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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 25, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaIndia indent. Tuesday. . John Griffith to wed John Stevenson Griffith jr., a member of the Bache lors and Soltero. Will take As his Bride miss Sheryl Coberly according to news at a cocktail Buffet supper Given by her father William Bayley Coberly or saturday evening. The Bride elect daughter also of the late mrs. Co Berle Aileen is a member of the spinsters. She is an Alumna of Marlborough Bennett Junior col at Millbrook , and us where she joined Kappa Kappa . Or. Griffith son of the senior Griffiths of Pasadena. Hill Tthum i an alumnus of Hoar kiss school at Lake vice. Ct., and household hands. Pc he is he grandson of the late or. And mrs. John Tomlinson Griffith and the late or. And mrs. David Herbert Hosteller of no havoc Wise mom plans ahead by Pat Biehl Many a wife has returned from a maternity stay at the Hospital to a House of havoc created by inexperienced women Beta Sigma Phi but not so for mrs. Dick Kirkland of Dallas who got the situation in hand before it had a Chance to get out. A gracious dining Only minutes Aiea luncheon dinner cocktails open daily it to am. 3820 Riverside dr., Burbank Thornwall 2-4881 comfortable and becoming Eye Wear Las Jardi Neras club us will men to. I Epsilon Phi chapter by profession Day at . In the Home Sigma Phi will meet tonight one fashioned a few Days Pic Frank Kirte by. 3613 at i o clock in the Home for Ner husband and two Shadow Grove to hear a talk mrs. Claude d. Johnson Sigol youngsters with Advance plan springtime in Europe Lane Temple City. For Lier absence Neil Campbell gardening James Herrington of Arcadia the dred Rallon authority. Dessert Wil. Be will present the program civic responsibilities. _ him arrangements for the a House so a minimum of Upkeep was necessary and food already cooked. The children in this Case Javere Mike 4. And Pat 3. I arranged for the Little boys to spend their Days in a nearby she said. If i could have found a reliable lady i probably would have lad her come to the House and take Over but no one was available and the Day Nursery worked an ample Supply of As sorted cereals and fresh fruit ook care of the few break arts her family ate at Home. The children took their noon meal at the Nursery. For dinner she planned cold cuts and cheese a baked meat oaf Fried Chicken and had a baked Ham wrapped in foil paper in the refrigerator. The prepared foods can be warmed right in their wrap pings and taste just As Good As Evhen they Fere Frost she said. She stacked disposable paper plates cups bowls and napkins in a dish rack on the breakfast room table to Dis courage a sinful of dirty dishes. I for the Home where a housekeeper does come in mrs. Kirkland suggests a list of household routines Tapec inside a Kitchen Cabinet door this should include the Chil Dren s Nap Timo and bedtime a list of television shows they arc allowed to watch special appointments that must be kept and Large daily House hold duties. And speaking of added mrs. Kirkland do remember to Post one by the Tele phone that includes the name of doctor and dentist and at East two close friends to Call in Case of emergency and the numbers of plumber electrician and in my she said with my boys so near the same age and size i stacked their clothes and tagged them with their names so there would be no your glasses should translate the skill of your doctor into usable form and effectiveness. This requires perfectly ground lenses correctly positioned before the eyes and Sel in comfortable and becoming mountings. Only then can you enjoy the Eye Comfort your Eye physician prescribes. The first step toward correctly designed Eye Wear Lias in your Choice of opticians. Guild opticians n. Madisen Sycamore 6-9177 Ryan 1-7597 parking for patrons air condition to a a a. A a a a a. Stops dear miss Kay once you had a letter in your column from a girl who was in a Tizzy because she had to entertain her Hubby s Boss and Wile in their trailer. Well i have a worse problem along the same lines. My in Laws Are coming to visit us my husband was born into a very Well to do family and was t he had advantages i did t. His folks did t a above letter. Too Good to waste of his marrying me even though they did t know me. They did come out to the