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Independent, The (Newspaper) - February 24, 1958, Pasadena, CaliforniaOpinion Page the Independent february 24, 1958, Page 8 we d like to know what s going on the american people Are getting mighty sick of of is. Spoon fed Little morsels of information about what is a Cine on in their government by Eva shission bureaucrats. Either they do not know the i i of Pihulic depends upon an informed electorate or they do not care. Time alter time Washington officials decide that the frail and a chess Public be i Ned by bad news or incapable of understanding or import of loud news. So out Coith a the stamp the information is with held. Some of this material applies to National de i i be but much of it applies equally to matters where there is absolutely no Security problem. Such exaggerated paternalism implies that the electorate of the United states is composed of such spineless Nincompoop they cannot be trusted truth. No one wishes or expects the government to broadcast legitimate secrets which might give Aid and Comfort to our enemies. But. Ii the govern ment expects us. The i Ople. To support prepared Ness measures with our Money and our votes it must give us the facts. If the government expects us to our Money to foreign economic or military Aid. We have a Richit to know Why this is so necessary. The hush hush Caither report is a prime example. Lunn after the fact that Russia has 500 submarines and is building 100 a year was published in this newspaper and presumably in every other in the United states a member of the Gaith or committee refused to make a statement on this phase of the investigation saying it is top top secret from whom the russians ought to know How Many submarines they have. Apparently our military people do too. So the information is secret from whom not even the american people who were the last to know. Washington s mania for secrecy has reached ludicrous Bounds. The Bonds of. Official secrecy extend to almost every department of government. They can be listed in the scores. As one instance there Are More than 1200 committee hearings in Congress yearly which Are closed to the Public. Ask your Congress Man Why. The chances Are he does t know. Fortunately there is at least one congressman who is taking this usurpation of Public rights seriously. He is rep. John Moss of California chair Man of a House committee which has Beon into the governmental secrecy problem. He recently introduced a Bill which seeks to break this paternalistic hold bureaucracy has upon the american people. One would think that it would be welcomed but the House government operations committee has voted to table the Bill for a while and every one of the 10 Cabinet level departments in Washington have opposed it. Things Are much better in California however. We have statutes now requiring Public bodies to hold Public meetings. We even have 66 Laws requiring state agencies to open their records to the Public. But Washington remains obdurate. Why what reason is there for the Only tem Bill to Grant All of us the rights we must have to remain free your rights Are being infringed. Before its too late you might ask your congressman Why he in t doing something about if. Inside Washington acc awaiting new chairman Robert s. Allen reporter s diary All that shimmy or Gin with a real tonic Bill Sumner when you want to talk peace let us know As 1 see it the scandal rocked Federal com pm in Ilion commission i netting a new chairman. I l c next acc head will most Likely be commissioner Frederick Ford -19-year-Nld Clarksburg., re publican who was attorney on the staff of the Agency in the Truman administration. Congressional leaders Are being privately sounded on Ford s Elevation. Chairman Lohn Duerler. Who has been under Sharp ire in the sensational House investigation knows he is to in replaced. To a wind was Given in him Ai an unannounced meet in wit i Lions. Tiu a m a Rcd tin Hai 1 reside it a ice Ciminel to name a new acc i Iii Deile Lulf is my a Sroi Wil lie when ii is appointment will lie announced and whether he will continue n of missioner. To inquiries about that tin answer was no decision ims it been under. The Law the president has authority to designate a new acc chairman at any time. He can rotate this Post among seven commissioners As frequent he desires. However his Power to fire any of them ii debatable. Significantly ii question i under study in the Aimiee in Ideis there Are idling congressional Inthou Ilie Ilai a special report is being prepared . I Foi the this i i that both Ixia if and com i. A pm Viil a. " leaving in 1 in congressional Lam Lulu. Lie Val wifi replaced who did not get a Sci Yin ice. He has testimony tier Day Ion far i want when Wili a. Tire made from lubricating Oil. Of the fabulous from the f tilt Alum. An of thit amazing Experiment was Given the Aio Iii committee by or. Milton Lurton of Mut i Dame lie showed the astonished Law makers samples of rubber that had been produced by this process. To left the lubricating Oil under radiation until ii got very explained or. Burton. Then we Vulcan it and made a rubber Ball. Used radioactive Cobalt in Thev what cuu lil Jou this kind of rubber irked Kep. Melvin Price 113-111.l. Well one would i the production of new Iype of rubber be plied the none Eien lil. J in see. This k a pc Ltd it Ihei. Villi a Irither a. Led cd Liciu it have Vuic coins Licud Tiki Edi Foria hailed thank you Jor the very generous editorial concern ing traffic court in your feb. 10 Issue. I believe this program it making a sub Stantial contribution to the traffic safety Effort in this Community. I did riot consider it advis Able to continue on traffic court