the loser s Dia the Indek Dent. Hiday. Pm Raitt it enjoy the comforts has been it i what really Hurt me was a mistake. Moreno will Fly to los an Geles today to begin training for the april 1 title fight. On monday the mexican commis knocked out i had been he an in said Moreno. I am going to prove with Bassey that it is not so easy to Knock me sparred 10 full rounds. Bassey was due to arrive new York Date this week Oil Early next week. Ris american i representative Jersey said Bassey May stay in new York for a Lew Days for gymnasium training and perhaps one Day of boxing before he goes on to California. In incl Tio inc football series in 196 Anil 19c2." giving the Bruins and panthers five continuous years of Competition. The two teams arc scheduled to meet next fall for the first Lime Here on sept. 2i in the season s opener. They also Are signed for Pitt invaded the coast last fall Healing both of Jjon and Southern California. Urcla which formally withdraws from the Pacific coast conference in 1959, has been signing games to replace conference foes after the withdrawal. Tune up special March 1958 Only chem fully and digit Tutt Contr Trifon tighten Tuvlin Nigel i fit. Jii try i my Reg. Raytsi. Labor fair Oaks Ford South finder Vodka none better at any Price saturday that fabulous 5-10 buses to races Bradshaw so proof product of 100% Grain of Ulrch tip tilt the Alfred Hart co., los Angeles Alio available. 100 proof read Independent Star news classified sales 35% Chuck Hubbard Salesman five acres a rambler metropolitan Csc Fine used cars service All Workin w. Fox co. 2345 Colorado 5-8851 Pasadena s award of Merit car Wash with Stop Wear lubrication and Oil change 1376 East Colorado at Hill ave. 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