wedding though and were Nice to me and my husband insists they liked me and Felt differently alter they had met me and my parents who Are Wallboard 4 x 8for building global voyage via american lines is president Polk san Francisco was embarked upon recently by Mes. L. H. Left and Donald h. Lycan both of South Laguna. Mrs. Garlinghouse a former Pasadena and her travelling companion planned to visit Hawaii Japan Hong Kong Malaya Ceylon India Pakistan Egypt Italy France and new York on the six month trip. Ship will return to the Bay City via the Panama canal and Acapulco. Sierra Madre girl marries miss Ellen treder of Sierra Madre daughter of mrs. Mary treder of Glendora became he hide of Raymond Alfred Marlowe in the Chapel of roses with the Rev. Hugh Bell of the Bethany Church Sierra Madre officiating. Today s pattern the Bride Given in marriage by her Uncle Arthur Maricq of Sierra Madre wore a White lace Over Pale Blue Satin bal Lerina length gown and carried a bouquet of White tulips. Vir of Ginia treder. Matron of Honor and sister in Law of the Bride wore a Pink lace frock and Cav Rind a nosegay of Pink roses. Deedee Quigley was Flower irl and Jonny trader the Bride s Nephew ring bearer. John Cresse was Best Man. The Bride s nephews Billy and Bobby treder ushered the guests to their seats. Following a honeymoon in Las vegas the couple will re Side in Beverly Hills. Just in the family there s dignity Iti simplicity too Virginia firemen s wives demonstration of hair Tyjer will be Given at monday s 12 noon dessert meeting at roman s auxiliary fire department in Jefferson recreation Center. Fine people even if they have had a struggle. So now the Bombshell has fallen and they Are coming to visit for a couple of weeks miss Kay As a woman you May understand How worried i am even if my husband can t our Home is so modest be cause my Darling Hubby Lias never been much of a Money maker and Here they will come from their Beautiful Home and luxuries. What can i do about dear Panicky if your Little Home is clean and neat and reasonably comfortable you have nothing to worry about. Your husband s parents Are coming to visit him and you not to set up comparison Between your two Homes. The letter you mention in your first paragraph Drew reply which i d like to quote. It applies to Vou too. Dear Virginia i d like to say a word to flabbergasted. It is this Virginia gives you a Fine reply to which i d like to add a is. Remember tills the Boss and his wife Are so used to elegance that that is no treat for them. If they Are Fine and admirable they would appreciate a gesture of Klmle hospitality. They May never have been invited to dinner in a trailer so it would be an event. But Don t try to be pretentious. I m not talking had a very wealthy aunt and did she love to have friends who weren t afraid to invite her and serve the simplest of meals. Hope i m not being pre sumptuous. I m a Lone woman of 72 and this is a Rainy Day and i do like to be helpful when i dear Virginia i read your column every Day and i m wondering now if anyone might have an old upright piano that they Are not using my husband and i both sing in ident of lawyers wives of our Church and would love to los Angeles left saturday to practice at Home address the american bar Asj we have inrae sma11 chi1 Socia Tion mid year meeting Ondren the Legal Aid in lawyers to it organizations which opened in would be wonderful to have. Ui1o 1-311 i o pioneering of Legal Aid vol problem As so Many readers Untener service by members of have. We re just happily mar los Angeles lawyers wives 9103 mos. 1, 2, in. Week s sewing buy lawyer s wife asked to speak mrs. Newcomb Condee pres Atlanta a hymn sings within our family. Guess this in t a very big since 1952 has received nation wide attention and commendation. Elections of the los Angeles group will take place March 17 ried and no in Law troubles. God bless your work each Day. Al s-1373." because flabbergasted has Shattuck of Pasadena. Club sets talk education in the Pasadena at the regular luncheon meet not let us Nave her address it ing. Among the slate of Board iwas impossible to Forward the members is mrs. Edward s. Broiled with Jelly Ever spread Lamb chops with mint Jelly before broiling Good but use a Light hand with the Jelly. It had been put aside until As if Panicky might take Comfort from it. Smaller ones for Ray by s-6650. Ray