without the Complete support and approval of my colleagues. My appearance As a judge before almost a million viewers each week is obviously and properly the concern of every judge in this Community. I feel compelled to abide by their decision right or wrong. j. Younger los Angeles i a solid handclaps congratulations on your thoughtful editorial about our apparent unwillingness to learn other languages. H n w valuable i would be. Turlieu Early Here in the Southwest. If our very Young could learn Spanish along with their own language. It would be a Mark of re Spect for our neighbors to the South As solid As a handclaps. One problem where will we find bilingual teachers to instruct the children Terry Mackenzie Sierra Marc Cal tech weakness All Dubridge wants is to impress the local Well heeled Gentry . Urgency of ills own request for Cal tech buildings on the coat tails of the current Alpha flight to nowhere. I have yet to m c nut of Lylial trials of the of Man and the be Essiy for cod in our lives ii we Are to Long sur Vive. C. L. Skelley Pasadena pay to breathe i am just about filled up to the jaws with this talk about pay to. I Don t see what pay ing to watch a simple program is going to prove. Any Lime now we re going Jive 10 pay to breathe. U hat s wrong with commercials i m sure they re not As bothering As .s5. j Max fort us Iii Pasadena cheerful thought the at Holly s. And Arroyo . Is Tine of the to i. Dangerous in City. Audio leaving Walnut St. Heading for the freeway often begin speeding. Cheer up. Folks when you have your accidents at this intersection you Are close to the emergency Hospital. Irate Motorist Pasadena housewife advice t heartily agree that mar ried women should not have jobs. Ii More o them Homo their would Realise Chr win 111 of their in spans Iliili. A Kadyk hiking trails for week Enders Leadabrand it May Only be a Lull Between the storms but the current Fine weather this time of the year brings out the hikers. Already the Foothills Are Green and attractive and the Young adventurers some of them who have never been in the mountains before Are interested in trails to climb in the search for High adventure. Here is a list of some of the Rllins on Back to Jit. Lowe More frequently used trails. Irom in most cases these trails will be in better condition than some of the less used routes. As Habi tues of this particular Corner Are quite aware it is the policy Here to keep up March of science during the International geophysical year. Scientists Are scraping Moss off rocks thousands of feet below the Ocean s surface and studying it. Others Are. Measuring the depth of icebergs under the Ocean s surface. Tea Are at the South pole seeing How they like the cold and. Incidentally bugging the eggs of penguins with Small transmitters. Scientists literally Are at All Corners of the Globe probing and smelling and reporting on this Anil that in an Effort to make this an extra special year in scientific achieve ment. Our own modest efforts have been directed at such simple things As sure fire ant killers liquid detergent and the study of Garden weeds. And now another discovery to help science keep tramping along to its glittering destiny Gin jello. Booze will jell. Confirming experiments were made the other night which will now change the out look of the thousands upon thousands who have previously scorned Gelatin deserts de spite their health giving Energy providing qualities. They had told me it could t be done. The Standard recipe on the Box of jello was used exception that Gin was substituted for water. A very cheap Gin was purchased for the Experiment. It was unfortunate that the Only jello available at Home was Raspberry or Orange. Lime would have been preferred. At any rate. Orange was selected and a Beautiful shimmering bowl of jello it was friends. And with a Wallop that May make the singing of Mother Machree the Whiffen poof song and Sweet Adeline closely associated eating of jello. I sampled it the following morning eating a heaping tablespoonful. It is not recommended before breakfast unless you Are accustomed to starting your Day with a wee nip and 1 am not. It was like tossing off a straight shot. And since the Combina Tion of Orange and Gin was not too palatable the entire Batch was tossed in garbage to be fed. Perhaps to some unsuspecting hog who will proceed to make a Lush of himself. It was feared that innocent children might dive into it on their return from school and go rostering through the neighbourhood swinging on tree limbs and peddling their bikes with unseemly abandon. New horizons opened by his include gel latinized scotch Bourbon extra dry martinis you could go a own the list. Possibly the stinger holds the most Promise the Green rather than the Clear Creme de Ine the being recommended for aesthetic reasons. Hear the Happy clamor for More dessert. Music to the housewife s cars. A Sioui Ficat new study scientific on Dandruff has been submitted to this Bureau by Max Kogel inc. A Public relations firm in new York which is promoting Dandruff removers and repellents not Dan Druff As one might suppose. According to their Survey your chances of living bothered by Dandruff Are greater if you live in a Largo. Northern City Anil have a responsible Job in a Lon Sion producing business. Farmers have the least trouble. The poll was conducted in Barber shops Beauty salons Ami drugstores. In addition to really get to the people the firm put out an inquiring reporter who found that there was a 7-10-20 per cent increase above the 7i per cent Norm among City dwellers and men and women engaged in anxiety creating lines of work. New York and Chicago lend the nation. Hollywood is next. Eighty per cent of the