did not Tell us if anything was offered in Exchange. Advertisement Efekoro Rozanska interviewed on speech e extra Rozanska noted Pasadena actress drama coach and speech correction is Dis cusses speech impediments and its correction on Greet the Kola Channel need for it should arise. Seems 5, tuesday feb. 25, 12 to 1 . Three students will be presented who will Demon Strate her work and who have _ had serious speech wanted Sheet Rock or stuttering and stammering. Madame Rozanska can be Over a Large room into two seen Only by personal appoint ment at her studio by calling Ryan 1-6415. Many testimonials from grateful Stu dents Are proof of her Amaz ing work. But Suick s aluminium brakes never lost their grip accelerate to step hard on the Brake till she stops i again and again and the heat starts burning out the linings that s what test Drivers did in Daytona Beach and in California with new american to find which car has the Best brakes the 1958 Buick Century went through 176 of these crisis up to 8 times More stops than other cars the bakes were still gripping Strong no other car s brakes measure j up to this Pitt nominal performance that s because Buick brakes ate air cooled aluminium Alu Minum gets rid of heat three times faster than other Brake drum metals if you want Brake Power that i built to match better buy Buick aluminium front brakes Are Standard on Century Road master 75 and limited optional at extra Cost on special series school system and the coming school Bond Issue will be Dis cussed by mrs. Donald r. La dress Petticoat vice president Pasa mom be Thrifty be smart Idena Board of education and sew a whole wardrobe for of the league of youngster from this. Voters at tomorrows i printed pattern no Iron fab Altarena Welcome Wagon pics. Club meeting. J printed pattern d103 sizes 6 group will Convene at mos., 1, 2, 3 years. Size 2 dress . At Altadena town and takes Yards 35-Inch Patti country club. Mrs. La Motte coat a Yard playsuit Jwill be presented by mrs. E. Yards. Embroidery Transfer Hurt program chairman with included. Send 35c in Coin no Stamps mrs. John h. Hancock presid please for pattern with name address style number and size. Address pattern Bureau Pasadena Independent Pasadena Calif. Box 42, old Chelsea station new York 11, n. Y. For first class mail include an extra 5c per pattern. Ing. We Are Happy to announce that Callie Clark has joined our staff and will co operate with us to give you Friendly courteous service. Helene Curtis permanents 510 to s20 four of Craton to sew you Salon 969 e. Green St. Pasadena by 2-9995 Vodka Martini 58 Buick see your authorized Buick dealer Thi Grio Tisl Nornie in Vodka i dint 100 proof. Dust. From Grain. Ste. Pierri . Contour by you tin by Blinder without uncut stir vision ind heavy you simply a clix Whilt the inches melt twin with the of our stauffer tables introductory series of 15 treatments Only easy wkly pay mint plan no contract Riqui Ltd by 6-7951 2323 Huntington drive san Marino Trubl Lihtz str ii Hurt thai a fit hit Fulloni by Tuni Tilelli of Hen Lulu m our men Park met in rear pre Spring special be a Silver or beige blonde for Only 25.00 Nus sir with the amazing new an exclusive Senna of magic Mirror to introduce you to this marvelous new machine we make this special limited offer to make you a shimmering or beige blonde. If you be Ever tinted or bleached your or if you be wanted to you know How much of your precious time hid be spent just sitting and waiting. Now Vou old hire your time and color too a Complete change of hair color in the time old Fia honed methods would hive til Cen. You an turn into 2 blonde on i lunch hour or hive Gli Moroni red tint in u Little is 10 minutes. And that tedious time for touch ups con be Cut h instead of hours. You la love your hair and your hair will love you. Never it been treated so kindly. The gentle Vapours of color quicker keep your hair in Satin smooth condition it the same time it if being prettily and perfectly coloured. Wear a new Spring hair color for Ait Little at Gold and Honey blondes red shades or Darker exact quotations on your or inf to forint tin color of tired. Gittin a tart Vork if or problem hoi Smirh Ujj March Tim Call today for your appointment Pasadena 532 South Lake ave. Sycamore 6-2668 Alhambra 254 East main of. Atlantic 9-5165

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