people in Hollywood have Dandruff Accord ing to the Survey. Possibly the Ligure would be higher at Santa Anima. People really Are anxious at the track. But 1 suppose that Max Rogel inc., did t really Trust its in Quiring reporter enough to let him get into the hair of the horse players. They picker up a retired balk who retired company funds at Santa Anita last week before he com collect the pittance he made in Belling s5000 on round table. I la Bei hair is a mess. Want to know How to Tell How far away the lightning is when you see the Flash count one two Chimp an , three chimpanzees four chimpanzees and so on. Until you hear the Thunder. Then Divide the number of chimps by five and you have the distance the lightning is from you in Miles. The children had been Reading every Day weather and How it works and Dur ing the last storm attempted to make a fool of to. They did. Lightning flashed. In a few seconds there was Thunder. I wonder How far that was away from an innocent voice inquired. Can t i said. Five big brother said. He then showed me the Book. 1 read it. Tossed it aside disdainfully. You have to keep face. News note Reader s recess of traffic almost every Day of the week and Are thus in a Small degree patrolled. Cau Tion still should be exercised. A third hike an easy one. Is in lower a Vuillard Canyon. To reach this Trail drive up these trails get a fair share Cheney Trai from jts Section with Loma Alta in Altadena to the end of the Road. Here is a Small Forest sen for ice picnic area. Park Here and i the first of these is the follow the watercourse attractive Trail up the Little Lillard Canyon upstream Santa Anita Canyon irom about a half mile to the Waterfall. This Trail is not difficult and still gets the hiker away from civilization and " into Chantry Flats. The rail in warmer Oil the Way thro Irli of .111. Wilson. But the storm and Snow have made the upper reaches of this route in the Novice. Still tin lower Mil of the the this time of. The year the Stream will be running Well and the Falls will put on a noisy Damp display. Trail i fun to explore. After r Canyon leads into colourful Reno Battles business if Moscow designed clothes like thai 1 bet there la be some the recent rain the Stream and historic Mountain Conn will be full and Rushing a n d 1l-v but Ell cover that an Back other time. Thoughts once upon a time there was a Man who invented a a Good subject for photog Raphy. To reach this Trail drive up double drive in Arcadia into the Foothills to the Road s end at Chantry Flats. There is a Large parking area Here and picnic facilities As Well. The Trail takes off from in make Beautiful cloth the East Side of the parking of lint. However he was area Heads Down the can unable to Market the mater Ynn Side to the Stream and Ial because when it was made then follows the Stream up up into suits it kept picking Canyon for several Miles past a b be Serge Cabins and picnic areas past j. Barker waterfalls and cascades. Al. This is n wide easy Trail Sui Iahlo for the entire hiking family. Be w. Nash Aroun d the Render says did you know that about the Best buy of non inflated items along the Boulevard is an american Flag a Good one about 2-foot staff can be had Lor Only Pijie store manager in one spot said american flags do not sell very i was a in s slave Bride is the title of a big Story in Tours via bus. From some a London paper now exciting distance from Reno and then British readers half a refund the Price of All trans Penny May win or por tation to the visitors More in the scores of Legal arrival football pools now going Strong in England. Gambling winnings in England Are tax free the army. Navy and air Force will junk billion Worth of modern arms in 1959 due to the fantastic our files 1948 feb. 24 Pasadena s pro posed half cent sales tax ordinance patterned alter the los Angeles City sales tax ordinance will be submitted to City directors for perusal today by City attorney ii. Burton Noble who was instructed to prepare it last tuesday. Rule of. Obsolescence. The same services Are opposed to the idea of reforms in Pur chasm. A Little More oils and offering an entire i be univ eld Rumour tally Thiol Iii five foreign coun tries without the languages except for two sir Gnu words. The countries Are France. Portugal. Spain and y different sort of Vista is Italy and the two words Are please and thank you Nash feb. 1 of his splendid efforts in cart Ielicki gardens fun i h c Community and in establish ing the California graduate school of design on its Short shorts r Terrace room of the sinner Hole has tin excellent very different ice show. If you be grown tired of the huge ice extravaganzas the intimate supper club ice re Vieve is distinctly pleasing. The aaa says it costs average past Dunan a b o u t so a Day to run a car maybe inflation is not As this includes annual Depie bad As we think. In it Cintio a mid Western Cost s200 for a round trip parking lot has banned those via stage Between san an midget Titos the ground Tonio and san Diego. Now that they re too hard to see. The trip can be made in Only i think this is a Good idea four hours flying time and parking lot attendants Are costs a Hundred years always backing into the m ago the dangerous journey with catastrophic consequent took about 35 Days of weary Ces jogging Over rough Mountain Inshes and hoi Valley arts. Even if the x a lost of its but Power. Com of Iraci 1 dropped about today s a Man can go around the world without a cent of cold hard Cash As Long As he s Well supplied with credit cards. Peter ii. The Sam Merrill Trail up Echo it. North of Altadena. To reach the Trail Park no the intersection of maid

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